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Squirts So Good 3

Studio: DVSX » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 11/14/11

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Genre: All sex.
Director: Alex Ladd
Cast: Alex Sanders, Britney Stevens, Christina Lee, Derrick Pierce, Leah Luv, Lyla Lei, Mark Zebro, Nick Manning, Rachel Evans, Vein Lewis.
Must-See Girls in Cast: None.
Length: 01:51
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus point for condom-free sex.


I'm a big fan of women who squirt. So, when a copy of Squirts So Good 3 ended up in my in-box, I just hadto have a look. I wasn't disappointed!

I must also admit that I chose to review this movie because ever-popular Leah Luv is on the box cover and is highlighted in the movie. Leah is a magnificent fuck and you owe it to yourself to watch her scenes whenever you get a chance.

I really recommend two of this movie's five scenes to you...Scene Three, featuring Leah Luv and Derrick Pierce, is absolutely volcanic. And, Rachel Evans, who appears in Scene Five, has one of the finest female bodies I've ever seen...and I've seen a hell of a lot of naked women in my time.




Scene 1

Scene One Overview: Scene One is a boy/girl all-vaginal scene set indoors on a living room couch.

  • Commentary: I'll put money on my guess that this scene was shot in Europe. Somehow, I don't really care for European porn stars...they seem to go through the motions, but there's just no passion when they fuck! In this scene, the girl, Christina Lee, squirts several times. But, I don't really think she had a great time during sex. I wouldn't want to be with her--she's too non-responsive!
  • Rating: Three and one-half stars.
  • Girl (Christina Lee): Christina is a girl-next-door sandy blond with bright blue eyes. She has large natural-looking breasts; a soft, cuddly, and very feminine body; an absolutely superb blemish-free ass; a pretty pussy crowned with a chevron of nicely-cropped hair and a clit-hood ring; tattoos on her tailbone and leg; pierced clit hood, tongue, nose, and earlobes; and long shapely legs.
  • Guy (Vein Lewis): Vein is an average-looking porn stud with an average cock performing about average.
  • Scene Setup: Very little scene set-up occurs. Vein bends Christina over, doggie style, hikes up her skirt, kisses and squeezes her gorgeous ass, tugs aside her panties, and begins to eat her pussy.
  • Foreplay: Christina does a nice job pleasing Guy's cock. She gives him a handjob and a blowjob and also gobbles his balls. She also lets him squeeze her pretty tits. Guy returns the favor by orally pleasing Christina. He eats and multiple-finger-fucks her spit-soaked pussy as she uses her hands to spread her ass cheeks wide open for him.
  • Penetrations: Christina gets her pussy and mouth plowed by Vein during the scene.
  • Positions: Vein fucks Christina in (all positions are vaginal): 1) missionary; 2) reverse cowgirl; 3) kneeling doggie style; 4) reverse cowgirl part two; 5) cowgirl; 6) standing cowgirl (Vein stands, lifts Christina, and fucks her while standing); and 7) spoon.
  • Girl's Demeanor: Christina is, as I mentioned above, a European-style porn star. Her moans are more mechanical than passionate. She cums, but doesn't seem to care.
  • Scene Highlights: There are a few noteworthy highlights in the scene, including: 1) pussy-to-mouth cock-cleaning between positions; 2) ass spanking; 3) gaping pussy shots; and 4) clit jacking (by both Christina and Vein) during sex. My favorite part, however, is when Vein, during position six (standing cowgirl) lifts Christina above his head as he stands in the middle of the room. Then, he greedily eats her tasty pussy. Amazing!
  • Girl's Orgasm: Christina squirt/cums in reverse and kneeling doggie.
  • Guy's Pop: Vein pops on Christina's face and into her mouth. She rolls his semen around in her mouth, and sucks him dry. However, there's no evidence of her swallowing.

Scene 2

Scene Two Overview: Scene Two is a boy/girl scene in which Alex Sanders gets to fuck busty Britney Stevens' pussy with his cock and her asshole with several of his fingers. The scene is set indoors on a living room couch.

