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Gracie Glam: Lust

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/17/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Gracie Glam with Nacho (all pictures courtesy of Elegant Angel)

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Gracie Glam: Lust (Blu-ray)

Elegant Angel

Genre: Gonzo, Gracie Glam

Gracie Glam (doing anal)

Director: Mason

Cast: Gracie Glam, Nacho Vidal, Manuel Ferrara, Jessie Andrews, Andy San Dimas, Alexis Texas, Erik Everhard, Mick Blue, Danny Mountain

Length: 184:02 minutes

Jessie Andrews, Gracie Glam, and Andy San Dimas

Date of Production: 8/22/2011

Extras: The best extra was the 43:27 minute long bonus scene from Girl Crush 1, the lengthy interview leading into a sexually charged lesbian encounter described in detail below. There was then a pop shot recap, a photogallery, and some website information.

Condoms: None

Alexis Texas and Gracie Glam

Audio/Video Quality: Gracie Glam: Lust was presented in a decent 1.78:1 ratio widescreen color as released by director Mason for Elegant Angel. While I did not see the standard definition version of the movie, word was that it was a truly fine showcase for Gracie Glam, this high definition Blu-ray version offering the same experience enhanced by the increased resolution of the 1080p offering. The camera work was again solid with plentiful lighting to eliminate grain, video noise and shadows so the picture appeared to be in line with her other work to date. The quick version for the quality of the technical aspects of the movie is that the scenes all looked great. The editing by Bossman Hall was as solid as ever, the lighting, and the other visual attributes appeared to be well handled yet again, the company almost synonymous with superior technical aspects these days; nothing really out of line to mention. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English track was pretty basic with little separation or dynamic range yet I could hear the cast well enough in most cases. The grunts and groans were heard well enough with the music again adding some value during the tease sequences.

Gracie Glam

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Body of Review: Mason is one of the best gonzo directors in porn (of either gender), her many titles at Elegant Angel proving that she is almost in a class of being unable to do any wrong. Her latest title is called Gracie Glam: Lust, showcasing hotty Gracie Glam, the young lady certainly earning some additional accolades having won over so many fans this past year. Each of her five scenes showed something special in addition to her award winning charms, one scene being a first anal with Manuel Ferrara, another a sexy lesbian threesome with Jessie Andrews & Andy San Dimas, a rough scene with Nacho Vidal, and a G/G/B with Alexis Texas. The opening footage from 2009 showing the start of Gracie’s career was especially interesting since it helps de-mystify her allure a bit, the innocence phase of her starting point capped by some very broad leaps in sexual activities captured so very well by Mason nicely done. The company website described the movie like this: “The voluptuous and beautiful superstar Gracie Glam (Best New Starlet 2011- AVN) performs in her highly anticipated 1st anal scene with AVN male performer of the year, Manuel Ferrara, in Gracie Glam: Lust, directed by the award winning Mason.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Gracie Glam, the lady featured on the front cover (and in every scene), was up first in a traditional company tease session wearing a sparkly dress and a skimpy black thong underneath. Gracie’s perfectly tight little body was highlighted very well here, the emphasis on that sweet ass of hers to a moderate beat proving again to be a fine combination under the natural light of the sun until it was time to work with Nacho Vidal. Nacho is best known for his rough sex and pushing the limits of the ladies, the man choking her almost from the beginning before going down on her and Gracie giving him some aggressive reciprocating head. Nacho is kind of a wild card in these scenes, sometimes able to elicit a better scene than when a gal doesn’t respond as well, Gracie seemingly falling into the category of liking how he treated her. She stroked him off before he savagely started banging her on the porch of the large house, the oral coming after his shaft was coated in her juices, the rough stuff continuing as their physical connection grew with ample evidence of some serious chemistry between them. I could have done without him using his foot on her throat to hold her down when he diddled her to completion but she was an active rider at all times, getting off at least a few times in the process before she swallowed his wad of genetic juice at the end.

Scene Two: Gracie Glam, next up in a tiny purple bikini, then discussed her first anal scene on camera with Manuel Ferrara. The tease that followed showed a jeweled anal plug stretching her perfect pucker as her awesomely oiled body gyrated to the music. The light of the sun always enhances these teases as far as I’m concerned and she never hesitated to do some ATM with the plug or other toys, Manuel certainly one of the larger guys to initiate oneself into the backdoor club. While not the curviest ass in porn at this writing, Gracie sure had a perfectly shaped behind, the tease leading to her dry humping Manuel on a white couch with his pants on. This friction built up a raging boner in the guy and he kissed her at length, wanting inside of her so badly that even during the first moments of their embrace, their chemistry levels were superb. She wanted him just as much and if there was any apprehension on her part, it was quickly dismissed in favor of their lust, Manuel warming her up orally before she slobbed his knob enthusiastically. This led to some vaginal penetration positions and taste testing, Gracie practically begging him to take her ass as he choked her. The anal was less active than the vaginal action but she clearly liked him breaking her anal cherry, Manuel tossing out a load of population pudding to her mouth and face before a few last pumps in her ass.

