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Titlicious 3 (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack)

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 5/6/11

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Titlicious 3
Digital Playground
DVD/Blu-ray Combo Pack
Directed by Robby D
Price: $29.99
Running Time: 2hrs and 14min


Jesse Jane
Sara Stone
Bridgette B
Jessica Jaymes
Erik Everhard
Tommy Gunn
Manuel Ferrara
Toni Ribas

Special Features:


Bonus Trailers (14 trailers)
1920 x 1080
Photo Gallery
Chapter Index

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 640 kbps

Video: AVC at around 22-23 Mbps


Bonus Trailers
16 x 9 Widescreen Format
Slide Show/Photo Gallery
Motion Chapter Index
Cum-Shot Recap

Overall Thoughts:

So I am a man who appreciates boobs, of all sizes, ok except for maybe the really freakishly big ones. Those I am scared of. So anyways, for those that like their boobs on the bigger side, this should be the movie for you. Well as you can see from my scores of the scenes, I was rather disappointed with this movie, besides the great scene from Jessica. A few minor issues with the video and not much for special features, made this a RENT IT rating, and maybe you will enjoy it more than me, but I think it’s worth a rental to decide that. Save your money for a better release.

Scene One: Jesse and Erik (2/5 rating)

Jesse walks into the shower and turns the water on, while still wearing a dress, and starts to give us a show, as her tits come out first, no surprise cause of the name of the movie. She looks at the camera, as she slips out of her dress, and begins to play with her pussy through her wet panties. She turns around and shows us her ass as she continues to play with her pussy. We see some pants on the side of the frame and then we see them come off and Erik walks into the shower and joins her. They start off with some heavy kissing as he grabs her boobs and rubs her pussy. She reaches down and jerks off his cock, until he turn her around, but she reaches back and goes for his cock again. He bends her over the bench, pulls her panties down and inserts his cock in her pussy. He then picks her up and continues to fuck her in some standing reverse cowgirl action. There is something about shower sex that is so awesome, maybe it’s the whole doing something dirty while you are cleaning yourself. Anyway, she ends up on her knees, and works over his cock with her hands and mouth, before he sets her on the bench and dives into her pussy. He shoves his cock back in her pussy, but then shoves a few fingers in and she wiggles with delight.  But don’t worry his cock is back in her pussy pretty quick. After some brief oral, he picks her up once again for some standing cowgirl action, he’s really showing off his strength here. He sits down on the bench and she rides him some more, as he reaches around and play with her pussy some, while she is getting fucked. They continue with some doggy on the floor, as she rests her head on the bench. Nice job with the audio mix, the water noise doesn’t drown out the moans too much.  The scene ends as he stands up and jerks off into her mouth and she then licks his cock clean.

Scene Two: Bridgette and Tommy (1/5 rating)

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We start off with a close up, as she is showcasing her tits for the camera, and then one by one let’s them out of her dress, and then the camera heads south as we get a glimpse of her panties and pussy. From this camera angle it looks like her boob is about as big as my head, which is kind if scary. Anyway she continues to play with her tits and pussy, as the camera man helps her out of her dress, and then Tommy walks in and begins to suck on her tits. She sits down and he reaches around from behind and rubs and plays with her tits, while she plays with her pussy. He pulls off his belt and wraps it around her boobs and then opens his pants, as she pulls out his cock and sucks on it. And of course we get some titty fucking for a little while, but then she shoves his cock back in her mouth. We get treated to some POV action as the oral and titty fucking continue. And after a long oral session, she lays on the table as he starts to fuck her pussy, in some missionary action. There are some interesting camera angles in this scene, sometimes, not really showing all of the action, looks like this is going to be one of those movies were it pops up a lot. She bends over the table, with her ass spread open as he slides his cock into her ass. She shoves a few fingers in her pussy as she is getting fucked. She ends up sitting backwords in a chair as he gives her a money shot on her tits, which she licks off.

