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Man's Best Friend

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 11/30/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All sex.
Director: Zak Wylde
Cast: Bailey, Brian Surewood, Haley Paige, Jenaveve Jolie, Katja Kassin, Mark Wood, Sandra Romain, Sascha, Sunny Lane, Tiana Lynn, Tommy Gunn.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Sunny Lane.
Length: 02:11
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus star for condom free sex and a second for the cast, which includes Tiana Lynn (just for being who she is) and 2009 Dr. Jay's Must See Girl Sunny Lane.


I'm not sure where director Zak Wylde was coming from when he came up with the name Man's Best Friend for this movie. After all, if asked to complete the following sentence, "Man's best friend," 99 out of 100 American's would probably respond "is his dog." If you look at this movie's cast list there is certainly no dog among the performers!

In the final scene of the movie, featuring Haley Paige, Bailey, and Sascha, director Wylde has the girls kneel down and beg, speak, and do other "doggie" tricks. However, that footage comes near the very end of the movie and the theme is not carried out at all during the first four scenes.

So, I'm forced to conclude that "Man's best friend...is his pussy." Who could disagree with that? Although a dog can be a wonderful companion, I'd rather have a pussy any day. (OK, I know you dog lovers are going to scream!)

And, there's no better pussy of which to partake than those owned by the fabulous girls in Man's Best Friend. First, there's the amazing Tiana Lynn. Not only does she have some of the best squirting orgasms ever but she's also cute as can be and a real sweetheart in person. And, she's smart as can be, too! Second, the movie features one of the best performers ever: the insatiable Sunny Lane. Just wait until you see what Tiana and Sunny do to each other in their scene in Man's Best Friend.

Also offering their pussies to be our "best friends" are Jenaveve Jolie (an absolutely superb Latina), darling Haley Paige, voluptuous Bailey, nasty Sandra Romain, and anal-lover Katja Kassin. Believe me, you'll be screaming, "How much is that pussy on my screen?"

I've got to admit that I'm very appreciative of Elegant Angel's recent releases. One of the most important things to me in a sex scene is the girl's orgasm. Too many movies--and too many studios, I think--are way too penis-centric for my taste. "If the guy cums, the scene is over." I'm mature enough to realize that the best part of sex is my wife's orgasm. Bottom line, I love to see girls cum.

In contrast to other studios, Elegant Angel makes a real attempt to facilitate female orgasms in their movies. It's not always easy for girls to climax during the taping of a sex scene due to the pressure of performance, lights, distractions of the camera, and presence of the crew. So, aiming for a female orgasm in each scene is ambitious, to say the least. However, when I've talked with Patrick Collins, President of Elegant Angel, he makes it very clear that Elegant is the company in which "girls cum, too." I like that and I give Patrick and his company two-thumbs up for their policy.

Bottom line...Man's Best Friend gives me everythingI want in a porn movie: beautiful, nasty, and sexy girls; great guys; loud, nasty, and volcanic sex (both vaginal and anal); multiple b/g/g threeways; first class cumshots; and female orgasms!


Scene 1

Those of you who are into pretty feet are really going to enjoy Scene One, featuring luscious Latina Jenaveve Jolie. When the scene fades in, Jenaveve talks through the entryway of the house in which the movie was shot. She chats with director Zak, who's using the camera to worship Jenaveve's amazing body. Even though Zak is obviously smitten with Jenaveve, that doesn't release her from her obligation to keep the house rules: "You gotta take your shoes off. You know the rules in here." Thus begins the stuff of a foot-aficionado's dreams: she sits on a flight of stairs and methodically removes her pretty shoes while the camera zooms in on her perfectly pedicured toes. She has a ring on one of her toes and pretty sparkles on her toenails. Zak takes one look at Jenaveve's feet and insists that they need to be washed. So, it's up the stairs to the bathroom.

While Jenaveve climbs the stairs, the camera allows us to follow close behind to admire her shapely legs and muscular thighs. We also get a peek up her loose short-shorts at her superb ass flesh. When she gets to the bathroom, she climbs onto the side of a raised bathtub, turns on the warm water (the spigot is an elegant waterfall affair), and then proceeds to drench and wash her pretty feet. Meanwhile, Jenaveve and Zak chat and make small talk. Once they're squeaky clean, Jenaveve dries off her pink and warm feet (tight close-ups).

