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Jailhouse Heat in 3D

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 12/19/11

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Jailhouse Heat 3D
Blu-Ray 3D
Digital Playground
Directed by Jake Westwood
Running Time:


Jenna Haze
Jayden James
Madison Parker
Alyssa Reece
Sienna West
London Keyes
Kenzie Marie
Nick Manning
Marco Banderas
Anthony Rosano
Manuel Ferrara
Evan Stone
Tommy Gunn

Special Features:

Trailers-14 trailers
Full HD 1920 x 1080
Photo Gallery
Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes Featurette- 23 minutes of pretty in-depth footage of the making of this film. Interviews with the cast and crew, some goofing around and looks like all had a good time making this film. Some great Evan Stone moments, once again bringing the funny to the table.

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Behind the Music- 8 minutes, interesting look into the creation of the music for the movie, plus some more insight from the director. Seems this movie is based on real life events.

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 448 kbps

Video: AVC at around 16-20 Mbps (seems to peak during sex scenes)

Overall Thoughts:

First thing to point out, just realized that this movie was made in 09, so I’m guessing that the 3D was done after the fact, but we shall see.

I have watched this movie, and if you continue the scene descriptions, you can see that I was overall pretty disappointed in the movie. Wasn’t really what I was expecting, and I am sure if you look at the cover , and even read the description on the back, you will be expecting the same thing I was.

In a movie that has the lovely Jenna and her ass, spotlighted on the cover, I never thought that her scene wouldn’t be the highlight of the movie. I am a huge fan of her, so I pretty much enjoy seeing her, whenever possible, and seeing her in action, in 3D, also not a bad thing.

The one scene did that stand out to me, was the London vs. Nick and Tommy scene, some great sex, with some amazing energy from London and Nick, especially. I was worried that Nick was going to bust out in beast mode from some of the facial expression he gave.

A decent array of special features, about an hour of special features was a nice addition, like the director talking about the process of the music making and seemed pretty excited about this movie and what he was about to do, with the cast and the 3D aspect.

And I think the last thing we really need to talk about before I give my rating for this movie, is of course the 3D. Some good news for those out there who do not have 3D Tvs, you are still able to watch this movie without a 3D TV. And for those expecting to use those cheap cardboard blue/red glasses, they don’t work either. And I was one of those folks, so luckily I was able to check it out on a friends new 3D TV, to check out the 3D in this movie, which even quotes Avatar on the back of the movie, as using the same camera technique as that movie. Some pretty big words, let’s see if they can back it up.

And we come to the 3D, which was actually a lot better than I was expecting. The stuff between the scenes, didn't look that great, but when the sex started, that is where the 3D really shines. There was some shadowing issues, more towards the background, but you really shoudn't be focusing on that when the sex is going on. If you own an actual 3D TV and glasses, I think this movie will give you plenty of action in 3D, that will keep you entertained. Now if the movie could be a little better, but even Hollywood seems to have that issue. I am going to give this a RECOMMEND  rating, good investment if you want to check out some porn in 3D.


Scene One: Kianna and Marco

We start off with a movie voice over about a hard jail, and then cut to our voice over guy in a van, reliving memories of the last girl he thought was the one. We see her and her ski instructor getting a little warm without a fire. He take off her ski suit and I don’t think that is the kind of attire you want to wear under your ski suit. But enough with that, as she teases and grabs hic crotch, he makes sure and gets a nice grab of her huge tits. She finally pulls out his cock and grabs on tight with both hands, while he slides his cock in and out of her mouth. She climbs on his cock and rides him for some cowgirl action, in which he seems to do most of the work. She flips around, to really utilize the 3D, I guess. Some more oral work with her hands and mouth, and then we cut to some spoon action. She lays on the couch and he slides his cock between the huge tracks of land she has going for her. He jerks himself off until he cums in her mouth. At least he didn’t shoot it towards the camera.

Scene Two: Alyssa and Sienna

Back to the guys in the camper van, it seems that they are coming to watch his new girl fuck in a porno. But before that we once again flashback to another one of his exes, a girl wrestler. And during one of her matches, one of them breaks their nail, so the other decides to start licking her finger. Some kissing follows, and then some grabbing and playing of boobs, as the tops come off. She is going to spend a lot of time sucking on those big tits. It seems they are pretty sweaty still from their match, as the sweat seems to glisten off their bodies. After the tits, they move on to their pussies, as they bend over for each other, and play and lick their pussy, with a little anal attention too. They bust out a toy, and use it on each other, I guess this is a weapons allowed type match. Hopefully nobody has a chair stowed under the mat. So we are just a few scenes in and this movie is not at all what I was expecting from the cover.