  • Commentary: If you doubt the words I wrote about my less-than-stellar impression of European porn girls, just watch Britney Stevens in Scene Two! The difference is like night and day! Whereas Christina Lee appeared to tolerate sex, Britney loves it! And, she proves it by talking nasty and by squirting when she repeatedly cums.
  • Rating: Four and one-half stars.
  • Girl (Britney Stevens): Britney is a busty girl-next-door with mesmerizing brown doe eyes; brunette hair; large, beautifully shaped, and natural tits; a soft and cuddly body; tattoos on her shoulder and tailbone; pierced navel; shapely and meaty ass; and bald pussy. Britney's best feature is her incredible tits! Gotta love 'em!
  • Guy (Alex Sanders): Alex is a legendary swordsman who works really well with Britney and encourages her with nasty talk.
  • Scene Setup: While moving erotically, Britney strips out of her clothes and shows off her magnificent breasts and curvy young body. Later, she introduces herself and tells us how she loves to squirt. And, she tells us to fuck her hard so that she can squirt when she cums.
  • Foreplay: Alex worships Britney's tits with his mouth and hands, performs enthusiastic cunnilingus on her insatiable pussy, fondles and gropes her flesh, fucks her pussy with his tongue, rims her anus, and multiple-finger-fucks her pussy and asshole. Britney performs very enthusiastic fellatio on Alex's cock and gets repaid by Alex when he multiple-finger-fucks her pussy while she blows him.
  • Penetrations: Britney gets her pussy stuffed with Alex's cock. In addition, she gets both her asshole and pussy reamed by several of his fingers.
  • Positions: Britney gets fucked vaginally in: 1) reverse cowgirl; 2) cowgirl; 3) missionary; 4) kneeling doggie; and 5) missionary (part two).
  • Girl's Demeanor: Britney loves being fucked and proves it with her moves, sounds, and copious nasty commentary. Her moans and groans are passionate and real.
  • Scene Highlights: I particularly enjoyed Britney's bouncing tits and erotic moves during the scene. I also enjoyed watching her jack her own clit while Alex fucks her. And, I liked seeing Alex rim her asshole between positions. However, the best highlight of the scene is Britney's pussy-to-mouth cock-cleaning technique. It's very slobbery and prolonged, and it includes lots of noisy deep-throat action.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Britney cum/squirts twice...in reverse cowgirl and in kneeling doggie.
  • Guy's Pop: Alex pops on Britney's face and in her mouth. She sucks/strokes him dry and swallows his load. Good girl, Britney!

Scene 3

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Scene Three Overview: Scene Three is a boy/girl vaginal-only scene set on the couch in an attractive living room.

  • Commentary: Scene Three features the ever-popular Leah Luv in a boy/girl scene with Derrick Pierce. If you haven't seen Leah Luv in action, you're not watching enough porn. Believe me, she's hot! I had the good fortune to meet Leah on a set one time. Sadly, I didn't know--at the time--exactly how fortunate I was to make her acquaintance...sigh! Leah is delightful and does an excellent job in this scene...it is definitely the best scene in Squirts So Good 3.
  • Rating: Five stars.
  • Girl (Leah Luv): Leah is a cute, long, and lithe blond with gray eyes. She appears very young and even sports braces to reinforce her youthful appearance. Her tits are small, divinely natural, and sport two of the best nipples I've seen since Felicia...they're rock hard and shaped like pencil erasers. Leah's body is hard, her ass is absolutely superb (not a blemish or hint of cellulite anywhere), and her pussy, which is crowned by a patch of heart-shaped and neatly-cropped pubic hair, is to die for. She has only one piercing--in her navel. And, her legs are long, shapely, and lithe. Best of all, however, is her clit which is enormous when it's happy!
  • Guy (Derrick Pierce): Derrick is a nicely built guy with a large--but not enormous--cock that he knows how to use to its best advantage. He works very well with Leah in this five-star scene.
  • Scene Setup: Leah poses; bends over to show off, spank, and squeeze her magnificent ass; and spreads her inviting pussy. Then, she strips off her tiny bikini panties and miniscule bra. Later, she introduces herself and tells us how her little button--her clit--can be used to make her squirt all over the place. Then, Derrick joins her for foreplay.
  • Foreplay: Derrick pleases Leah with kisses, with cunnilingus, by biting her flesh (at her invitation), and by multiple-finger-fucking her pussy. And, he nurses on her amazing hard nipples. Leah gives Derrick a very slobbery and enthusiastic blowjob that features jawbreakers, stringers, and balls-deep deep-throat action (she gags a lot!). She also uses her talented hands to please his aching rod. And, she pleasures herself by tightly squeezing her nipples.
  • Penetrations: This scene is vaginal-only. But, Leah does, in effect, double-stuff her pussy when she shoves four fingers into it while Derrick plows it!
  • Positions: Derrick gets to fuck Leah's pussy in three positions: 1) cowgirl (very high-energy sex!); 2) reverse cowgirl; and 3) kneeling doggie (Leah double-stuffs her pussy during this position by four-finger-fucking herself while Derrick reams her). The sex is highly energetic throughout the scene and great chemistry develops between Leah and Derrick.
  • Girl's Demeanor: Leah is an insatiable slut. I fuckin' love her! I especially love her nasty vocabulary.
  • Scene Highlights: As Derrick fucks Leah, he spanks her magnificent ass on numerous occasions and repeatedly chokes her throat to heighten her pleasure. For her part, Leah does an absolutely outstanding job of deep-throating Derrick's shaft when she sucks her juices off of it between positions. This inter-sex fellatio features lots of gagging and is extremely slobbery. Leah's moves--especially her grinding moves--are incendiary. And, I really enjoyed her dripping juicy pussy and how her ass flesh jiggles when they fuck.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Leah cums while Derrick finger-fucks her pussy during foreplay. During sex, Leah squirt/cums in all three positions. Her ejaculations are very powerful and voluminous--and are more like a sprinkler than a fire hose.
  • Guy's Pop: Derrick pops in Leah's mouth and onto her face and tits. Then, she sucks him dry. The camera doesn't show us whether she swallows or not.

