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Neo Pornographia 3

Studio: Ninn Worx » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 5/13/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Genre
Director: Michael Ninn
Cast: Alec Knight, Dirty Harry, Jenner, Nicki Hunter, Otto Bauer, Rachel Luv, Roxetta, Steven French, Tyla Wynn, Venus.
Must-See Girls in Cast: None.
Length: 01:49
Condoms: None.
Bonus: The wild-animal performers use no condoms during sex. One bonus star!


This is the third in this series of outstanding movies in the Neo_Pornographia series that I've had the privilege to review. If you saw--and liked--the first or second episode of the series, you'll want to get your hands on this disk.

In all three episodes of Neo_Pornographia that I've seen, the remarkable and extremely delectable Nicki Hunter plays your agent. You're a very particular client with extremely rare and demanding sexual tastes. It's Nicki's job to introduce you to the most stimulating sexual performers she can find and then make them audition for you. Damn, not only is she a fantastic talent scout, but she is also very adept in getting her discoveries to do their very best to win your approval.

Although luscious Nicki never strips off her prim and proper black business suit, her role goes much further than that of any of the male and female performers. In fact, without her, the very intense sex you'll see on-screen would never have happened. Instead of fucking, Nicki inflames, taunts, arouses, mocks, teases, and provokes the performers with a constant flow of invective that would make "a sailor blush." Although I'm sure that none of Nicki's diatribe was scripted, she knows intrinsically how to say exactly the right thing at exactly the right time to make people explode with passion. Indeed, she knows that good sex is not only about what you see and feel, but also about what you hear.

The sex is rough. It's neither for the faint of heart nor for inexperienced couples. There's cat fighting, spitting, slapping, gagging, choking, cum swapping, and extended double-anal and double-vaginal sex. And, the language used by Nicki--as well as the other performers--is certainly triple-X in nature. However--and this is the most important--all the performers receive such an incredible amount of pleasure as they fuck each other into oblivion that I couldn't help but cheer them on.

As you, the all-powerful client, watch the girls "audition" (i.e. fuck their brains out) in Neo_Pornographia 3, you'll probably pick your favorite. That's the whole idea. It's too bad that the ending envisioned by your agent Nicki can't come to fruition. If the scenario were real, I'd choose Roxetta. I fuckin' adore this fiery and big-busted redhead! Even better, I'd take Roxetta with Nicki acting as her sexual "coach." Of course, you may disagree with my choice. Let me know who you like best by writing me at [email protected]


Scene One

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Scene One is a threesome that features Venus, Steven French, and Alec Knight. This is a 40-minute five-star scene that features anal sex, double-penetration, double-anal, an external cream pie, and a facial. Perhaps the best part, however, is Venus' tease segment and the foreplay she enjoys with Nicki Hunter.

