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Studio: Kick Ass Pictures » Review by Crazy Slutty » Review Date: 1/13/11

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OK so seriously this is like the cheapest DVD case ever.

Is the title Feminized? Or Kick Ass Chicks #78?

Does anyone care?

The case does tell us there are seven scenes. SEVEN! My god.

The photos on the case boasts moderately hot women and dudes wearing make up. Hwah?

So this is some sort of movie where women do a sort of domme thing where they dress dudes as girls and then fuck them. I think.

Let’s find out together, shall we?

…over the course of seven! Scenes!


Pouty girl who is entirely dressed in fishnets surfs the web on a laptop while speaking broken English. Apparently he voted for her in a meaningless contest, which means she has to fuck him. He then goes completely limp while she rubs him. Honestly, I think he fell asleep.

Cut, and she gets him some girly clothes to wear. He resists getting undressed, which is hilarious. Wouldn’t he resist putting on the girl clothes? But no, he’s fine with that part. LOLOL.

He pronounces his outfit beautiful. Thankfully, he’s already wearing girly panties!

Then she puts bad, cheap makeup on him and this part is taking waaaay too long.


Who doesn't want 10 minutes of her putting makeup on this Will Forte lookalike?
Only Will actually looks better in drag.


See? Told you.

She then takes him into the AVN offices and introduces her newly dressed up man toy as “Maria.” They have an interview and OMG seriously, we are ten plus minutes in and there’s no sex.


Who *isn't* turned on by pointless greenscreens?

Finally she makes him suck on a dildo for a little while, and then she straps it on and keeps going. She fucks his ass for a while, and her squirting dildo cums all over him, which is entirely ridiculous. He then cums a teeny little bit and she rubs her dildo in it and makes him lick it off.


So Samantha starts off by being a mega bitch to her boyfriend. After all, she IS "a top fashion model". LOLOL.

Again we have the getting dressed and makeup thing, except Samantha gets naked really fast, for no real reason I can see. Eventually she does get dressed and takes her new bitch out on the town. She makes him walk down the street while yelling epithets at him. She then abandons him so he has to walk back home.

A little something for you press-on nail fans out there.
You can thank me later.

Finally he gets there and she’s got her strap on ready for him. He licks her fake balls for a while before sucking her fake cock. She fucks her boyfriend’s ass a bit less enthusiastically than Rebeca.


Perhaps she's just not that into it.
From as "hot" as this looks, I can't imagine why...


When he cums, she rubs it all over his face.


-- sponsored by --

Nicole is easily the hottest so far. Her boyfriend laughs at her cheerleading, as if he knows she’s screwing up, which he probably wouldn’t, so WTF.

Also she can do this.

At one point, Nicole says “bite your tongue, young man!” which reveals her to be some sort of demon succubus who is at least 100 years old.

She then says “No college will let me in without school functions.”

Yep. Old-lady succubus.

OK, so she spends a lot of time stretching and showing us her lithe demon body and BLAH BLAH BLAH. And THEN she becomes dommy because being a cheerleader is "the HARDEST THING A WOMAN CAN DO".

Guess he finally pushed her too far.

So she dresses him as a cheerleader, puts makeup on him, press-on nails, and a really terrible wig. LOLZ. Then she teaches him to cheer while wearing mardi gras beads.

One of these things is not like the other.
One of these things just isn't the same...

Suddenly, she’s stripping and stretching and yay he’s not around. Oh wait, he’s back. Sigh.

She makes him suck her strap-on, and insists all cheerleaders have to suck cock to make it to the top. His moans are horrible. She finally fucks his ass and says something about a “touch down” in his ass.

Boooooo… Then she does some hard ass fucking, but it’s shot from an angle where it’s pretty clear she’s faking it. And then there’s fake cum.

Hmm, there’s a lot of fake stuff, isn’t there?

He ends up cumming all over her feet and his cock is rather huge. He licks it up.


Tara threatens to send out photos of her roommate making out with a tranny at new year’s unless he agrees to dress up in frilly things. Since she’s mad at her roommate for messing up the bathroom, she makes him clean on hands and knees and then make her bed while she walks around naked.

This is why nobody wants to see guy faces in porn.

She then puts a huge amount of red lipstick on him, writes “Slut” on his chest, and makes him suck her dick before fucking him in the ass. She fake cums on his face and ew.

Scratch that. THIS is why.


Kitty is busy being a bitch on the phone, and then notices her mumbly table-cleaner isn’t so good at his job. We get to see her ginormous nipples while she fucks the guy.

Well hello to you too!

At least he’s one of the better looking dudes in this movie.  She just kind of stops at the end.


Cassandra whines on the phone about how hard it is to be pretty and popular. She also complains about having to cover up even though she’s clearly slipping a nip there.

Her fake paparazzo dude in the bushes just wants to protect his huge CANON camera. Somehow I don’t think they got any product placement fees for that…

Is that a camera in your pocket or are you just... ok, yeah, it's a camera.

Anyway, she takes him inside and insists the clean toilet smells like stinky shit. He makes appropriately horrified noises, which are actually pretty hilarious.

She sits on his face and then insists she’ll be holding him captive so he can be her bitch.

THEN she dresses him up and puts makeup and nail polish on him.

She takes him out and he waves prettily as he pumps gas. She then accuses him of having a tiny clit and he babbles incoherently the whole time.

That dude in the orange shirt just wandered over while they were getting gas.
A none-too-subtle fade later and he's walking away.
And that's much better than just cutting him out altogether because... um...

She brings him back to her place, and she ties him up before bringing out the strap-on and fucking him in the ass.


Dahlia is no nonsense and she gets right to dressing her husband like a girl.

Then, to my surprise, another dude shows up and explains in an amazingly foreign accent that he’s the guy she goes to for some decent cock.

Other than some brief pussy licking, this the first time this movie has any
kind of sex not only involving plastic cocks.

Dahlia makes her husband suck some real cock, and then she fucks the guy while her husband watches. Then she fucks her husband with her fake cock while he sucks on the other guy. Then they switch, and there’s some gay sex here! I’m scandalized.

It’s pretty much over at this point.

It's... yeah, it's mostly like that.




Special features… are ads. Not really all that special.



The good: Nicole is hot and Tara Lynn is cute. The guy (not the old one) in the last scene is relatively good-looking. For the most part it's well-shot. Cassandra's scene is fairly hilarious.

The bad: Most of the scenes are pretty identical, almost no flesh-on-flesh contact until the final scene. Some fakery via camera angles, and some poor editing choices (hello again random dude at the gas station). Way too many guy faces in this, which are left out of a lot of porn for a reason.



I think the bottom line here is that if seeing "regular" guys get turned into absolutely horrible-looking crossdressers who are then fucked in the ass with fake-cum spurting dildos, this is right up your alley.

If that exact specific niche isn't your thing, there's absolutely nothing here for you. If they had picked guys who looked hot in drag that would have helped a lot, but perhaps that would have not fulfilled the precise needs of people into the feminization fetish, I don't know.

If you're into that, write me and let me know!

[email protected]

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