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Girls Kissing Girls Vol. 8

Studio: Sweet Heart » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 10/16/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

Someone at Sweetheart Video has clued into the fact that while many of us really dig watching girls fucking other girls in porn, it’s rarely done with much realism. It’s all well and good to have one big fake titted blonde Barbie doll hoot and holler and scream her head off with a similarly plastic looking lady prods her asshole with a dildo and diddles away at her clit like she’s trying to scrub a stain out of her shirt but there’s something to be said for the tender side of Sapphic love. Enter the Girls Kissing Girls series, now in its eighth volume. Rather than bombard us with more rip roaring gay for pay girls, Sweetheart casts this series with girls who very obviously enjoy other girls and, more specifically, kissing them. The end result is a series of videos that feel less like what the big studios figure your typical male porno fans wants out of a girl on girl video and in its place, something that feels as real as porn really gets.

The fact that the line is generally cast with naturally attractive women rather than surgically augmented ladies adds to the erotic value, or at least it will for those of us who appreciate ladies who look like ladies and not like cartoon characters, and the series allows the girls to take their time and really work the foreplay and, as the title implies, kissing aspect of the sex. There’s no story being told here, it’s four scenes that are ‘all sex’ but it’s good stuff. Here’s a look:

Scene One – Zoe Voss And Samantha Ryan: This scene has got a nice redhead/brunette thing going on. The girls talk a bit and relax before starting up and once they do, they kiss and kiss and kiss some more. In no hurry to get naked the clothes come off slowly and sensually with each of the ladies obviously becoming more and more ‘in the zone’ as the scene progresses. There’s a very tender aspect to this scene, more so than on the other three on this disc, the girls are really gentle here, though still very definitely into each other in a big way. Eventually they do eat each other out and bring one another to a climax but you definitely get the impression that they’re enjoying the journey as much as the destination.

Scene Two – Charlie Laine And Raylene: Again, we get a talky intro to start things off and give us a feel for these two ladies and their likes, dislikes and thoughts on what they’re about to get into. The kissing here doesn’t start off quite as passionately as in the first scene but it doesn’t take long for it to reach similarly passionate heights. They get their clothes off a bit faster this time around but still seem to be taking their time, doing it the way they want to do it and not just rushing straight between one another’s legs. Of course they do get there, this is porn after all, and have a good time once legs are spread and tongues go to town – there’s also a lot of nice breast play here. The girls look fantastic and do great work in this scene.

Scene Three – Kristina Rose And Andy San Dimas: The girls talk to one another about some experiences and likes for a minute or two before kissing – which they do with some serious gusto. There’s a playfulness here in a lot of what they do, from the giggling and moving around when the panties are taken down to the little wiggles Andy does here and there. Obviously very comfortable around each other the kissing leads to titty sucking and then one girl goes down and then the other. There’s some fingering here too, with Kristina bending Andy over and rubbing her off from behind, giving her ass cheeks a good massage while she’s down there. Both of these ladies are sexy enough on their own, they’re even better together and it’s nice to see them in action here not slathered in heavy make-up.

Scene Four – Natasha Nice And Katsuni: After a brief interview intro scene, the girls hop into bed and get down to business. Some kissing leads to tops coming off and Katsuni is slightly more aggressive here than her perfectly willing partner. They go at it with a lot of spirit, enjoying one another’s bodies and mouths and really sucking face with as much enthusiasm as you can imagine. Katsuni works on Natasha tits and then heads south to go down on her, after which she rolls over on her side and lets Natasha pay her back in kind. There’s a bit of ass licking here too but the girls do keep going back up top to kiss on a regular basis, lots of tongue sucking too. Hot stuff – Katsuni even goes down on Natasha toes at one point for all you foot fetish junkies out there and those who appreciate the dark haired ladies will no doubt appreciate the looks both girls sport here.



Girls Kissing Girls Volume Eight is a shot on digital video production which looks pretty clean presented here in a very strong and stable 1.78.1 anamorphic widescreen transfer. There is some mild shimmer in a couple of spots but no noticeable mpeg compression evident anywhere. Skin tones look nice and natural, the compositions are dead on (the camera work is very good here), and overall the movie looks great showing very nice detail and color.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround track is quite sufficient. The dialogue, of which there is generally only a little bit during the sex scenes during the foreplay – there’s too much kissing for there to be talk! -comes through cleanly and clearly as do all of the moans and groans. The background music is fine, levels are nicely balanced, everything sounds clean and clear and all in all the disc sounds very good.


Extras start off with a Behind The Scenes segment that runs just over nineteen minutes. This isn’t the most structured piece, it’s more or less just a bunch of random footage captured on set while the production was being shot, but it does at least give you an idea of the relaxed and casual vibe that Sweetheart Video and director Nica Noelle seem to have been able to foster on set. Everyone here seems to definitely dig what they’re doing and they’re having a good time with their work which makes it all the easier to appreciate and a fair bit sexier as well. There’s also a lot of alternate angle sex footage here too. Aside from that, look for trailers for a few releases, a still gallery, menus and scene selection.

Final Thoughts:

A few more scenes would have been nice but you can’t fault the quality of the content here. These girls enjoy each other a lot more than your average lesbian porno would have you believe. There’s a sincerity to the sex here that makes it more passionate and therefore far sexier than it would be if it had been performed by a cast with less conviction. The quality of the disc is pretty average but Girls Kissing Girls Volume Eight is another successful entry to this steamy line from Sweetheart Video and for fans of lipstick lesbian action, it comes highly recommended.

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