  • Tease: Venus' tease in Scene One will leave you breathless--at least I started to hyperventilate as I watched it! When the scene fades in, Venus, dressed in a sexy and shiny black outfit taunts us: "You want to see more, don't you?" Hell yes! She promises that, if we really REALLY want it, she'll show us a little something. Then, she begins to play with a very fat--yet short--cone-shaped butt plug that she'll force completely up her very accommodating ass before her tease is over (Venus' spacious asshole is really amazing!). She fucks it, sits on it, licks it, and performs ass-to-mouth (ATM) on it: "God, it's so fucking hard and fat! I want all of it...I wanna fuckin' become one with it!" What a lucky piece of plastic! Meanwhile, she teases us with her extremely naughty language and by showing us progressively more of her stunning and quite delectable body. She also multiple-finger-fucks her juicy cunt and slaps her clit while ordering us to stroke our cocks. And, while the butt plug is buried in her asshole, she double-penetrates herself by shoving a large, clear, spit-lubricated dildo up her pussy (fantastic video). Toying makes Venus so horny that her clit grows hard and erect and she exclaims: "I need to be fucked so bad!" And, she gives herself a back-arching orgasm.
  • Foreplay 1: In chic black-and-white, Nicki joins Venus and asks what she's doing: "Are you giving yourself pleasure?" When Venus confesses that she's masturbating "for me," Nicki corrects her: "Wrong, you're doing it for 'him' (us)." Venus likes the idea and soon admits that she's the "best" whore...for us. Meanwhile, Nicki squeezes Venus' pretty natural-looking boobs, inflames her lust with explicit directives, spits on her cunt, chokes and finger-fucks her throat (Venus gags), and kisses her open mouth. Venus responds by spreading her labia super wide so we can almost see her tonsils, by slapping her clit, and by fucking her pussy with both hands. Nicki is very satisfied with Venus' performance and offers to give her cocks--so long as she can keep them hard and prove that she's the best fucking whore.
  • Foreplay 2: When Steven French joins Venus and Nicki, Venus immediately--and voraciously--goes down on his rapidly-expanding cock. She swallows it balls-deep while Steven pulls her hair and fucks her throat. And, she also does a nice job of stroking--and slapping--Steven's spit-lubricated rod. Of course, Nicki inflames Venus' lust even more with her demanding and arousing commands. And, Nicki uses her fingers to gag Venus, to probe her wet pussy, and to squeeze her nipples. Even more amazingly, Nicki shoves Steven's shirt up Venus' pussy and then uses it as a gag to keep Venus from screaming.
  • Foreplay 3: Alec Knight joins the fun. As Venus lies on a black reclining chair missionary style, he briefly slaps and licks her pussy and then makes her suck and deep-throat his penis. Alec also uses his rod to slap Venus' pretty boobs (she has huge areolas!)
  • Position 1: While Venus remains in the missionary position, Alec plunges his fully erect cock inside her pussy. While he fucks her, Nicki, in her very effective way, taunts and inflames Venus' lust. Eager to be part of the action, Steven straddles Venus and fucks her face (great camera angles and close-ups!). Venus loves being double-plugged and arches her back in ecstasy.
  • Position 2: Complying with Nicki's command, Alec sits on a chair so that Venus can sit on--and fuck--his cock reverse cowgirl style. Venus helps Alec slowly inch his cock up her asshole and, once her sphincter has relaxed, the two of them fuck with abandon. Venus and Alec move together as one fucking machine while she jacks her clit with her fingers. Soon, Steven moves into position so that he can double-penetrate Venus by shoving his aching cock up her inviting vagina. Venus really wants it: "I beg...I beg...fuckin' fill my pussy and fill my ass!" Venus shows her appreciation by murmuring words of pleasure and motivation to the guys. For my part, I appreciate the magnificent camera angles and close-ups that highlight Venus' holes as they swallow both super-sized dicks. I also appreciate Nicki's superb direction as she taunts the trio to ever-increasing lust.
  • Position 3: After nasty Venus takes cleans both cocks (ATM and PTM), she again straddles Alec in the reverse cowgirl position. Steven mounts her again. However, instead of fucking her pussy, he shoves his cock--along with Alec's--into Venus' asshole (great video). Venus likes it so much that she grabs Steven's butt and pulls him ever closer to her--so that he goes even deeper in her ass! "You're taking my fuckin' breath away!"
  • Position 4: While Venus lies on her shoulders--piledriver style, the guys take turns reaming her asshole while her juicy pussy glistens with excitement (Nicki keeps whatever guy isn't fucking Venus pleased by stroking his cock). Venus makes her pussy even happier by jacking and finger fucking it. And, she makes the guys happy by performing ATM on their rods and by shouting, "I'M A DIRTY FUCKING WHORE!" When Venus nears climax, Nick reaches down and chokes her, thus pushing her over the top into a volcanic orgasm that made me scream, "Way to go, girl!"
  • Popshot: After Venus climaxes, she's ready for cum: "I want your hot cum all over my fucking body!" Steven complies by filling her mouth with semen while Alec bathes the outside of her pussy with his bounty. Damn, Venus' cum-splattered pussy looks superb! Then, she scoops up some of Alec's cum and eats it.

Scene Two

Scene Two is another threeway...a boy/girl/girl this time. It highlights the competitiveness of two awesome porn chicks, Roxetta and Tyla Wynn, as they fight for superiority in the race to be your girl. If you watch much porn, I'm sure you're aware of Tyla Wynn. She's a lusty and edgy blond who always performs like the horny bitch she is. On the other hand, you may not have seen Roxetta before. She's a fiery redhead with very generous boobs. In my opinion, she's been in far too few scenes. However, I've always been impressed with her scorching performances that I've been lucky to review. This five-star anal scene is, in essence, a grudge fuck between Roxetta and Tyla after a catfight that made my blood boil. Dirty Harry is the lucky male recipient of their fury.