Abruptly, the action cuts to a plush white-leather couch. Jenaveve holds her feet aloft while somebody off screen dribbles a generous amount of oil on them. Then, Jenaveve erotically massages the oil into her flesh with her hands while advising you to jack off (my, what a great idea). I've never been much of a foot-fetish man, but I really enjoyedthis segment. Once Jenaveve's feet are slippery and shiny, the camera pans to the left while Jenaveve straightens her legs.

Lo and behold, Tommy Gunn, already erect with excitement, is ready for a little foot-to-cock action. Of course, Jenaveve gives him what he wants...she slowly and erotically strokes his lucky cock and balls with both of her oil-soaked feet. Damn, this is hot!Jenaveve gets really turned on by what she's doing: "my pussy's throbbing!" So, while continuing to stroke Tommy's rod with her feet, she pulls aside her shorts and uses her fingers to probe her throbbing hole. Horny Jenaveve pants with pleasure as the camera zooms in on her gorgeous finger-stuffed pussy. Jenaveve soon realizes that we want to see her nicely sculpted boobs. So, she pulls aside her top and uses her manicured fingers to tease her nipples to full mast.

Jenaveve can't satisfy her pussy with her hands and declares, "I wanna ride that cock." So, she stands up, strips off her shorts panties, and blouse (her body is extraordinary!), and mounts Tommy cowgirl style. After she has straddled him, she grabs his cock with her manicured fingers and shoves it up her insatiable pussy. Once he's inside, ravenous Jenaveve begins to pound him hard while he lays back and enjoys the ride. She really is a championcowgirl! As Jenaveve fucks him with increasingly deep strokes and very sexy undulating moves, she pants in ecstasy and motivates him with nasty talk. Meanwhile, he grabs handfuls of her perfect ass flesh and squeezes approvingly (the camera often highlights her feet during this segment). Eventually, Tommy takes over the thrusting action and pounds her very hard and deep while she cries out with lust (nice camera angles and close-ups).

As both bodies heat up, they begin to fuck together as a team--she matches his strokes and visa-versa. As the scene continues, Jenaveve deep-throats and sucks his cock clean (she looks at us triumphantly and talks to us as she blows him) and then she lays back on the couch missionary style. After she spends a short amount of time stroking his cock with her feet, he enters her saturated and dripping pussy and fucks her with long, slow, and deep strokes: "Your fuckin' cock feels SO good! Put every inch of your fuckin' cock in my pussy!" While she fucks him, she licks her own nipples, jacks her clit, and motivates Tommy (and us) with her delicious nasty talk. The combination of clit-jacking and pussy fucking soon pays big dividends when Jenaveve has an earthshaking orgasm. Afterward, she sucks her cum off Tommy's cock and uses his lucky rod to massage her tits. Later, they spend some very pretty time fucking doggie style (Jenaveve's tight Latina body looks superb). Again, Jenaveve screams how much she loves it: "I can feel every fucking inch of your cock in my pussy! DON'T STOP FUCKING ME!" Tommy does the lady's bidding and soon causes her to cum again (she smiles like a triumphant warrior).

Afterward, Jenaveve sucks Tommy's cock clean and then they return to doggie for some more very pleasurable sex (for both them and us!). Tommy fucks her fast and deep while she jacks her clit. She knows we're watching and asks, "You like watching that shit, huh?" Hell yes. Why else would I be writing about you, darlin'? Eventually, they transition again, this time to reverse cowgirl. Jenaveve's tiny and oh-so-horny body looks stupendous as Tommy pounds her ferociously while she enthusiastically fingers her own clit. Midway during reverse cowgirl, they spend some time in 69, eagerly cleaning each others' genitals.

To finish up, Tommy ramps up to an orgasm by fucking her missionary style and then blows his load all over her pretty feet. Damned pretty girl and damned good sex. Five stars.

Scene 2

Scene Two is so fucking awesome that I'm just going to tease you about it. Do yourself a favor...watch this one! I soenjoyed the performances of both gorgeous blonds in this scene--and I want you to do the same!

