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Studio: Other » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 5/28/11

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Type: Personal website

Director: Anjanette Astoria

Cast: Anjanette Astoria, Kiera King, Jennifer White, Melody Moon, Ruby Blow, Amber Chase, Kira Silver, Ms. Panther aka Alisha Madison, Kaydence Skye, Kyanna Raves, Mina Anette, Kristie Cream, Gregorio Gonuelas, Flash Brown, Sean Michaels, Seth Dickens, Kyle Driver, Lance Rydher, Tony Rocket, Lance Jett, Bob Sherman, Tim Longerwood 

Features: Commenting about the relaunch of her personal website, Anjanette Astoria stated "I am very pleased with the look, feel, vibe, and simplicity of my new website and wish to publicly thank my team for their work and continued efforts. Most importantly, this site gives my peeps whom I love the ability to have direct contact with me whenever they want to."

One of the best features on her website is the Video section. It contains scenes from her various films. For each one, there are two choices on the right hand side of the video that a person can select. One is a Watch Video option and another is a Download Video selection. Each scene is very good. I particularly enjoyed Anjanette's performances with Kiera King, Jennifer White, Flash Brown, Sean Michaels, Kira Silver, Seth Dickens, Melody Moon, and Gregorio Gonuelas the most. Furthermore, a huge bonus to being a member of her site is that the person can view a large collection of bonus video content that ranges from a variety of genres such as Teen, Milf, Amateur, Anal, and Lesbian. These videos are in High Definition and PLUS Package iPhone compatible. I totally love having access to them. I can watch these videos all day long.  

A very good photo gallery section is also provided with never before seen pictures including the ones where Anjanette is dressed as Catwoman. One of my favorite galleries is the one with her and Kiera King. By looking at their photos, the viewer will definitely want to view their sex scene. On a personal note, I would very much like to have seen more photos of Melody Moon. Nevertheless, there are plenty of stimulated photos to get the viewer turned-on. 

Of course, a major feature in any adult star's personal website is the live web cam show where she interacts with her fans. The viewer types and sends his or her comments, questions, and requests to Anjanette while her show is on. There are also past cam show sessions on the site too. Furthermore, Anjanette also offers one-on-one private shows and she is not the only cam girl that the viewer can gaze and interact with. There are many others who are available to stimulate one's needs in a long-distance kind of manner through the website www.camworld.com. An upcoming schedule of these shows are provided. 

A nice looking store and toy sections are also provided. The person can rent or purchase Anjanette's or other stars' DVDs on here. There are also links to her social networking pages such as Twitter, XPeeps, Facebook, and MySpace. 

For the browsing viewers, there is a Guest section where there is a good collection of Anjanette's scenes for the person to view. They provide effective stimulation so that the viewer will want to join her site.

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Price: $4.95 for a two-day trial membership. $9.95 for a one month membership which rebills monthly. $59.95 for a one year membership. Payment can be made through credit card, online check, your phone number, or Direct Pay EU. 

Overview: The website www.anjanetteastoria.com is the personal website for adult star Anjanette Astoria. She is currently nominated for the Urban X Awards in the categories Best Milf and Best Boobs. It is only appropriate that this woman has her own site since she was discovered on the XPeeps website when Steve Holmes saw her pictures. Her exotic beauty and the way she conducts herself grab hold of a man's attention span like a particular coyote who is always after his pesky road runner. Fortunately, for her fans, she is a whole lot more accessible and friendly. Just in the past year, this hard-working woman has developed her 2011 AVN nominated production company Shinefish Films. When I had reviewed River Road, I had characterized it as a compelling production that shows Anjanette's raw emotions and appearance in an eye-popping manner. Of course, she has had excellent performances in other films such as Black Mommas 2, Bossy Milfs 2, and The Milf Next Door 3. As to the rest of this review, I am going to describe several of her highly recommended scenes in her website.
Anjanette Astoria, Tony Rocket

Anjanette and Tony Rocket are at work. Immediately, the man orally digs into her passion fruit with solid determination. Then, the energy level rises immensely when the vaginal fucking action occurs. Tony penetrates her from behind and unleashes a lot of gusto into his screwing motion. Their sexual tryst shifts to different locations within the room. Anjanette's moans sound emotionally hot and I love her heavy panting noises. Meanwhile, I love the sight of her sexy legs. Moreover, the woman is receiving a great workout and he obliges her by unloading his man juice inside her sexual passageway.
Anjanette Astoria, Kiera King

