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Buttman's Stretch Class 7

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/2/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Buttman’s Stretch Class 7

Evil Angel/Buttman Magazine Choice

Genre: Tease, Female Masturbation

Director: John Stagliano

Cast: Liza Del Sierra, Angel Vain, Amy Brooke
Non-sex role: John Stagliano

Length: 199:26 minutes

Liza Del Sierra

Date of Production: 2011

Extras: This single disc release had three trailers, a cast list, photogalleries, and filmographies. Given the length of the movie itself, there was enough strokable spank bank material to last a good, long time.

Condoms: None

Angel Vain

Audio/Video Quality: Buttman’s Stretch Class 7 was presented in the improved 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director John Stagliano for Evil Angel in the MPEG-2 codec using 480 resolution. As noted previously, John has never displayed the overwhelming desire to show crystal clear visuals, preferring to focus his efforts on the kind of raw energy so few of his peers are as capable of providing. The levels of grain, video noise, and even pattern effects were okay this time and the action lost nothing due to the flaws on the technical side (the movie was still hot but the bitrate typically hovered around the 4.3 Mbps though it varied significantly at times), more attention paid to some of the lighting issues I’ve fussed about in the past. The composition of the camera angles showed some care put into them, making the ladies virtually always look their best, and this is the strength of John's directorial ability more than anything else (as a producer, he also tends to make fine selections of cast). The large amounts of tease and clothing play along with female masturbation efforts enhanced this one significantly, the nastiest the action got with John involving his hands or some face smothering. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English audio track (in 192 Kbps) was as basic as gonzo porn came be, with limited talking going on outside of John's own directions in the background. The cast could be heard moaning & groaning but this was definitely a limited selection based on audio quality.

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Amy Brooke (in the mirror)

Body of Review: John Stagliano is the director best known as “Buttman”, his career well known for how it popularized the gonzo format even before he branched off into forming Evil Angel. Over the years, his name has become associated with quality entertainment relating to tease, the gonzo shooting style, and a love of shapely female ass, many directors following in his footsteps building upon the basics that he established to the delight of fans all over the world. His latest title making it my way this week was Buttman’s Stretch Class 7, the latest in a series that I like so much. The movie was a selection of three lengthy scenes dedicated to tease and anal play, the ladies given the freedom to enjoy themselves without male partners getting in the way. The amount of ass tease alone in the nearly three and a half hour flick was more than you will see in probably a dozen gonzo titles with variations of the terms used for ass so if you are in the market for a movie showcasing curvaceous young babes such as Liza Del Sierra, Amy Brooke, and Angel Vain.

The company website described the lengthy, single disc movie like this: “Pioneering ass-fetishist John "Buttman" Stagliano schools three big-assed beauties in Buttman's Stretch Class 7. John's classroom is his California home, where gorgeous women visit to test themselves with various toys and transcend their erotic limits. Unlike the hustle and bustle of today's generic, hurry-up-and-get-it-over-with porn, Stagliano shoots his subjects in a friendly style that favors slow tease, letting these gorgeous women collaborate in the creative process and find a sexual rhythm. French beauty Liza del Sierra is a delightfully big-butted model in sheer, white, skintight leggings; she indulges the director's craving for camel toe shots and wedgie views. Liza shows off her fantastic ass in a series of thong panties and enjoys the sensations of clothespins on her bald pussy lips. She gets off using several vibrators at once; John pumps Liza's rectum with strange toys until it gapes widely. Tattooed blonde Angel Vain is a giggling, full-figured stunner with a thick booty and huge, soft boobies. John buries his face in the cleft of her shorts to sniff her ass crack. We watch athletic Angel lick and suck her own pretty, bare feet. She throat-fucks herself with glass toy until gooey saliva runs over her face, and vibrates her holes to orgasm. Foxy, young, callipygian* Amy Brooke shows up for her lessons wearing a clingy yellow mini-dress. She performs athletic poses and pushes a brightly colored rubber doll out of her rectum to suck it clean. This wisecracking slut flexes her anal boundaries, squirting girl cum on the camera lens and gaping her ass outrageously with a speculum and a huge vibrating wand. Buttman's Stretch Class 7 proves that education can be exciting! (*Sexual vocabulary education: "Callipygian" means "having shapely buttocks.")” Here’s a very brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Liza Del Sierra, the athletic brunette showcased on the left side of the front cover, was up first as she followed the established rules of the series. She wore a variety of revealing outfits that hugged her body tightly and teased at the direction of John, their playful banter livening things up for me as the ass tease continued. She tried on panty hose and some thongs, proving to be able to do all sorts of things in regards to her flexibility as she walked through the house. John applied some foot fetish material too and the clothespins on her labia started about a half hour into the show, anal toys of increasing sizes slowly worked into her ass before an assortment of vibrators helped get her off with a technical DP as a wand vibrator was rubbed against her clitoris. Liza did some taste testing but her sheer level of personal pleasure during this outing was superb, the gal earning some accolades for her performance to say the least.

