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Taxi Driver

Studio: Pleasure Productions » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 9/19/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Genre: Parody, 2 disc set

Director: General Stone

Cast: Jessie Andrews, Lily Labeau, Chanel Preston, Aurora Snow, Misty Stone, Nikki Charm, Tommy Pistol, Evan Stone, Tom Byron, Bill Bailey, Sean Michaels. Non-sex roles: Howard Levine, Scott Lyons, Girth Brooks, Eric John, Rob Black, Dan OhReally

Length: 154 minutes

Date of Production: 7/1/2011

Extras: The special features are on a second disc. There is a very good one hundred and two minutes behind the scenes segment. A major highlight is watching Tommy Pistol getting his hair shaved into a mow hawk. Also, the sex scene between Jessie Andrews and Evan Stone is shown being shot. A Chanel Preston interview and photo shoots of Lily Labeau and Aurora Snow are included. Other memorable segments that are provided are the three-way scene of Chanel Preston, Aurora Snow, and Tom Byron, and the one between Tommy Pistol and Lily Labeau. Lily is also interviewed too. Then, a nice looking photo gallery, several trailers, and a cum reel are provided too.    

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition.

Overview: Taxi Driver: A XXX Parody is a well-produced film by Sensuous Diamond Productions and director General Stone. As a matter of fact, this movie is the first collaborative effort between Sensuous Diamond Productions and Pleasure Dynasty. General Stone will be directing all titles for Sensuous Diamond. As for the film, it is a parody of the original classic movie that was directed by Martin Scorsese and that starred Robert De Niro. In this installment, Tommy Pistol takes on the lead role as a lonely insomniac taxi driver who has issues about the scum life that inhabits the streets of Manhattan. The very talented actresses Lily Labeau and Jessie Andrews are sweet women who the audience will adore. They are able to bring forth authentic tenderness and heart to their characters. The viewers care about them. Other quality performances are given by Eric John as politician Mr. Palentine and Evan Stone as a pimp.   

Scene One: Misty Stone and Bill Bailey enter Tommy Pistol's cab and moments later, they are making out in the back seat. A major highlight of their performance is the man's focused attention on her juicy wet pussy. The sight of her wetness is a turn-on. I really like the camera shots of his pussy eating moments. Then, the woman's cocksucking and handstroking antics are pretty cool. She applies a solid horny attitude without overdoing it. Next, a cowgirl ride follows where the penile-vaginal fuck shots are exciting to watch. Misty and Bill are working well together as each one is active in their humping motions. The very good camera work on shooting their groin area as well as Misty's hot body continues. Furthermore, Bill's steady screwing rhythm easily stimulates Misty during those cowgirl rides as well as their mish moments. Misty's emotional moans enhance the mood of this scene. I also want to give credit to them for having a very good performance in a cramped space. After the nice looking doggie screw, the  woman strokes him off on her chest and mouth.

Scene Two: Chanel Preston and Aurora Snow are having some sexual one-on-one time on film. Some good titty sucking action by the women occurs. The tight camera shots of their breasts are hot. Then, the women do a swell job in sucking the other's vaginal and anal pleasure spots. Thus far, the scene feels retro with the yellow walls and the eye make-up of the ladies. Suddenly, Tom Byron enters the scene and the ladies' place their playful focus on orally pleasuring his sexual package in a very hearty manner. I really like their enthusiastic efforts in sucking his cock, balls, and asshole. As a matter of fact, even while the guy is fucking the blonde cutie Aurora from behind, Chanel continues to suck his snatch in a passionate fashion. Furthermore, the tight camera shots of their fucking area are hot. It's a scene that continues to be exciting. There are very hot pussy and anal eating as well as screwing shots. Finally, this very enjoyable performance ends with Tom pulling out of Chanel's vaginal tunnel and stroking off on her lovely ass. Then, Aurora applies a passionate job in licking off the white creamy residue off her tasty body.

Scene Three: Nikki Charm and Sean Michaels are making out on the couch in her living room. The activity heats up immensely once she applies her very stimulative blow job  Afterwards, her man sucks her tits and then, her passion fruit with deliberate effort and attention to detail. Next, there is good cockriding action as the blonde hottie rides him with solid energy. However, the following doggie session becomes a bit intense. Later, the hot routine camera shots that this film has been providing us resumes with the reverse cowgirl moments. The sight of Nikki's vaginal zone as Sean's mighty cock is inserted in her looks hot. After some additional good screwing activity, their scene ends with Sean stroking off on her open mouth.

Scene Four: Jessie Andrews and Evan Stone have a tryst in bed. He rubs her pretty pussy and the camera shots from behind her are eye-popping stimulants. Then, the woman sucks his cock with much enthusiasm and joy. Her animated gleeful face really brights up as she sucks his balls and dick. I was sweating a lot while watching her. Afterwards, an excitable cockride follows. The emotional level heightens. Moreover, Jessie's body looks so beautiful in that particular light setting. She is an adorable performer who really enjoys having sex on screen. Her incredible blow job antics and handstroking activity are award-worthy. The camera shots continue to be tight. Then, their exciting screwing action is heated with Evan pumping her quite steadily and rapidly. The shots of Jessie laying on her back while he pumps her repeatedly are totally hot and showcase her beautiful body extremely well. Her cute smile is a ray of sunshine while Evan fucks her doggie style. At the end, he cums on her gleeful mouth and face. However, the most memorable moments will be Jessie's fantastic playful oral play with his meaty manhood.     

Scene Five: Lily Labeau and Tommy Pistol make passionate love with a lot of heavy breathing activity and some effective soft talk. A very determined and sensuous cocksucking session follows. She also sucks his balls with much fondness too. Then, Tommy kisses her right leg as she rubs her vaginal beauty spot. Soon, he arrives at her pleasure zone and licks it with nice rhythm and affection. Suddenly, he is fingerfucking it with heated energy. Lily moans his name out loud. In the meantime, the attractive woman looks quite lovely as she continues to get off. Lily remains eye candy material while she rides him. Their solid eye contact enhances their personal chemistry. Of course, there is some very good camera shots of their groins during the penile-vaginal fucking moments. Afterwards, the atmosphere changes to highly intensive when a very heated doggie screw occurs. Then, Lily sucks his asshole and dick in a determined manner. Finally, he cums on her mouth.

Final Thoughts: Tommy Pistol gives an impressive acting performance including shaving his head to bring forth the essence of this iconic character to life. He is worthy of award nomination status for Best Actor. A lot of credit has to go to the screenplay since the plotline is a compelling one. Director General Stone had a very good vision on how he wanted this parody to have the same atmosphere and feel of the original classic. His rock solid steadiness drove his cast and crew in delivering a fine homage. The make-up by Dan Frey, the wardrobe by Nikki Charm, and the probable award nominated great music by Jeff Mozart enhanced the retro vibe of that era. I recommend this film and I suspect that this production company has a very good future based on this most likely award nominated Best Drama Parody. 

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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