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Asa Akira Is Insatiable 2

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 11/28/11

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Asa Akira is Insatiable 2
Elegant Angel
Directed by Mason
Running Time: 3hrs and 40min


Asa Akira
Manuel Ferrara
Lexington Steele
Nacho Vidal
Toni Ribas
John Strong
Jon Jon
Erik Everhard
Broc Adams
Ramon Nomar
Danny Mountain

Special Features:

Cumshot Recap
Photo Gallery

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Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 256 kbps

Video: VC-1 at 6-7 Mbps (interviews) spikes to 10-11 Mbps during the scenes

Overall Thoughts:

We are back with yet another installment of the Asa Akira is Insatiable series from Elegant Angel. I was lucky enough to review the first one, and gave it a HIGHLY RECOMMENDE rating, so I have been looking forward to checking out part two, as once again, Asa is out to raise the bar from the first one. We get anal, 1st DV, DP, DA and a gangbang. I can’t imagine what she is going to do next. One of my fellow reviewers on the site, already reviewed the DVD version and gave it a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating. So instead of going into great detail again, I will give you some basic thoughts and no need to give another detailed review. I would think with Don’s review and my random thoughts in this review, should be enough to let you know what we think of the movie.

Overall I have to say I really enjoyed the movie, after seeing her in the first one and then this one, I can’t wait to see what she has in mind for the next one. Asa has really shown us her sexual side of her, as it grows, and we all owe her much thanks for that. She should be very proud of this movie, and as always Mason does a great job of showcasing the girl and all of the action.

I was a little surprised that there was no 5.1 Dolby Digital in the Bluray version of this film, I just assumed that was given. Plus the very little special features that were included, but I guess you get interviews during the movie and a few minutes of BTS during the credits.

It’s fair to say that this movie will be a great addition to my library of movies, and one that will sit nicely next to Insatiable One, and I am sure one that I will revisit a few times. A few minor additions and tweaks and this would easily get our highest rating, but with the audio and very little special features, this still deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating.

Scene One: Asa and Nacho

An interview starts us out, with what the first movie did for her and how it’s affected her career and the sky is the limit now. That is an amazing skin tight dress she is wearing, as she walks around the house with many windows. After a letter is read, she changes out of the dress and is on some bondage type gear that really hides nothing. If I had a body like that, I would look at myself in the mirror a lot too. Nacho comes in and starts to play with her and tell her all the nasty things he wants to do to her. Some intense finger banging, and we get some squirting from Asa. There is diving into some one’s ass and then there is diving into someone’s ass. Going to be a scene where she pretty much lets him do whatever he wants to her. Let’s play see how much of his cock and balls we can fit in her mouth. I guess he likes feeling pain too, as she bites down on his hand. He can’t even wait to get her on the other side of the room to fuck her, so the floor seems like a good place for now. He does his best to keep her quiet by always having something shoved in her mouth. I see that him and Manuel are both members of the we love to get our ass played with club. Some finger play in the ass, followed by his cock for some anal loving, but it seems her ass may be a little too tight by the look on her face at first. I am going to say I am not a huge fan of the choking stuff, not my kind of stuff. Boy she sure is flexible. And now we are at the point where her makeup starts to get messy, but we don’t care at this point. Quick time out, and then some fun with water and his cock. Then she climbs on his cock for some pussy pounding, where she shows us that she still has some energy in her. Well I guess that’s a good way to get rid of the water on the floor. They end up back where they started as he has her pressed up against the mirror. It’s almost time for him to go, but not before he gives her pussy another good pounding, and then drags her by the hair and gives her feet some loving. And then she uses her feet to give his cock some love. I know I said I was going to keep the comments short, but we are about 40 minutes into the first scene still. And at about the 45 minute mark, he pulls out and covers her face with cum, and she swallows his cock once more to get all of it in her mouth. We get a post scene interview following the scene, talking about how she cried in the last scene.

Scene Two: Asa and Lexington

Good morning Asa, it seems her bra is leaving little to our imagination. After some teasing, she dives right into her pussy with her fingers and then teases us some more with that amazing body of hers. Lexington makes his way in and after some heavy kissing begins to explore her body with his finger and mouth. She ends up on her knees, sucking and swallowing his cock, which seems to be about as big as her forearm. But she still gives her best as she tries to shove as much of it in her mouth as she can. He picks her up and sets her on his cock, as she hops up and down on his pole. She once again shows off that sexual energy as she rides him. And then after she gets it nice and wet, she climbs on his cock, as he shoves it in her ass. And she gets a case of the shakes as he seems to hit her magic spot in her ass. And once again we are back to the choking as she begs for more. Some more love of his cock with her feet, but then she shoves it right back in her mouth, and then back to her ass. It seems her ass has opened up enough she can fit his cock and a few of her fingers in there, must be getting ready for her upcoming gangbang scene. And she makes sure that both holes are filled, either with his fingers, or hers. Some very good doggy action, follows, in her ass of course. It seems the juices are really flowing out her pussy while he continues to fuck her ass. Then she begs for his cum, and he pulls out and cums in her mouth. Another interview, she explains how she feels she will be sexually after she is done with porn, hopefully no time soon.

