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Nasty Gapes Obsession

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by BBC Lover » Review Date: 2/28/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Gonzo, Gaping, POV, Anal

Omar Galanti

Dulsineya, Inga, Milla, Aspid, Tanata, Rocky, Omar

Cast List, Contents of Disc 2, Websites, Website Preview

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality:

This is an Evil Angel Production so you expect high quality sound and visuals and thats exactly what you get.  Good quality production with vivid lighting, good sound levels and crisp audio.


Dedicated to Anal Sex, food objects, Omar's large cock and plenty of POV action.  If you like ladies gaping and hearing the "farting" sounds from liquids cumming out of their ass then you will enjoy this flick.

Scene One:  Dulsineya

Dulsineya dressed in Army gear and you hear Omar's voice with is strong accent from behind the camera as he pans up and down looking at her thin body. (no panties and shaved).  He reaches from behind the camera to grab her natural tits and squeeze them.  She gets a very large red penis shaped dildo and starts teasing her ass with it. (no lube, ouch!)  He moans as he watches her put the head of this large toy in her ass.  She is lying on her side so her pussy lips are nice and thick and inviting looking.  He asks her for a "big gape".  Next she gets a red ball and lays on her back as she puts the red ball in her ass.  Finally after almost 20 minutes of toy play she pulls out his VERY thick uncut cock and begins to spit and suck on it.  First position he is sitting and she rrides him reverse cowgirl so you can see her thin ass bouncing up on his very hairy thick cock.  He tells her he wants to "see her gape".  She stands up and she has a very nice gape. Next she gets out some whip cream and puts it all over hsi cock and licks it off as she stares into the camera.  Next he is lying on the floor with whipcream all over her mouth and parts of his cock and she begins to ride him.  (camera is kind of all over the place).  She doesn't really take all of his cock, mostly just past his large head.  She begins to finger and play with her pussy while really starting to get his cock deeper in her ass.  She then lays back on the couch with her legs back to her head when he inserts the whip cream deep in her ass and sprays it full as she pushes it out.  It was crazy and stimulating to see her asshole leaking all that white cream.  For some reason they go back to the floor where she rides it more.  Her ass must be really getting loose because he is able to get deep in her ass.  They move to doggie and he really fucks her and you get to see some good gaping.  THe best "gaping" sight and sound is when he is sitting back stroking his cock and she lays back on the lounger with her legs straight back and makes her ass pucker and you can hear the sound.  He then asks her to come suck his cock and she comes over and gives him a fast blowjob.  The next almost strange request is for her to straddle him with her pussy on his balls as she strokes him.  For the cum shot she gets on her knees and licks his balls as he strokes till he cum's and she then cleans it up.


Scene Two: Inga

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Inga is wearing neon pink fishnets with plaid bikini and a big Minnie Mouse bow on her head.  She walks slowly showing off her ass and body motioning and saying "let's go".  She lures him to the couch and begins teasing the camera while dancing around.  After alot of teasing (almost a bit too much) he bends her over and fingers her ass and puts his finger in her mouth.  She is bent over on the couch doggie while he spanks her ass and teases her asshole with his spit and finger.  Suddently you see the camera lowered and he begins to rim her ass.  This for me is the most stimulating when you see him rimming and licking her ass and you hear the wet motion of his tongue in her already gaping ass.  Inga is now on the floor sucking his cock and the girth again amazes me.  She licks the head and looks up at the camera with her big brown eyes.  The whip cream comes out again as she puts it all over the tip of his cock and sucks it off.  After some lengthy oral she lays on her back on the white couch while he fucks her ass with a anal bead dildo and she really gives the camera some good gapes.  She spreads her ass open to show off her asshole.  Time for the whip cream in the asshole but it didn't have the same look as it did in scene one as she seemed to have trouble "pushing it out".  He begins to fuck her ass with the toy and slowly the cream leaks out.  FHe then puts his cock in her ass and begins to fuck her.  At this point it's only the head but his cock is so girthy.  When he lays back on the floor she then can control the depth of his penetration and struggles to take his large cock.  At no point do you see penetration or gaping in this position.  He then puts the camera on the table and spoons her so he can get a good position and fuck her to show off her gaping ability.  To appreciate his size and girth the next position of reverse cowgirl as he drills her and fingers her pussy is hot.  Hearing his cock slam into her body and her moan get louder and faster is HOT!  When his cock comes out she begins to sensually rub her pussy up and down on his cock and that too is hot.  It's not long before he stands up and gives her a facial!


Scene Three: Tanata

Omar is sleeping when you hear a woman's heels clicking on the hardwood floor as she wakes him up to tell him she need's help.  She tells him she "wants to paint with her ass".  On the table are enema bottles and cups of liquids in different colors.  She is wearing a school girl outfit.  They have some dialogue which is odd because it's really broken English and didn't make alot of sense but atleast the models are attempting to speak English.  They start the scene off with her getting her mouth fucked and lot's of wet blowjob.  He then bends her over the couch and really fucks her good and she is the best so far to take him deep so early in the scene.  You can hear her wet ass as he goes in and out of her ass.  He is really going balls deep in her ass and when he pulls out he didn't show the gape.  She said she came but wants to do "it again and again and again".  So now he begins to fuck her pussy and her asshole is still puckered from his cock.  She then sits back and plays with her wet pussy and suddenly his face and tongue appears as he eats her out.  Time for more floor action as she rides his cock.  Honestly this position has been the most consistant throughout the video but it's my least favorite as you really can't appreciate the anal sex from this view.  Now it's time for painting!  He feels up the enema bottle with a yellow liquid and as she pushes it out you hear this "farting" sound.  Since nothing is coming out she gets in doggie on the white tarp and pushes it out.  The first bit that comes out is not very attractive looking as it favors shit.  He then puts so much in her that it explodes out of her ass and all over him and the floor.  (Note yellow was not nice to look at).  The red makes an explosive sound as it comes out and looks pretty neat.  If you have an enema fetish of sorts then you will enjoy all the colors coming out, the "farting" sounds but overall not sure how this goes with the theme of gaping.  After some more oral play he puts the camera down so he can fuck her spooning and you can again appreciate the girth of his large cock fucking her ass.  (NOW WE ARE BACK TO GOOD ANAL SEX).  You literally can watch her ass stretch over the girth of his cock. (NICE GAPE)  Once again when she does reverse cowgirl straddling him you can really get turned on by the sound and view.  I love how he holds her stomach and fucking her deep!  She then gets in doggie and he really fucks her good.  At this point she has taken the hardest and longest pounding.  I loved watching his ass jiggle as he enjoys tapping that ass.  He lays back and she sucks and jacks him off.


