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Joey Silvera's The Next She-Male Idol 2

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Steve Ward » Review Date: 11/29/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Hey Again Xcritic visitors!

Steve Ward here with this review of Joey Silvera’s “The Next She-Male Idol 2”


Studio: Evil Angel
Director: Joey Silvera
Genre: Transsexual, Gonzo
Condoms: none

Tech Aspects: This flick is presented in high quality 16x9 wide screen. No Regional Coding.



Trailers for “Rogue Adventures 34”, “She-Male XTC 7”, and “Strap Attack 12”, “She Male Idol: The Auditions”, “The Next She-Male Idol”, and “MILF Strap”

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CAST: Bee Ameritage, Bailey Jay, Naudy Nadia, Domino Presley , Jessica Fox , Karolly Mel, Christian, Diezel, Pablo Montejo, Mark Frenchy 

Overview: Joey Silvera is pretty much the emperor of transsexual porn right now. Ever since starting his legendary “Rogue Adventures” series many years ago, Joey has always been recognized as one of the best sources of Transsexual porn.

Last year, Joey released “The Next She-Male Idol”, which starred Brazilian ultra hottie Ana Paula Samadat. One of the things about that movie that confused people was that it had very little to do with the “American Idol” and/or “America's Next Top Model” premises that the title conjured up, Instead it was a straight forward trans/gonzo flick.

I really enjoyed “She-Male Idol”, and was ecstatic when I learned that “America's Sweetheart” Bailey Jay was going to be in the 2nd installment... With another Tranny! That other Tranny is Bee Ameritage, another popular cutie that has trans-fans drooling at the moment.

Also on the DVD, is brunette trans-babe Domino, who's sexy attitude and Catherine Zeta Jones like looks are the stuff of fantasies for a trans-obsessed pervert like me. So I am just extremely thrilled to get to check this one out, let's get right to it!


Bailey Jay (left) and Bee Ameritage (Right): The New Generation

Scene 1: Bailey Jay and Bee Ameritage

Our opening scene starts with Joey meeting Bailey in a parking lot. For those of you who are unfamiliar with her, Bailey is an incredibly cute, feminine T girl with a slender build and all the right assets you could hope to find on a trans-babe. She has jet black hair and is wearing ripped skinny-jeans, a white top, and a baseball cap. So they set off to pick up Bee who is waiting at the bus stop, Bailey giving us some sexy tease during the ride.

They meet up with Bee Ameritage, another slender and amazingly feminine blonde hottie wearing a cute Grey outfit. The two girls chat with Joey a bit before we cut back to Joey's house where our two honeys are all slutted out in lingerie and slowly start to warm one another up with some kissing and nipple sucking.

What I like about the build-up here is that it isn't contrived at all. It actually feels unusually natural as the girls talk and play with each other. Bailey pulls out Bee's surprisingly large wangdoodle out goes to town on it, all the while maintaining a fun attitude. After a while, Bailey pulls out her tool so Bee can return the favor. Bailey indulges in some ass-eating and pretty soon she slides her prick into Bee's welcoming asshole for some doggie action.

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So the fucking continues for a good little while and eventually changes to missionary without a break. Bailey has Bee catch some ATM before they Switch so Bailey can suck Bee off while she jerks herself off. Bee gives Bailey a nice facial, Bailey loves the cum and takes the facial like a pro. So we cut to Bee giving Bailey a BJ for a brief bit before we cut to Bailey stroking it for a little bit while Bee is waiting for a facial. Bailey gives her a nice facial and licks some of it off her. After this Joey has the girls plug their various online sources and give us a little more tease before we fade out.

WOW! So our opening scene is easily the hottest TS scene I've ever seen. Both Bailey and Bee are so sexy and lovable that any TS lover would have a hell of a time making through this scene without cumming at least once. I really like the realness of the scene, and how the girls play off of each other. The movie could've been just this scene and I'd be satisfied.


Naudy Nadia: "Black She-Male Auditions" candidate is back for more.

Scene 2: Naudy Nadia w/ Diezel

So we open this scene with a clip from “Black She-Male Idol Auditions” where Nadia is getting ready to do her first solo scene, Then we cut back to Joey's place where she is now ready to do her first hardcore scene. Nadia is half Cuban and half black from what I gathered during the pre-scene interview. She has dark skin and black hair, and she is wearing a white mini dress with matching fishnets.

After a rather uncomfortable opening tease segment, the dude shows up and starts tugging on her nipples and saying he heard she was going to eat a lot of cum that day (Now that is a pick up line!). They trade BJs back and forth for a while until she starts eating out his asshole and prepares to give it to him doggie style. I'm not really into scenes with the dude bottoming, so if you are like me in that sense, this might be a fast-forward point for you.

So she bangs him out like this for a while with the occasional ATM break, and the they switch so he can give her butt hole a good tongue job before laying the pipe to her doggie style. After a while they switch to reverse cowgirl for a nice bang out. She grabs a big dildo and a wine glass and says she is going to give him the dildo until he cums in the glass.

