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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 10/21/10

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Wicked Pictures
Price $34.99
Directed by Brad Armstrong
Running Time: 3 hours and 17 minutes

Disc One:

Feature Film

Multiple Audio Streams- Allows you to Pre-set the audio during sex scenes to your discretion. (5.1 Dolby Digital Soundtrack, 5.1 Dolby Digital Music Only Soundtrack, or 5.1 Dolby Digital Dialogue Only Soundtrack.)

Disc Two:

Special Features

Making of Speed (24 minutes about the making of the film, as a whole. It goes day by day to see how the film progresses)

Box Shoot (4 minutes of the photo shoot for the box of the video)

Club Culture (a 3 minute segement that talks about the bike culture in LA, and Derrick talks about his crew and all the other ones that helped in the movie)

Girls of Speed ( a 20 minute segment and it's about all the lovely ladies of the movie and their photo shoots, plus some of the photo shoots from the big party scene)

Bloopers (4 minutes of.. You guessed it, bloopers! Who knew Kirsten was such a good burper )

Jessica Can Ride ( 5 minutes of Jessica showing off her riding abilities and she tells about her history of riding bikes)

Desert Rats ( 4 minutes of the filming of the cycles in the desert road as they show off their riding skills, and we even see Keni show off a little on his bike)

Kicks on Sixth ( 7 minutes of the day they got to close down the bridge to shoot the film)

Kickin it (Short 2-10 minutes segments with Brad Armstrong, Derrick Pierce, Jessica Drake, Alektra Blue, and Kirsten Price each, they each give a little insight at the making of the film, the story about their characters in the movie, and they all kind of sell the fact they put a lot of work into this film and they hope that you like it)

Disc Three:

Special Features

Deleted Scenes (2 scenes) 

Kaylani Lei and Max Makita,(11 minute scene as the two ladies make up for the tension in the movie, some anal action with a toy on Max and watch Kaylani pull a chain out her ass) 

Rayveness and Sarah Jessie (a 10 minute scene from inside the ladies prison at the beginning of the movie, the girls start out in their own cells, playing with themselves and finally make it one cell as they continue to play with themselves for the camera)

Extended Orgy Scene (takes the orgy scene (20 minutes) and makes it about 30 minutes long, shows off more of the pairings for a longer amount of time)

BTS Sex ( 35 minutes of footage of the filming of the sex scenes in the movie)

4 Bonus Scenes

Jessica Drake and Barret Blade from Hooked (13 minutes) 

Alektra Blue, Tony Se Sergio, Chris Johnson and Steven Knight from Educating Alli ( a short (5 minute) but very hot scene in a movie theater)

Kaylani Lei, Chanel Preston, and Brad Armstrong from 4 Some (14 minute scene, see my review)

Kirsten Price, Chris Johnson and Jerry from The Watcher ( 7:30 minute scene, also pretty hot )

Speed Trailers and Teasers (Both available in varying degrees, hard to super soft)

Trailers ( 8 trailers, including ones for their previous big releases 2040 and Fallen)

Promo Reel (2 minute footage from them at AEE this last year)

Digital Copy (for your Ipod, Iphone or Ipad)

Bonus Disc (2010 Sampler DVD)

Bonus Sex Scenes- 6 scenes

2010 AVN Nominees (trailers for all the nominated films)

More Wicked Vegas Fun (12 minutes of the promo shoot for Wicked)


Jessica Drake Alektra BlueKaylani LeiKirsten PriceJada FireTory LaneMarie Luv Alexis Texas Shyla StylezTori Black Misty StoneNaomi Banxxx Max MikitaAsa AkiraSophia Santi Kayme KaiBrandy BlairSandee WestgateChanel PrestonRandy Spears Mr Marcus Mick Blue Manuel Ferrara Tommy Gunn Barret Blade Dale Dabone Derrick Pierce Marcus London Deep Threat Prince Yahshua Spyder Jonez Jack Vegas Bill Bailey Keni Styles Brad Armstrong

Overall Thoughts:

So it's time for the big fall releases and this year Wicked brings us Speed, a tale that deals with the culture of motorcycle gangs and a few stories of some of the people involved. Considering the award season is getting under way, you have to figure that this is going in with the intention of picking up a few awards this year. So how does this stack up against some of the other releases and is it worthy of the nominations and awards. 

