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Bad Girls 5 (DVD + Blu-Ray)

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 2/10/11

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Bad Girls 5
Digital Playground
DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack
Directed by Robby D
Price: 29.99
Running Time: 2hrs and 29min


Tori Black
Rebeca Linares
Jenny Hendrix
Angelina Armani
James Deen
Mick Blue
Manuel Ferrara
Tommy Gunn
Steve Holmes
Scott Nails

Special Features:


Special Bonus Trailers (14 trailers)
1920 x 1080
Photo Gallery
Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes Featurette (6 minutes, that start off with Stoya and a camera, telling about her history of doing a DP, and how excited she is for the upcoming scene. And we also get to see some pre-sex sex with the guys, which was very sexy and hot)

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 at 48kHz and 640 kbps
Video: AVC at around 20 Mbps


Special Bonus Trailers (8 trailers)
16 x 9 Widescreen Format
Slide Show/Photo Gallery
Motion Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes Featurette (same as Blu-ray)

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 at 48kHz and 448 kbps
Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So this was movie that was sitting on the shelf for awhile and the wait was so worth it. I have to admit just knowing I was going to be able to see a Stoya scene, got me into the mood, but the other ladies also did an amazing job showing us why they are bad girls. It started off with a bang with Tori and followed up with some amazing scenes with Stoya and Rebeca. Even though the last few scenes were rated a little lower, I still feel they were amazing scenes, just that they were up against some very hot ladies at the start of the movie. And I was sort of disappointed at first in the length of the BTS, but then that all went out the door as Stoya showed us, why she is bad girl, as she could hardly keep her hands off the guys before the scene even started. So that was enough to give a little bump to the Special Features score, believe me, If you see it, I am sure you will agree with my decision. So please, Digital Playground, if you are reading this, please give us some more Stoya action, we had a little break from seeing her sexy body on camera, we need more to quench our thirst. The video and sound quality were above average and very few issues with the camera stuck on a area or focusing issues, some of the common issues that seem to pop up on their movies. But the hot sex I was watching could have been enough to distract me from it. This is going to be a movie I can easily see me watching over and over and not ever getting bored with what I am watching, they made to pry this movie from my hands to get me to stop watching it.  So congrats to Digital Playground and Bad Girls 5, you are my first XCRITIC PICK of 2011. All that I ask, is that you don’t hold back any more great movies like this from us, I am sure you had your reasons, and it was worth the wait. Now I think it’s time to watch again once more before I head off to bed, and it’s a good thing that Blu-rays don’t wear out easily, cause it looks freaking amazing in 1080p on a HD TV.

Scene One: Tori and Manuel (4/5 rating)

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Manuel is just waking up and Tori is outside and she is looking for her man, but he isn’t there.  Manuel tries to fake like he is asleep as Tori walks around the house and sees him sleeping. He starts to play with cock, and she seems to enjoy what she sees. He wakes up and they are both surprised. She tries to apologize and he seems to be ashamed. She thinks it was pretty hot, and she wants to see it again. He shows her and she is amazed at what she sees. She moves in a little closer and begins to rub his cock, and then they kiss and she pulls the blanket off of him and continues to jerk him off. He takes off her jacket and she bends over on the bed, showing up her amazing booty, but is soon back to sucking on his cock.  She pulls her top down so he can suck on her tits and he let’s out a OMG as he slowly slides her pants down. He sneaks around behind and dives his face into her ass, as wiggles back and forth. She flips on her back and he is working her pussy over with his tongue and even some love for her ass. He slips beside her and slowly slips his cock into her pussy. He rubs her pussy as he fucks her to intensify the action for her. He lays on the bed, as she attacks his cock once again, and after some struggling with getting her top on she is on top for some cowgirl action, as he gives her a nice pounding, with some ass slaps thrown in. She gives him a break as she dances and wiggles on his cock, but he soon takes control and gives her a good pounding. There seems to be some great chemistry with these two as they are always looking at each other faces, and you can feel the heat between them. She flips around for some reverse cowgirl action, and once again they takes turns being in control of the fucking. She sticks her ass in his face as she continues to work on his cock, but she wants his dick back inside her, so she bends over with her ass up in the air and he fucks her from behind. She reaches back and sticks a few fingers in her ass, while he works over her pussy. He stops for a second and she asks if he is going to fuck her ass, but first he dives his face in her ass once again. But her ass is going to have to wait, I guess, he is working her pussy over with some more spoon action, as she struggles to catch her breath, which we know, means she is really enjoying it. He flips her over and attacks her pussy from above and sticks a few fingers in her ass. He pulls out and gives her a nice money shot on the side of the face and in her mouth. Great scene to start off things, but no anal?