Scene Three: Madison and Anthony

Back on the set, and this seems to be his big chance to change porn forever. It seems one of the girls has cancelled, so they bring in Madison, who also is an ex of the director. So you know what that means, time to flashback to when she cheated on him, with the car mechanic. It seems they have worked out a payment plan. He leaves for a second and brings in this cart thing, once again, I am guessing it’s to enhance the 3D effect maybe. But lets not concentrate on that when he is deep in her pussy, as she spreads her legs wide for him. She kneels down and begins to suck and spit on his cock, giving his balls some attention too, while he jerks off. She ends up bent over, as he begins to fuck her from behind. And we get some anal play as she lets him fuck her ass. She climbs on for some cowgirl and she shows some great energy, unlike in the first scene of the movie. Gotta love the sexual drive in those foreign girls, and the accent of course. She flips around and after a little trouble, he is back in her ass. He ends up jerking himself off again, as she licks his balls, and then back to his cock until he cums on her face.

Scene Four: Jayden and Manuel

Back on set, seems that things are still going pretty bad for our new director. It seems his personal secretary is willing to be a fluffer and offers a demonstration, but we once again are with an ex of his, Jayden as she is cheating on him with Dr. Manuel. He opens her shirt and we get to see her sexy bra and panties, but her panties come off pretty quick as she spreads her legs for him. He dives into her pierced pussy with his tongue, and she helps as she spreads her pussy with her fingers. They both double team her pussy with their fingers, which seems to get her pretty riled up. He turns her on her side and begins to lick her ass. She pulls his scrubs down as his cock seems to be waiting to burst out from behind his scrubs. She gives him a wet BJ as the camera seems to have trouble keeping still, going to get dizzy. She is once again on her side, as he begins to pound her pussy. She climbs on for some reverse cowgirl action, as we get a nice shot of those tits bouncing as she rides him. And after some bouncing tits, she flips around for some nice booty bounce as she continues to ride his cock. He gives her ass a little finger action, and then fucks her from behind as she leans up against the examination table. He pulls out from the doggy and blasts her ass with his cum.

Scene Five: London and Tommy and Nick

Back on set, and it seems that there is yet another person willing to be a fluffer. There is no shortage of fluffers on this set. His current girlfriend comes in and calms him down. Looks like it’s finally time to shoot the movie as Evan has shown up, and he asks the director how’s it going, which leads to another story of an ex, this time cheating on him with 2 guys. London is wearing some sexy leather/mesh stocking and top, as our guys are in cages with their dicks out, and she is doing her best to keep both guys satisfied, with her hands and mouth. OK, I like how this is starting, let’s see how it continues. Some nice deep throating from London, and then she leans back onto a cock with her pussy, while the other is in her mouth. Very nice, this is the best scene so far, too bad we are five scenes in before a good one shows up. They finally are free of their cages and begin to ravage her as she begs and screams for more. Maybe the camera should zoom out a little to get more of the action. Now this is some heat, but not in a jailhouse, so I guess we are half way there. Nice use of the cage as they spin her around and take turns fucking her pussy. She ends the scene in the cage as she jerks them off until they cum on her face and tits.

Scene Six: Jenna, Kenzie and Evan

One more heartbreaking story has ended and it’s time to start the movie. Jenna and Kenzie show up and they are excited to shoot with Evan. He puts Jenna in the cell with Kenzie, and she ends up naked and slipping Jenna out of her clothes. She lays her back and dives into her pussy, as Jenna wiggles her hips for her. Evan walks by and see what he is missing out on, and decides to join them, as he bosses them around, directing Jenna to dive into Kenzie’s pussy. After some teasing of Jenna, the ladies take their turn with his cock, swallowing and jerking him off. Great job ladies. Evan also brings the funny along with his cock as the scene continues. He props himself up against the bench and tells Jenna to ride his cock. But that didn’t seem to work out so well, but you know what works, some great doggy action as she eggs him on to fuck her. It seems they have forgotten about Kenzie, but he seems too focused on Jenna’s pussy. But it finally ends up being her turn as Evan pounds her pussy, while Jenna gives her a helping hand. And as she rides Evan, the camera focuses on Jenna, as she shoves a finger in her ass, and then ends up back on his cock, hopping and grinding her hips on his cock. The girls double team his cock and then Jenna is once again bent over for some doggy action, as he continues to pound her pussy. The girls end up with their mouths wide open as they wait for his cum and then do a pretty good job of sharing his cum.

And that is a wrap of that scene, and he leaves the set and seems his current girl has just given his buddy a BJ.



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