Scene Three: Kerry and Tommy (2/5 rating)

Kerry is leaning up against a closet and begins to rub her tits through her bra, and then unleashes those bad boys and shows them off to the camera. She begins to rub and play with her pierced pussy as the camera gives us a up close and personal view. Tommy is back and he walks in and plays with her boobs and then pulls his cock out and she goes right to work on it. She gives him a wet BJ as he slaps his cock on her tits. She goes pretty deep on his cock , with some gagging here and there. After the long oral session, she climbs on top and slides his cock in her pierced pussy for some reverse cowgirl action. Very cool and interesting piercing down the one side of her body. There is a little more energy in this scene, than the previous one. Some more titty fucking, is followed by some more hard fucking in some spoon action and then some missionary. We cut to some more titty fucking and then she jerks him off and then he goes back to fucking her pussy, I guess no money shot just yet, but it’s coming soon I think. He goes back and forth between her pussy and tits until he finally gives her a money shot on her tits.

Scene Four: Jessica and Manuel (5/5 rating)

Now I have play a lot of pool in my life, and I have to imagine it is hard to concentrate when there is a sexy lady in her sexy lingerie walking around. And it seems he is having a hard time concentrating too, as she begins to tease him a little. She walks over in front of him and bends over to take a shot and then turns around begins to kiss. She turns around and he reaches around and takes off her bra and shows off her pierced nipples and tits. He shoves his hand down her panties and rub furiously and then goes back to her tits. He bend her over the pool table and plays with her pussy some more as she struggles to catch her breath from all the excitement. He sets her on the table and dives into her pussy, licking away as he grabs on tight to her tits. He goes back to sucking on her tits, and then walks away, opens his pants and she shoves all of his cock in her mouth for some face fucking and gagging. He walks over to the couch and gets the rest of his clothes off and she walks over and goes right back to sucking and gagging on his cock, before he starts to fuck her pussy in some spoon action. She then climbs on him and rides him as he fucks her pussy hard. And she giggles with delight as he fucks her, and almost loses her breath. She climbs off and walks around and bends over and goes back to his cock and then sets her tits on his face, as he suckles them. He lays back and she slides his cock in her tits for some titty fucking and then it ends up back in her pussy as she rides him. And for you foot fans, he gives one of her feet some love while he fucks her. He climbs in beside her for some spoon action as he whispers in her ear, such great chemistry between these two. They climb off the couch and he presses her up against the ceiling post and begins to fuck her from behind, while giving her a few slaps across the ass. He gives her a break as she turns around and strokes his cock. They make their way back to the couch for some more face fucking and titty fucking  and then he slide his cock back in her pussy as they go back to some heavy kissing. She really seems to have a hard time keeping her breath, so he pulls out and goes back to her mouth and tits and then she kneels on the floor and he slides his cock in her tits until  she begs for his cum, which soon follows on her tits. Wow, such and amazing scene, why couldn’t they all have been that good.

Scene Five: Sara and Toni (2/5 rating)

Sara and her bigs tits are jiggling away as the scene starts. She plays with them through her lingerie as she teases us before she finally lets them out. But we see that she is not alone, as he creeps in behind her and begins to play with her nipples and boobs. He then heads south, as he shoves his hand down her shorts to play with her pussy, but she quickly takes them off and sits back down in front of him, as he goes right back to fingering her pussy. At this point she is pretty much giving him a lap dance, as she grinds her ass on his crotch. She stands up and turns around, as his pants are off and she starts to slowly lick his balls as she makes her way to his cock.  She gives him a pretty wet BJ, as she gags and spits on his cock. And you know some titty fucking was coming, so there you go. And her tits almost completely cover his cock when it’s between her tits. But enough of her tits, we cut to her as she is about to climb on his cock for some cowgirl action, and the camera keep and eye on her tits, as they bounce up and down. There were a few times I was worried about the camera, as he moved in for a closer look.  She climbs off for some more oral love, but it soon back on top for some reverse cowgirl action. She leans back and lets the boobies bounce again and then we are on to some missionary action. And she is back to the titty fucking until he cums on her tits.

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