  • Tease: There's no real tease in the conventional sense. Instead, Roxetta and Tyla each tries her hardest to emerge as the best whore. Their catfight is mesmerizing since both girls seem equally matched. So, they gradually wear each other down until they end up pleasuring each other instead of fighting--it's "make love, not war" at its finest. While the girls get in each others' faces, Nicki and Dirty Harry do a little pushing and shoving of their own (Nicki shoves Harry's face into her cunt!). Never fear. Nobody was harmed while shooting the scene. As Tyla explains, "This is porn. It's called acting!" Bottom line? The introduction to Scene Two must be seen to be believed.
  • Foreplay 1: As the girls' fury begins to diminish, Roxetta takes the upper hand. She forces Tyla to her knees--doggie style--gags her, and spanks her butt. Roxetta pins Tyla down and then shoves four fingers into her spit-soaked asshole to loosen her sphincter. Then, Roxetta rims Tyla's anus while using a three-headed glass dildo to ream her cunt (one "branch" of the toy is a huge dildo while the second branch consists of two dicks--one to fuck the pussy and a smaller one to ream the asshole). Tyla, in turn, fingers her own clit and finger-fucks her own asshole. Soon, Tyla is rewarded with a big "O."
  • Foreplay 2: Cunnilingus continues after the girls change positions: Roxetta lies back and lets Tyla frantically pound her cunt and asshole with the two parallel dildos on the glass toy. Wow! Roxetta's spread-wide pussy looks awesome as Tyla fucks it relentlessly until she cum-squirts! "That feels so fucking good. Oh, YES!" And, it's awesome to watch Roxetta keep all three of the glass cocks clean using her insatiable mouth. I also enjoyed watching Roxetta fuck her own asshole with the dildo and two fingers! Before this first-class foreplay comes to an end, Tyla multiple-finger-fucks (as many as four) Roxetta's pussy and makes her cum-squirt again. Believe me, if you look up "pleasure" in my book, you'll see a video of this orgasm.
  • Foreplay 3: Tyla kneels doggie style atop a couch so that Roxetta can pound her pussy and asshole with two prongs of the dildo while Tyla, in turn blows Harry's cock. Tyla gobbles Harry's rod as if it were a lollipop and reaches down to jack her own clit while Roxetta reams her from behind. Roxetta also squeezes Tyla's pretty boobs and works competitively alongside Tyla to see who can give Harry the best blowjob. Although both girls' fellatio skills are top-notch, I think that Roxetta wins this competition. This blowjob segment is also highlighted by lots of naughty talk, hair pulling, and boob gobbling.
  • Position 1: Tyla is forced to look on as her archenemy Roxetta gets her pussy plowed first. As Harry and Roxetta stand face-to-face, Harry pistons his aching rod in-and-out of her slippery hole with deep and frenzied strokes. Roxetta shouts her pleasure by screaming, "Yes, Yes, YES! You can have me any way you want me." I particularly enjoyed watching Roxetta's big boobs bounce joyfully in rhythm with Harry's thrusts
  • Position 2: Roxetta lies on her back so Harry can ream her missionary style: "That cock feels so good goin' in and out of my body!" Even though Tyla is pissed because she's not getting fucked, she can't help but watch the in-and-out action inches away from Roxetta's happy pussy. Tyla even deigns to play with Roxetta's pussy and suckle her big bouncing tits while Harry bangs her cunt. Roxetta skillfully taunts Harry to make him fuck her even harder: "It that all you have?" Her strategy pays big dividends when squeals through yet another orgasm.
  • Position 3: Roxetta straddles Tyla so that both girls are in the doggie position--one atop the other. Then, from behind, lucky Harry gets to take turns fucking one asshole after another. And, he gets to spank all four gorgeous butt cheeks! Damn, it's gorgeous! What more could a man want?
  • Position 4: Anal sex continues in missionary. Harry plows Roxetta's tight--yet accommodating--asshole while she madly fingers her clit and labia: "That feels so fucking good in my ass!"
  • Position 5: Tyla lies on her shoulders in the piledriver position so that Harry can fuck her ass from above. Gorgeous Roxetta, her face beaming with delight, fingers, spanks, and probes Tyla's pussy while Harry thrusts his rod in-and-out of Tyla's tight asshole (excellent camera angles and close-ups). To keep everything squeaky-clean, Roxetta sucks Tyla's ass juices off of Harry's cock and licks Tyla's quivering and beautiful genitals. Tyla loves it, and soon has an earth-shaking ass-gasm.
  • Popshot: Harry pulls out of Tyla's asshole, as she remains in the piledriver position, and shoots his load into her wide-open anus. The semen puddles in--and fills--Tyla's gaping hole. Then, nasty Roxetta laps up all the cum and spits it into Tyla's mouth so she can swallow it.

