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Lesbian Sex Vol 1

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 9/10/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Lesbian, 2 DVD-set

Director: ?

Cast: Prinzzess, India Summer, Brandi Love, Elexis Monroe, Dana Dearmond, Abby Darling, Kara Price, Rilee Marks

Length: 140 minutes (disc 1), 117 minutes (disc 2)

Date of Production: ?

Extras: The female cast of Lesbian Sex.  is introduced in a montage. The promos and trailers give the viewer a very good sample of this studio's titles. The promos are Protect, GF Films Promo, Freedom, Lesbian Seductions, Pin-Up Girls, and Road Queen.  The trailers are Budapest 5, Net Skirts 7, Pin-Up Girls 6, Poor Little Shyla, Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 20, and Road Queen 19. Website information round out this section.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.

Overview: Lesbian Sex: Intimate True Stories is a Girlfriends Films production that takes on a new and highly effective format. Each scene starts with each pair of women talking about their unique connection to their partner as well as their private lives with other women. India Summer and Prinzzess are true lovers in real-life. San Francisco pals Abby Darling and Kara Price have a nice friendship. Dana Dearmond and Rilee Marks could make people believe that they are sisters on account of their similar faces. Finally, Elexis Monroe and Brandi Love are playful girlfriends who are so attracted to one another that their eyes sparkle whenever they look at each other. The conversations are honest and the viewer obtains a better insight of them as they open their personal feelings onto the screen.
Scene One: India Summer and Prinzzess are talking about their special relationship with the director and two women who are away from the camera. Their in-depth and intimate revelations about themselves are going to be a great treat for their fans. Afterwards, when the foreplay begins, the atmosphere in the room becomes steamy. Later, Prinzzess'  pussy play with her fingers is quite passionate and it easily makes India get off extremely well. On the other hand, India's combined intense mouth and hand activity on her sensitive playground makes the blonde hottie squirm on the bed emotionally. This very lengthy love bite on Prinzzess' passion fruit drives the woman into ecstasy. An excitable humping session follows with Prinzzess initiating the effort. In the meantime, their incredible eye contact continues to enhance the personal nature of this scene. There is some additional heat provided by India as she sucks and manually rubs her lover's vaginal plaything. When the final moments occur, their faces are glowing and it is quite evident that India and Prinzzess adore each other.