The short answer is yes.

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Let's start with the movie and the good points. I have to say that the movie does a good job of showing off the bikes and the crews that are involved, and plus being a porno, the sex is also a highlight. Pretty much all of the scenes were top notch, with just a few that were slightly less than perfect. There are some nice pairings in the movie, plus there is some anal, DP and even an orgy thrown in just to keep the heat high in this movie. Plus you have to give it up for the cast, which includes a number of very lovely ladies, I counted 8 of my personal favorites, which is always a plus when you can watch them have hot sex. Now having said that, there was something about the overall story that kind of bothered me. It felt like it was trying to be one of those movies, where we get individual stories and by the end of the movie they are all combined. At points it seemed like the story was just a way to give you a short 5 minute break between the sex scenes. It has some potential with Jessica and Kirsten stories, but I would have liked to see more of the back story or some development a bit. Yes I know this is a porno and I should be more concerned about the sex, but I feel that both Fallen and 2040 were both better story wise than this one was. I think it was still decent, I think I need just a little bit more.

So onto the special features, which there are many. 2 (3 if you count the sampler) discs of special features with some behind the scenes footage, different little segments about the bikes, ladies, sex and even some bloopers thrown in. As with all of the other big releases from Wicked, they do not skimp out on the special features, so there is plenty here to keep you entertained. Still waiting to see some commentary on the big releases, so you can learn a little bit more about what happened behind the scenes of the movie. And considering this is a Wicked movie, you still get the same great audio and video quality you expect from them. I am still looking forward to seeing one of their big releases on Bluray, just to see how much amazing it should look in 1080p on a nice HD TV. So having thought about it, I really think this does deserve a really good rating, and even though there were a few small things that stuck out to me, I still think that this is a very solid release and I think it deserves our highest rating, an XCRITIC PICK. Having looked over my reviews over this year, I really think this is just the tip of the iceberg of the great titles that Wicked has released this year. Brad Armstrong really shows why he is one of the best directors in the industry, once again. Can't wait to see what we get next year. 

Scene One: Brandy Blair, Alexis Texas and Derrick Pierce (5/5 rating)

The scene starts off in a ladies prison and it seems that today is the day the Jessica finally gets to leave. She says good bye to all of her friends inside and makes her way outside. Barrett is waiting for her outside with his bike. He offers her a lift, and he even brings her helmet along with him. She asks where "he" is, and Barrett tries to cover for him. He offers to take her out for a slice, and all she can do is complain about "him" not being there, and for not visiting a lot while she was in. They use this as a chance to get caught up on what she has missed out on in these four year. We cut to Derrick, Brandy and Alexis as they seem to be getting things going. The girls start off by sharing his cock as they stick their bare asses in the air, and what a great view it is. They give him a wet blowjob as they go pretty deep on his cock. We cut to Brandy on top, riding him for some cowgirl, as we see her ass bounce on his cock. This scene is all about the booty, and these two ladies have plenty of booty to go around. We next get to some missionary on Alexis, while Brandy sits on her face and plays with her pussy as Derrick fucks her. Next up, Briana is once again riding him for some reverse cowgirl action, while Alexis sits on his face. But Alexis takes her turn as she rides him and bounces her ass on his cock, and Brandy decides to sit on his face so he can play with her pussy. The scene continues as we see Alexis literally hoping up and down on him until he flicks off his condom and jerks himself off, and then the ladies clean up the mess. 