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Here are some hints to get your blood boiling. If you know anything at all about Tiana Lynn, you just know she's gonna squirt (repeatedly) in every one of her scenes. And, you know that she's going to be devilishly dominant. Second, if you've ever seen angelic-looking yet totally insatiable and depraved Sunny Lane, you simply know that she's gonna have a fucking good time every time she has sex. Sunny is the dictionary definition of sexual passion. Now, imagine how explosive these two girls would be if you put them together and let their depraved desires feed off of each other. If you are like me and like to see girls have tons of fun during sex and cum hard and often, you're gonna be in heaven! Now, pretend you're the lucky SOB (Brian Surewood) who not only gets to watch these incendiary girls fuck their brains out but also gets to participate. Do you get the picture? No, I really don't think so. Believe me, you probably haven't imagined more than 10% of what actually happens during the nearly half-hour (no fast-forward needed!) of Scene Two. The cumshot alone is worth the price of this disk! Just watch it like I'm gonna do right now. If you're like me, you'll yell "FUCKING AWESOME" at least 100 times during it. Five stars.

Scene 3

Scene Three is another hot threeway, a b/b/g featuring Brian Surewood (lucky SOB has two scenes in this movie), Sascha, and exotic ebony-haired sex goddess Sandra Romain. When the scene fades in Sandra, dressed in a virginal white skirt and matching dress coat (no blouse), strolls across a very contemporary living room toward the camera. As she strolls, she tugs on the lapels of her jacket so that we can get a sweet peek of her glorious boobs and chest. Eventually, she reaches her destination, a couch on which Sascha and Brian are waiting. However, she's not finished teasing us. So, she leaves the guys alone and turns toward us, opens her jacket, and tenderly fondles her luscious flesh. Meanwhile, the camera zooms in tight so that her right all-natural and oh-so-scrumptious breasts fill almost all of the screen. Yum! She continues to disrobe, turning round and round as she strips so that we and her guys get plenty of eye candy. What a delightful body!

When Sandra's down to her barely-there white thong (you gotta love what a thong does to a woman's ass!), she gives Brian a little lap dance, erotically rubbing her still-clothed pussy against his knee. Meanwhile she teases us: "I want you so bad. I WANT YOU IN MY BED!" Alas, you can't have us Sandra because we're on the wrong side of the screen. So, knowing that she'll have to settle for second best, she turns to Sascha and begins to hump his leg with movements that'll leave you panting. Sandra continues her striptease and, once she's naked, she reclines across both guys' laps. Sascha immediately begins to feel her glorious body with his hands while Brian grabs her nicely pedicured feet so that he can lick and kiss them and her shoes. Brian also uses a free hand to jack her clit with rapid-fire motions. The guys make Sandra's blood boil and, in response, her body undulates and swells in ecstasy. Soon, Brian buries his face between her legs so that he can feast on her juices. Meanwhile, Sascha pulls his hugely erect cock out of his pants and shoves it in her mouth. Too soon, I think, Sandra rolls over into the doggie position and continues to please Sascha's cock orally. At the same time, Brian slips his finger into her from behind and begins to fuck her.

In due course, Sandra simultaneously performs fellatio on both happy cocks (one after the other). When Sascha cannot wait any longer, he moves Sandra into the doggie position atop the couch and frantically fucks her pussy ("FUCK ME HARD...YES!") while Brian fucks her throat (great camera angles). Then, in one of the smoothest transitions I've ever seen, Brian slips his body under Sandra and, when Sascha pulls his cock out of Sandra's pussy, Brian slides right in cowgirl style. Nice moves, people! As Brian pounds her relentlessly, Sascha presents his cock to Sandra. Of course, she immediately takes it into her insatiable mouth! And, she skillfully uses her hands to stroke him, too! Eventually raw lust overpowers Sandra. So, she tosses Sascha's cock aside and concentrates entirely on fucking Brian with very intense and energetic thrusts and grinds until she's growling with passion.

Midway during the cowgirl segment, Sandra moves from Brian's dick to Sascha's in a round-robin fashion. The dicks may change, but her forceful moves and passion remain the same. And, when one dick is in her pussy, the other stuffs her mouth (she's a great cocksucker!). After an abrupt edit, Sandra has transitioned to doggie so that Brian can inch his cock past her sphincter and frantically fuck her tight asshole (great camera angles). Sandra loves it and shouts, "FUCK MY ASS!" As the scene continues, the guys share her asshole and, after one guy pulls out and the other enters, she cleans the "dirty" dick with her insatiable mouth. Sascha, in particular, knows what we want to see. So, while he fucks Sandra's ass, he takes occasional breaks to gape her ass and pussy for us.