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Scene Two: Abby Darling and Kara Price talk about their love for anal play. As their conversation progresses, the playfulness between them increases as Kara spanks Abby's ass and then, she applies a very sexy foot and leg worship on the woman too. Some nice looking kissing activity occurs right before Kara sucks her friend's nipple with much intense passion. The fingerfucking activity by Kara on Abby makes the woman moan nicely. However, the sensations really burn with excitement as soon as Kara sucks on her passion fruit. Afterwards, Kara applies lube on her pal's asshole so that it will be much easier to fingerfuck her girlfriend. The camera shots of her sexual region are totally awesome as the viewer sees the anal play. Moments later, Kara is sucking Abby's toes. Then, she is fingering her own pussy while providing her workout on her friend. Thus far, their performance is quite steamy even though it is paced effectively in a slow manner. A very heated humping session by Abby follows. When Abby applies her kisses on the woman's body and pussy, it is incredibly hot. She sucks on it well too. Kara's moans sound hot and her legs quiver too. During the fingerfucking actions by Abby, the sight of her friend's pussy looks totally yummy. The woman's energetic fingerfucking actions really makes Kara moan quite emotionally. Whenever we see Kara's sexual mound, I could sense that it is very sensitive. A slight touch would make her squirm. Later, Abby applies lube to her asshole so that the anal play can begin. Once again, the camera shots of the thrilling anal activity are totally enticing.  Minutes later, the strap-on action occurs with Abby screwing her pal through her butthole in an energetic fashion. This scene becomes quite emotional on account of the toy-anal penetration play regardless of which lady is getting fucked. Each woman has her own emotional moments that make the viewer cringe. Overall, this anal action is very thrilling especially with Kara fucking Abby with much force. It is also quite time-consuming. The length of Abby's anal workout adds to the emotional factor of her performance. Their segment ends with the women talking about their scene among other things.           
Scene Three: Dana Dearmond and Rilee Marks have an entertaining and informative discussion while Dana interviews the nineteen year old cutie pie. The biggest thing that I notice is that Dana is becoming a much more beautiful and sexy woman. I could not stop staring at her face. Afterwards, on a bed, the superstar washes Rilee's feet briefly. The teen's affectionate gaze towards Dana looks quite adorable and sweet. Furthermore, the chemistry between them feels steamy during their makeout session. Their kissing activity makes the viewer lean towards the screen. The anticipatory urge to see them eat pussy is high as soon as the audience views Rilee's enticing pink panty-covered sexual mound. After some playful tease moments by Dana, the woman sucks Rilee's breasts and kisses her body. Suddenly, she places a more lengthy focus on the teen's scrumptious sex spot. Her passionate oral play makes Rilee squirm. When she adds the rubbing and fingerfucking actions, Rilee moans
heavily. Later, once Rilee removes her partner's jeans, there is some ass fondling action  by the ladies before the teen applies her sensual lovemaking behavior on the superstar. As a matter of fact, once she licks Dana's pussy, Dana immediately jerks back from the overpowering sensations on her sexual muscle. As a matter of fact, I love to see Rilee suck and rub pussy since she puts her entire focus and effort into it. Moreover, her smile and gleeful facial expressions are cool. Rilee gets so turned on when she realizes that her behavior gets Dana really turned on. Next, Dana is wearing a strap-on and fucks her partner solidly. The various sexual positions that Dana fucks Rilee in are very cool. Moreover, both women are applying solid humping effort too. It is exciting to watch these ladies in action. A nice looking 69 follows with good shots of Dana's pussy. Their memorable scene ends with them kissing. A brief conversation follows.

Scene Four:
Brandi Love and Elexis Monroe look incredible in the candle-lit room during their fun-loving conversation. At one point, they are seen kissing and I became so turned-on I could not wait to see them in action. Luckily, it does not take too long for them to enter the bedroom and restart their sensational kissing activity again. As the scene progresses, the viewer can tell that these ladies have a personal connection that we admire. Their lovemaking session is quite sexy and I love their constant eye contact. I was sweating beneath my clothes. It is also important to note that their gorgeous bodies are totally hot. Meanwhile, the slow pace of the scene also enhances their personal chemistry. It is very apparent that Brandi and Elexis are in their own two women world as they continue with their passionate and intimate play time. The pussy rubbing moments and humping actions create solid heat. When it is Brandi's turn to be the giver, her behavior is sensual as well as determinedly horny for her attractive friend. Afterwards, the pussy eating sessions are very cool looking as Elexis sucks on Brandi's juicy mound and Brandi applies her sweet-natured delivery. These ladies are magical together in their fun and sexy way.      

Final Thoughts: For people who love genuine and personal lovemaking moments on screen, this film is filled with it. The tone for each performance is set up perfectly during the conversational portion of the scenes. As a matter of fact, the energy level and personal behavior between the ladies easily transforms nicely when their lovemaking actions begin. By that time, the viewer has gained a good sense of their attraction towards one another and how deeply it is based on each pair's personal circumstances. Abby Darling and Kara Price give an incredibly heated and powerful display that deserves to be nominated for Best Girl-Girl performance at the AVN's and other award shows. Brandi Love and Elexis Monroe have the most succulent and endearing moments while India Summer and Prinzzess give an unselfish insider's look at their personal and intimate relationship. Even though Dana Dearmond and Rilee Marks have the least amount of intimate personal history together, they still provide a memorable performance too. I highly recommend this film and look forward in watching more installments to this series.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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