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Masseuse 2, The

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/3/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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The Masseuse 2 (Combo Pack)

Digital Playground

Genre: Feature

Director: Robby D.

Cast: Lea Lexus, Mick Blue, James Deen, Yurizan Beltran, Scott Nails, Jesse Jane, Gracie Glam, Erik Everhard, Brooke Lee Adams, Dale DaBone

Length: 110:53 minutes

Lea Lexis with Mick Blue

Date of Production: 8/27/2010

Extras: As is currently the case, the best “extra” is actually the second version of the movie in either DVD or Blu-ray depending on how you look at it. This might encourage slow adopters to pick up a high definition player or allow for the rest of us to lend a copy out in standard definition, a nice touch even if the upgraded package does add to the cost (which varies considerably depending on who you buy from). Otherwise, the standard package of extras applies here including the photogallery, trailers, and a 13:11 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. Jamall Johnson was working the camera and added some occasional humor but it was largely a straightforward look at the cast getting ready for their scenes or the aftermath of them, adding some minor value for anyone other than archivists like myself. The boxcover also had the scannable QR technology to allow properly equipped folks to see the trailer without clicking on the links to this review, the box including a catalog for the company toys some have found appealing.

Condoms: None

Yurizan Beltran with a shocked Scott Nails

Audio/Video Quality: The Masseuse 2 was presented in anamorphic widescreen color using an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 as shot by talented director Robby D. for Digital Playground in the standard definition version, the high definition blu-ray looking superior thanks in part to the added resolution of the RED ONE camera system the company uses to record scenes these days. If you are viewing the movie on a computer or on a television smaller than 50”, the upgraded high definition version will have dramatically less impact in terms of visuals but I’m not going to hose you and suggest there is no difference at all. The flesh tones were accurate and the amount of grain minimal, some tint issues arising at times but not enough to merit deep discussion. The composition of the scenes favored the ladies as well as close up camera angles, the fluidity of the camera work in question but the editing showing some care in most scenes. The audio for the standard definition was 5.1 Dolby Digital using a 48 kHz sampling rate and 448 Kbps aural bitrate, the separation between the channels coming from the music and ambient sounds more than the vocals. Still, the vocals were clearly understood in almost all cases (the music was too loud on the opening scene during the credits and a couple other spots were marginal) and the music appropriate to a couples porno for those that care about the details. In any case, the music was selected with care and mixed in well, always establishing a mood appropriate to the scene rather than randomly selected as usual (perhaps thanks to Joey Pulgadas?).

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Jesse Jane with James Deen

Body of Review: Robby D. is widely considered the best director at Digital Playground, his technical prowess alone placing him in an elite category throughout the rest of the industry as well. Thanks to the kind of financial backing other directors can only dream of, he is also lucky enough to have a seasoned crew of experts and high end gear to work with too, each of these components enhancing his already solid reputation. While I have cut way back from reviewing couples porn in recent times, I still appreciate seeing what Robby can do in high end releases like Top Guns as well as far more modest titles such as the newly released The Masseuse 2. I have only heard about the initial volume in the series but given the casting of ladies such as Gracie Glam, Brooke Lee Adams, and porn queen Jesse Jane herself, I thought it might be wise to check in and see what the company had to offer here. Not surprisingly, the technical aspects and couples appeal of the resulting trysts were such that the targeted audiences should be right at home once again, nothing too extreme sexually putting this one off limits to those new to porn or wanting something to enhance the mood more than anything else. The story stars James Deen as a popular masseuse who often ends up in sexually complicated situations, the underlying theme of a service worker expected to put out reversed over the great many times the concept has been used in the past by others. The back cover describes the movie like this: “Jesse Jane joins the cast, ready to exercise her sultry skills as a massage therapist working for James. Adding a sizzling hot pornstar to his ambitious and horny team adds an unexpected twist, as Jesse is sent to the wrong house by accident, and the well-hung birthday boy gets much more than he expected with her as his masseuse. The action heats up in a naughty, lusty threesome. James finds it harder and harder to satisfy the needs of his growing client list, sending Erik Everhard out to his most loyal clientele.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Gracie Glam with Erik Everhard

Scene One: Lea Lexis, a girl next door blond with a decent enough body, was up first on the massage table as studly Mick Blue and protagonist James Deen, worked her over. The care given to make it look like she was getting a professional massage “before” things became pornified was a nice touch, the series recap helping to bring me up to speed on the first volume. The men rubbed her from head to toe, the modesty towel removed when they began more interested in working her ass cheeks over (as signified by the tempo change in the music); the competition between the men culminating with Mick stuffing his face into her ass and pussy to go down on her while James felt up her tits. The credits rolling were distractive at first but the scene helped set the appropriate mood, her mouth taking turns slobbing their knobs in a casual manner before the inevitable vaginal penetrative positions. One guy would bone her while she sucked the other off, the gal soon kneeling before them as she blew their cocks into a set of facials, the genetic juice earned by Lea as the men populated her face with genetic juice.

