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Best New Starlets 2012

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 2/19/12

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Best New Starlets 2012
Elegant Angel
Directed by William H
Running Time: 3:04:03


Jessie Andrews
Holly Michaels
Lily Carter
Lily Labeau
Skin Diamond
Mick Blue
Manuel Ferrara
Ramon Namor
Mr Pete

Special Features:

Scene Selection
Behind the Scenes: 5:44  Post Scene Interviews with the girls
Cumshot Recap: 3:10
Photo Gallery
Web Info
More Fun-commercials

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 256 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

To say that I was a little excited about checking out this movie after seeing all of these ladies in person at AEE, is an understatement. I had wanted to wait and hopefully and check this out on Bluray, but I was told it wasn’t going to happen, so I got a DVD copy and was waiting for some time to check this out.

I’m pretty sure this made our Covers We Crave article and with Holly, Jessie and Lily all gracing the cover, it was an easy choice. But let’s not forget about the other ladies involved, Skin Diamond and Lily Labeau, who are also members of the great or even amazing girls who make up the best new starlet class of 2012. As we continue to lose some of the greats, it’s good to know that we have some great ladies coming up and are all worthy of our attention.

William H and Elegant Angel once again grace us with over 3 hours of hot action, bumping beats, and some great tease footage, to keep you more than up and ready during the whole movie. But it’s understandable if you need to watch this in parts, it may be a little too much excitement for some, all at once.

My love for Lily is been documented a few times, and Holly made my list of girls I hope to see more of in 2012. I was late to the party on Jessie, do simply to not really seeing much of anything with her last year. But that is quickly changing. And Skin is one that I have been a fan ever since the Burning Angel days. Lily has popped up a few times on my radar and seems to always do a decent job in her scenes. So overall, no real complaints about any of the girls chosen in this film.

The special features are a little on the below average side, with only about 20 minutes of extra stuff included, but you can factor in a little that the over 3 hour runtime, makes up for it a little. Only 2 Channel Dolby Digital is a little disappointing and I know that would have been upped for the Bluray release. But you have no problems hearing the action or being overwhelmed by the music during the movie.

Figuring out all of the numbers and averages and factoring in the great cast of ladies included, I am pretty confident of giving this our top rating, an XCRITIC PICK. If you don’t already own this in collection, it’s one that should. If, and I can’t imagine how, you are not familiar with these ladies, buy this right away and take note, these are going to be the ladies of your dreams and fantasies during 2012.

Scene One: Jessie Andrews and Ramon

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We start off with some interview footage about how she got into the business, followed by some tease footage in between more questions and answers. We get to learn about her past, what 2011 meant to her, and what she hopes for in 2012. After the interview section we are given more tease footage of Jessie wearing a very sexy black lingerie set. This is just one of the many areas that I think Elegant excels at, with the tease footage, great showcasing of the girls for the camera. After the tease, it’s Jessie and Ramon on a leather couch, getting all hot and heavy with some deep kissing and he lifts her up and within seconds his cock is already inside her pussy. And when he slips out, she is there to  guide his cock right back in. But she hops down and wants his cock deep in her mouth as she deep throats and gags as she gets face fucked. And what follows is a very sloppy and wet blowjob, with some great energy to it. And she really wants more, as she hops back on and grabs on tight as he is back to work on her pussy again. And she even reaches back and gives her ass a little finger action. They make their way to couch as she climbs back on his cock and continues to show some amazing energy as she rides him. And then 5,4,3,2,1 touchdown back on his cock. And as she cums for him, we get a few shakes and shivers and a great look of amazement on her face. I’m starting to work up a sweat just watching her, she doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing down soon. But she does get a little break, as she once again shows off some great oral work on his cock, using her mouth and both hands of course. She lays back on the couch and he dives into her pussy and just continues to drive her crazy. She cums on his hand and he lets her lick it off, and she begs for him to slide his cock back in, as they continue with some spoon action. And they are so into it, that at some point I have a feeling they are going to fall off this couch soon. Even more oral love follows and as she climbs back on his cock, you can literally see the juices dripping from her pussy. She reaches back and shoves a finger back in her ass. And if you didn’t she could get any wetter, he finger bangs her and the juices flow even more. And we don’t stop there, as we get some great doggy action with plenty of deep thrusts into her wet pussy. And when he is about to bring it home, she wants it all over her face, and delivers as promised.