All of a sudden, Sandra exclaims: "Both. I WANT BOTH....AT THE SAME TIME!" The guys are willing! So, after a little doggie-style anal sex, during which Sandra multiple-finger-fucks her pussy, she mounts Sascha cowgirl style. Sandra furiously fucks him vaginally, and then shouts for joy when Brian fills her asshole. The guys DP her relentlessly (nice camera angles) as she screams with ecstasy and motivates them with her sexy Eastern-European-accented nasty talk. Of course, nasty girl Sandra performs ATM on every cock that's been in her ass just to keep it clean! She also deep-throats the cocks during ATM. In due course, the guys DP her in reverse cowgirl and make her cum like a volcano. To keep her orgasm flowing, she pushes Sascha off of her and furiously jacks her clit and multiple-finger-fucks her cunt as Brian continues to fuck her ass at redline speed. Then, after an abrupt edit that damages the continuity of the scene, Sascha is under Sandra, pumping her ass reverse cowgirl style, while Brian slips his dick into her from on top.

To finish up, Sandra begs the guys to plaster her face and fill her mouth. They do the lady's bidding: Sascha fucks her ass doggie style until he's ready to pop and then fills her mouth. Sandra holds his semen in her mouth and then lets Brian fuck her pussy until he's ready to explode. He, too, deposits a substantial load into her greedy mouth. Then, after showing us her full mouth, she spits the double-load of cum onto her pretty tits. Five stars.

Scene 4

Uncompromising analist Katja Kassin teams up with Mark Wood in Scene Four. Wearing only a wide-open man's white shirt and skimpy black lace panties, Katja saunters into the room and announces, "I want MORE!" Sex, I would assume. She then sits on a high stool, leans back, spreads wide, shoves her hand inside her panties and fingers her dripping pussy for our enjoyment. Of course, judging by her contented moans, she's getting a lot of enjoyment, too. While Katja masturbates, the camera lovingly pans up and down her fine all-natural body. Eventually, Katja steps down from the stool, turns to show off her ass cheeks, strips off her clothes, and then literally fucks the stool. Damn, her jiggling ass flesh looks yummy.

Meanwhile, she inflames our lust by purring, "I want to fuck you some more! I want it everywhere...I want it in my mouth...I want it in my pussy...and I want it in my ass, too!" No problem, Katja. I've got you covered. Of course, I really don'thave her covered...Mark Wood does. So, Katja gets down on her knees and crawls across the room to where Mark's super-stiff cock awaits her lusty touch. She immediately shoves his rod into her insatiable mouth and sucks it with an eagerness that the rest of us mortals can only imagine. And, the quantity of spit that she provides to lubricate the works is definitely significant. Mark takes advantage of her willingness and recklessly fucks her accommodating throat: "It feels so good deep down my throat!" Great camera angles--including POV--highlight the blowjob. Too bad the video is blasted-out overexposed. While continuing to service Mark's lucky cock, Katja lays back on a white leather couch, spreads her legs wide, and multiple-finger-fucks her pussy (she feeds him her juice-soaked fingers).

After a couple more minutes of spirited fellatio/masturbation, Katja returns to the stool on which she began the scene. The height of the stool is perfect for fucking...Katja spreads her legs wide and opens her pussy so Mark, standing in front of her, can slide in easily. Of course, once his cock is inside, he fucks her with fast, deep, and intense strokes while she pants and groans in ecstasy. Katja is so fucking horny--and Mark is such an accomplished swordsman--that Katja cums in less than a minute! Afterward, Mark momentarily pulls out and teases her clit with the tip of his cock. After a bit more missionary sex, Katja stands up, kneels on the floor, and then crawls across the room (her bouncing ass to the camera) to where Mark has relocated on the couch. After a bit of cock-cleansing pussy-to-mouth action, Katja mounts Mark, slides his cock into her pussy, and then the two of them fuck each other with incredible power. In fact, Katja is SO hot that her body is soon dripping with sweat. And, Katja's bouncing, thrusting, and grinding movements during this segment are extremely erotic. After sucking her pussy juices off Mark's cock, Katja transitions to piledriver. Mark pounds her relentlessly while she jacks her own clit. Believe me, Katja's orgasm during this segment is mind-boggling. She even stops breathing...the orgasm is that strong! Mark doesn't let her come down from her orgasmic high. Instead, he continues to pound her so that pleasure continues to overpower her lusty body.

