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Men Hard At Work 5

Studio: Naughty America » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/10/10

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Production date: May 2010

Directed By: Suite 703


Jeremy Bilding, Sean Stavos, Cameron Adams, Jason Pitt, Clay Towers, Johnny Donovan, Drew Cutler, Parker London, Mario Costa and Tommy Defendi

Runtime N Rubbers: 2 Hours and 35 Minutes. Yes.

Scene One:

Clay Towers (good-looking with short dark hair, beard, and a toned/hairy body) is typing up a storm when coworker Johnny Donovan (nice-looking, brown buzz cut, and a toned/lightly hairy body) barges in complaining about a business meeting. Clay eggs his buddy on saying that he saw his pal playing with himself during the meeting. Dude then goes in for the kill.  "Maybe you need some help taking care of that. We're all family here." Clay gets down on his haunches, pulls Johnny's big 'n hard cut cock out and crams it down his gullet giving some excellent head. Johnny digs having his dick sucked and Clay is more than happy for a good taste of meat. The sexual banter between the guys is a hot addition. There are plenty of mouth-watering camera shots of the blowjob. Johnny wants a taste! He gets down on Clay's stiff clipped dick and goes to town slobbering all over that thang!

Turned on, Johnny bends over his friend's desk and Clay slides in from behind fucks that tight man-hole smooth 'n lubed. These two are clearly into each other and the action. Sadly, the lengthy penetration shot from the side shows nothing much.  Finally! There is a hot penetration shot from behind! This is a tasty shot of Clay's furry butt crack 'n balls and Johnny's hairy bunghole while dude's being banged. Flip-floppin', Johnny screws Clay's snug hairy asshole in the missionary position. The penetration shot here is simply okay from the side but then get excellent from above, baby! These dudes whip themselves up to a fevered sexual pitch with loud moans, groans, 'n growls. Clay beats off while being slammed by his buddy squiring a large load on his hairy chest and stomach. Johnny shoots a big load on Clay's full dark brown pubes. Hot!

Scene Two:

Co-workers Tommy Defendi (handsome with short dark brown hair and a toned/lightly hairy body) and Mario Costa (good-looking with dark hair and a toned/smooth body) are stuck in the office working on a Saturday. Tommy acts a bit cocky in his banter with cute Mario.  The guys confess that they don't like each other and immediately begin a heavy make-out session with deep 'n tender wet tongues. Sexy 'n highly erotic! I love watching two men kissing. Tommy licks Mario's chest and begins rubbing his pal's basket. Mario sinks to his knees taking Tommy's big chubby cut cock down his throat working as much as he can up 'n down with oral fervor! Tommy has a hot full dark bush and it's easily seen as Mario's fist is wrapped around the base of that tube steak.

That chuck of man-pork is big! Changing up, Tommy sucks Mario's large unclipped tool giving as good as he received. Mario then offers up his cute butt leading Tommy to munch down on that tight shaved hole with lousy camera shots of the rimming. Tommy then fucks his pal from behind using long smooth strokes with bad camera shots from the side. Finally there are some hot penetration shots from behind of that cock sliding in 'n outta that hole and Tommy's hairy hangy nuts. After some heated humping in the missionary position the dudes find themselves in a classic side/missionary with very revealing penetration shots from the front. These dudes are in heat!  Mario dumps a thick load on his fist and stomach. Tommy shoots a big thick load that flies up Mario's chest. Hot load!

Scene Three:

Drew Cutler's (good-looking with short brown hair and a toned/smooth body) sneaky co-worker Parker London (good-looking with dark hair and a toned/smooth body) is trying to blackmail him out of a promotion. Drew forces the jerk to his knees and soon Parker is sucking Drew's big fat chunk of cut tube steak. Dude chows down forcing as much as he can into his gullet and giving some tasty head. Drew loves the blowjob and begins fucking Parker's face.

