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Parking Assistance

Studio: Bluebird Films » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 2/8/12

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Parking Assistance
Bluebird Films/Studio
Directed by Max Cool
Running Time: 2:15: 24


Michelle Thorne
Cindy Behr
Valery Summer
Farrah Fox
Tilly Jones
Sheena Smiles
Chelsea Sax
Kaia Kane
Stefan Hard
Demetri XXX
Jeff Keane
Jamie Barry
Chloe Conrad
Keni Styles

Special Features:

Shot in High Definition
Pop Shots
Scene Selection
Trailer Reel (4:00)

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 Khz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-5

Overall Thoughts:

When it comes to the ladies and the scenes, I did my best to figure out who was in it. The back of the box was very confusing and I am not too familiar with most of these ladies, so I will try and do my best to make sure the proper ladies get attention. I’ll have to do a little more research on it, although considering what this movie will most likely get for a rating, maybe not.

Even though the video quality is much clearer, but we are still stuck with the same 2 Channel audio quality.  A little improvement in that area, but unfortunately that is about it. None of the scenes really stand out too much in this video. There were some brief moments of good, but not enough to warrant your time. And I think they wasted 3 girls in the video, by just having them in the background and not really involved in the action. Maybe if they had, things would have been better. I do have a couple girls to hopefully see in other things from this video and like I stated in the review, I just hope that this was a bad day and things will be much better the next time, other wise what a waste of a great body.

This is going to be yet another title that is going to get a SKIP IT rating, like I said there are some brief moments of greatness, but not enough to even warrant (get it?) a better rating.

I have one more Bluebird Film to review and I really hope this is the one that knocks my socks off. There is some hope with the fact that there are a few ladies in it that I am really looking forward to seeing, so hopefully I won’t be disappointed.

Scene One: Michelle

This is like the show Parking Wars, with a little added bonus, some sex. It seems he wants to figure out a way to get rid of the ticket she is about to give him. They go back to the office and she grabs onto his cock as he sucks on her rather large tits. But it’s been awhile for her, so she gets on her knees and continues to swallow his cock in her mouth, and a little love for his balls. You know I loves me some girl with accents, so maybe this will be a good one. I had no idea that the proper uniform included crotch less panties. He takes advantage of that and uses his tongue and fingers on her pussy. And when he is ready, we get some ball slapping doggy style, as she is leaning over the side of the desk. After a little oral love from her, she ends up on top for some reverse cowgirl action, as her tits can barely sit still as he fucks her. To make it even more dangerous, she turns around and shoves them in his face. Some more tongue action on his cock and she is back on top of the desk, as he continues to fuck her pussy. You know the whole loving the girl with accents really doesn’t matter that much when all they are saying is moans. And with the previous films from Bluebird, most of the clothes stay on, and the girls are wearing sexy stockings/leggings. She is also rocking the fuck me boots, so I guess that explains everything. Any how, they make their way to the couch for some spoon action followed by plenty more titty bouncing and ball slapping. Overall I am already seeing a nice improvement in the audio and video quality, it finally looks pretty clear. After some more doggy he plasters her mouth with his money shot. Now, about that parking ticket?

Scene Two: Valery Summer

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You ever had that situation where you and another driver are fighting for the same parking spot. I think there was a great Seinfeld episode about that. Anyways, Valery suggests they go back to her place and work out something. And with her in that pink dress, and a little hint from him. He has a firm grip on her tits, as she waits for his cock to make an appearance. I remember seeing Valery before in one of the other movies, but I don’t think she was really that involved too much, so let’s see how she does this time. She positions herself on the bed, with her ass out, as she continues to work his cock. Kind of a lull as he tries to get out of his clothes, but then she goes right back to his cock in her mouth, as she swallows all of him in her mouth. She climbs on his cock and begins to shake her ass for the camera, while hopping up and down on his cock. Although it seems the rhythm between these two is a little off in this position. She ends up on her back and he fucks her pussy, with a little rough play, as he grabs her throat a little. And then she is back with her ass out and he hunches over her, and is back to fucking her pussy, and once again the rhythm just isn’t working between these two. I think she is a little more squirrelly than he is used to maybe. And like a turtle, she ends up on her back with her legs spread wide as he dives in and out of her pussy. She gives his cock a nice wet BJ, and then continues to deep throat him, which his nice, but he prefers to have his cock in her pussy, as they try out some spoon action before back to missionary with some more throat grabbing. He pulls out and blast a money shot all over the place as it seems the parking spot is hers.