Jesse Jane and Brooke Lee Adams with Dale DaBone

Scene Two: Yurizan Beltran, a curvy Latina wearing black lingerie, was up next after some admittedly amusing dialogue between the guys (not to mention an uncomfortable moment) as she seduced Scott Nails. She was slick with oil and barely dressed when the sensual massage excited him, the gal purring in his hands for want of a “happy ending”. He went to the bathroom to get some needed relief when she walked in on him, clearly thinking he was wasting precious resources when she jumped him with a kiss. He kissed back and played with her boobs, moving quickly (and briefly) to her pussy before she gave a truncated hummer. That led to some passive vaginal pounding, Yurizan using fine eye contact but not getting into the sex as much as usual, the short tryst leading to her hand assisted hummer draining him of population pudding on her face.

Scene Three: Jesse Jane, the infamously popular blond contract gal featured on the front cover, was surprisingly not the star of the flick in terms of the feature elements, this opening scene with her and James Deen showing she still has what it takes to please (after a funny bit between Erik and a male client whose hairy back almost qualified for Wookie status). Jesse was wearing a frilly tan dress initially but it was lost in the edit point for James to have her on the table to romantic music. He gingerly applied some massage techniques and lightly kissed her on the neck, her favorable response causing the actual sex to begin. He dove into her snatch to aggressively eat her out and she showed just how flexible she could be with her legs in the air, James grabbing her neck and pounding her pussy hard as things took a turn for the rougher side of life. She then blew him to completion but the scene seemed very short to me so your mileage may vary regarding the scene, it being made for a different audience; the romance angle a bit forced (according to my girlfriend as it didn’t matter to me).

Scene Four: Gracie Glam, a fetching young lady with a pretty face and lean body, was up next with apologetic Erik Everhard. They were in the house and her anger with him subsided when he started massaging her in a standing position, her muff buffer white skirt feeling the grind as he came ever closer to her from behind. He was working the massage as a means to get sex while she was simply enjoying the talented touch of a professional, the porn dynamic entering in when she finally gave in to her physiological responses and stopped thinking them through. Her ass in the air with her thong separating the cheeks was hot but fans of leg play, massage, and foot fetish might enjoy this one a lot too; Erik eventually going down on her when she turned to face the ceiling of the living room. Her moans spoke volumes as to her pleasure levels, the active blowjob leading to a few positions of vaginal penetration with Gracie inhaling his spunk to close things up for the moment.

Scene Five: Brooke Lee Adams, a very cute brunette able to convey a sense of excitement, was up last with sexy Jesse Jane and her “husband” Dale DaBone. Jesse was the masseuse hired by Brooke to massage her husband, the secret being that the couple intended on a threesome from the beginning while Jesse was left out of the loop. Brooke wore a tight black skirt and dark blue top, Jesse in a flimsy white shirt covering her up as Dale’s towel was dropped to reveal his degree of excitement. Jesse did not show as much aptitude for massaging as the others had but Brooke couldn’t keep her hands off herself in anticipation, joining in to make the event happen. Jesse was falling out of her outfit as was Brooke, the cleavage between them ample to satisfy any fan. The four hands working on Dale soon led to the ladies developing a lesbian crush of sorts, sealed with a kiss and expanded to include Dale, Jesse wrapping her DSL’s around his pecker to give him a fine degree of oral satisfaction as the seasoned veteran taught Brooke a couple of tricks to up her own game. Jesse than actively rode his rod vaginally but upon a closer look of the scene (I watched it a few times), the driving dynamic was between the ladies with Dale as an accessory more than the target point of the heat. Brooke then masturbated on the nearby bed while watching them go at it, her husband moving over to penetrate her as Jesse rubbed one out (and then helped Brooke get off). I enjoyed the “lesbian with benefits” aspect of the scene a lot though Dale beating off a round of spew to Brooke for Jesse to lick off and share was kind of interesting too.

Summary: The Masseuse 2 by director Robby D. for Digital Playground was a fun fuck flick light on plot and dialogue using a splendid cast to earn a rating of Recommended. Jesse Jane completists will definitely want to pick this up for her scenes and limited role in the movie but it also showed some of the others earning props as feature elements rather than their usual gonzo status, the technical aspects handled just fine once again as expected. In short, The Masseuse 2 will appeal to folks that aren’t totally into parodies, gonzo, or the kind of extreme porn so often found on the shelves of their local porn emporium, the oral and vaginal sex stronger in terms of a connection between the performers than one might expect so give it a look. For my money, the Gracie Glam scene & the final three way starring Brooke Lee Adams and Jesse Jane were the clear highlights of the show, the rest of the movie better in terms of the dialogue but the feature elements never sewed up as well as they could have been. Still, it was a solid little feature-lite flick made for couples that might serve well as an introduction to bigger company efforts so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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