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Killer Bodies: The Awakening

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/25/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Killer Bodies: The Awakening

Adam & Eve

Genre: Interactive

Director: David Lord

Cast: Tori Black, Randy Spears, Brooke Lee Adams, Derrick Pierce, Alexis Ford, Barrett Blade Raylene, Sascha, Bree Olson, Bill Bailey, Jessica Jaymes, Seth Gamble, Eric Masterson, Teagan Presley
Non sex roles/cameo roles: Kayme Kai, Zoe Holloway, Jack Vegas, Brooklyn Bailey, Daisy Cruz, Rick Garcia, Hal Capone, Wizzard, Crash

Length: 250+ minutes

Tori Black with Randy Spears

Date of Production: 2011

Extras: The movie itself had one of my favorite extras, an audio commentary explaining the movie and how it was shot, various anecdotes coloring the events behind the scenes a little. That was on the first and second discs, the discs also having some trailers on them. The second disc also had a bonus scene from a href=http://www.xcritic.com/reviews/read.php?ID=33179>The Surrender of O between Bree Olson and the mighty Evan Stone lasting 25:28 minutes (and described below). An Easter Egg on disc 2 could be found if you highlight the Adam & Eve logo beside the other menu selections, the feature being a 8:24 minute long Director’s Diary (David discussing what was going on with some help from friends on occasion). The bulk of the extras was on the third disc though, including 8:57 minutes of Bloopers, 4 monitor loops (Mother 2:26 minutes, Sister 5:36 minutes, Brainwash 1:47 minutes, and Randy’s Death35 seconds), an internet promotional spot, 22:28 minutes of casting call tryouts, a 1:46 minute long Box Cover Photoshoot, 119:17 minutes of Behind the Scenes archival material (this was great!), 3 photogalleries, 6 interviews (Tori Black at 4:11 minutes, Barrett Blade at 6:37 minutes, Seth Gamble at 7:03 minutes, Jessica Jaymes at 8:34 minutes, Teagan Presley at a mere 3:10 minutes, and Alexis Ford at 6:41 minutes), and a 27:44 minute long Director video interview as well as some spam. The total package of extras was sweet, even including a case with flaps protecting the DVD case and showing more pictures from the movie.

Condoms: None

Brooke Lee Adams with Derrick Pierce

Audio/Video Quality: Killer Bodies: The Awakening was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director David Lord for Adam & Eve using the MPEG-2 codec for this standard definition release. With the Francois Clousot as the Director of Photography and David joining Ren Savant as the editing team, I had the impression the production was a bigger budget feature compared to most of the titles already out for the year (Eric Masterson once again pitching in as 1st AD). The lighting was solid in most cases with accurate flesh tones, decent makeup, and the extensive use of shadows to darken the feel of the movie all were noticed in the final product. The editing offered a nice selection of camera angles and fluid transitions with the grain as limited as the video noise. Some of the performances could have been improved but as far as the technical aspects were concerned, there really wasn't a lot to complain about, the video bitrate hovering around the 5.1 Mbps mark when spot checked. The audio was presented with a choice of the commentary track, a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround in 384 Kbps, or the 2.0 Dolby Digital English in 192 Kbps audio bitrate using a standard 48 kHz sampling rate as expected, the vocals always easily heard. As with other big budget projects by David, the music was well above average and the ambient noises added some depth to the aural qualities of the production but I favored the surround track most of all.

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Alexis Ford with Barrett Blade

Body of Review: David Lord has long been a driving force in porn, pushing for technological advances but not abandoning the basics wherever he went. Now as one of the premier team at Adam & Eve, he has shown the world that his desire to make fun movies is no less important to him than it was years ago at Wicked, his latest success story being Killer Bodies: The Awakening. It would have been easy for him to keep busting his nuts making great parodies yet he wanted to do more, fulfilling a long time wish to make better use of branching technology in a dramatic production. I’m not going to be a punk and outline the story and details ad infinitum with spoilers but the movie involves a criminal act and indoctrination, the ending of which is up to the individual viewer to decide. From what I gather, there are 32 possible versions of the movie depending on the choices you make, ten sex scenes interspersed to keep fans guessing. Starring Tori Black, Alexis Ford, Teagan Presley, and a variety of others in key roles, the movie was as interactive as anything I’ve seen in some time now, a drastic improvement over those generic titles focusing on a single lady with short clips used to do her in different ways. No, this was a story and if you pay attention, you are likely to appreciate it being a few cuts above the mark for the genre. Remember that come award time…