Scene Two: Alektra Blue, Angie Savage, Sophia Santi and Kayme Kai (5/5 rating)

So Jessica and Barrett finally show up, just as Derrick is finishing up with the ladies, they get into an argument and he tells her to leave. So her and Barrett leave the house and he tries to cheer her up by telling her that there is a party in her honor. He tells her that Derrick has changed over the years and she is done wasting her life on trying to figure him out. She is willing to go to the party, but she wants to borrow his bike, he caves and gives her the keys. She jokes about working the bike, just to piss him off. She takes off and leaves him with his helmet. Later at the party, we see everyone is there, enjoying themselves with drinks and admiring the dancers. Jessica finally shows up and Barrett is pissed she has been gone for so long with his bike. She catches up with people as the party continues, and we see that it's Tommy's bday and the dancers give him some special attention. Alektra sees the dancers getting things hot, and she goes up and joins them as they play with each others boobs while kissing each other. We then get a nice 4 girl orgy as they please each other. They work each other pretty good as the scream with delight. And for those of you that are fans of girls with tattoos, there is plenty of that here for your viewing pleasure, so enjoy, I know I am. I've been a biker party and it was nothing like this, other wise I would go to more of them, or at least learn how to ride a cycle. There is no sign of any toys in this scene, just the girls using their fingers and tongues.

Scene Three: Asa Akira, Kaylani Lei and Keni Styles (5/5 rating)

Kirsten is at her shop and she gets a visit from Randy and his partner. It seems that she is working with them so that she can save her dad, who is in prison and is close to being sentenced to death as it seems. She wants them to let her do things her way, it takes time for her to get their trust. Apparently she has been caught on camera fucking one of the people in the gang, and it seems that there is a big rally coming up and they tell her to make sure she is there. We cut to Keni, Asa and Kaylani as they are getting hot and heavy. Another lady comes in and gives the girls some smack talk about them fucking their way into the club. He tells her to leave and then the girls take turns sucking his cock, while Kaylani lets him lick her pussy. Keni ends up licking and fingering Kaylani's pussy while she fingers Asa's pussy. Asa is the first to ride him for some reverse cowgirl action, while Kaylani plays with her pussy. Kaylani once again has her pussy in his face for a bit before she licks on his cock while he fingers Asa's pussy. Kaylani finally gets her chance to ride Keni for some cowgirl action as Asa thrusts his cock into her pussy. Asa then sits on his face and lets him play with her pussy while he continues to fuck Kaylani. Next up is some missionary on Asa, while Kaylani sits on her face and Asa sticks her tongue in her pussy. They follow that up with some doggy between Keni and Kaylani, while Asa sucks on his cock and shoves it back on her pussy. Asa ends up under Kaylani and the ladies kiss and fondle each other as Keni continues to fuck Kaylani. He moves to fucking Asa while Asa fingers Kaylani's pussy. He switches back and forth on the girls until he pulls out and cums on Kaylani's ass. Asa licks it off her ass and the ladies share his cum.

Scene Four: Deep Threat, Jada Fire, Misty Stone, Mr Marcus, Naomi Banxxx, and Prince Yahshua (4/5 rating)

Next up we see the gang is on the move, they show off their riding skills as they head off down the freeway. They come to a part of the road that is closed, so they use this as a chance to race, and we see the lovely Alektra as the flag lady. The race ends and the gang is hanging out at a gas station or restaurant. Keni is enjoying his victory with Kaylani and she wonders why people don't like her. So Tommy and Spyder talk about his last night's adventure with a lady, but Alektra steps in and puts him in his place. We see another race is on and after some smack talk we see that it ends in an easy victory for Dale. Back at the crib we see a 6 person orgy going on. The guys are enjoying some deep throating from the girls as one has his tongue deep inside her pussy. Must be pretty hot in there as most of the people involved are already getting pretty hot and sweaty. The girls ride the guys for some cowgirl and reverse cowgirl action. There is once again some nice booty bouncing in this scene. They switch up positions as they move to different locations in the room. We get some doggy, some cowgirl and some table moving missionary on the table. The scene ends as the guys cum all over the ladies, on their chest and mouths. They may have lost the race that day, but they still won at the end of the day, they still got the ladies.