Scene Three

The last of the three extended scenes that comprise Neo_Pornographia 3 is another boy/boy/girl threeway featuring Rachel Luv, Jenner, and Otto Bauer. Nicki has the most extensive role in this scene, coaching, taunting, and provoking the trio to ever increasing levels of lust. In particular, Nicki's deliciously nasty--and very descriptive--vocabulary is a big turn-on. Another big turn-on is Rachel's penchant for anal sex and her pussy's capacity to take a double vaginal penetration. Sadly, I was a bit disappointed in the cum shot. Four and one-half stars!

  • Tease: Nicki Hunter appears first in this scene, directing Rachel Luv, who is not yet pictured: "Play with yourself, lovely! Take your fingers and rub them in your soft twat." As Nicki utters these delightful words, the camera zooms out so that we can see ebony-haired Rachel (she's dressed in a sexy red corset) and hear her say, "My pussy feels hot and horny. I like to finger it!" She dips her fingers into her hot cunt and uses them to squeeze her labia and clit. Damn, she has nice pussy lips--and her clit-hood ring is pretty attractive, too. Soon, Rachel sits on a black leather couch and spreads her legs wide so that we can see her wet and glistening cookie. Rachel slaps her pussy, opens her lips for our viewing pleasure, four-finger-fucks herself, and tastes her fingers. Of course, Nicki directs every single and delicious move and makes her shout out: "I WANT TO BE HIS FUCK HOLE! I'm a whore. I'm YOUR WHORE!" Believe me, Rachel, you've got the job. While pounding her own cunt with multiple fingers, she continues, "I'm gonna fuck myself for you! I'm your whore. USE ME! Fuck me!" Wishing you were there, Rachel then pounds herself and jacks her clit until she explodes with a back-arching orgasm. Then, as the camera zooms in on her gooseflesh-covered skin, she begs, "I want that cock in my pussy and in my ass!"
  • Foreplay 1: When the guys join the girls, Otto pairs off with Rachel while Nicki pleases Jenner. Otto strokes Rachel's soft flesh, orders her to drop to her knees, and after getting the go-ahead from Nicki, uses his cock to slap her pretty face. Otto won't let Rachel touch his rod and makes her beg, "I want it!" Believe me, when Otto relents and lets her touch his cock, she truly demonstrates her appreciation in a way that only a true cocksucker can. Rachel is hungry for cock, and swallows every inch of his spit-soaked rod as he fucks her throat (she drools a lot on his shaft). Meanwhile, across the room, Nicki "warms-up" Rachel's second cock--the one attached to Jenner.
  • Foreplay 2: Her face covered with drool, Rachel begs: "I need two cocks!" So, Nicki pulls Jenner's cock out of his pants to stroke it "hard as a fuckin' rock." "I'm gonna make her fuckin' beg for it," he shouts. Then, as the guys stand nearly dick-to-dick, Rachel has the time of her life sucking, stroking, and swallowing one cock and then the other. Sometimes, she even shoves both cocks into her mouth at once! Meanwhile, the guys encourage her with lots of nasty vocabulary.
  • Position 1: When Rachel's holes are soaking wet with lust, she moves into the doggie position so that Otto can spread her labia wide and fuck her pussy from behind while Jenner reams her throat (nice camera angles). Meanwhile, Rachel jacks her bejeweled clit with her fingers. Nicki inflames Rachel's passion: "You are here to give them fucking pleasure! GET OFF ON THEM!" Nicki even grabs Rachel's ass and hurls her back and forth on Otto's cock to increase her pleasure. Nicki's technique bears fruit when Rachel cums hard.
  • Position 2: Rachel sits on Jenner's cock reverse cowgirl style (damn, she has a pretty and athletic body--it's the first time I've gotten a complete look at it!) and lets him fuck her asshole at redline speed while she worships Otto's cock with her inviting mouth. Rachel becomes so inflamed that she is soon bouncing up and down joyfully on Jenner's rod: "Oh, yeah. GIVE IT TO ME! I'm cumming in my asshole!"
  • Position 3: While Jenner continues to ream Rachel's asshole, Otto fucks her mouth for a short time and then double-penetrates her by filling her pussy with his cock: "Oh, my God. Fuck me! I'M GONNA CUM!" Even though her holes are stuffed with two thrusting cocks, Rachel still managers to wiggle her body back and forth to increase her own pleasure.
  • Position 4: Rachel bends way down, doggie style, and presents her asshole to Jenner who, of course, fucks her happily. "Fuck me up my ass!" Meanwhile, she jacks her bald-shaven cunt and groans incoherently.
  • Position 5: For a half a minute or so, Rachel gleefully hurls her body up and down on Otto's cock--cowgirl style--so that her cunt swallows every inch. Then, Jenner straddles her and shoves his dick up her very capacious pussy so that she can enjoy some double vag. Both guys slide in and out of Rachel, stuffing her so full that she can't move (superb video).
  • Popshot: As Jenner lies on his back, Rachel hurls her body up and down on his cock as it overwhelms her pussy with pleasure. Meanwhile, Nicki jacks Otto's cock until he's ready to pop: "I'm gonna cum all over her fuckin' face!" Then, Rachel lies on her back so that both guys can fill her mouth and splatter her face with their cum. Sadly, Rachel doesn't swallow. But, she does kiss both cocks with her cum-covered lips.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The widescreen video was uniquely captured (see comments under "aesthetics" below) and is quite pleasing. Although the overall video imagery is quite dark, the action we want to see is always well illuminated. The video is slightly soft instead of very sharp. However, given director Michael Ninn's reputation for artistic expression, I conclude that the softness is intentional rather than a side effect of shoddy craftsmanship. The edits, although many, seldom left me with the impression that I missed something of importance. In addition, the time line was maintained--no lack of continuity is evident. However, I was disappointed that I didn't get to see all the transitions or insertions. Four stars.