Scene Two: Stoya, James and Steve (5/5 rating)

She walks in and sits down by the guys and they immediately get going as they kiss and play with her pussy, there is no waiting around, they want her bad, and I think she does too. They double team her pussy with their fingers before a finger goes in her ass and we get a finger DP. She tells James that he can do whatever he wants to her pussy, it’s his. Steve works over her pussy and ass with his fingers, while she starts sucking on James’s cock. But Steve also wants a piece of that action, as she works on both guys , with some stroking, swallowing and spitting on their cocks. She ends up bent over as Steve attacks her from behind as she continues to suck and gag on James. She looks back and tells Steve to stick his dick in her ass, so we next see them in some spoon action on the couch, as he is fulfilling her demand. They move to some cowgirl action in her pussy from James and then Steve walks around and slides his cock in her ass and ladies and gentleman, we have ourselves a DP, her first on camera. Steve grabs her hair and pulls her head back as they continue to have their way with her. She lets the guys know that this is exactly what she wanted. The guy switch up, as Steve is under her, working her ass, while James works her pussy. James grabs her neck as the two continue to work her over. She climbs off the guys and ends up bent over , taking some more of James in the ass as she licks Steve’s ass and jerks him off. Steve seems to enjoy it as he is almost giggling like a school girl as she does it. Stoya realizes that Steve hasn’t fucked her pussy and he gets her pussy in some cowgirl action as she gets face fucked by James. But after awhile he wants another shot at her ass, so he slips behind and her shoves his cock in her ass, for some more DP action. Wow they really brought out the good scenes early on this movie, I can only hope the rest are nearly as good as these first two were. Anyways, back to the action, she flips around for some reverse cowgirl action from Steve in her ass. And we get to see how open her ass is getting. She ends up bent over once again for James as she works on Steve’s cock, which she gags on a few times as she tries to deep throat him. She ends up under James and licks his ass and then is lead back to Steve’s cock and balls. Steve ends up giving her a money shot in the mouth, and James follows with one in her mouth too. She spits some of it out onto her chest and gives a smile to the camera as the scene comes to a close. I cannot tell you how glad I am that Stoya is back and I really can’t wait to see more of her.

Scene Three: Rebeca, Scott and Tommy (5/5 rating)

 Rebeca is in the bathroom and Scott is waiting for her to hurry up. She comes out of the bedroom and climbs on top of him and gives him a few kissing as she grinds on his crotch, with some jean shorts, that are torn to hell. She pulls his pants down and starts to suck on his cock, as we get a nice POV shot. She pulls her top down and gives us a nice look at her tits, and then slips his cock in between them for some titty fucking action. She gets him to the verge of cumming as she double fists his cock, but then gives his cock a slap to get him to slow down a bit. She continues to work over his cock with her oral skills and heads south to give his balls some attention too, he must really be thinking about baseball right now, to hold back. After a long oral session she climbs back on him and they kiss some more and then she takes off her shorts and Scott dives into her pussy with his tongue. She wraps her legs around his head and then pushes him on his back and works over his cock some more, and then slides his cock into her pussy slowly and rides him slow at first before she leans forward for some kissing as the thrust become faster and faster. She begs for him fuck her and she starts to get loud with excitement, but he tells her to keep it down due to his roommate. She gets up and sneaks over to find Tommy asleep on his bed, you can tell she is thinking about what she could do next. She walks into his room and crawls on top of him and starts to tease him as she ask if he would like to have some fun. She starts kissing him and them rubs his crotch before she opens his pants and starting showing off her oral skills once again. She leans forward and pins him down as they kiss some more and then she wiggles her hips on his cock, just to tease him even more. She goes back to work on his cock, sucking and kissing his cock, as we once again get some POV action. She looks into the camera and ask if we want to fuck her, so she leans forward and slides his cock in her pussy slowly and then builds up speed as she bounces her booty for the camera. The camera focuses on her ass as she continues to ride him, and then she climbs off and heads to the living room, as she is bent over on the couch, just waiting for them. She goes back to work on Scott’s cock and then Tommy’s, making sure both are getting plenty of attention. We get back to the POV action, as the oral continues. But Scott sneaks around and starts to fuck her from behind as screams with delight, until Tommy shoves his cock in her mouth. She tells Tommy to have a seat on the couch, as she climbs on him and begins to take more of a pussy pounding from him. While she is getting fucked by Tommy, she begs Scott to fuck her face. She then moves forward and sits on Tommy’s face, while she leans back and works on Scott some more. But she is once again bent over, taking it from behind from Scott and working on Tommy, and being bossy as she asks for some room to move. Just a quick side note, the color scheme and feel of this scene is very Michael Bay-ish, very Bad Boys, which I guess sort of makes sense, this is Bad Girls. Anyway back to the scene, as she is on top of Scott for some reverse cowgirl action, and she begs for him not to stop. She backs her ass up till it finds Tommy’s cock and then takes it in the ass while she sucks off Scott. Scott does kind of look at her getting fucked in the ass, and almost has a look like he wants a piece of that action too. So she climbs off and lays in front of Scott and takes it in the ass again, in some spoon action. She gets some more anal action from Tommy as she rides him for some reverse cowgirl action. Scott takes a seat on a different chair and motions for her to come over, and she hops on him and takes some more pussy pounding, and then some anal pounding too. She makes her way over to Tommy and rides him side saddled for some more anal action. We cut to her on knees as each of the guys give her a money shot in the mouth, and then she gives each one more good lick, as she swallows all of their cum.

