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Women Seeking Women Vol. 78

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Rob Perez » Review Date: 1/8/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Women Seeking Women 78

Genre: All Sex, Made For Women, All Girl/Lesbian

Director: ??

Cast: Allie James, India Summer, Jelena Jensen, Missy Martinez, Prinzzess, Sheridan Love, Tia Ling, Wenona

Audio/Video: Audio and video quality were both excellent.

Length: 3 hours, 11 minutes

Release Date: 12/23/11

Extras: Extras included Behind The Scenes, Slideshow and Trailers

Condoms: No

Overview: I get the feeling this volume of the Women Seeking Women series was made purely for the strokers, the viewers who watch porn strictly for the sex, not for the plot. I kind of like plot in a lesbian porn and there’s plenty of dialogue to satisfy ones need for a reason for the performers to have sex. But once the talking is over it’s nothing but hot sex in scene after scene. WSW 78 will leave you with plenty of great masturbatory images to recycle over and over in your head when you can’t get head.

Scene 1 Jelena Jensen, Allie James

Allie comes to pick up a wedding dress Jelena is selling for her sister and Allie tries to bargain for a better price for it. Reluctant to lower the price, Jelena and Allie get to talking and Allie admits the guy she’s about to marry is the only one she’s ever been with. Jelena sees this as an opportunity to work her magic and goes in for a kiss which Allie doesn’t stop her from doing so. From then on, Jelena is purely in control of the sexually inexperienced young vixen. Allie plays her sexually naïve part well, laying down on her back while Jelena bathes Allie with her long velvety tongue, starting with a long kiss, working her way down to her tits before eating Allie’s pussy. Jelena spends a lot of time with her face buried between Allie’s legs then has Allie return the favor. Jelena gives her young friend little direction as Allie licks Jelena’s clit and kisses her inner thighs just like Jelena did to her. While there are some tender moments, the two generate lots of intense sexual heat to a terrific opening scene.

Scene 2 India Summer, Tia Ling

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Shyla Jennings makes a cameo appearance as India’s daughter who begs her for money to buy a new outfit. Mom says no unless Shyla can get mom a “friend” to play with. Shyla brings home Tia Ling and India approves. They head to the bedroom where India gives Tia an erotic massage. Tia loves the way India feels her up, practically cumming from it. India turns Tia around and starts going to town on Tia. They share a long tongue kiss then India moves down to suck on Tia’s plastic tits. Aroused, Tia’s nipples are erect and India takes the opportunity to suck on them. She squeezes them and Tia’s breasts start to squirt milk all over India’s face. She sucks down hard and more milk releases which India drinks up. Down to her pussy and India makes Tia quiver uncontrollably. Now its Tia’s turn but even while pleasuring India, India remains in control as she guides her friend down to her tits then pushes her down to lap at her clit. Tia does so in such an obedient way, taking directions from India on how to properly service her. Tia comes up for air and the two share some more kissing, fondling and titty sucking in which Tia keeps on squirting breast milk. India seems to really enjoy the milky shower as it continues until the scene fades to black.

Scene 3 Sheridan Love, Wenona

Sheridan begins the day hoping to get it on with Wenona, the sweet and mousy religious MILF that Sheridan believes can be turned. Wenona happens to be coming over to give Sheridan an estimate on some home repairs but once she enters Sheridan’s home, she won’t be leaving until Sheridan has her way with her. Wenona seems hesistant and is left unsure on what to do. Sheridan keeps coming on strong and Wenona’s defensives appear to get weaker. In the bedroom Wenona lies naked on the bed while Sheridan has her way with her but is also gentle, realizing this is Wenona’s first time with another woman. Because of that this scene is far softer than the previous scenes but because of the scenario and the genuine chemistry between the two the scene is still worth watching. It is never boring as the two actually make love. Wenona, the conservative, really appears to get into it with each passing minute while Sheridan continues to take control of her. But when it comes time for Wenona to go down on Sheridan, she spends an awful lot of time eating Sheridan out. It is an amazing scene, sweet and tender, but has lots of great masturbatory moments nonetheless.

Scene 4 Prinzess, Missy Martinez

Missy Martinez plays another uptight conservative type who admits to Prinzess that she and her husband don’t have sex very often. While Missy’s libido is just fine her husband just doesn’t want to anymore. She also confides in Prinzess another secret . . . that she has feelings for another man and that other man would shock viewers if I revealed it here. You’ll just have to pick up a copy. Prinzess tries to get Missy to be open-minded enough to try a woman, which Missy is a bit disgusted by just the thought of two women. But Prinzess tries and finally succeeds in letting Missy touch her gently. She then caresses Missy’s breasts and goes in for the kiss. Suddenly, Missy is pulling Prinzess in deeper, undressing her and getting turned on with each stroke of Prinzess’ hand going up and down on her body. Prinzess unbuttons Missy’s top to expose her big natural tits that Prinzess sucks on. They move to the bedroom where Prinzess unwraps Missy out of the rest of her clothes and proceeds to worship her body and bust her lesbian cherry. Prinzess takes charge throughout the entire scene, eating Missy’s pussy and totally succeeding in turning Missy out. Missy goes down on Prinzess, taking directions from her on how to eat pussy and succeeding in making Prinzess cums. With pussy juice dripping from both their mouths, the two share a very soft, passionate kiss to close out the movie.

Summary: Sizzling is the best way to describe WSW 78. Even the last two softer scenes contain tons of erotic moments. Look at it this way, scenes one and two are for the guys, scenes three and four were made for the ladies, but all four scenes will make it hard for anyone not to reach for their privates. Whether you stroke it or rub it, WSW 78 is difficult not to like. Jelena Jensen has really made her mark playing the slightly older puma chasing after the pubs, and new girl Allie James does a fine job going head to boob to boob with the veteran performer. India and Tia’s lactatitng scene, while it’s not a fetish I’m into, make it work by not overdoing it, keeping it to a minimum and keeping the heat going non-stop until the very last possible moment. Wenona being turned out by Sheridan Love manages to get her inner lesbian out and showing how nasty those conservative church ladies can really get. Same with Missy Martinez who turns to Prinzess’ pussy when the cock she’s married to can’t or won’t get it up for her. And Missy, with her big natural boobs and killer curves got my eyes practically popping out of their sockets. Simply put, WSW 78 is just plain good, good enough to earn a Highly Recommended rating.

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