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Studio: Other » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 2/3/11

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Genre: Female Domination

Director: uncredited

Cast: Mistress Antonia, Mistress Flame, Mistress Xavialune, Miss Lavey, Sandy, Heidi, Dawn, Heidi, Brittany, Sophie, Lexia, Jessica, Taylor, Mindy, Harmony, Jennifer, Nika, Vanessa, Nikki, Holly, Amy, Tory, Natalie, Mina, Mason, Angelina, Leah, Pepper, Melissa, Ruby, Nikky, Nicole, Britney, Delila, Brooke, Chloe, Jenna, Eva, Ginger, Parker, Brooke, Bambi, Samantha, Julie Simone, Tori, Cherry, Molly, Andriana, Lady Remedy Ann,

Features: There are three hundred and twenty eight videos as of January 30, 2011. A nice looking picture gallery is accompanied with most of the videos. The photos are also quite large. This web site can also be seen on iphones and ipads. There is a section titled clips4sale where viewers who do not want to become a member of the site can purchase individual clips. Two other stores or sites have their videos available too. Those additional sites are Black Girls White Slaves and Worship Amy. Overall, the prices and lengths of the videos vary from $2.99 to over twenty dollars, however, about ninety-nine percent of the videos are under ten bucks. Another section to this site is for those men who want to be a slave for this web site. It informs them to contact the owners at their email address [email protected]. Furthermore, a section for those people who want to be a part of their webmaster referral program is also provided. A links section is also included.

Price: $34.95 (USD) for thirty days then $19.99 (USD) recurring every thirty days. Payment can be made through credit card, online check, direct pay EU, or by your phone number. 

Overview: The web site www.menareslaves.com is focused on female domination of men. A bevy of beauties with a penchant to treat their male slaves in all sorts of demeaning ways really get a lot of amusement from it. Meanwhile, a viewer who enjoys this type of activity will also obtain effective gratification too. With scenes that show men getting whipped, kicked in the balls, and having cigarette butts stuffed in their mouths to having women sit on their faces and perform foot worship, the collection of videos offer a very wide range of comfort level to one's particular tastes and pain threshold. It's a good idea that there are less intense performances too. Overall, it's a fair group of videos that offer the viewer the opportunity to find something he or she will enjoy. On a personal note, I was so pleased to find the foot worshipping scenes since I am a leg man fan. As to the rest of this review, I am going to describe several videos that range in varying degrees of punishment and female domination.

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Scene One: In the episode Morning Ritual, blond beauty Sandy is still in the early preparation of waking up as her male slave informs her that her breakfast is ready. However, before she gets out of bed to start the new day, the droggy woman gestures to the masked man to orally pleasure her pretty beauty spot. His brief stimulative and effective application looks very fine and afterwards, he is sent off to do his chores. Meanwhile, Sandy remains in bed looking quite inviting to the viewer. This scene is very very mild as to punishment. As a matter of fact, it's non-existent, but it is still a hot performance for those romantics at heart. This video is available for purchase at $4.99 and lasts for four minutes. For fans who get turned on by this activity, I highly recommend it greatly.
Scene Two: The following scene has punishment and female domination, but it is mild in nature. From the video Damn She Looks Hot, Nicole's slave is laying on the floor while the attractive woman sits on his face. The man is getting a good amount of her tushy on him as he smells her snatch. There is some pain to the fella, but it's still mildly relative when comparing it to other videos on this site. This performance is not bad. People should check out the photo gallery first to get a better indication if they will enjoy it or not. This scene lasts five minutes and costs $5.99.

Scene Three: In Bananas, Nicole is chewing on the yellow fruit while her  man slave is on his knees  beside her. After chewing bits of the fruit, the woman spits the contents into the guy's mouth. Most people who will watch this performance will most likely think that it's gross, but there are people who will enjoy it as well. She orders him around a bit, but her actions are not intensely painful. I suggest that viewers who really enjoy this activity should watch it or else, there are plenty of other videos to view. This video lasts three minutes and costs $3.99.

Scene Four: Now, the domination level kicks up a notch as Sandy is unhappy with her slave for not getting his chores accomplished by the time she gets home. The angry woman goes into a barrage of slapping antics and hair pulling to teach him a lesson. This four minute scene is rough and it's evident that the man is feeling the pain. For those fans who like to watch women punish their guys, this video entitled Dumb Maid is a good one to start with and it only gets better. The purchase price of this scene is $4.99.

Scene Five:
A higher level of female domination and pain intensity occurs in The Ball Kick Game. The goal of this activity is to see which woman Andriana or Molly can get their male target to the floor first by kicking him in his family jewels. This three minute scene shows that the man has good will power as the two friends kick him several times before he eventually goes down for the count. I liked this scene a lot and fans of this action will also appreciate it too. I am glad that there are more ball kicking videos on this site to explore. The cost to purchase this scene is $3.99. It's too bad that their performance did not last longer.

Scene Six: Of course, no credible domination web site would be complete without some very good whipping action. In Wearing Their Whip Marks, Eva and Ruby have target practice on their slave's back. Their actions cut into the man's skin and this scene is very painful to the fella. I enjoyed this lengthier scene of ten minutes a whole lot especially with Eva and Ruby doing all the punishing behavior. I can watch them all day. The purchase price is costlier with a price tag of $10.99.

Scene Seven: In one of the most intense scenes on the site, Molly and Andriana are smoking cigarettes and use their male slave as a human ashtray. He squirms a lot as they stick their heated cigarette ends on his fleshy skin. Even though this five minute scene is not way too lengthy, it still made me squirm. The most pain-tolerant fans will be able to handle this scene. I suggest that for the rest of the viewers, they should look at the photo gallery for some guidance, but beware. It costs $5.99. The title of this video is appropriately titled Burned By Cigarette.

Final Thoughts: This web site that targets people who enjoy watching men get beat up and mistreated by women is a very good place to visit. I especially like that there are differing levels of domination and punishment so that even the less pain tolerant audience member may find enough videos to pleasure oneself. I also want to give a lot of credit to the men who take this punishment for their bravery and courage. The attractive women are also perfectly casted too. Several of them will gain tons of fans from subscribers to the site. My favorite videos are the foot worship ones. Moreover, there is plenty of other performances that will keep me highly satisfied. For the readers out there, I would suggest to Try It out and look over the free photo galleries of the scenes to give you guidance.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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