Changing up, Drew blows Parker's big thick clipped dick with ease and expertise including deep throat and some delicious mouth fucking. The guys are very into each other and the action as they suck and jack those throbbing members. The camera shots of the oral pleasure are all very good with a variety of succulent angles.  Parker bends over the dress and Drew munches down on his tight shaved bunghole with some okay camera shots of the rimming but better shots of that tight hole. Parker obviously digs having his hole eaten as he fills the office with loud ragged breathing 'n moans. "Tastes sweet!"

 Dude really pigs out on Parker's butthole, balls, and stiff dick orally worshiping them like a man out of control! Drew then slides his cock up coworker's asshole from behind and gives him a good ol' fucking with some nice penetration shots from above. The guys really go for it and cut loose during the butt sex. Parker jacks off while being pounded in the missionary position shooting a large thick load all over his hard abs and brown pubes. Drew busts his thick nut on Parker's cock 'n balls.

Scene Four:

Physician Sean Stavos (good-looking with dark brown hair and a toned/hairy body) introduces himself to patient Jeremy Bilding (handsome with short dark hair and a toned/smooth body). Dude has come to see the doc for a paternity test. Jeremy is a little timid when told Sean needs a sperm sample but goes head 'n drops his drawers revealing plump balls and a big clipped tool. Sean starts jacking his patient off with a rubber glove-clad 'n hand making his patient go through a number of sexual emotions finally allowing himself to relax and enjoy. Sean chows down on that big dick sucking 'n stroking that throbbing flesh pole. There are plenty of close-ups of the oral action and the dudes are very into what they are doing. Sean strips down showing off his hot body.

Jeremy takes his doc's stiff cut cock down his throat for some very groovy head. Jeremy, lying face up on the examination table, eats Sean's tight shaved bunghole with some good shots of the rimming. Sean rolls a condom on Jeremy's pole, lubes it up, and then slowly sinks down and goes for a ride with excellent penetration shots. As Sean becomes accustomed to that large cock, he really rocks 'n rolls on that thang humping up 'n down. Jeremy really gets into it as well grabbing Sean's sides and cramming his big dick in 'n outta that tight man-hole. Sean dumps a hot thick load on his stomach while being fucked by his buddy. Jeremy strokes off with a thick jizz load on Sean's cock and brown pubes.

Scene Five:

Cameron Adams (good-looking with short dark hair and a toned/hairy body) asks his coworker Jason Pitt (cute with a punk haircut and a toned/smooth body) for the "Riverside file". Well, frisky Jason won't hand over the file until the two get it on. The guys begin kissing with deep tongues as Cameron begins rubbing Jason's crotch. Dude is soon on his knees taking Jason's clipped cock into his mouth and giving some very good head. Jason is more than happy to "return the favor" sucking Cameron's hard cut prick and working that mouth up 'n down. Both blowjobs contain excellent videography with plenty of close-ups. For someone in such a hurry Cameron seems to have a lot of sex time on his hands.

The guys soon find themselves in a side sixty-nine where both are caught up in the moment of hot man-sex slobbering all over those hard dongs. Jason begins licking Cameron's tight hairy asshole with simply okay camera shots of the rimming. Jason slowly crams his condom-covered cock up Cameron's tight hole in the missionary position with nice penetration shots from above. The guys find a good rhythm look to really enjoying themselves. Cameron squirts a huge thick load cover his chest and stomach while having his asshole drilled by Jason. Very intense orgasm! Jason shoots his goo onto Cameron's stomach and pubes.    


The movie is shot on high quality video and presented in full screen. The picture is sharp and clean.


The audio is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they talk and then get down to the action.


The disc does not include bonus features.


While Suite 703's Men Hard at Work 5 is a turn-on, the movie has a number of problems: camera shots of some of the rimming and butt sex penetration that are not so good. That said there are also plenty of strong shots of the above mentioned action but I gotta lower the score when a movie is not consistent. Rent It.  

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