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Four Eyed Fuck Fest

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 12/3/11

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

GENRE: Widescreen, Glasses


CAST: Dennis Reed, Kortney Kane, Laura Crystal, Leny Ewil, Mick Blue, Morgan Moon, Rihanna Samuel, Steve Q, Sunshine (XVI)


LENGTH: 2 hrs. 16 mins.

AUDIO/VIDEO: The audio in this DVD is definitely clear, and possibly digital. There is no need to turn up the volume very high. The video iwas shot in HD (High Definition), and the scenes definitely reflect that. Each scene in the DVD is displayed in a widescreen format/ratio.

OVERVIEW: This is a five scene DVD that's all about girls with glasses. While it's not a straight out cocksucking DVD with facial cumshots it still does include those two things. Each scene on the DVD includes a striptease from the female performer which is followed some penetrative sex. At the end of each performance/scene the female performers all get a facial finish to their glasses. It's a sort of fetish type of porn that caters to guys who love the secretary look that some girls have.



Scene 1: Laura Crystal

I'm gonna have to be brutally honest about this scene. It did absolutely nothing for me. To begin with the scene starts off with a slow sensual striptease by Laura Crystal who is definitely not one of the more attractive female performers I've seen. As she's doing her swaying dance to some 80's romance music I noticed a lot of things about her. One of the things that really stood out to me was the fact that she looked to be about 50 years of age. The glasses definitely didn't make her look any more sexy, or young at all. In fact it made her face look much older than her body. Her breasts were also obviously augmented with some sort of implants (which I'm not a fan of). The sex in the scene wasn't much better. Aside from being distracted by Laura's older appearance, the male performer's cock was also oddly distracting. The guy's penis just looked so strange that it took away from the cocksucking part of the scene. As for the penetrative sex, it was ruined by Laura's constantly repeated high toned orgasms. It was truly annoying, and hard to endure. In all honesty this was a seriously bad way to start off a DVD.


Scene 2: Sunshine (XVI)

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This scene was a huge improvement over the previous one. Sunshine was totally rocking that naughty secretary look. If I were a betting man I'd say that Sunshine definitely looked like a German girl. Her male partner also looked to be German. I think that's what really made this scene so enjoyable to me. I absolutely love foreign girls, and German girls are my favorite. With that being said, the sex in the scene was also very impressive. After Sunshine did her striptease routine to some (horrible) retro porn music she gave an amazing blowjob to the male performer who was actually shorter than she was. From that point Sunshine recieved a missionary, and doggystyle pounding on the kitchen countertop where the scene took place. It was a truly hot set of moments. The sex continued onto the hardwood kitchen floor where the two performers engaged in a varity of cowgirl positions as well as some spooning. In the end the male performer shot a humble load of cum onto Sunshine's glasses. It wasn't a seriously impressive cumshot, but it wasn't bad either. Overall this scene was really good.


Scene 3: Rihanna Samuel

I think I just may have a new favorite female performer. Rihanna Samuel is one of those girls with the whole package (if you know what I mean?). She has a super sexy smile which she showed off during her striptease as well as a killer body. I absolutely loved the fact that she was a dark haired girl. As I've mentioned many times before in my reviews I seriously love dark haired girls. In this scene Rihanna did her striptease in a modern bathroom (which was super cool). She was sporting a matching black bra, and panty set as well as some sexy fishnet stockings. The only two articles of clothing that were removed from her during the scene were her bra, and panties. The sex in this scene was similar to that of the previous scene in that the two performers spent a lot of time having sex over the countertop as well as on the floor. They did do a little over the bathtub doggystyle as well which I thought was hot. The variation in sex positions was plentiful, and included a lot of the basics (doggystyle, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl). Throughout the scene the sex was constantly intense, and very enjoyable to watch. The ending cumshot to Rihanna's galsses was good as well, and she sealed it with her signature smile. It was a truly impressive scene.


Scene 4: Morgan Moon

Just when I thought this DVD was actually getting good Mick Blue (The Director) goes, and picks another unattractive girl. Morgan Moon is not that attractive in my honest opinion. While she has a fairly hot body her face, and awkward facial expressions ruin the entire scene. The sex in this scene leaves a lot to be desired. While the two performers cover a wide variety of sexual positions, Morgan's constant glances toward the camera put a damper on any possible arousal you'd get from watching her perform. I could tell she definitely thought she was something hot with that sideways grin, and glance she gave the cameraman from time to time. Absolutely everything about the performance in this scene was overshadowed by Morgan's awkward antics. There's not much else I can say except that I was extremely disappointed that Morgan was included on this DVD.


Scene 5: Kortney Kane

I am truly puzzled as to why the director chose to make this DVD the way he did. Kortney Kane is a fairly popular, and well known pornstar vixen who most porn enthusiasts will recognize (even if only by name). She seemed very out of place in this DVD that included mostly mediocre female performers. When I hear Kortney's name I think of a high class adult performer who would be included in the more richly produced adult DVDs. With all that being said, Kortney looked amazing, and gave an equally amazing performance in this scene. There was a subtle amount of sexual position changes due to the male performers choice to linger in one position for lengthy amounts of time. The sex in this scene was intense all the way through, and quite enjoyable. The striptease at the beginning was pretty enjoyable as well. I'm honestly not a huge fan of stripteases, but Kortney did a nice seductive job. The ending cumshot was icing on the cake (pun intended). Kortney gave a sexy wink as she tipped her cum covered glasses to the camera as the scene faded out.


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Out of all the DVDs I have reviewed here on Xcritic, I have never seen such a half ass production. I hate to be so blunt, but honestly this DVD would have been better off without half of the girls that were included. There were only two really 'stand out' performances on this DVD, and they were of Rihanna Samuel, and Kortney Kane. Usually when I watch a DVD I'm reviewing I get at least a little 'hard' (if you know what I mean?), but this DVD just didn't work for me. One good thing I did get from watching this DVD was a new favorite female performer, Rihanna Samuel. She was absolutely amazing! It was the first time I had actually seen her perform, and I was truly impressed. Sadly though the rest of the DVD's scenes weren't as impressive. In conclusion I'm gonna have to say skip this one, unless you want to rent it to check out my favorite girl Rihanna Samuel.



"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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