Raylene with Sascha

The back cover described the movie like this: “The prefect crime. The perfect wife. The perfect XXX movie. In the blink of an eye, everything changes for loving wife Tori Black. Kidnapped and held at gunpoint, she is forced to endure a barrage of horrifying and erotic encounters in an attempt at ultimate surrender. But why? And who's behind it? As she gets closer to the answers, you decide for yourself how this sexual storyline plays out... An interactive Adult Adventure from director David Lord.” Here’s a very brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested, the scenes not offered up in their exact order since I watched the movie in different ways to complete this review:

Bree Olson with Bill Bailey

Scene One: Tori Black, the cutie in red on the front cover, was up first watching a Bree Olson porno with stately Randy Spears. He seemed just as turned on as she was and stated positioning to go down on her, the couple kissing as her bikini undies came off. Tori aggressively blew him and the pair tried out a variety of active vaginal positions, her firm rump pumping on his rod while she made various verbal cues to show her continued interest in him. It finished up when he bust a nut of genetic juice on her crotch, the couple kissing as they maintained their eye contact together.

Jessica Jaymes with Seth Gamble

Scene Two: Brooke Lee Adams, a curvy brunette wearing a thong and top with holes cut out for her boobs, was up next on a mattress with muscular Derrick Pierce, the indoctrination program running to give their tryst more impact. He roughly shoved his dick in her mouth as she diddled her panty covered pussy, her fabulously fleshy figure rippling delightfully when they switched to some powerful pussy penetration. Her moaning was intoxicating and she was doing most of the work when they were in doggy as if he was scratching an itch she had deep inside her snatch, most of his splooge tossed off onto her upper torso and chin than anywhere else.

Tori Black with Eric Masterson

Scene Three: Alexis Ford, the lean contract babe on the right side of the front cover (with that sweet ass of hers!), was up next as Barrett Blade brought her to the bed in the plain room. They gave the impression that they were lovers in heat, their chemistry connection way better than what I see from him elsewhere and Alexis almost daring him to go further. They kissed and he played with her body a bit, Alexis easily throating his modest member while kneeling beside the bed, her great ass sticking partially out of her skintight pants. Using a combination of mouth work and hand to gland stroking, she got him hard as a rock until the very active riding began. Alexis liked cock a lot, pushing herself to meet his thrusts and shaking up a storm until he beat off a round of population pudding to her face.

Tori Black with Barrett Blade

Scene Four: Raylene, a curvy babe with big boobs and a great ass, was up next on a mattress with Sascha, the footage part of a process central to the theme of the movie. The sex was rougher than usual for the company, Raylene taking it in stride and embracing her inner whore as she slobbed his knob, titty fucked him, and was very active at impaling herself vaginally on his pecker. I like the way her boobs and ass cheeks rippled delightfully during the thrusting action, Raylene’s comeback certainly proving here that she has what it takes to compete with her youthful peers any day of the week. Sascha went nuts on her and sucked her feet too, jerking off a small wad of spunk to her face.

Teagan Presley and Tori Black

Scene Five: Bree Olson, a blond bombshell favorite of many fans, was up next in an auto mechanics repair shop, Bill Bailey glad to see her as the couple embraced. He picked her up and took off her top to access her fantastic tits, her blue jeans shorts struggling to remain on as they clung so tightly to her hips. Bree coyly coaxing him to move downward from her tits to her crotch, Bill gave her some seductive oral as Bree lightly moaned in a realistic fashion. Then came some POV blowjob fun and titty fucking, the car hood keeping Bree from being as active a vaginal rider as I’ve seen in the past (but the way her ass jiggled and tits rocked, I was okay with it). Bree then bent over further for the nut of population pudding to be tossed off to her ass cheek, the gal massaging her ass crack and fingering her perfect pucker just a little.

Tori Black with Randy Spears

Scene Six: Jessica Jaymes, a very lean babe with huge tits, was up next on a staircase in the brick loft, jumping at the chance to bone Seth Gamble. Yeah, they appeared to like each other a lot and yeah, he still looks a lot like mainstream television actor Christian Kane, his talented tongue slurping at her nether regions briefly before she slobbed his knob in similar fashion. The impression I had from watching them was that they wanted to fuck more than anything else, skipping anything but the preliminaries in order to bump uglies. The look in her eye spoke volumes as to how she felt about his otherwise modest member hammering away at her snatch, the active riding looking sweet as her neatly trimmed pubes wrapped around his pecker. It ended with a titty pop, his glazing impact on her chest followed by some post coital head.

