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She-Male Police

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 6/5/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

What Evil Angel does is take a few of the up and coming transsexual performers and team them together to form a unit of tranny police that serve no purpose other than to... fuck men, I'm assuming. They don't actually do much. Nevertheless, if this is a fetish you're in to, or a fetish you're curious about, never fear, Evil Angel does not skimp out on giving consumers what they want. They garner a group of beautiful transsexual performers, pin them against ready and able men, and provide us with a glimpse at the best of what they can do on-screen. Domino Presley is the spotlight for most of the first half of the movie, and she poses for the camera with assorted giggles taking arms and meeting up with the lovely Bailey Jay and Aly Sinclair, all of whom prepare to do battle on the mean streets of California for three hours.

Bailey Jay and Domino Presley Part One/Two/Three
Of course they're there to bust Bailey Jay for being a slut, and they take her in to the house, but Domino shows she can barely stand the allure of Bailey, unzipping for Bailey and getting her tits felt up for the camera. After getting her tits sucked, Domino leans over and feels on Bailey's cock, allowing her to feel her cock up and they smooch for a bit. After undressing, Domino feels Bailey's tits and sucks on them for a while, rubbing on one another and kissing finally getting her tits sucked. Stripping down to their buff, Domino gets her cock sucked by Bailey, grasping her head and caressing her hair she takes the cock sucking, and forces her head down choking her with it. Domino reciprocates by sucking Bailey Jay's cock, and bends her over rimming her furiously as Baily moans and groans. She stands over her and mounts her dominating her with her cock and fucks Bailey, turning her on on her back to fuck her wide spread as Bailey jerks herself off. Domino begins jerking off as Bailey sucks her tits and feels her taint, finally leaning down to suck her cock and gets  a facial from Domino who giggles for the camera.

Kimberly Kills and Christian Part One/Two

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Kimberly catches Christian one morning on patrol, finding him running from the cops and doesn't like the look of the him. Abusing her power, she busts him and begins feeling inside his pants for a weapon she takes joy in feeling for. Abusing her power she begins kissing him and they strip down to the buff where Christian gets his cock sucked by the officer. Prone to getting hers, Kimberly lays back as Christian performs for her sucking her off furiously as she smiles. Getting adventurous, he flings Kimberly in the air and takes a cocksucking her from her upside down while he works on her. After 69ing with her for a while in mid-air, he drops her on to the couch and face fucks her, dominating her mouth. He goes to work on her ass immediately, spanking and rimming her furiously while she groans and takes his tongue lashing, finally fucking her from behind as she takes the pounding loving every minute of it for the camera. He lies behind her and fucks her ass some more while she masturbates, and she spreads her hole large and wide for Christian to enter in to. She mounts him riding him fast and hard, and gives him a cock sucking, licking at his taint and balls and then gets a facial.

Jesse and Christian
Christian is at it again, this time with the lovely Jesse who he makes out with in the kitchen, and reaches in to her dress pulling out her cock and rubs in to it for a while. He goes down on her sucking her cock slow and long and is bound to pound, as he explains he fucked Kimberly Kills. Jesse isn't happy. She straps him up with her cuffs and forces him to go down on her cock as he sucks her long and slow, savoring her as she giggles for the camera. Finally coming up for some air, they kiss again and Christian gets his cock sucked by Jesse who bends him over and rims him hard. She then enters him from behind fucking him slow and hard and then fast as he groans and cries out, bracing the kitchen counter. She turns him over on his back as he jerks himself off and fucks him, dominating his ass and gets felt up. They end up on the floor kissing as Jesse rides Christian's cock taking the pounding from behind, and jerks offf as Christian mounts the counter again getting rimmed by Jesse. After some more kissing, Jesse gets finished off by Christian along her face.

Aly Sinclair and Wolf Hudson
Aly has Wolf strapped down like a dog and is donning a cop suit talking dirty to him and yanking his chain as she nibbles at his nipples. She then cuffs him up and flicks his cock with her fingers, jerking him off and after some more nipple nibbling, they make out along the floor. She forces him to suck her cock, and he obliges his mistress with a smile, taking her cock from below as she dominates his mouth, and rides his tongue along her butt hole and shaft. They 69 some more sucking one another off as Aly does damage to his cock smacking it and rewards him with some sucking as she face fucks him, and bends him over the couch spanking him fast and hard. After what I can only assume was meant to tenderize his ass and cock, he mounts her cock riding her reverse cowgirl and takes a massive pounding as she giggles and cradles him with every thrust from below. She bends him over to fuck him some more, pounding him quickly, dominating him full force from behind, and cums all over her servant as his mistress watches him climax.

Honey Foxxx and Diezel
Honey Foxxx is on patrol looking for potential perps and is sadly not donning any costume to get in to the theme of the porno, but that doesn't stop her from meeting Diezel who is at her mercy from minute one. This segment feels completely last minute as props and costumes are not included and this segment is basically just Foxxx pretending for a while until getting down with Diezel who she nibbles at furiously and spreads wide for. Stripped down to her pantes, he jerks her off and sucks her cock, as she looks in to the camera with a grin. She sucks him off for a while as he reaches for some oxygen from the long sucking he gave her, and bends her over rimming her fast and hard, sticking his tongue in deep. He wraps her cock around sucking her from behind and rimming her some more finally landing on the bed where Foxxx has entered him and fucks him deep and hard. Foxxx can barely fit in to Diezel's hole, so every thrust with her shaft is a loud groan from Diezel who admits she's stretching his hole. After a while, the slow and stready becomes fast and hard fucking him with her thick cock as he cries out, grasping the bed and taking the pummeling from behind. Foxxx takes advantage and dominates Diezel as he groans and screams, allows him to take his turn pounding her from behind. After some more fucking, she finishes off on his face, and takes all of her cum much to her delight.

The audio and visuals are pitch perfect with some colors coming in a bit bland, but nonetheless this is a great production with some great audio that allows the dialogue, however corny, to come through for the audience. The visuals are crisp with every cum shot coming through with clarity and with the picture it makes it tough for the performers to hide the fact they're transsexuals. Particularly Aly.

Among the special features there is a photo gallery with all of the pairs that perform for the camera, a cast list of the performers taking you to their segments, and filmographies for future reference. There's also a cumshot recap.

Highly Recommended; And I mean that as someone with an open mind who went in to this completely hesitant. "Shemale Police" takes some beauties and gives them a podium to perform, and creates something of a fantastic bit of TS porn for folks who can appreciate or discover the fetish. While the goodies are lacking the movie more than makes up for it.

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