So after we get to watch the dude jerk off for much longer than I cared for, he cums in a glass and she drinks it down. Then Joey asks her a few questions before we fade out... But wait, there's more: For some reason we get her cum shot from “Black She-Male Idol Auditions”, and then we learn that she couldn't cum during the scene because she took too many hormones and then we watch her attempting to cum. Why wasn't this in the bonus section?

This is a decent scene. It's not really my kind of TS scene. Nadia is pretty attractive, but her performance isn't very exciting. The tease/interview segments are awkward and uncomfortable, but the overall quality of the scene isn't bad at all.


Karolly Mel (right): Brazilian Bombshell

Scene 3: Karolly Mel and Pablo Motejo

Next we go to Brazil and meet Karolly Mel, a sexy Brazilian blonde TS babe wearing a black top and blue skinny jeans. Then we cut to a motel room where she has slipped into a tight leopard print outfit and she gives us a little bit of tease. So she strips and our guy starts licking her feet and nipples before eating her ass.

They trade BJs and make out for a bit until Karolly starts banging him out doggie style. Eventually they switch to missionary. When Karolly is finally ready for a dicking, she gets into the doggie position and teases his dick with her ass for a little bit before he plunges in and fucks her doggie for a while. Eventually they switch to the spoon for a bit for assfucking and they end up in missionary style for a little while before we cut to the cum shot.

Karolly gives him a facial and then lays back down so he can finish up with a much less impressive trickle down her cheek. The scene finishes with Karolly saying something like “I'm She-Male Idol #1” in Brazilian and we fade out.

Very nice scene, Basically the same as the previous scene, but Karolly is super hot and there is just a lot more energy in this scene. So Far so Good!


Domino: Getting ready to meat her new roommate.

Scene 4: Domino Presley and Christian

This scene starts with a fun little scenario where Joey Catches up with Domino, an ultra hot Brunette TS honey with Asian and Italian heritage, as she is apartment hunting. She is wearing a hello kitty top with skinny jeans, and He does his usual little interview and follows her around. She goes into an apartment and meets with Christian who is supposed to be her new roommate, she asks to use his computer upstairs and he agrees, but instead of using the computer, she changes into a fishnet body stocking with all the goods showing.

So she walks back to the kitchen and meets Christian and she says my favorite line of the movie thus far “Since we're going to be Roommates, we might as well get started Sucking and Fucking”. So they trade BJ's and Christian eats her ass out for a while before bending her over the dining table for a doggie fuck. After a good little while Domino lays back on the bench for some missionary.

She cleans his dick with a little ATM and they resume the fucking from a standing position. We get a bit of reverse cowgirl before cutting to the finish where Christian pops in Domino's mouth and gets some on her chest and arms which he then licks up. Then we get a nice little post scene interview with Domino to finish things off.

Great scene. This is a great reason why Domino is one of my favorite TS stars right now. Both she and Christian did a great job, and the scene overall was super hot. Well Done!


Jessica Fox: Native American TS honey

Scene 5: Jessica Fox w/ Mark Frenchy

We meet Jessica, a hot native American TS with an Asian complexion, wearing a nice tight red dress as she struts around the living room where the dude eagerly meets her while Joey does his usual interview routine. He starts off with giving her a BJ, they break to mash wieners together for a bit before he goes back to work on her.

She eats his ass out a bit and gives him a dicking. She forces him to give her another BJ before she returns the favor with a little tittyfucking thrown in. She continues domming him with some missionary. She forces him to give her yet another BJ, and finally we get to watch her being fucked doggie style.

Jessica has a very sexy feminine voice which is really nice to hear while we watch her get nailed. So she gives him a BJ and he rides her for a bit (okay, sorry, but yuck!). I was expecting him to nail her some more, which he finally does for a short while before we cut to her cumming all over herself which he then licks up. We cut to his cum shot which she takes in the mouth and lets it run all down her boobs.

I personally was a little disappointed with this scene. There was way too much guy-bottoming for my taste. Jessica is gorgeous though, and anybody who likes Trans-dom should dig this scene.

Final Thoughts:

I'm not going to tell you who the Next She-Male Idol is, you'll have to see for yourself. Y'know, one thing that has me puzzled right now is how the AVN's didn't nominate “She-Male Idol 2”. I mean of all the transsexual videos this year, this one was the most anticipated, sought after, and (Now having seen it) in my opinion the best Transsexual video of 2010.

In fact if we were comparing only transsexual videos, I'd have to give this one an Xcritic pick. It has a great cast, a nice bit of variety, and it just does a great job delivering the goods. However, It has it's flaws and if I’m rating it based on content, price value, and quality: I have to give Joey Silvera's “The Next She-Male Idol 2” from Evil Angel a “Highly Recommended” rating.

If you're an avid Tranny fan, or a curious newcomer, or maybe just a fan of any of the honeys in this video, I say get this one for your collection, you will be pleased.

I hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions or comments please send them to [email protected] Thanks for reading!

Steve Ward

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