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50 Guy Cream Pie 8

Studio: Devil's Films » Review by Crazy Slutty » Review Date: 2/3/11

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

50 guy cream pie 8

OK first of all, why is this DVD so loud? Would I really want to blast bad porn background music in my home? Or anywhere else for that matter?

I think I would not. Usually.

So a creepy too-skinny Amber Rayne floats on the background as you choose your adventure on the main menu! Which is really only to watch the movie.

Anyway! The sound comes down to a manageable level once the movie begins. We start off with Amber Rayne demonstrating how entirely flexible she is on a stripper pole. She gets off the pole and steals a hat from the crowd of thugs.

You can steal my hat any day, Amber.
And I'm not even thuggish, I promise!

Her clothing starts coming off immediately and she starts sucking off a dude right away. Amber is quite a good cocksucker, and she’s very enthusiastic while getting facefucked, so I think you’ll like her mad skillz.

She gets some anal action right away, and you know she does ass to mouth, so she is doing quite awesome. There’s more demonstration of her extreme flexibility, and she does some dirty talk too.

There is a nice DP right up near the front of the movie as well, but one of the dudes is bent at what looks to be a pretty uncomfortable angle. Poor guy, I bet he was holding his breath and thinking, “I hope this looks OK!” or, you know, "Motherfucking OW!"

Unfortunately, poor guy, it does not look OK. Not at all.

-- sponsored by --

Several guys cum in Amber’s ass, and it turns into a drip fest until Amber turns around and actually plops a shocking amount of cum out of her ass.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Actually, all of the cum shots have been anal so far. I didn’t think this was an all anal cream pie movie so I am wondering what is going on with that.

As usual, Amber seems to be having a good enthusiastic time throughout. Weirdly, though she seems to be actually bruising throughout the shoot. I didn’t notice anything really over the top rough, so I figure she bruises easily, but even so, it’s still slightly disturbing.

You can see the bruises all over her legs, and there's more on her stomach.
And sides. And back. And they weren't there at the start. :( :(

Anyway, yeah, it appears that this movie is all anal creampies. Who knew? More cock gargling and I say good show, Amber!

However, time has dragged on, and Amber is looking for her 50th load of cum. I am sure Amber is tired and she just wants any one of these fucking guys to cum in her ass, but they keep failing. Finally somebody gets there and Amber is genuinely thrilled. She even high fives the guy.

She then announces, “Fifty fucking loads in my ass!” and seems very proud as she marches out.

As well she should.

The weird thing is, she comes BACK into the room and then she just starts talking about each guy in detail, which is somewhat boring.

Special Features

chapters (which are like five random breaks in the movie, no way to tell where they are or what's going on in them)
audio set up
video on demand from their web site

That's it. The box says there's also a photo gallery and a popshot gallery.

The box lies.



The good: Amber is enthusiastic, great at sucking cock and good at getting fucked.

The bad: Amber's bruises/battle damage as the scene goes on are gross and completely ruin the mood for me. Also be aware that most of the 50 guys are not porn stars, so they have no idea how to perform. At the beginning she gets fucked good and long by actual guys in porn, and it's fine. But once they're done it's a parade of guys who pop in and cum right away or pop in and can't cum at all (and then Amber chastises them... a lot). I'm pretty sure some of the guys never came even once.

The other problem is Amber keeps getting up and sitting/standing vertical, so the cum drips out all over. Which is fine, but it means what you're getting is 50 anal creampies in a row, not ONE creampie with the cum from 50 guys (which is what the box leads you to believe).

The box does a poor job of letting you know these are ANAL creampies, so for people hoping for vaginal creampies this movie will be a complete disappointment (but they do nothing to try to clear that up on the front cover, because they want your money). The pictures on the back of the box also include several things that never happen in the movie (like Amber's PUSSY covered with cum, and cum somehow shooting from her asshole like it was a pressurized hose).

Final grade: D

That's not a reflection on Amber, who does very well here. But the box is covered in lie after lie, and the fact that most of the guys in the movie have no idea what they're doing and flail around helplessley and get YELLED AT by Amber for failing to perform makes it a total disaster.

Call me when you put Amber on her back or doggy style and let 50 guys in a row cum in her ass while she sucks the others off, and then let the cum drip and squirt out of her butt all at once.

And I don't want to see her getting welts unless she's being flogged.

Until then, no thanks.

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