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Jesse Jane's Butt Fleshlight

Studio: Other » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 2/17/12

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Jesse Jane in Top Guns

Genre: Male sex toy: anus
Featuring: Jesse Jane
Must-See Girls Featured: Jesse Jane
Manufacturer: Fleshlight (www.fleshlight.com)


Jesse Jane's Butt Fleshlight is a male sex toy made to look and feel like superstar Jesse Jane's anus and butt cleavage. In addition to her butt, replicas of Jesse's mouth and vagina are also available for our penetrating pleasure.

Jesse Jane Fleshlight

Jesse Jane's Butt Fleshlight is the fourth Fleshlight that I've had the pleasure to own. In addition to this replica of Jesse's anus, I also have Stoya's Destroya, Riley Steele's Pirates Edition, and Eva Angelina's (which, sadly, is no longer available!) vaginas.

Frankly, my friends, I think that every man needs at least one of these toys. Although they are not cheap, they are definitely one of those things that's worth having. Think about it this way...the list price for superstar Jesse Jane's asshole is less than the price of a tank of gas. You owe it to yourself to get one of these amazing toys...now!


Jesse Jane's Butt Fleshlight is an amazingly detailed and intricate replica of Jesse Jane's tight and pretty asshole along with just enough surrounding butt cleavage to fuck. Every delicious pucker of Jesse's anus and surrounding area is meticulously recreated in perfect three dimensions. The toy is about three and one-half inches in diameter and nine inches deep.

Jesse Jane's Butt Fleshlight is made of three parts. The toy itself, which is called a sleeve, is crafted from a very soft and flesh-like plastic. The sleeve, which is so soft that it has little strength, is supported by a hard plastic beige shell that is shaped like a flash light (hence the name, Fleshlight). Finally, screw caps on each end cover the toy when it's not in use.

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Although the outside of Jesse Jane's Butt Fleshlight is beautiful beyond words, what really counts is the texture of what's inside. Take a look at the right most image in the photo below. Your penis enters from the bottom. The sphincter is much tighter than, for exmaple, the vagina in my Stoya's Destroya toy. Of course, that's to be expected. But, once you've penetrated Jesse's tightest hole, the inside of the sleeve gently caresses your shaft without being overly confining. The folks at Fleshlight call this a "Forbidden" texture. All I've got to say is I am very grateful that my cock is not forbidden from feeling such a fantastic sensation. Wow, what pleasure!

Jesse Jane Butt Fleshlight


Oh...my...God! Those words of delight escaped my lips when I arrived at home after work and opened a surprise Valentine's Day gift from a female friend named Jennifer. What was the cause for my delight? I was looking directly into superstar Jesse Jane's asshole! I noted the perfect replication of Jesse's anatomy, including every crease and pucker and enough ass cleavage to cradle my cock. It's fucking gorgeous.

Leaving all thoughts of dinner aside, I ripped the toy out of its container, washed it thoroughly, grabbed a DVD of Jesse's blockbuster 2011 movie--and nominee for numerous AVN Awards--Top Guns, and sat back to enjoy about two and one-half hours of ecstasy watching Jesse and her co-stars fuck (including the incredible five contract girl/one guy orgy) while reaming her butt. What a treat! Believe me, my initial assessment of the toy..."Oh...my...God..." escaped my lips again when I eventually gave Jesse an anal cream pie during the aforementioned orgy.!

So, if you've never used a Fleshlight before, where would you begin? Start by unscrewing the plastic lid, then remove the sleeve from the hard plastic case and run it under warm water for a bit to take the chill off the plastic. Then, apply a generous amount of lube to it (I used Fleshlube Ice lubricant) and slide your finger inside for a taste of what's to come. Of course, the toy is not for your finger. So, you'll want to get your shaft inside it as soon as possible.

Believe me, words won't do justice to the sensations you'll feel as you slide past Jesse's appropriately tight sphincter and into the sleeve. You can slide the toy back and forth on your dick, hold it stationary and fuck it, or have the ultimate thrill by twisting it around and around your shaft. No matter what technique you use, you're going to love using this toy.

I've used my four Fleshlights to stay rock hard for the entire length of dozens of hours-long movies. In other words, my stamina is incredible. I generally like to fuck one hole for a while, then sample another, and then another before starting over again. Each toy provides a remarkably different feel!

Of course, you can cum any time you want! So, give Jesse's asshole one cream pie after another!

Of course, you've got to keep your private anus clean. So, after you use it, wash it with warm water and air dry it inside and out. The plastic sleeve may get a little tacky over time, so the manufacturer suggests dusting it with corn starch before putting it away. I found that a couple of drops of lube massaged into the sleeve works well so that the toy is ready for the next time I want to use it.

Just like you, I've never had the ultimate pleasure of fucking Jesse's real pussy. But, her Jesse Jane's Butt Fleshlight is definitely a good second best!

Jesse Jane Butt Fleshlight


When I had dinner with sassy Stoya during the 2011 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, she mentioned to me that she gets a royalty for each and every one of her Fleshlight toys that we buy. The manufacturer confirmed her statement and wrote: "All of our Fleshlight Girls and Private Girls (as well as Fleshjack boys, our gay sector), receive a profit from every one of their personalized Fleshlights that is sold." I think that's really awesome. You know, porn girls get paid quite well. But, you must admit that it costs a lot to keep themselves in camera-ready condition. So, I feel damned good giving Jesse a few extra dollars by buying her Fleshlight toys.

Final Thoughts

Frankly, my friends, I cannot think of a better way to spend my money than on superstar Jesse Jane. You need one of her meticulously crafted Fleshlights.

Dr. Jay

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