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Top Guns

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/30/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Top Guns

Digital Playground

Genre: Feature, Parody

Director: Robby D.

Cast: Jesse Jane, Erik Everhard, Stoya, Mick Blue, Riley Steele, Marcus London, Kayden Kross, Scott Nails, Selena Rose, Tommy Gunn, Raven Alexis, Ben English
Non-sex roles: Frank Bukkwyd, Cody Bangs, Charles Dera, Jimmy Fires, Jahmal Jhonson, Max Makita

Length: 152:25 minutes

Special Effects Galore

Date of Production: 9/21/2010

Extras: The package includes both standard definition and Blu-ray versions of the movie, a bonus dics of extras being the icing on the cake. The first extra was a point of view (POV) tryst in the bathroom between Jesse Jane and Riley Steele, Scott Nails catching them masturbating in the darkened area (and the lights coming on afterwards). It only lasted 6:37 minutes but the gals knelt down to blow him, some solo action included as well. There was then a 31:07 minute long Behind the Scenes feature, clips of the movie sets, Scott Nails again being the butt of a joke, and plenty of interviews making it one of the best such features I’ve seen from the company (outside of the pop up video laden features of yesteryear); Jamal Johnson shooting and Evul Atheng editing the 8 days worth of footage. There were then a number of short deleted scenes lasting 1:25 minutes, a Blooper Reel lasting 2:04 minutes, a “Making off” special effects reel lasting 1:35 minutes, a slide show, a photogallery, and 28 trailers. The box the three discs came in was pretty cool as an extra as well, the fold out “pages” showcasing each of the contract ladies and shots from the movie with a cardboard case covering the book.

Condoms: None

Jesse Jane with Erik Everhard

Audio/Video Quality: Top Guns was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Robby D. for Digital Playground. In keeping with the new paradigm of the company, both a standard definition version as well as a high definition Blu-ray version were included in the three disc package, the biggest difference noticed being the visual upgrade of the premium version (especially if watched on a large screen television optimized for Blu-ray). As expected of the company’s premium title of the year, a lot of care went into making it look like a real movie, assistance from folks like Joey Pulgadas certainly assisting in that aspect a lot. The colors were generally accurate for the situations the sex scenes were shot in, the substantial number of close up shots during sex noted as a company standard. The composition of the feature elements was actually well done in most cases, the variety of sets outside of a house or bedroom a major change from the majority of porn productions offered of late. The special effects were also a few notches above usual for a porno, even a big budget porno, the flight scenes edited to get the heart pounding nearly as much as the sexual trysts that are the main reason for picking the title up. Make no mistake about it though, the sex was not romanticized like many of the other company titles so while such scenes were very short by contemporary standards, they were fun to watch. The audio was presented in the expected 5.1 Dolby Digital with a 48 kHz sampling rate and 448 Kbps bitrate. The musical interludes were nicely balanced with the vocals and aural special effects, the modest separation at times enhancing the end product nicely. While there were no major highlights in terms of songs, that being the key ingredient that sold the original mainstream movie so very well, at least some effort was made to add appropriate music (within reason) here. The high definition version surely outshines the standard definition too, the visual elements always looking better on Blu-ray though the audio was a much more subtle upgrade on moderate to high end equipment. If you are going to watch the movie on a television screen bigger than 50”, there is absolutely no other choice but the Blu-ray in my estimation.

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Stoya (looking happy)

Body of Review: Robby D. has been an award winning director for years now, some of his very best work standing the test of time coming from Digital Playground. In his role as the company’s primary director, he has shown fans he is capable of blazingly heated sexual encounters via his “Hand Held” label the company releases just as he has shown a softer side with all the couples’ oriented erotica titles he shoots. Almost every year, Robby is given the chance to offer fans a single blockbuster title too, this year giving us a movie called Top Guns. The movie is a pornified version of the Tom Cruise classic, reimagining various scenes with a healthy dose of contract hotties going at it, all of the female performers either under contract with the company or having been under contract at one point. The basic story element here is a series of inter-military rivalries as to who are the best pilots. As expected, the sexual trysts were shorter than usual but if you favor babes like Kayden Kross, Raven Alexis, or Riley Steele, you will be happy to note that all but one (Selena Rose) gets a single scene to star in as well as participate in the group orgy toward the end of the movie. Unlike most scenes you can find online, the scenes here work far better in context than separately too, the bottom line being the movie is sure to garner scores of accolades from all the usual sources, my suggestion being it get a pre-nom for best feature and best editing. The back cover described the movie like this: “Fly hard with deep throttle action as Jesse Jane and Riley Steele show the men the true definition of hardcore power. They are the new top guns, the two best female fighter pilots the Air Force has to offer going up against their arch rivals, Kayden Kross and Stoya, the unbeatable bitches from the Navy. It's lust-fueled girls going up against the hardest fly boys in the military to prove they've got more thrust in their game and more devious tactics than any enemy riding their tail.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Riley Steele with Marcus London

Scene One: Jesse Jane, the leading contract blond for years now at the company, was up first with studly Erik Everhard, his attempts at singing thankfully truncated before a bathroom encounter together. They tore each other’s uniforms off and kissed, Erik going down on Jesse before she slobbed his knob aggressively. It was a slow and sultry hummer versus the more enthusiastic version she tends to offer in her scenes, at least building up tempo as it progressed and led to some vaginal boning. There was some intermittent taste testing between positions, the camera using primarily close-ups to capture the tryst and resulting facial of genetic juice.