As the scene continues, the couple transitions to reverse cowgirl. While the camera zooms in on Katja's well-fucked pussy, she inches her body down on Mark's stiff cock until her asshole first accepts and then swallows him. Of course, once his cock is balls deep inside her, she knows exactly what to do: she fucks and grinds him relentlessly using absolutely outstanding moves. Mark, too, gets in on the action and pounds her ferociously in response to her horniness: "It's like a little lap dance with a dick in my ass!" You just gotta love an attitude like that! Katja reallyknows how to use a cock to please her ass and is soon trembling through yet another massive orgasm--maybe I should say "ass-gasm!"

In due course, Katja's truly nasty side prevails when she begs him: "I wanna suck that ass juice off that cock!" After she performs ATM on his tingling cock, she remounts him reverse cowgirl style and continues to pound him as if he's the best partner she's ever had. This is fucking awesome sex! While they fuck anally, Katja jacks her clit and rewards herself with yet another body-shivering orgasm: "Oh my God, it feels SO good!" After she cums, she again enjoys a little ATM action and then moves into the doggie position. Katja stretches her asshole open using multiple spit-lubricated fingers and then Mark again slips past her sphincter and pounds her. During this segment, Mark often pulls out so that we can savor Katja's beautiful gaping asshole. As Mark's precum dribbles out of Katja's ass and past her pussy, Katja exclaims, "You're giving me goosebumps...I've got goosebumps all over my legs." She's right. Zoom in and you'll see them--talk about a horny bitch! I LOVE IT! Mark and Katja continue to fuck anally in the doggie position until she cums yet again and he's ready to pop.

At Katja's invitation..."I want to taste the hot man-milk on my face"...Mark pulls out of Katja's ass and, as soon as she's in position, fills her mouth and splatters her face with his sperm. Mark uses his cock--and Katja uses her fingers--to scoop stray semen into her mouth. Then, the nasty bitch swallows. You know, I've seen Katja in lots of scenes, but I think this is her best (at least of those I've seen). Five stars.

Scene 5

Scene Five is yet another first-class scene. It's a three-way b/g/g featuring luscious busty and all-natural Haley Paige and Bailey. While Haley's a cute brunette, Bailey is a voluptuous blond who is notthe stereotypical emaciated female model type. I, for one, enjoy seeing a little meat on girls. That's not to say that Bailey's fat, because she's most definitely not. However, she doesn't appear starved to death. I like that.

Anyway, this scene has a fairly involved setup in which director Zak, off screen, has the girls kneel, stand, sit, speak, and do other dog-like commands. Perhaps this is the footage Zak had in mind when he called the movie Man's Best Friend.However, I prefer my take..."Man's best friend is his pussy."

When the scene fades in, both Haley and Bailey, still dressed in their bras and panties, are kneeling on the floor facing away from us. They shake their booties for the camera (damned fine eye candy) and then, at Zak's command, turn around and sit. When told to speak, Haley pipes up, "I want to fuck you," while Bailey ups the ante, "I want to fuck you more!" The girls want to fuck "super bad," but Zak will not give them that "treat" until they do what they're told. Of course, the horny girls readily agree. They crawl, stop, stay, show off their tits (WOW times four), rub their boobs together, strip off their panties, spread their pussies, masturbate, lick their fingers clean, spread their assholes wide, and do everything they're told. By this time, when told to "speak," they announce their need for cock up their pussies and asses. The girls are really obedient. After all, they really want their "treat."

Since the girls behaved so well, Zak eventually rewards them with Sascha's cock. The girls go nuts over his penis, sucking it, slurping it, licking it, deep-throating it, and choking on it. And, they finger fuck each others' pussies while they please his cock.

After too little of this first-class fellatio, and after an abrupt cut, the two girls assume the doggie position, side-by-side, so that Sascha can take turns fucking each alluring pussy. Ah, the life of a porn stud! Bailey's pleasure engine ignites instantaneously and is reflected by her squeals of pleasure and her nasty vocabulary. Of course, Haley is also a horny slut and reacts with real pleasure when he fucks her. The girls work together as a team...when Sascha fucks one, the other helps out by talking nasty, by sucking Sascha's cock clean, or by shaking her ass to keep Sascha (and us) energized. In one of the prettiest positions you'll ever see, both girls assume the doggie position, Haley above Bailey. This way, Sascha can please each pussy without moving from one girl to the other...he simply pulls out of one pussy, aims a little lower (or higher), and penetrates the other. Again, porn studs have thelife! After Haley cums, the trio transitions: Haley rides Sascha reverse cowgirl while Bailey lustfully watches the action and lends a helping hand, mouth, or tongue wherever possible. Haley pounds him like a champion cowgirl and occasionally lets Sascha's cock slip out of her so that Bailey can suck it clean. Lucky Sascha gets to enjoy both girls vaginally in the reverse cowgirl position--in round-robin fashion. During this segment, Bailey's boob's look absolutely awesome as she hurls her body up and down on Sascha's cock! In fact, they look so fucking good that Haley simply can't keep her hands off of them! Meanwhile Bailey fucks Sascha, with gyrating and grinding motions that are a truly sight to behold. They certainly made my cock stand up and pay attention.