Scene Three: Farrah

She is out having a smoke and tries to help out 2 girls parking their car, but that doesn’t seem to work out so well. I am not sure where these girls are headed, but those are pretty sexy outfits. She takes the girls inside and she tells her male boss she will make it up to him, so she grabs on to his cock and works it over while the two blonde girls look on. I bet this boss keeps her around cause he knows she is going to mess up a lot. She slips out of her overalls and then takes a seat on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action, while the two blonde girls kiss in the background. I think this happened in another movie where the background girls were there to distract you for the most part. Cause even though there is a redhead involved, I think I would rather keep an eye on the two blonde beauties in the background. Farrah tries to belt out some dirty talk, but it’s not doing it for me. And it seems that maybe the same for him, as he walks off camera a bit and leans in to lick her pussy, before he slides his cock back in her pussy. Maybe he just needed to watch the blonde girls a little. Although I will give her credit for when she says” bend me over and fuck me” that was nice. He pulls out and cums on her tits, as she looks into the camera and giggles.

Scene Four: Kaia

Why am I having flashbacks of Bjork all of a sudden. Anyways, she is standing on the side of the roads as a guy pulls up and gives her a ride, but I guess she is out to rob him and take his car. She takes him to the alley and tells him to take his clothes off. He strips down to his birthday suit and then bends him over and smacks his ass a few times. She tells him to turn around so she can see his cock and then sets him in the chair and with a smirk on her face begins to jerk and swallow his cock. So maybe getting car jacked isn’t such a bad thing after all. After awhile she pulls down her top to let him get a good look at her tits, and then goes back to work on his cock. She stands up and slides off her panties and then takes a seat on his cock and tries to maybe over do it a little for the camera. Which kind of sucks, she’s pretty good looking and seems to have a pretty good body, but unfortunately the sex doesn’t match the looks. They switch positions and she tells him to stick his cock in her, which is pretty hot, but once they get going, it goes away pretty quick. Maybe she is that tight, but he doesn’t seem to go very deep inside her. And someone on set is sneezing, really. If they ever do a Community parody, she is a pretty good match for Alison Brie’s character. Boy this scene just seems to fall apart as it goes on, camera is all over the place. And we get another high point as she commands him to bend her over and fuck her, but even though she seems to be opening up a little, still nothing. And we get a few more flashes of greatness, so hopefully next time I see her in action, I can consider this just a bad scene and move on. She gives out one last command as she takes a seat in the chair and teases him until he gives her a money shot all over her face, wow, that was pretty impressive, and I think she was even surprised by that.

Scene Five: Cindy

And it seems that there are two blonde ladies out checking out the parked cars, and it seems that one is in training. And she teaches her that there is a way to get some extra money from their job. So the owner shows up and she gives him a few bumps with her ass in his crotch. As they get to the office, he makes a comment about for that amount of money she should suck his dick, so she gets on her knees and does. Once again we are treated with a sexy blonde girl with some rather large tits, so you know some titty fucking is on the way. As she works over his cock, the newbie is in the background, slipping out of her uniform. Cindy leans over the desk and he dives into her pussy with his tongue. And after she gives him some more oral love, she ends up on top for some reverse cowgirl action, jumping and grinding on his cock. But that is short lived as she bends over the desk again, for some doggy action this time. He doesn’t seem to be up for the action, as she tries to fix that with more oral work. If you are going to have two ladies in a scene, I think you are wasting one, if she is just going to sit there and try to look interested. They continue in various positions as they move around the office. He cums on her tits and a little in her mouth as this scene comes to a close.

Scene Six: Chloe and Keni

Hey everyone, it’s Keni Styles. And for some reason he is in the alley way. He catches a young lady who seems to be a little drunk. He asks her to get out of the vehicle and as she tries to prove that she isn’t drunk, and he wants to take her to the station. But she wants to find a way to make this all go away. And as she flips her hair and starts to flirt, she suggest they take advantage of the bed mattress that seems to be sitting in the alley. He takes a swig of her drink and she decides she wants to see his long arm of the law, which she introduces to her mouth and hands. He reaches over and helps her out of her dress and after some teasing, he plays with her tits. She stands up and after some more kissing and a few slaps on the ass. He rubs her pussy a bit and then she is back to work on his cock. They make their way to the mattress and she climbs on top for some cowgirl action as his long arm of the law continues to pound her pussy. She flips around and continues to ride him, as she reaches down and he gives her pussy a little helping hand at times. They continue to take advantage of the mattress in various positions, including some decent action as she is bent over with her ass in the air, for some doggy action, but even that doesn’t seem to last too long. But I do have to say that this is the highlight of the movie, nothing too great, but the best scene easily on this DVD. After some missionary he jerks off in her mouth and chin.

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