Scene 4

Scene Four Overview: Scene Four is a conventional boy/girl all-vaginal scene that, of course, results in lots of orgasms--and squirts--for female star Lyla Lei. The scene is set indoors in a very nice living room.

  • Commentary: After Leah's incredible performance in Scene Three, you'd think the next scene would be a let down. Well, you'd be wrong because cute-as-can-be Lyla Lei is one hell of a good fuck...and a good squirter, too.
  • Rating: Four and one-half stars.
  • Girl (Lyla Lei): Lyla Lei is a very cute young-looking 23-year-old Asian girl who has brown eyes, black hair, an exotic-looking face, a hard body, and cute tiny tits. She has a tattoo on her tailbone and a naturally hairy pussy that is shaven below clit level. She also has a clit that swells hard and erect when she's horny.
  • Guy (Nick Manning): If you've seen Nick Manning before, you might think I'm crazy when I say he's one of my favorite male performers. I really like how he talks nasty with the girls--most guys keep their mouths shut when they fuck--and how he can get the most from them. I also like his harder-than-normal fucking style and his infamous "dropping loads" remark whenever he's ready to pop.
  • Scene Setup: The set-up is pretty much the same as the previous scenes...Lyla poses, bends over to show off her ass, and caresses her own hard body. During her subsequent introductory soliloquy, Lyla describes herself as "horny as fuck," and then goes on to demonstrate how we can use our fingers to make her squirt (her fingers are too short to reach her G-spot...so, she needs our manly digits!). And, she tells us she likes to start out with romantic sex and graduate to "no mercy" when she gets fired up. Cute girl!
  • Foreplay: After a little groping and tit sucking, Nick pleasures Lyla with cunnilingus and by finger-fucking her cunt. Nick, using multiple fingers and his talented tongue, makes Lyla cum as he eats her. Later, Lyla gives Nick a spirited blowjob during which she three-finger-fucks her own pussy. She deep-throats him and enjoys herself tremendously when he fucks her face. During fellatio, Nick pulls Lyla's hair to keep her under control.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal only.
  • Positions: Lyla and Nick fuck in 1) kneeling doggie; 2) missionary; 3) reverse cowgirl; and 4) cowgirl. Lyla is a very energetic performer and has a really good time as they fuck each other to heaven.
  • Girl's Demeanor: Lyla loves to get fucked. What a pleasure it would be to have sex with someone so demonstrative and enthusiastic! I really enjoyed listening to her realistic and enthusiastic moans and groans while I watched her fuck Nick with abandon.
  • Scene Highlights: Lyla, being an extremely sexual person, is not content to just let Nick fuck her. No, she fucks him back...vigorously! She uses very effective thrusting and grinding moves on his cock and she also keeps that rod clean using pussy-to-mouth. And, she deep-throats his shaft and makes long stringers of spit from her mouth to his dick.
  • Girl's Orgasm: During cunnilingus, Nick makes Lyla cum by fucking her pussy with multiple fingers while simultaneously licking her clit. During sex, Lyla cums during doggie and twice during cowgirl. Lyla squirts every time she cums.
  • Guy's Pop: Nick explodes in Lyla's mouth and all over her face and tits. She scoops globs of his semen off of her chest and eats it. And, she sucks him dry, too.

Scene 5

Scene Five Overview: Scene Five is a squirt-intensive boy/girl all-vaginal scene that is set in a living room on a couch.