Bree Olson with Evan Stone (bonus scene)

Scene Seven: Tori Black, dressed in slutty street clothing appearing to be painted onto her body, was up next as she approached creepy Eric Masterson in a pawn store to get something she wanted. Not wanting to wait the obligatory week for her choices, she bartered the old fashioned way by disrobing and spreading her legs. Tori’s all natural tits looked good in the darkened room and Eric serviced her pussy orally like a guy who hasn’t been laid in forever, Tori going over the top vocally but showing yet again her oral abilities have progressed substantially in recent years. She kept eye contact and used some hand to gland stroking as part of her programmed response, hopping up on the counter to get Eric tapping that dripping wet pussy of hers. Sure, there was no chemistry but there wasn’t supposed to be, the tryst well in keeping with their respective characters, Eric jerking out a round of semen on her lean ass cheek as the better part of him ran down her leg.

The third disc of extras

Scene Eight: Tori Black, all dressed up for war and nowhere to go, was up next as she joined with Barrett Blade in the heat of the moment by the big red car in the warehouse. He savagely felt her up and sucked her nipples, their kissing leading to a short hummer before he bent her over and let his dick take over to drill her. She was not as active a vaginal rider here due to the positioning and location but she definitely added her brand of appeal all the same, the ending wad of spunk beat off to her face by Barrett enhanced by the post coital head she gave him.

Scene Nine: Teagan Presley, the heavily tattooed babe on the left side of the front cover, was up next as she portrayed a pawnbroker propositioned by Tori Black. This was the alternative version of the scene I described in “scene 7” above, the ladies kissing and pawing each other while spending ample time eating at the Y. Teagan’s panties did little to hold her bulging labia and her ass looked fleshier than ever, Tori servicing her front and back in a very heated way before Teagan reciprocated in her usual winning way. There was a bit of toy penetration here with both ladies coming across as into the action much more than the other version of the scene, my appreciation for Teagan even in such a small role enough to merit a nod.

Scene Ten: Tori Black, wearing her combat clothing, was up last as she rewarded lover Randy Spears on a couch. They embraced and she ended up slobbing his knob at length (this time), jerking him off but the mainstay of the scene was the active riding. This time, Tori also did anal with Randy going balls deep inside her precious pucker before rubbing out a nut of sperm on her face. Tori kept eye contact and otherwise showed more of a connection here, the plotted points weaving in for a sequel should one be considered.

Bonus Scene: The Surrender of O: Bree Olson, coming to appreciate her status in the scheme of things, enjoyed a short show by Claire Adams and Trinity Post by the sitting room, the feature hotty masturbating before the movie switched gears to allow her the final scene with the mighty Evan Stone. This scene took place in the darkest room of the house at night, providing the most potential for visual flaws but coming across much better than the director's earlier outings. There was some decent use of the riding crop on her bent over ass (her pink and black corset looking great!) and she seemed to like it as well, the oral by both of them reminiscent of a more vanilla flick but still showing both as talented performers. The screwing then went from a decent vaginal plowing to the slower anal, some taste testing done to liven things up before he rubbed out a load to her crotch. The spanking and domination this time was more psychological and my biggest complaint was the amount of close up shots used more than the lack of light but it was a good way to end the movie.

Summary: Killer Bodies: The Awakening by director David Lord for Adam & Eve had the stroke value and replayability to merit a rating of Highly Recommended or better depending on how much you enjoy interactive dramas. The casting was solid and the technical staff (even including Nic Andrews) was such that the complexity of the presentation for the three disc set was handled very nicely indeed. I’m told the high definition Blu-ray version will be an upgrade well worth checking out too, the bottom line being that Adam & Eve were wise to place such faith in the team with this one. In short, Killer Bodies: The Awakening had heated sex, performers with chemistry, better acting than you would expect from one of the contract laden competitors, and enough fuck for the buck to elevate it as a “must have” beyond the interactive elements espoused on the cover of the three disc set. There was plenty of room for a sequel but I’d like to see more original productions like this one get the green light if this level of care is going to be used to make them, a rarity these days to be sure.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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