Scene Five: Pool Orgy (5/5 rating)

So after the sex, Spyder shows up at the gang's house and wants to talk to the leader. It seems Spyder owes him so money and he promises him that he has a plan to get him all of it, just needs some more time. He gets the money from the race his boy won, and he has 2,000 to give him and he gives him two weeks to pay off his debt. We get to the restaurant where Jessica and Barrett are hanging out and Barrett puts his moves on Alektra and she invites him to her pool party after he ends up paying their bill. They show up at the party and it seems like things have gotten started without him. Chanel comes over to talk to her and they have an awkward conversation until she starts to kiss Jessica and with that, a big group orgy has begun. There are some many people in this scene, let's just say that most of the cast is in it, Chanel and Jessica split and end up making there way to get into the action. There is some nice threesome action as a few of the girls team up on a single guy. They do a pretty good job showing what all the people are doing during this orgy. You get to see all of the guy's cum shots on the ladies, as they go group by group. Jessica has some anal action in some reverse cowgirl action, which turns into a DP. Guess she's been gone for awhile it's logical that a DP is way to get back into the swing of things. And she actually gets a DP twice in this scene in different positions, and she takes both of the guys loads on her chest and in her mouth. The scene continues as more guys cum over the ladies. Also have to say it was nice to see Tory Lane in action again, I think it's been awhile since I've seen her in a movie. And she also has some anal action as she rides one of the guys on a chair. Kind of think another DP is on the way maybe? Guess not, she takes a good cumshot all over her tits after some doggy action. Kaylani and Kirsten share Mick's load and they both share it, after cleaning his cock.

Scene Six: Jessica Drake, Tori Black and Manuel Ferrara (5/5 rating)

So it's the day after and Barrett is in Jessica's room and he tries to wake her up. He kind of puts the moves on her with some smooth talk. She doesn't remember what happened last night and he offers her some breakfast, she says she could kiss him, but he says she has morning breath, ahh the flirting is so funny. She finally gets all dressed and ready and he takes her away on his bike. Their destination is a surprise, they stop at a truck stop where no one seems to be around. He pulls out some food and they have a picnic. They talk about how she is adjusting to free life and he tries to find out some details of what she had to finish with some business. She tells him about a guy who pulls up talking some trash and they end up racing and the stakes are Tori's watch vs. Jessica. They call it a tie, so they go back to their place and the three of them get it on. They start off with some kissing and they get started with Tori licking Jessica's pussy while Manuel is fingering Tori's pussy with a few fingers. Jessica takes a crack at her pussy while Manuel plays with her ass. The girls play with his crotch until Tori rips his pants off and the girls share his cock and even his balls. Jessica gets some one on one time with his cock, until Tori crawls in and takes over, and ends up getting face fucked. Manuel dives his face into Tori's ass while she continues on his cock. Manuel puts a jimmy on and Tori climbs on top his cock for some cowgirl action while they play with her ass. So Jessica and Tori in the same scene, it's like I won the lottery or something, thank you. Jessica goes back to his cock, while Tori dives into Jessica's ass. But Tori is back on Manuel for some more hard fucking in cowgirl, and then finally Jessica gets her turn to ride Manuel. Tori slaps her ass and she moans as Manuel continues to pound her pretty hard. Next up, Tori takes some doggy from Manuel while she licks Jessica's pussy. Jessica gives Tori a few slaps across the ass as Manuel continues to fuck her. He pulls out and cums in the girls mouths and they share his cum and cock as the scene comes to an end.

