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Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Christopher Thorne » Review Date: 9/13/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Director: Robby D.

Condoms: None

Stars: Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross, Stoya, Bibi Jones, Riley Steele, Vicki Chase, Tommy Gun, Scot Nails, Charles Dera, Manuel Ferrara, Toni Ribas, Ramon Nomar, Marco Rivera, D. Pachard, Brandon Claco, Kaiser Sosay, Chat Noir
Running Time: 3 hours

The Movie:  Fighters is a special film from Digital Playground as it marries the off porn carrer of Robby D, who shoots fights on his off time, with his porn family of starlets.  The current roster of Digital Playground starlets is extremely strong and Fighters brings them together both to act and to perform.

As a feature it takes a little while to get going.  The first five minues of the film are solid feature material but then we get a little lost in five back to back sex scenes. If one had been cut it would have helped glue this feature together better.   But once we hit the middle of this feature we get some very solid feature story, performance and acting. Things take off when we start getting to the boxing and the finale boxing match between Jesse Jane and Kayden Kross is a real treat. 

BiBi Jones and Tommy Gun

BiBi Jones and Tommy Gunn

BiBi Jones is Digital Playground's youngest performer and they feature here right out of the gate. Her chemistry here with Tommy Gun is really good and I appreciate how Robby D. lets the scene unfold. Tommy gives BiBi cunnalingus and then Bibi reciprocates for a good 4-5 mins each. I really like the fact that BiBi seems genuinely into the sex, she may not be as active as some of the other performers but does look like she's enjoying herself.   

Camera work is solid, I'm still not a huge fan of Robby's close up work but it's a marked improvement here over some of the previous efforts.  All in all a solid scene and good work from both BiBi and Tommy. 

Positions:  Cunnalingus (for a good 4 mins), Oral (again for a good 4 mins), Spooning, Oral, Missionary, cum on her stomach with some cum eating. 

Riley Steele and Ramon Nomar 

Riley Steele and Toni Ribas

Right out of the gate you can see the difference between a newer performer and a more experienced one. Riley Steel is much more active in this scene and it really helps light the whole thing on fire. It's a very athletic scene with Ramon Nomar doing a strong man fuck, suspending Riley in the air while he fucks her. The two of them are very well matched and the chemistry is really great. Ramon also delivers a monster load at the end of this scene.

Camera work here is stronger than the previous scene and I really like how there's a nice balance between close and far work.

Positions: Ass Eating and cunnalingus with fingering, oral, standing "strong man" fuck, oral, fucked from behind, woman on top, reverse cowgirl, oral, spooning, cum on her stomach and pussy.

Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara 

Kayden Kross Manuel Ferrara

At the start of this scene Stoya and Erik Everhard crash in on Kayden and Manuel making out.  I was like HOLYFUCKINGSHIT what a foursome. Unfortunately Stoya and Erik depart.   As with almost all the scenes so far this one starts with some nice passionate kissing between Kayden and Manuel. Again chemistry here is superb and it's hard to think of two better matched performers. The transitions between positions here is absolutely seamless and it's clear that these two are giving everything they've got to this scene. Manuel seems hell bent on making Kayden cum and Kayen does all she can to make this happen and make Manuel Cum.  Kayden is exceptional as always and a solid contender for performer of the year. This scene is another convincing argument that she's simply one of the best women working in porn. 

Camera work here isn't as strong as the previous scene. We get stuck in close too much and don't get as much perspective on the action. Also some of the close up work here is less than amazing. 

Positions:  Fingering, cunnalingus, hand job with woman on top, oral, ball sucking, side straddle, reverse cowgirl (with ball grab), girl on top, side straddle with ass fingering, missionary, oral & jack off with ball sucking, cowgirl, cum on her face and post cum oral. 

Stoya and Erik Everhard

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Stoya and Erik Everhard

Well we didn't get the dream team foursome, but Stoya and Erik is hardly a consolation prize. Stoya looks exceptional and is dressed up in some nice fancy lingerie. Stoya reads a lot better as a pale beauty rather than a alt/ punk look and I think she's really found here look here. Erik as always spares no time working on getting Stoya to cum and he seems to get some great traction right out of the gate.  Stoya and Erik are perfectly matched, again great chemistry. Stoya is clearly into scene perhaps more than she expected and Erik really delights in that. This isn't the first scene between these two and it's clear they understand their dynamic which leads to a really solid scene. Stoya's oral work is excellent and she's very active through out the whole scene.

Camera work is better than the scene with Kayden but again it seems to get stuck in these bad close shots. 

Positions: Cunnalingus, fingering, missionary, cunmalingus, side straddle with choking, reverse cowgirl, oral, doggie, cum on her ass.

Vicki Chase and Erik Everhard

Vicki Chase and Erik Everhard

It's kind of odd for a movie to have two scenes back to back with the same male performer, but Erik Everhard raises to the task and shows that he's got the endurance to make it work. Vicki Chase isn't a Digital Playground contract gal but she seems to be standing in for Selana Rose who is missing from this production. Vicki Chase is sizzling hot with a very pretty face and a nice body. She's also got a great ass.  The chemistry here is good but the scene isn't as electric as the one with Erik and Stoya. It's sort of unfair to have Vicki have to follow Stoya, especially with the same guy, still Vicki does a good job for another solid scene (although honestly it's superfluous to the film and could have been cut)

Camera work here is pretty solid, we don't get too lost in the close ups. 

Positions: cunnalingus, oral, jack off on her pussy, missionary, cunnalingus, spoon  (with choking), doggie, deep throat oral, woman on top, cowgirl, side straddle, cum on her face with some post cum oral. 