Kayden Kross with Scott Nails

Scene Two: Stoya, the whirlwind hotty brunette having made her return to porn, was up next as she encouraged Mick Blue to give her a few lessons. Playing mind games with him, she soon started to disrobe out of her uniform, beckoning Mick to taste her though requiring he play by her rules. The freckled fraulein lifted her shirt to reveal lily white skin and a very lean stomach, Mick working his way down to her snatch with light kisses, the stark contrast of her pubic hair guiding him along. Stoya was very vocal in her appreciation for his oral talents, pornishly so in fact, but his kiss quieted her down until her lips wrapped around his pecker as she looked up at him in defiance; the hand assisted hummer preparing him for some missionary and doggy vaginal plowing. Sadly, that was the end of it as he bust a load of population pudding into her mouth.

Jesse Jane in flight gear

Scene Three: Riley Steele, the sexy blond Xcritic blogger and recent horror movie starlet, was up next as she picked up muscular Marcus London in the bar. She began stripping for him in the public locale albeit in a clumsy manner, her firm little body catching his complete attention as her thong rode up that sweet ass of hers. He pawed her and then ate her from behind, fingering her cooch until she was wet enough to want a big hard cock in her mouth. The hand assisted hummer included a lot of saliva and she made more than a passing effort at giving some eye contact, jerking him off before two short positions of vaginal screwing led to his spunk flying onto her lower abdomen. He sucked her tits and kissed her a little to complete the scene, the energy not as profound as a few of the better scenes but her look sufficient enough to make it worthy of checking out.

Jesse Jane, Stoya, Kayden Kross, Selena Rose, and Riley Steele with Tommy Gunn

Scene Four: Kayden Kross, the classically attractive blond contract starlet known in the movie as “Hollywood”, was up next in the locker room with Scott Nails. She gave him a line as she cranked up the verbal heat, kissing him hard and handing him her panties as she prepared to take off her jumpsuit. He continued providing her with oral pleasure but she forced the issue by shoving his head down to her crotch, his greedy tongue working her labia as she panted in appreciation. The camera angles were not optimal for the athletic romp but the chemistry between them appeared as solid as you will find in a company flick, the prolonged oral continuing as she reciprocated soundly. She knelt before him and grabbed his pecker at the base, soon coyly slowing down and tonguing his head before alternating some power strokes with the slower paced ministrations. They moved into a doggy position where he hammered her passive pussy as she rubbed her clitoris, the following cowgirl position showing her much more actively enjoying the ride. The missionary finished him off, and he beat off a round of spunk to her face, Kayden lovingly taking hold of his rod to savor the remaining few drops left in his balls.

Raven Alexis with Ben English

Scene Five: Selena Rose, Stoya, Kayden Kross, Riley Steele, Jesse Jane, and Tommy Gunn, were up next in the hanger. Everyone started taking off their uniforms after a hard fought victory, pairing up in a few groups of lesbian oriented pussy snacking and knob slobbing with Tommy’s pecker. The faster pace of the action and sheer amount of close up shots kept the scene from achieving maximum potential but at least Selena had ample time to make up for her lack of a star-specific scene by the way she aggressively inhaled Tommy’s wand. Kayden and Riley had a hot moment while Jesse got Stoya off with her hand (and by choking her), the variety of clips bouncing around much like a music video from when the original movie was released. While the majority of action was decidedly oral, Tommy plugged chicks left and right in turns, even lining them up at one point before tossing off to Selena’s mouth (which she cumswapped with Kayden who shared with the rest). In all, the choppy nature of the scene gave it some additional replay value to see all that went on, I just wished it had more establishing shots to see the whole scene unfold as everyone got off.

The Lovely Flying Ladies

Scene Six: Raven Alexis, a sexy little babe left off the front cover, was up last with Ben English, the two going at one another in his office. His mouth was all over her, from the kissing to her tits, to her sweetly shaven pussy, and her need for seed was displayed by the way she embraced her inner whore to work his cock orally. Her splendid oral led to some of the most active vaginal riding of the day too, Raven bouncing on his pecker to go balls deep. They continued in various positions and she was always more active when she was on top of him, her cowgirl impressive as she cried out with a mixture of pleasure and pain. By the time the chemistry filled tryst was over, Ben tossed off a massive load of semen all over her face, Raven cleaning him up gingerly to complete the sexual portion of the movie.

Summary: Top Guns by director Robby D. is definitely one of those couples features destined for accolades later this year during awards season, Digital Playground taking enough elements from the original mainstream movie to pornify yet keeping it from becoming too tied down to ensure a hit. The feature elements were ambitious and likely to out fly any of the likely contenders while the sexual aspects of the movie optimized the talents of the contract ladies for this type of project. The extras were decent and the technical values were such that folks with Blu-ray equipment will be happy the company includes a high definition version with all their movies these days, the company even making the movie the first adult production to use QR technology to allow casual browsers to scan box covers and see the trailer. So, as a feature made for couples, I have every reason to believe that Top Guns should be considered as Highly Recommended for the target audience, the movie providing enough feature aspects to balance out the sex in a way that casual viewers won’t be offended. Robby D. has certainly earned my continued support for his best efforts and I consider Top Guns to be another notch on his belt to represent his dedication to couples everywhere. Nice work!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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