Audio (technical): The audio is of sufficient volume and is crisp and clear. Although music accompanies the menus, there is no background musical soundtrack to overpower the sounds of the on-screen women and men in the throes of passion. Four stars.

Extras: The Extras on disc are about average. There are interactive menus through which you can select a scene to watch. You'll also find an eight plus minute Slide Show and a 15-minute Behind the Scenes featurette (setting up the lighting, blocking the scenes, clips of the girls being made up and choosing wardrobe, photo shoot video, behind-the-camera footage, and impromptu interviews). Three stars.

Aesthetics: Michael Ninn, director of Neo_Pornographia 3, is an artist of impeccable credentials. His movies are always aesthetically compelling...sometimes they're just gorgeous to behold while other times they are edgy and thought provoking. Neo_Pornographia 3 falls into the latter category. All three scenes were filmed in stark surroundings with few furnishings. The surroundings are minimalist to the point of severity. In addition, the lighting is orangish and makes me think of firelight. So, the combination of set and lighting made me imagine that I was watching primordial humans feeding their raw sexual urges in a cave. Of course, the feral sex in which the on-screen performers engage reinforces this notion. Side-by-side with this primitive setting and animalistic sex are the twenty-first century outfits worn by the performers as well as their quite contemporary sexual vocabulary. Bottom line, the aesthetics conjure up modern-day people feeding their base sexual desires. I like it. There is not musical soundtrack to support the sex. Four stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.80
Average video rating: 4.00
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 4.00
Extras rating: 3.00
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 4.16

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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