Scene Four: Jenny and Manuel (3/5 rating)

She walks in with a camera and she is filming him and they joke around about filming a porno scene. So she climbs on top of his lap and we get a nice view of her ass, and then she makes her way to the bed and continues to show off her ass, as she gives the camera a nice booty bounce. He starts to direct her as she lays on the bed and gives a sexy stare to it. He rolls her on her back and starts to tickle her. He stops and them reaches for her tits and starts to play with them, before she rolls over and presents her ass to the camera once again. She starts to slowly pull her shorts down and then he lets her have the camera, as he slips her panties off and begins to lick her pussy. He heads north to kiss her and then attacks her boobs, and then lays on the bed and let’s her starting sucking and jerking him off as he films it. She takes off her bra and then leans forward and slides his cock in between her tits, before she goes back to sucking on his cock. He puts the camera away and they kiss some more as she continues to jerk him off. He grabs her and gets her on her side, as he slips his cock into her pussy and begins to give her pussy a nice workout. She begs for him not to stop as he continues to pound her pussy  and play with it with his fingers. She climbs off and he leads her right to his cock, as she jerks him off some more, before climbing on top and begins to bounce that ass on his cock. Once again, all the attention to her ass, so if you are a fan of the booty, you are really enjoying this right now. She sits on his face for a bit and then they end up with some missionary action on the bed, as he tells her to rub her pussy for him. He seems to be working up quite a sweat, as she ends up bent over on the bed and he is back to working her pussy over. He continues to fuck her pussy and then slips a few fingers in her ass and then she wants him to grab her ass, so he grabs a nice chunk as he fucks her some more. He teases her ass with his cock and you almost think he is going there, but he stuffs his face in her ass, as she pushes his face and tongue deeper and deeper into her ass. But I guess anal isn’t coming just yet, he makes his way to the bed and lays down as she slides up and down on his cock, before he grabs her and leans her back and takes control as gives her pussy yet another pounding. She flips around as the camera once again focuses on her ass as her pussy continues to take him. He grabs her tits and holds on tight as he fucks her. She bends herself over the side of the bed and lets him fuck her from behind, and then pulls out and gives her a pretty good money shot all over her face. He leaves to grab the camera, as the cum drips off her face.

Scene Five: Angelina and Tommy and Mick (4/5 rating)

The scene starts off with her, giving the camera a nice tease as she shows off her tits, ass and pussy to the camera. She starts to rub her pussy and then licks her fingers and tell us how good it tastes. She plays with her tit’s a bit, but then is soon right back to playing with her pussy. But quickly she is around by two cocks, who are just waiting for some attention. She starts by sucking on each guy and getting face fucked as she still continues to play with her pussy. But Mick, has a better idea, as he slips beside her and slides his cock into her pussy. But she wants Tommy to be inside her pussy too, as she really gets a good pounding from him. But without losing a step, she climbs onto Mick for some cowgirl action as she stuffs Tommy’s cock in her mouth. The guys keeping tossing her back and forth as she continues to make sure both guys are getting plenty of action from her. Mick gives her a pretty good, bed shaking pounding from behind, but she doesn’t seem to forget about Tommy’s cock at all. Mick then face fucks her till she gags and then grabs a hold of her neck and chokes her that way too, as Tommy fucks her pussy. The guys switch positions and she continues to take both guys in her pussy and mouth. Tommy seems exhausted as he fucks her from behind and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all, as she begs for their cum. She gets down on her knees and they give her money shots on her face and chest as the scene comes to an end. She kisses their cocks to thank them for such a good time.


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