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Bzzz Buddies Frisky

Studio: Other » Review by Crazy Slutty » Review Date: 1/6/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

BZZZ buddies

So I got one of these cuuuuuuuute vibrators!

I know, cute isn’t generally top of the list when I’m thinking about a vibe, but come on! It’s cute!

Adorable AND functional! What a concept!

So this is Frisky, and Frisky is pretty much exactly as named: Cute, enthusiastic, but not really powerful enough to do some serious damage, know what I’m saying?

The vibrations are moderately strong – stronger than I expected with a little vibe like this – and it comes with four different tip attachments that are really very massager-like. A very innocent (or, you know, naive) individual would not suspect anything.

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The problem is that the tips are very hard plastic. I can’t see them being used for actual massaging, much less on your clit – it could end up being painful. The plain round tip is the only one I’d consider for your very sensitive areas.


If it doesn't get you off you won't get mad,
because it's too cute to get angry with!

There are four different Bzzz Buddy models, but there are no differences between them at all, other than the way they look. I think it might have been better if they’d had different levels of vibe – or even if they had a high/low setting.

Also they SAY they’re waterproof, but I’m not all that convinced. Maybe they could handle a quick dunk in water, but I doubt they could really stay under for any length of time, so be careful with that.

Probably the most fun part about Bzzz Buddies is the web site. There are little stories for each type of vibrator, but be sure to check out the wallpapers, which made me LOL. I mean, what is up with the panda and the bamboo thing?




To sum up, these are hilariously cute little vibes that can likely be used to get you off if you don’t need much horsepower, though they are more powerful than most similarly-sized vibes I've tried.

Plus, you can use them to scandalize your very innocent friends. :D


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