Scene Three: Gracie Glam, Jessie Andrews, and Andy San Dimas, were then up in a toy-centric lesbian tryst showing that all three of them were just as happy with pussy as pecker. Unlike the company’s “Club 59” offerings, the open display of lustful licking, grabbing, slapping, and rougher lesbian action was clearly in evidence; the toys alone sufficing to keep this one in Elegant’s more mainstream gonzo titles as a bonus scene. Andy probably had the highest profile of the lot but Jessie is climbing the ladder at a meteoric rate (no small thanks to other movies from the company such as “Portrait of a Call Girl”) and Gracie has certainly made a name for herself as a glamorous “go to” gal. The idea here was that the ladies wanted no rules or limits, being able to do as they wanted without regrets, the tease focusing on them in their bikini undies. They continued in the same clothing on the white couch in the white room, Gracie getting the most attention of all three at the beginning and end of the scene but Jessie and Andy getting plenty of attention along the way. The degree of chemistry here varied more than the last two scenes for me, the ladies showing they were in synch with each other but slightly awkward as well. The kissing and pawing helped more than the toys did (Gracie getting a technical DP by the end of the scene with a glass anal plug and a large pink vibrator), none of them shying away from dishing it out as roughly as they received it. Fans of choking will note that the ladies really, really liked performing the act on each other to elevate the heat, just as they apparently enjoyed having it done to them, all three ladies contributing at all times with no breaks.

Scene Four: Gracie Glam, Alexis Texas, and Erik Everhard were up next in a menage a trois after yet another awesome tease in the sun by the ladies, their glistening ass cheeks getting extreme amounts of oil poured on them in the daylight setting by the pool. The tempo of the music was a bit faster here, the scene following suit as the two popular ladies became aggressively oral on each other and Erik’s pecker. The resulting vaginal penetration positions showed both ladies to be active vaginal riders as they made a lust connection, the chemistry not reaching the highest levels but omnipresent all the same. They engaged each other on the large white couch located on the expansive deck attached to the house, out of direct sunlight but well lit all the same. Alexis’ amazing ass looked great from all angles too, Erik liking the way she sat on his face as Gracie inhaled his cock before the women switched places. In all, the scene showed Gracie as able to handle the zoned out Erik thrusting away like a man possessed just as well as the curvier Alexis, both adding something special to the scene before the ending round of spunk was tossed off by his hand to their faces for orally sharing with a sweet kiss (and cumswap).

Scene Five: Gracie Glam, again all made up to look her best, finished up the movie in a black bikini and stockings in a warehouse. The “babe in a trashy location” angle now covered, she walked over to a support beam in the apparently abandoned setting to find studly Mick Blue and moper Danny Mountain. The men grabbed at her crotch and choked her, Gracie dropping to her knees to alternate between them in a fitting contest of wills as she inhaled their cocks aggressively. Applying some hand to gland friction, she blew them and acted as an oral cock socket, the men throating her mercilessly though she took it better than I once thought she could. Danny had wood issues but Mick remained rock hard, the Austrian slapping her a little as he choked her and serving as her connection to the world as they continued on a conveniently placed pale green couch off to the side. The men took turns vaginally plowing her hard but she never did the expected DP or anal; quite a surprise given some of her other antics in the movie (as well as the placement of the scene). The rough stuff complemented the oral and vaginal work to a degree but the relative lack of chemistry weakened it as well (especially compared to the other four scenes), this one almost coming across as an oddity by comparison; worthy of a “all new bonus scene” status more than the capper to a wonderfully heated set of scenes. Gracie seemed to revert to her status as “performer” here and it was not a terrible scene, just limited when shown beside the other four scenes (five if you count the solid scene listed as a bonus scene; described below). The men ended it by rubbing out a couple of facials, their splooge flying indiscriminately around her mouth, face, and upper torso.

Bonus Scene: Girl Crush 1: Gracie Glam and Brooke Lee Adams, both considered curvy gals with a lot of sex appeal, were then up together in a slight change of pace during their interview (as opposed to solo interviews). Their chemistry was solid and each provided ample replay value in how they approached their role, a passionate drive displayed by them as they kissed and frolicked about on the tan couch (with a sheet across it). They wore colorful tank tops and shorts, neither offering the slightest bit of resistance to the other as they used the slow pace to enjoy what they were doing. There was plenty of taste testing and eating out, the kissing coming in frequently and deep with substantial eye contact.

Summary: Gracie Glam: Lust by director Mason for Elegant Angel will be yet another “must have” title for fans of Gracie Glam, earning a healthy dose of praise and a rating of Highly Recommended or better for the levels of strokability, replay value, and overall dedication to showcasing such an attractive young lady exploring her limits on camera. I thought the selection of supporting cast members like Jessie Andrews, Alexis Texas, and Andy San Dimas was matched by some serious pecker power in the form of Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue, Nacho Vidal, and Erik Everhard too, Mason’s sharp eye capturing the trysts ever so well helping elevate the end result. In short, Gracie Glam: Lust was a great combination of curvy babes meeting high end meat puppets to display serious chemistry and passion, the energy and enthusiasm showing why Gracie Glam is still on the ascension up the ladder of the porn pantheon.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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