In due course, it's time for the girls to get their "anal" treat. So, after an abrupt cut, the girls recline on the couch, missionary style, so that Sascha can penetrate and fuck each oh-so-happy asshole. Haley gets her ass reamed first--"That fucking cock feels so fucking good!"--while Bailey watches and jacks her own clit. Bailey really likes what she sees and wants to be a part: "I want to taste her asshole." So, Sascha repeatedly pulls out of Haley's butt for a little ATM action. While Haley's being fucked missionary style, Bailey helps out by licking and fingering Haley's clit. Haley soon rewards Sascha and Bailey with a sweet orgasm. Afterward, Haley sucks her own ass off of Sascha's cock.

Then, it's time for Bailey's anal dreams to be realized--doggie style. As the camera moves in tight for excellent close-ups, Sascha stretches and pounds Bailey's asshole until she has an ass-gasm. Meanwhile, Haley, seated next to Bailey, fingers herself to another orgasm. Before the scene comes to a close, both girls get two additional anal rides on Sascha's cock in the reverse cowgirl and/or doggie positions. While Sascha fucks Haley's ass reverse cowgirl style, she fingers her own clit while Bailey suckles Haley's inviting boobs and licks her nipples. When it's Bailey's turn for a final reverse cowgirl ride on Sascha's dick, be sure to pause and savor the absolutely stunning beauty of her pussy as it winks open and closed in reaction to Sascha's thrusts. Both girls cum again during this concluding segment...Haley's is truly the stuff of wet dreams.

To finish up, Sascha pounds Bailey's ass doggie style and, after the girls roll over onto their backs, he pops on Bailey's boobs and chest. Haley then laps up Sascha's semen and cum-swaps it with Bailey. More five-star sex!

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): Amateurish. Yes, this is gonzo. However, the video is so overexposed (too bright) in some places that the whole feel of the scene is literally destroyed. In addition, the exposure level varies considerably during scenes and from scene to scene. And, the color balance is often incorrect. Add to that abrupt edits and it's obvious that a knowledgeable and skillful videographer was not behind the camera. On the bright side, the videographer must really like porn because he knows exactly what to show us and when. In addition, the camera angles are right on. Two and one-half stars.

Audio (technical):
The audio is OK. However, the "sounds of sex," being shouted by the performers, are much louder than the dialog. So, I had to turn up the volume to hear the girls talk and then turn down the volume when they fucked. My guess is that the crew used a camera-mounted mike...the sound would have been better had a boom microphone been employed. There's no annoying music to overshadow the sounds of sex. Three stars.

Extras: Most importantly, there's a very sweet 22-minute five-star Bonus Scene featuring luscious Penny Flame (love those tits!) and Tommy Gunn. If you like female flesh as much as I do, I think you'll really enjoy watching Penny shower (and masturbate) in an open-air shower before the fucking begins. And, female orgasm lovers will really enjoy Penny's multiple orgasms. In addition, there's 17-minute Behind the Scenes Featurette (including impromptu interviews, behind-the camera foolishness, lots of footage of incredible Sandra Romain, video of the still-shot photo shoots, blocking-out of the scenes, rehearsals, and choosing wardrobe). Rounding-out the cast of Extras are a self-running slide show, Trailers, Website access info, and Phone Sex ads. Of course, there's a full-motion chapter selector. Four and one-half stars.

Aesthetics: Man's Best Friend was captured in a very nice home in nicely appointed rooms. The girls' outfits are cute--until they remove their clothes when the real beauty shines forth. The girls' make-up is appropriate and very natural looking. There is no musical soundtrack to evaluate. Four stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 5.00
Average video rating: 3.00
Average audio rating: 3.00
Average production values rating: 4.00
Extras rating: 4.50
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.30

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It ( Skip It (

Dr. Jay

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