Scene Seven: Kirsten Price and Brad Armstrong (5/5 rating)

So we cut back to Kirsten working in her shop and Brad comes to her shop looking for an exhaust and some work on his bike. But surprise, he's an undercover cop who Randy has hired to help out with the investigation. Derrick shows up as Brad starts to kiss her as he walks up. Derrick has a list of things that he needs, and Brad and Derrick seem to clash a bit and she tries to calm them down. Brad introduces himself and Derrick seems to welcome him as an equal, or at least we think he is. Randy and his partner come out and it seems that things are going in the right direction, as they are trying to bring down the gang. They leave and Kirsten punches him and he tries to defend why he did it. She is still pissed as she takes another swing at him and then he rushes in and begins to kiss her while playing with her pussy. He pulls her panties aside as she fingers her pussy while he fingers her ass. He takes her over to the bike and leans her over as he continues to finger her ass. He opens his pants and teases her pussy with his cock before he finally sticks it in her pussy, for some doggy action. She ends up on her knees as she starts him off with a blowjob with some deep throating on his cock. He moves over to chair and she climbs on his cock and rides him for some reverse cowgirl action. After some more oral she climbs on him again for some cowgirl action, and this whole time she is still wearing her jean skirt, it's around her waist but it's still on, which adds to the heat in this scene in my opinion. He flips his condom off and cums on her face and she licks his cock off and I guess this may work out between them after all.

Scene Eight: Kaylani Lei and Derrick Pierce (5/5 rating)

We cut to another shop and Kaylani comes in and she tries to tell her side of the story in hopes that the mean girl won't hate her anymore. She doesn't understand why she lets him treat her like shit. Kaylani wants to smooth things out between the two of them. But it doesn't seem to work as she leaves. So it's the next day and the whole crew is there and it seems like some races are on. First up, it's going to be Kirsten vs. Jessica and it's a close race and it seems that it was a tie, seems like the theme of the movie. We cut to some more scenes of people showing off on their bikes and another race is up, and it seems Derrick has beaten Keni and they get into it as they fight over Kaylani. Keni leaves her and she ends up getting a ride from Derrick. We follow them as they make their way across town and end up at his place, where he literally drives into his living room. Kaylani has no where else to go and tells Derrick her sob story and he tells her to give him some time to get over it. Kaylani has had enough of him and they talk about how guys are assholes and he tries to explain why they act that way. She puts the moves on him and they start off with some kissing, and she takes off her jacket and lets him play with her tits. She ends up on her back on the couch and he is face first in her pussy licking it as she moans with delight. She finally gets to his cock as she gives him a wet and deep blowjob as he fingers her pussy. She finally climbs aboard and takes his cock in her pussy as she bounces on his cock. And like the scene before, her skirt is still on. Next up is some doggy as she leans up against the side of the couch, as he grabs her skirt as he fucks her. He slips beside her for some spoon fucking on the couch. He pulls out and cums in her mouth and she lets the cum drip down onto her chest. 

Scene Nine: Jessica Drake and Barrett Blade (5/5 rating)

We see Kaylani and Derrick leaving and Keni's crew comes up and does a drive by and ends up hitting and killing Kaylani. Kirsten shows up at Brad's place and tells him about the drive by and she wants out cause she is afraid of what will happen if they find out she is a snitch. She tries to get the upper hand by saying they won't get any more info until they release her dad. He calls and tries to make it happen and she wants to see him. She has to wait a few days for him to get out. She tells him the info, about after the race. She wakes up and there is a meeting of some of the biker people and overhears them talk about a big job they are planning. Spyder seems to be the leader of the this plan. She almost gets caught but they keep talking. Next up, we see Jessica and Barrett talking near some oil drills and she wonders about what if things were different in her life. And Barrett asks her what if she ended up with him and not Derrick. They continue with the what ifs and it leads to some kissing as he opens her top and plays with her boobs and then leads his hand down to her pussy. He puts his hand down her pants and continues to work her pussy, and then she opens his pants and gives him a blowjob. They do a great job of showing off the scenery during this scene. She lays on the bike and he licks her pussy as she wiggles her hips with delight. She ends up leaning against the bike as he fucks her from behind. They end up on a blanket as she climbs on his cock, takes a few ass slaps as he fucks her for some cowgirl action. They switch to some spoon action and he ends up pulling out and cumming all over her chest. She licks his cock clean as the scene comes to an end.