  • Commentary: The female star of this scene, Rachel Evans, has one of the most alluring bodies of any porn star I've ever seen. Really. In addition, her moves are really hot, especially when she uses a combination undulating, thrusting, grinding action to fuck her male partner, Mark Zebro. That said, the scene left me wanting...you see, it's another European-shot encounter that's simply too quiet for me. I really think that Rachel felt a lot of pleasure during the scene...she sure as hell ejaculated often enough! However, her moans and groans, while realistic, are too subdued to me. When I fuck, I want to know my woman is having a good time! And, when I watch sex, I want to know the same thing. Nonetheless, Rachel's looks, her moves, and her ejaculations are sublime.
  • Rating: Four and one-half stars.
  • Girl (Rachel Evans): This girl is flawless! She has haunting green eyes; sandy blond hair; a mesmerizing face; perfectly-sized and superbly shaped natural breasts; a hard--yet curvy--body with abs to die for; a simply gorgeous and blemish-free ass; a neat rectangular patch of neatly cropped pubic hair above her clit (she's clean around her labia); and long, shapely, and lithe legs. WOW! Interestingly, she has no tattoos or piercings.
  • Guy (Mark Zebro): Mark is a thinner-than-usual-porn-stud with a very muscular abdomen (I wonder if he'd sell them to me!) and an absolutely huge cock. Even better, he really knows how to use his tongue on a pussy!
  • Scene Setup: Rachel poses and pulls up her top so that she can play with her beautiful medium-sized breasts. She also strokes her thong-clad pussy. She doesn't introduce herself because, I assume, she doesn't speak much English.
  • Foreplay: After the two of them share a very erotic open-mouthed kiss, Rachel begins by giving Mark a very pleasing handjob that soon morphs into a combination handjob/blowjob. Later, Mark ravenously eats Rachel's cunt, fucks her pussy with his tongue, and suckles her tits. During foreplay, Rachel also plays with her superb breasts.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal only.
  • Positions: Rachel and Mark have sex in three positions...however, they return to some of them more than once. In order, they fuck in 1) kneeling doggie; 2) missionary; 3) reverse cowgirl (the absolute best position of the scene); 4) missionary; 5) kneeling doggie; and 6) missionary.
  • Girl's Demeanor: Rachel obviously loves sex and moans realistically while she's being reamed. However, she's far too subdued for my taste. I wanna hear 'em scream with passion!
  • Scene Highlights: Rachel spends a lot of time fucking Mark--so he can just lie back and enjoy the ride. He does, however, get extremely agitated on occasion and fucks her at redline speed. When Rachel does the fucking, it's absolutely incredible. Her moves are magnificent! During the scene, Rachel takes numerous opportunities to suck her juices off of Mark's cock. In doing so, she makes lots of jawbreakers in her mouth with his cock. I particularly enjoyed how Mark repeatedly pulls his cock out of Rachel so that he can go down on her and use extremely effective rapid-fire licking motions to please her insatiable clit. And, I like how Rachel often takes Mark's rod out of her juicy and dripping cunt so that she can rub it against her swollen clit. Speaking of her clit...whenever she can, Rachel reaches down and jacks it while she and Mark fuck.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Amazing! Rachel squirt/cums over and over again. In fact, during reverse cowgirl she squirts ten times. And, in kneeling doggie, she ejaculates three more times. Rachel's streams are not as powerful as, say, Jada Fire's. However, they are so repetitive that they're noteworthy.
  • Guy's Pop: Mark pops mainly in Rachel's mouth...a little gets on her face. Sadly, though, she spits out his semen...didn't her mommy ever tell her to "taste it, don't waste it?" Anyway, his little soldiers end up all over her magnificent boobs.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): Overall, the video is quite good. It is clear, crisp, and displays no hint of grain, noise, or pixelization. The lighting is good and the color balance is pleasing. The camera angles and close-ups are effective and the camera motions are, for the most part, smooth and fluid (there are a very few jerky camera moves). The editing is generally good, although a couple of transitions from one sexual position to another are missing. However, I never got the impression that I missed anything important. Four stars.

Audio (technical): The sound is presented at an appropriate volume level. You can hear the girls words when they introduce themselves and every moan and groan of ecstasy. Music accompanies the scene set-up strip-tease segments but fades away during sex so nothing comes between your ears and the performers' sounds. Four stars.

Extras: The primary Extra is a ten-minute Behind-the-Scenes featurette that is primarily composed of impromptu interviews of Lyla Lei and Nick Manning. Also included are video clips shot when still photos of Lyla Lei and Britney Stevens were taken and some behind-the-camera footage captured while the sex was being filmed. I was a bit disappointed in the Extra I like most on DVSX releases...the "Masturbations" feature. On this disc, each of the five stars appears in a masturbation sequence. That's good. However, what's not-so-good is the very short length of the girls' self-loving segments. The Extras also include a self-running slide show (you can also control it with your remote), hot shots (cum shot recap), website access (if you play the DVD on your computer), and trailers for three DVSX release. This set of Extras is about average in today's marketplace. Three stars.

Production Values:
From the visual perspective, the production values are so-so. A variety of locations was used during filming (some, I think, in Europe). However, the locations were not inventively used. Instead, every one of the five sexual encounters took place on a fucking couch. How boring...how trite...how predictable. The girls' outfits are cute and sexy. However, I think their hair and make up could have been done better. From the audio perspective...there's no music to support the on-screen action. Three stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.40
Average video rating: 4.00
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 3.00
Extras rating: 3.00
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 3.88

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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