Scene Two: Lily Carter and Mick

Yeah you can say I am little excited about this upcoming scene with Lily Carter. She talks about her career as its progressed from when she started. She talks about a gang bang that may be coming sometime in the future, so that is something to wait for. For those that have fallen under her spell like me, enjoy the footage the mirror footage, two lovely ladies to enjoy. Wearing a sexy black lace dress, she makes her way upstairs to the tub, where she continues to tease us with those amazing eyes and a few nice shots of her boobs. But she heads to the shower and begins to spray her body down with water, and even a little happy time with her pussy which leads to a few shakes and shivers, but she is just warming up for later. And she has changed into a new outfit and has joined Mick on the couch. He slaps her ass a few times and she nods with approval, and then he lays her back and begins to tease her pussy. And after some pretty hot dry humping and a little rough stuff, some throat grabbing, she wants his cock. He pulls it out and lets her grab on as he continues to tease her pussy until she cums for him. I think that makes at least twice before she even has his cock in her mouth. He bends her over and slides off her panties and dives into her ass, and she begs him to stick his tongue in her ass. But enough teasing, as he slides his cock into her pussy for some doggy action. And this is where she shines, as when he slows down even for a bit, she is yelling for him to keep going. More rough stuff as he grabs on to her throat and we get a little squirting action from Lily. But Mick isn’t going to let her off that easy, as he finger bangs her till she can’t take it any more. But enough Lily time, it’s time for her to return the favor, as she starts off with some licking of his cock, before she shoves it in her mouth, and she goes deep on it. After he teases her pussy some more, she climbs on and shows some great energy as she rides him and of course cums a few times for him. And after some spoon action, she slowly guides his cock into her tight ass, while she continues to rub her pussy. And when she is ready, so lets him know he can fuck her harder. Some down time as they have some dirty talk and then she stands up and he gives her ass a few slaps until she pushes him down and says she wants his cock. She slowly climbs on for some more anal action and they speed up the action pretty quick. After some more tongue action in her ass, she stands up and gets a little more pussy action before she slides his cock back in her ass. I’ve lost track on the number of times she has cum for him, but he’s only got one shot, which he gives in her mouth and she licks it up.

Scene Three: Skin Diamond and Manuel

We get a brief history of her career, her start with Burning Angel and how she became a Speigler girl. We find out that she has been sexual for quite a long time. It seems her tastes in porn are varied and she is hoping for more DP in 2012. We get plenty of slight glimpses of her boobs during the tease montage, and of course plenty of dancing too. If you are not a fan of hers, because of the tattoos and stuff, you really need to get over it, this girl is amazing and always does a great job on camera. The lucky guy today is Manuel and they are on the couch and he is squeezing and playing with her boobs, while spending plenty of time kissing her neck and lips. He unbuttons her bottom and goes to work on her pussy. And we know she likes it a little rough, so after a few slaps on the ass, he is face deep in her ass and then climbs on top for some dry humping. She sticks her ass out for the camera and he shoves a few fingers in her ass. He slides out of his pants and she goes to work, choking and gagging on his cock, before he tells her to jerk him off while he chokes her. But his cock is back in her mouth and she tries to catch her breath in between the face fucking. She begs and pleads for his cock in her pussy, and she gets what she wants, as she climbs on top for a chance to go on the magical Manuel ride, the ladies love so much. She gets her to grind her hips on his cock, which is a staple position for Manuel. And even though we are just a few minutes into the action, Skin shows her appreciation for the fine job that Manuel is doing, and already begging for his cum all over her face. But hopefully we won’t see that too soon, I’m still enjoying the scene. And another staple for Manuel is for some ass licking from the girls on Manuel, so you can check that off, but don’t worry he will pay her back real good for what she is doing, sounds like some anal is coming. He slides beside her and slowly shoves his cock into her ass. It takes a little for her ass to open enough for him, but it’s a magical time for her by the noises and facial expressions. She jerks him off a little before she climbs back on his cock for some more anal stretching, and some fingering by Manuel and she cums for him. She returns the favor a little and it seems she brings him to the verge of cumming already. But he tells her to hop back on and prepare for some more anal riding, with some finger action in her pussy too. She loves showcasing her ass for the camera, which believe me is not a bad thing at all. The anal attack continues with some doggy action and then he jerks himself off until he blasts her face with his cum, just like she wanted.

