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Teens For Cash Vol. 23

Studio: Pink Visual Productions » Review by Rob Perez » Review Date: 3/2/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Gonzo, Threesomes, Widescreen, 18+ Teens

Director: ??

Cast: Becky, Kendra Kay, Kissy Kapri, Jasse, Rod Fontana, Dick Nasty

Audio/Video: Audio was fair to good. Video quality was very good.

Length: 1 hours, 55 minutes

Release Date: 2/27/12

Extras: Extras include over 10 Pink Visual trailers, slide show, PV Mobile, a five minute long striptease sequence featuring Becky, behind the scenes from Kissy’s scene, and a bonus scene featuring Jessie Andrews from Couples Seduce Teens 21.

Condoms: No

Overview: I enjoy this series because if I were as old as these geezers and could convince some 18 or 19 year-old girls to be a teen cash, I’d do it in a heartbeat. The geezers are living the life. I so wish I had the funds to pay my own teen for cash harem. In the meantime, I’ll just sit back and enjoy the geezers work their magic on these pretty young things.

Scene 1 Jasse, Rod Fontana, Dick Nasty

Jasse, while not expressing a whole lot of attraction to the guys, oddly makes this scene works. It’s their charm and keeping her laughing that makes her want to stay. Of course the $700 she made for blowing and fucking these guys helps a lot. But she does seem into the sex if not them per se. and she definitely looks as though she’s enjoying getting pumped by the industry vets Rod Fontana and Dick Nasty. For an 18-year-old girl who’s having sex with guys in their late 50’s, she definitely looks convincing enough to me that she enjoyed this tryst, getting fucked in a variety of position, being worshipped, and pounded hard. Her cute little body caused me to chub up, and her silly playful attitude during the entire scene makes you want to fall in love with her. This is definitely a great way to begin things.

Scene 2 Kissy, Rod Fontana, Dick Nasty

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Kissy likes to play pranks on the geezers next door by ringing their doorbell then running away. She’s caught by Rod who brings her inside then is lectured by the two. They notice how cute she looks in her tank top and PJ bottoms and ask her if she needs a little money. She does so they offer Kissy some only if she removes her clothings. Being able to get her to take her clothes off for under a $100 they admire her goodies especially her big tits. They then proceed to have their cocks sucked and offer her more to fuck her. This leads to a pretty hot boning session. Kissy seems reluctant, I’m guessing she wasn’t too into the guys but the geezers make her and all the girls they pay comfortable. Plus being offered cash for sex helps the girls get wet just a little bit. Kissy may not have been too into her scene partners but she exuded a lot of energy and fucked them both good, giving them their money worth’s. Although Kissy isn’t much my type I still liked this scene. No chemistry but this is that rare kind of scene where the girl is a trooper and just does it, gives it 100% and still manages to produce a pretty hot scene. The guys are totally into her, and that helps this scene watching Rod and Dick fight over who gets to fuck her. They both fuck her good and hard, making Kissy climax then spilling their expired DNA all over her face.

Scene 3 Kendra, Rod Fontana, Dick Nasty

Kendra is selling candy to help raise money for a school trip. The geezers see what she’s selling but the only sweet thing they want is Kendra herself. They offer to buy all her candy plus give her some spending money for her trip if she’ll strip. She really needs that money so she gladly removes her clothes and stands in front of the guys as they admire her body. Kendra is a really sexy girl who kind of digs the guys and their sweet approach to her, plus their deep pockets. She sucks them off then is tossed around by the geezers. Kendra seems to enjoy having their wrinkled cocks in her, being treated like a fuck doll as visions of a shopping spree with their money is probably what’s foremost on her mind. Great shots of her ass while she’s riding the guys, plus great shots of her giving head to the guys, the camerawork in this entire DVD is actually quite good. After spooning on the couch the guys lay their cream on her face.

Scene 4 Becky, Rod Fontana, Dick Nasty

Becky comes out of the room where she has been sleeping since the night before, unknown to the guys. There was a party the night before in which the guys were not invited to but now wish there were. Becky admits to passing out but tells the guys she and her other school friends were hanging out with much older guys at the party. So they decide to continue the party with Becky as their guest of honor. They offer her money to take off their clothes and Becky jumps at the chance. She actually digs the guys, holding their hands and giggling at their corny jokes. Of all the girls Becky is the most energetic, most into the guys, and has the best chemistry with the geezers. When she undresses we lay witness to her underdeveloped 19-year-old body. What a stunner. Looking much younger than 19, this girl knows how to fuck but the guys are way too excited and really bang the hell out of her. Her tight pussy has a little trouble with letting Rod in but he finally manages to fit in her wet cunt while she sucks away at Dick. They fuck her in a variety of positions, from mish, cowgirl, on the floor and spoon, with the camera nicely capturing every inch of her. The guys continue to bang her silly, then they have her suck her pussy juice off their cocks before Dick gets her flat on the couch and fucks her good one last time. The giggling is over as Dick really goes at it, giving her everything he’s got to make Becky cum, then both guys finish all over her pretty face.

Summary: I love this series, always have. I’m usually dissapointed when it’s a b/b/g and there’s no anal but this series rarely does and I still enjoy watching it. The girls are your usual, girl on the street, the kind you’d definitely notice. They’re not the greatest looking girls but they are still damn fine. As I’ve noted before, this film is the type that will never be talked about, promoted, or nominated for any awards. It’s a gem that you have to look for. Trust me, if you’re thing is young girls with much older guys you won’t be dissapointed. The guys never come across too intimidating but rather, they put the girls at ease and make them feel as comfortable as possible. That’s why Kissy’s scene work. None of these girls would ever hook up with guys this old and probably wouldn’t work with these guys unless they were getting paid. But the casting here is great. Most of the girls may not have been physically attracted to the guys but they were comfortable enough to give it their all and then some. It’s one of the reasons I like this series. This is one of the strongest cast in this series. Too bad we’ll probably never see these girls in a porn again as Pink Visual usually casts the kind of girls that do a few scenes then we never hear from them again. Hey, it happens all the time in porn. At least we have this DVD to check them out anytime. Lots of replay value here. I’m Highly Recommending this gem of a DVD!

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