Scene Three: Asa, Mick and Ramon

Love the music and the shadow dance on the chair at the beginning of this scene. I wonder if Asa hates wearing bras? Not that there is anything wrong with that. Bust out the strobe light as she continues to dance for the camera. She ends up in a empty warehouse, where she gets ride of her clothes, and continues to dance for the camera. But she is soon joined by two sharp dressed me, Mick and Ramon. They make a nice Asa sandwich and pull out their cocks for her, one guy not quite up and ready to go for her just yet. Once again, she is lead around the place by her hair, while she gets slapped on the ass. They go right for the anal action, before they move to her pussy. No messing around in this scene, and within minutes we have ourselves a little DP action. Nice job of Mason getting nice and close to see her face as Asa cums. Once again we get some cock and hand in her ass. They take Asa and lean her up against the wall and continue the DP action. I think we are all going to need a shower after this scene, as it is down and dirty for the performers. Once again she gets manhandled by the guys, but she doesn’t seem to slow up one bit, just begs and begs for more. Everyone is slipping and sliding all over the place, guess sweat and dirt is a slippery situation. Some hot action as they have her pinned up against the wall, and then ends up on her knees getting her face and mouth covered in cum. But she isn’t done yet, as she wiggles on the ground until she cums once more. Another interview, and we learn about her ex boyfriend that turned her into a sexual person. That guy should get an award of some kind.

Scene Four: Asa, Katsuni and Manuel

It’s quiet and mellow, that can only mean one thing, something big is coming. As Asa and Katsuni are getting all prettied up, and getting a little intimate. They arrive at their location, and Manuel is there waiting for them. Looks like he is the cock for hire, and Asa once again becomes sandwiched between them. And they are rough with her, but at this point we know she likes it that way. Asa and Katsuni is a great pairing, can’t believe it’s taken this long for it to happen. They walk Asa into the next room and then tie her to the post as Manuel fucks Katsuni from behind. They finally let Asa join in the games, as she dives into Katsuni’s ass. Some nice double teaming of his cock by the girls. Manuel shows off his powers again, as he fingers her pussy and ass, getting both nice and wet. A DP for Kastuni as Asa shoves a few fingers in her ass while Manuel fucks her pussy. This scene just once again proves how lucky Manuel is, how would you like waking up and realizing you get to have sex with these lovely ladies for work. Once again we get plenty of anal action from both ladies, as Manuel does his best to keep both ladies satisfied. They end up on their knees with their mouths wide open as they share his cum, and then Asa dives into her pussy with her hand to help her cum too. They follow up with some scissoring action, as Asa begs her to shove her fingers in her ass.

Scene Five: Asa vs. the Gangbang

We get an interview that gives the story of the gang bang and how much she enjoyed it. So she is on a flight to her gang bang, but we are getting a little tease with her tits, and as she plays with her pussy. If you look to the right, you will see tall buildings, and if you look to left, we have Asa’s tits. Enjoy the tour folks. She arrives and continues to dance and tease the camera, as the clothes start to come off. And then Asa walks in and soon enough, she has 7 cocks all waiting for her attention. Ramon bends her over and begins to fuck her from behind as she has a cock in her mouth, and then it’s a rotating person as they continue to fuck her pussy. And of course when there are 7 guys, there is going to be plenty of manhandling going on as they make sure all holes are filled. They move on to her ass, and get it nice and open for what is about to come. Then we turn things up with some DP action, as they continue to stretch her pussy and ass. And she is nice enough to let them know they can have what ever whole they want, she is all there for them. And then we come to magical moment number one, as they shove 2 cocks in her ass, which drives her crazy of course. And then soon enough they slide two cocks in her pussy, and then it seems that they always make sure that either her ass or pussy are double stuffed whenever possible. They try to get three cocks in at the same time, and you can hear the Mason, say oh my god. And in the midst of all the penetration, she gives a little foot love, for all you feet fans out there. The DP fest continues as the guys take their turns in her ass and pussy, although it seems that a few of the guys spend more time with her than others. And as the scene is coming to an end, they each seem to get some one on one time with Asa, but even that is short lived, as we get some more DP action. But then she ends up on her knees, and we get a nice blowbang and ends in her cutting plastered with cum, but she is not going to let it go to waste as she shoves it in her pussy and goes wild, until the camera fades.

One last interview ends the movie, in which she says that she wanted to see why she is a such a sexual person. And then we get a little personal at the end, as she explains how important this movie is to her.

During the credits we get some BTS and bloopers during the filming of the movie.


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