Scene Four: Lily LaBeau and Mick

She starts off with her career and how it all got it started, with modeling that made it’s way to porn. And Lily is yet another one of the amazing Speigler girls. She goes more into her first scene ever, and how she has developed since she first started. Looks like some anal and some fem dom stuff are in the future. After the interview, we get some great tease footage as she shows off her body in a purple bra and panty set, in various locations in the house. And the action begins with Mick on a black leather couch, as she hops on him and grinds on his crotch, talk about some friction in his pants. His cock sticks out from the top of his pants, and she opens them up and goes to work on his cock, going deep, with some great sucking action. She’s not going to stop with the oral work till he’s about to burst for her. Mick lays her on the couch and slides off her panties and then dives into her ass and pussy. He teases her with his cock before sliding it in her pussy, followed by some hard pounding and hair pulling. They continue with some spoon action, as she begs for him to go deeper and deeper inside her. Some grabbing on to her throat from Mick, as she continues to play with her pussy while he fucks her. He spreads her legs and after some more oral work, is back to pounding her pussy. She must really get a workout, cause she is pretty much trying to catch her breath this whole scene. She’s another girl that seems to melt your heart with those eyes. She smashes his face with her tits, as he continues to finger and tease her pussy, as she begs for him not to stop. And just as she is about to cum for him, he slides back into her pussy as she rides him. She flips around for some reverse cowgirl action, as she continues to give a helping hand to her pussy. Some reverse spoon action and he gives her a few shots on her face and mouth, as she licks off his cock one last time.

Scene Five: Holly Michaels and Mr Pete

And to round out this great group of ladies, we have Holly Michaels, who was a member of my girls I hope to see more of in 2012, and it’s a few months in, but I am doing pretty good on making sure I see plenty of these girls. It’s interview time, she talks about her first scene, her love of anal, and giving blowjobs. And I learned she knows how to shake her stuff, and for those not at AEE, this tease session is for you. And today’s lucky guy, is Mr. Pete who is already enjoying her booty as she is rubbing it against his crotch. He unsnaps her bra and sucks on her tit’s a bit and then she ends up on her knees and teases his cock some more, I am expecting to see it bust out of his pants pretty soon, like an alien. She takes a seat on the couch and slides off her panties so he can work his magic with his fingers, which really gets her pussy nice and wet. And so we know she loves anal, so he fingers her ass a bit and then as he grabs her hair and slowly lets her have his cock, and then she goes to town on it, with some face fucking and gagging. He is being the dominant one as she bobs on his cock giving him a nice wet and sloppy blowjob. After he is amazed at her oral skills, he takes a seat and she teases his cock some more, before sliding it in her pussy and hops that booty on his cock, and thanks to William H, we get a great view of the action. And then the energy level gets turned up to 11, as I am waiting for the couch to completely tip over. And she climbs off and goes back to work on his cock, balls and even some ass licking. She makes her way back to the couch for some spoon action, in which he continues with the rough stuff while fucking her. He lets her watch as he pulls out of her pussy and slides his cock in her ass. She gets some more oral action and then climbs on once again, and slides his cock in her ass, and once again go wild as she rides him. She gets to rough with him a little, but he is quick to let her know who is in charge. But she wants her pussy to get some love from his cock, as she begs him to go back and forth between her pussy and ass. He tests her flexibility as he props her legs up by her head. She ends up back on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action in her ass. He grabs her hair and bends her back like the girl from the Last Exorcism movie. I think she prefers the regular cowgirl as she flips around and then ends up later with her ass up and then after some begging and pleading from her, he gives her some doggy action in her ass. He shoves his foot on her face, he lets her suck on it a bit, and then goes back to work on her ass. He pulls out and sprays her face with his cum, and then lightly gives him a few more licks of his cock.

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