Scene Four: Milla

Milla opens up the scene as a beautiful girl with jet black hair, black dress on and long legs.  She is holding a glass dildo and he can't wait to rub her body.  When he asks to see her ass she turns around and has a rhinestone butt plug already in her ass. With the butt plug firmly in place she kneels down and begins to suck his cock.  At points she has the dildo and his cock in her mouth and makes alot of eye contact with the camera.  When she bends over the couch she works the butt plug out and when it finally pops out its a beautiful large silver egg shaped plug.  He then spits on her ass and starts to use the glass dildo on her ass.  Her amazing styled long nails look hot as she opens up her ass for the camera. He then tells her to be the "camera man" so he can start eating out her pussy and rimming her ass.  I like the fact you can hear her moaning and see him working her pussy over.  Of course he starts with the positon of her riding him as he is on the floor.  After a gaping of her doing him reverse she goes and gets a banana and sucks on it like she is giving oral.  She peels it back and does some great oral on it. (visually gorgeous).  She then bends over the couch and fucks her ass with the banana.  He fucks her with it even after it breaks off.  After some banana play she then starts taking him doggie and deep.  Her ass really bounces and moves on his cock.  After a bit of that position she has one of the biggest gapes of the DVD thus far.  He fucks her in missionary with his cock and the toy so she can show a nice gape.  The best part of the scene comes with the camera sitting so you can watch him fuck her on her side via her ass and her pussy.  She takes a big looad on her face!

Scene Five: Aspid/Tanata

Omar comes in singing to Tanata as she is smoking.  He is singing Happy Birthday and hands her a cake.  She asks for her present and he hands her a collar and tells her to look for it.  She looks behind the couch and finds the stunning beauty Aspid on her knees.  Aspid is dressed in all black, great eye makeup and large tits.  Aspid is being a good submissive and let's Tanata play with her tits, finger her ass and then discovers she has a forked tongue.  She takes bits of the cake and feeds it to Aspid.  Lots of foreplay as Omar fingers Aspid's ass while she is licking Tanata's pussy.  He then takes out his cock and feeds it to the ladies.  At one point Tanata is sucking his cock while Aspid is sucking a strap-on.  THe sex starts when Aspid is giving some good head and getting fucked by Tanata.  Aspid has cake icing all over her pussy and she is being stuffed by a large purple strap-on.  The first gape comes from Aspid after taking Tanat's dildo in her ass.  They begin to shove large amounts of cake in her ass!  Both ladies take turns riding his cock and giving him some oral pleasure.  I like the position when Aspid is laying on the couch arm and being fucked by Omar.  He then would push his cock back so Tanata could suck it (not sure who was running the camera)  

Scene Six: Rocky

Rocky is a plain but beautiful lady wearing a Marilyn Monroe type dress with no panties.  He hands her a large black dildo and she sucks and licks on it teasing him and the viewer.  Here comes the whip cream in her mouth and he then shoves the dildo and his cock in her cream filled mouth.  Lots of oral and whip cream to the point of fast forwarding to some actual action.  He puts the bottle in her ass and fills it full of cream.  She pushes it out and it streams out of her ass and even a few "spurt" sounds.  With all the cream dripping out of her ass she begins to fuck herself with the black dildo.  The first position comes doggie and when he pulls out she squirts wet cream all over the bed and makes some of those "farting" sounds and a big gape.  With the toy and his cock she is really open and is taking his cock balls deep.  She reaches back and spreads her ass open and to gape!  For the foot fetish fans there is even a nice clip of her using her feet to stroke his cock.  They then move to missionary and her ass is stretched out so BIG.  (Hands down biggest Gape of the DVD).  They finish with her jacking him off and more oral.  


Final Thoughts:

Omar has a very large/girthy cock and his girth is perfect to make young ladies ass gape.  You get to enjoy alot of POV action of these ladies sucking his cock.  Each scene he introduces a different item from balls, fruit, whip cream and cake.  If you enjoy seeing ladies get fucked in their ass then you will love Omar's creative scenes.  Though the objects didn't turn me on I am sure they reach a legion of fans who enjoy the sounds and visuals of these objects/food being used in foreplay.  The only part I found nasty in a bad way was the "painting scene" as it really wasnt visually appearling though colorful.  Tanata takes the hardest fucking in her one on one scene while Rocky gives us the biggest gape.  There is plenty of anal sex, oral and gaping to RECOMMEND this DVD. The creativity, stunning sets and beautiful ladies are great to see and hear.  One other thing I really like is the fact that though foreign all the ladies attempted to speak basic English as does Omar!  Another great production from Evil Angel.


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