From the movie L.A. Swingers, Anjanette Astoria has invited her pretty blonde neighbor Kiera King over. The two women are very cute together. Moments later, Anjanette admits to her visitor that she and her husband are swingers. Kiera becomes quite interested in that revelation and wants to experience some intimate one-on-one girl time with her. By now, the anticipation is high for the viewer to want to see them get it on. They undress down to their bras, panties, and sexy heels. Some nice kissing occurs. Then, Anjanette  orally stimulates the coed's passion fruit with good fondness. Later on, Kiera displays her gentle muffin eating skills on the woman's beauty spot. This scene is a pretty good sensual one as both ladies display their tender side to lovemaking. After a nice looking 69 moment with Kiera on top,  the atmosphere becomes very heated when she applies a more solid pussy sucking delivery on Anjanette. It easily gets the woman off extremely well. The scene ends with them kissing and eager to have more personal time with each other in the very near future. I want to see them together more often.
Melody Moon   
The very pretty newcomer Melody Moon is pleasuring herself with her always trustworthy pink vibrator. While she does a good job at her leisure, her boyfriend Kyle Driver enters the bathroom and is surprised by her actions. The fun banter between them is very entertaining and funny. Suddenly, he becomes quite horny and uses the toy on his girlfriend. A standing screw from behind follows before their lovemaking session moves to the sofa in the living room. The attractive blond rides him while Kyle provides effective pumping action. However, it is evident from the start of this scene that Melody's hot looks is going to be a major factor. Later, their sexual playtime ends abruptly. Now, she finds her roommate Anjanette Astoria and they begin to have some personal playtime too. Their lip lock activity is a huge turn-on. Then, the sight of their naked bodies are amazing eye candy to the viewer. I wanted to jump in and join them. Their hot looking pussies and pussy eating workouts show that both ladies are fond and lustful for one another. Overall, this scene with their lengthy 69 performance has very good entertainment value and hot sexual play. Melody Moon is a woman to watch. This scene is quite entertaining and hot.

Anjanette Astoria, Flash Brown

Now, Anjanette is with superstar Flash Brown. He won the 2011 XBIZ award for New Male Performer of the Year. and is currently in the running in several prestigious top categories for the Urban X Awards. She and Flash enter a room and later, the man removes his clothes so that Anjanette can suck his long meaty manhood. After her good cocksuck, the more exciting action occurs when the fucking moments begin. She rides him well and actually creams on his dick. Her white creamy filling is a huge turn-on and a definite must-see event. Fortunately, Anjanette continues to let out her creamy spread during her emotional anal action especially the doggie moments. Flash finally cums on her feet. This performance is one of the most memorable scenes on her website and will be one of the most downloadable ones for sure.
Anjanette Astoria, Kira Silver, Sean Michaels

Anjanette Astoria is upset with her gentleman butler Sean Michaels for not setting up her next rendezvous correctly. Now, he must fill-in and fuck her along with blond cutie pie Kira Silver. They drink some wine as Anjanette seduces the woman and crawls onto the table on all fours. Kira has her drink scented with the hostess' passion fruit as Sean pours the liquidy liquor on it. Later, the horny cougar sucks the butler's cock in a slow and deliberate fashion. It is a very sexy technique. Meanwhile, Kira is playing with herself. Moments later, a glass dildo is used to stimulate the blond's sex tunnel as Sean spanks Anjanette's butt and then, fingers her asshole. It does not take long for him to taste her inner juices. Both women do a swell job in working over Kira's vaginal plaything. Some doggie action occurs. Then, Kira gets fucked with the toy. By the way, both women have very pretty pussies. Anjanette looks hot whenever she sucks on the dildo and the lady's pink muffin. Next, the intensity factor rises with a lot of heat during the humping action on Sean's sexual tool and face. The action continues to look good as he doggies Kira, but the most energetic and intense moments always occur whenever he is screwing the gorgous brunette cougar whether it's vaginally or anally. Anjanette also sticks her tongue into Sean's butthole. Later, the ladies suck his cock and he jacks off on their receptive faces. Then, Kira focuses her attention on Ms. Astoria's womanhood with a lot of enthusiasm and dirty talk. She also rubs her sexual plaything before humping the hostess aggressively.
Anjanette Astoria, Jay Lassiter

From Anjanette's film Cougar on the Prowl, Anjanette is making out with Jay Lassiter on a couch. Soon, the fella concentrates on her cute pussy with a solid oral workout. Then, he doggies the cougar with an effective screwing motion that makes her moan quite nicely. He also pays good attention in working over her sex spot with his hands. Then, the vaginal screwing occurs and intensifies greatly during her reverse cowgirl sessions. Also, her cocksucking face looks very pretty. Jay also does a swell job in getting her excitably stimulated when he rubs her feminine womanhood. The intensity level increases when he anals her. Overall, the best moments occur during the cowgirl activities. Her moans sound very emotional and the viewer becomes more infatuated with the gorgeous woman. Moreover, the remaining vaginal screwing action is a good mixture of intensity and sexiness. Their chemistry has become personal and close despite the continual intense and creative fucking. At the end, he shoots his load on her open mouth.

Final Thoughts: This website offers her members an array of videos to view. Her bonus video content of various genres are amazing. One can spend many hours viewing those gems. Her own scenes are also very hot. I also love the appearance of her site. The different shades of pink create a very pleasant and sexy background. I gladly give her website a very hearty Join It.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
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