Scene Ten: Alektra Blue and Tommy Gunn (5/5 rating)

So after they are done, Barrett gets a call and it's about the shooting. She tells him that Derrick was shot by the Asians. They get ready to go to the hospital and he proclaims his love for her, but she kind of brushes him off. At the hospital, Derrick seems to be OK, but Kaylani is still not doing so hot. Barrett goes to talk to Derrick as the mean girl goes to visit Kaylani in her room. She tells her that she needs to get out of the club, and she wakes up as she is done with her speech. Barrett tells Derrick that him and Jessica are leaving, Derrick is pissed but Barrett explains why. As they leave, he tells Barrett to take better care of her than he did. We cut to Alektra and Tommy as they are getting ready for their big score. Alektra seems a little worried, all of his other plans have failed. Tommy seems to be the optimistic one about the plan. Alektra moves in and tries to seduce him, and she reasons that if something goes bad she wants to die knowing she had a good last night. We find out they both liked each other and were just afraid to go any further. She takes control and kisses him and then open her vest and we get to see her tits. Tommy begins to play with them, as you would expect. She tells him to lay down and she opens his pants and begins to jerk off his cock and gives him a wet blowjob. She tells him to stand up and she gets face fucked as the oral continues. She stands up and takes her pants off and lays on the bed, as Tommy begins to lick her pussy and a little love for her ass too. She ends up on top of him and rides him for some cowgirl action as she jumps up and down on his cock. After a brief oral session, she flips around for some reverse cowgirl in her pussy. Tommy gives her some hard pounding as she moans with delight. But that is short lived as we cut to spoon action in her ass. She tells him to jam his dick in her ass as he continues to pound her as she is about to cum. They switch to some doggy action, as he continues to pound her ass. She screams again that she is about to cum, and he doesn't stop fucking her to help her out. She wiggles her ass on dick and he pulls out and cums on her ass. Well played sir.

Scene Eleven: Shyla Stylez and Devon Lee and Spyder Jonez (3/5 rating)

So it's go time and it looks like Spyder and one of the crew are trying to flag down the armored truck, while Alektra and Tommy are hiding behind the bike. Spyder's guy shoots the other passenger and then he uses him as a hostage so that the guy will open the door. He finally agrees and the rest of the crew goes for the money. So to make sure nothing goes wrong, he shoots his inside buddy and the other guy. Alektra is freaking out, she thought no one was going to get hurt. Back at the hideout, Alektra is counting the money while it seems Spyder is having some hot sex with some lady. Alektra wants to get out, she is tired of hiding out, so she is going to meet up with someone to hang out. We cut to Spyder celebrating a job well done with two ladies. It kind of reminds me of the scene from Wild Things a little. So the ladies share his cock and give his balls some loving too. The girls continue to take their clothes off as they shower themselves with the money. He rips Shyla's panties off as the other two lick and finger her pussy. And we suddenly cut to him cumming in the ladies mouths.


So after that, they say they are going to run out for some party favors and more ladies. But it seems the ladies are working for his enemy as they give his location. A knock at the door and Mr Marcus and the crew bust in and take the money as they look for the rest of his crew. There is a Samuel Jackson type dialogue about music as Marcus is about to torture him to death. He cranks up the tunes at the good part as he starts using a drill on him. We cut to Spyder dead and Alektra is there to identify the body. It seems that Randy and the cops got enough on the Asian crew as they bring Keni in, and then make good with releasing Kirsten's dad. Alektra ends up on the beach as she releases his ashes in the wind. We see a swat team as they go after Marcus and the crew, and Derrick sits down with Brad and just shakes his head, as he finds out that he is a cop. Barrett and Jessica put on their helmet and ride off into the sunset and that brings an end to our movie.

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