Jesse Jane Boxing

After 5 sec scenes we're back to some thematic stuff.  It would have been nice if things were a little more integrated. Up to this point it almost felt like a wall-to-wall all sex title.  The Digital Playground gals are all becoming solid actresses and so it's nice to see them continue to grow as actors. There's a nice scene during this expository between Kayden and Stoya and then some FANTASTIC work from Jesse Jane who it turns out can really box.

This segment is the first time we get to see some boxing, which of course Robby D. shoots very well.  The non-sex part of Fighters goes on for quite a while and it's all really solid stuff.

Jesse Jane and Scott Nails

Jesse Jane and Scott Nails

Jesse and Scott have done scenes before and their chemistry is extremely good. They go at it like people who have fucked each other and like to fuck each other. Jesse is simply a pro, she always performs at the top level and this scene is no exception. Scott is also a solid performer and is the go to guy for Digital Playground.  Jesse is extremely focused in this scene and never is over the top, she's so solid that she makes Scott blow his load early (which I am sure is a bade of honor for any performer).  Jesse is really incredible, she's managed to keep her youthful zing even though she's been in the biz for a while.  If there was ever a need to prove how strong she still is, you'd just have to point to a scene like this one. 

Camera work here is ok. There's a lot of close up work that doesn't come off and the lighting isn't great, but I really liked some of the early camera work in the scene.

Positions: Cunnalingus, jerking off to missionary, oral, doggie, oral, reverse cowgirl. cum on her face and post cum oral.  

Kayden Kross and Charles Dera

Kayden Kross Charles Dera

I can't think of a scene I've seen with Kayden this year that hasn't been top notch. Here with Charles Dera she does a fantastic job of throwing herself right into the action. The chemistry here with Charles is solid but I would have liked to see Charles pump things up a little more to match Kayden's intensity, he's just a little too composed at times and often seems to be trying to look good for the camera than fuck the heck out of Kayden. Kayden is intense in this scene and really turns it from a good scene in to an absolute top notch scene. 

Camera work is pretty good, especially in the medium shots with Kayden.

Positions: oral, mutual masturbation, oral, cunnalingus, fingering. oral, spoon, doggie, spoon, cum on her stomach.

Stoya and Toni Ribas 

Stoya and Toni Ribas

The chemistry between Stoya and Toni isn't as strong as her and Erik, but she manages to put in a very strong and passionate performance where she's into it from start to finish. Toni takes a little while to heat up but once he does he really delivers a great scene.  Toward the end of the scene Stoya does some stellar oral, so much so that Toni lose control and blows his load, she ends up swallowing it. It felt very in the moment a real important quality to a fantastic scene. 

Positions: Oral, cunnalingus (for a second), missionary, reverse cowgirl,  seated woman on top, 69, doggie, fingering, standing from behind, oral, cum in her mouth and swallowed, post cum kissing. 

Kayden Kross Jesse Jane Box

The final scene of the film is a boxing match between Kayden Kross and Jesse Jane. You've got to give it to these two, they really go all out for their films and their boxing work here is fantastic. The very end of the fight though feel chopped off, there needed to be something more at the fight to tie things together.  The final scene also felt tacked on and didn't really work. 

Audio & Video:  Most of Robby D's features read a bit darker than other HD work I've seen released. It's definitely a stylistic decision, but not one that I don't particularly agree with as things end up looking a little muddied and the close up sex isn't as hot and as attractive as it could be. It would be nice to see such solid HD images look more bright and vibrant.  Things are very sharp on the DVD and noticeably better on the Blu-Ray edition of the film (which is also included in this three disc set). Audio is 5.1 and solid.

Extras: As with most of Digital Playground features, Fighters has some great bloopers and outtakes as well as a superb behind the scenes feature. I really enjoy these BTS's from Digital Playground as they always do a great job of capturing the personalities of the DP Girls.

Final Thoughts: It all comes down to the contract girls. Digital Ground has a fantastic line up of girls with two of the strongest women working in porn today (Jesse Jane and Kayden Kross).  Fighters delivers a lot of bang for the buck with even more sex than the movie probably needed.  The non-sex action and acting is top notch and the story (when it gets going) is a good one. Beyond Jesse and Riley, Stoya seems to have really hit her groove. She's looking fantastic and her scene work is great.  It's too bad though that we didn't get more from Riley Steele, her scene is a solid one and I'd love to have seen more from her. Also there isn't any big orgy scene here, it's something that we've come to expect from these big features and it feels like an opportunity missed.
The boxing work in the film is really solid. Jesse and Kayden both do some fantastic work here and it's no surprise that Robby D. captures it well.

As a feature there's lots to like about Fighters. The whole middle section of the film is excellent and the boxing action is like nothing I've seen in porn. But things feel a little choppy at times, I would have liked things to be a little more integrated and as much as I like Vicki Chase, that scene really should have been subbed out for some sort of group scene towards the end.  The film seemed to be calling for a threesome with Jesse, Kayden and Stoya and it wasn't there.

The camera work here is better than in Babysitters 2 but it still has issues here and there.  I'm also convinced that Robby D. needs to rethink his lighting and the look of the films.  The goal here is to make these girls look as attractive as possible and in some of the muddy looking scenes they aren't looking their best.

But compared to the other features being produced right now, Fighters stands out an an exceptional feature. The sex here is top notch with some superb chemistry. Kayden's two scene, Jesse's scene and Stoya's two scenes are more than reason to pick up this flick. It not perfect, but it's still a damn good porno and one which gets at highly recommended rating. 

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