Scene Two: Angel Vain, the busty and heavily tattooed blond seen on the upper right hand corner of the front cover, was up next as she giddily showed off for the director in the house. Her neon blue shirt was so tight that her nipples stuck through and her white shorts were sheer enough that you could see every nook and cranny; her ass crack so appealing that John stuffed his face between her cheeks. While not a classic beauty, Angel also had a playful nature that worked well in this format, the gal exploring her limits and showing how fluffy gals are more adventurous (or at least that they can be). Given her size, I did not think she’d be as flexible as she was either (though not so much as Liza was) but she adored having the plethora of toys to penetrate her pussy and ass, some clothespins used on her labia too. There was taste testing and breath play as well as outfit changes galore, Angel not needing a bunch of genetic juice on her side of the television screen given how much was building up in my balls watching her at great length. John helped her a little with the toys and I had no doubt she got off a few times, the vibrators tripping her trigger anally as well as vaginally.

Scene Three: Amy Brooke, the fetching young lady with the great ass featured on the lower half of the front cover, was up last as she entered the home wearing a tight yellow dress that made her look like a throwback to the hippy age. John felt her up and sniffed her ass, her boobs getting some delightful play as well. She initially wore a neon pink thong deep inside her ass crack and when she spread her legs wide enough, you could see her perfect pucker all around it. Then came stretch pants and skimpier thongs, the toys not far behind the large plastic gnome she stuffed in her backside. I could have done without the prolapsed ass muscles but she was able to handle all sizes of toys in her ass (especially her ass at least) and mouth as she showed off to the director. Given the quality of her performance, I truly hope John encourages his other directors to use her skills as much as possible, the way she enjoyed the toys pounding her ass so deeply making her a winner sexually. That she was able to stuff the head of the powerful wand vibrator up her ass and get off repeatedly with such ease was powerful too, the clips on her labia and other tricks paling by comparison.

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Summary: Buttman’s Stretch Class 7 by director John Stagliano for Evil Angel was a single disc extravaganza full of tons of tease, lots of toy use, and the kind of freedom from the usual porn formulas that worked for me in terms of replay value and strokability. While once not the kind of show I preferred, there was a lot of freshness as expected from the director and his cast that might have lacked genetic juice but it was fun (and strokable) so I rated this as Highly Recommended for fans of the genre as well as those that adore shapely ladies. For fans of Amy Brooke, Angel Vain, and Liza Del Sierra this should be considered another true “must have” production given how much footage each was allowed without the usual mopes ruining things (so there was no genetic juice or population pudding included), John’s devotion to ass and the female body shining through the entire time. In short, Buttman’s Stretch Class 7, employed a lot of what I call “fun factor” for ass lovers to appreciate, the three lovely ladies all giving a show worth saving for many repeated viewings thanks to their enjoyment of the tease and toys.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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