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Swinging American Style: Texas Fuck 'em

Studio: Vivid » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 5/6/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Swingers, Gonzo

Director: Phil Varone, Kristal Summers, Sherri (Payton Leigh), Jessika (Ava West), Maia, Kevin (Jack Mehoff), Jerome, Ryan

Cast: Phil Varone

Length: 117 minutes 

Date of Production: 11/27/2011 

Extras: There is a nice looking photo gallery, several trailers, Vivid extras, and a Vivid.com special offer.  

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.

Overview: Swinging American Style: Texas Fuck'em is a film and the first installment to this running series by Phil Varone and Vivid Entertainment. In this flick, rock star Phil Varone has invited several of his swinger friends over for a sexual game of poker. So, the stakes are high, but mighty pleasurable. Mr. Varone decided to create this series because he wanted the swinging lifestyle. This former drummer for the bands Skid Row and Saigon Kick wants to show the viewer what really happens when a swinger's party occurs. He wants to pull the curtain open. As he said in a recent interview that I conducted with him, Phil said "I’ve been in the lifestyle for many years and wanted to show what real people swingers do when they get together. The first one is called Texas Fuck'em. I had some friends over the house and we played the swinger version of Poker. The people in the series are actual swingers and most are my friends for many years. I love the non porn look of it. I think porn gets too polished and boring and I just wanted to make something that looks like it would if you filmed your own video at home."              
Scene One: The attractive people are arriving at Phil Varone's swingers' poker party. In a bedroom, the host is interviewing a very cute woman named Kristal Summers. We see her perfect big boobs and the man caresses them briefly before his request for a blow job is performed by her. The tight POV shots are cool as the woman sucks his nice looking dick well. Even though we do not see a good look at her pretty face during the bj moments in the bedroom, the memory of her pretty face in the viewer's mind creates an added turn-on factor to her cocksucking activity. Later, he asks her to work on his balls and the pleasing lady sucks them too, but only breifly. Then, they walk into the bathroom so that Phil can film her hot penis pleasure play from the mirror. I really love watching Kristal's deeply focused bj work. Her slow pace is also very stimulating. The streams of saliva from her her mouth to the tip of his dick look hot too. Finally, he cums at her very receptive and pretty open mouth.             

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Scene Two:
Suddenly, Phil's poker guests gather around the table and sit. Kristal receives one of those special cards that will heat up the place sexually if the receiver of the card keeps it. Of course, the lovely cute lady retains it and thus must follow the instruction on it. It happens to be that Kristal must get doggied during a full poker hand. The lucky man who gets to fuck her is Jerome. The both of them get undressed. Soon, she sucks his cock with a determined look. Some quick mouth fucking action follows before a tit fuck occurs. Then, Jerome sucks her tasty snatch right before the steady doggie action begins. The hand of poker has resumed and the sexual action does not distract them too much except for one blonde. However, the camera mostly focuses on Kristal's and Jerome's solid and exciting fuck from behind session. I really enjoyed how Jerome's screwing pace picked up. This scene will make the viewers who had wanted to see this pretty woman get fucked earlier be happy. Nevertheless, we still want to see more of Kristal.        
Scene Three: Phil Varone is laying on his back as Payton Leigh climbs on top of him for their 69 moment. She sucks his hot cock well and with solid enjoyment. We also get a view of the pussy eating action, but it's only a slight moment. This short scene mostly focuses on the blonde's nicely performed and determined cocksuck.            

Scene Four: Real-life couple Jessika and Kevin are having sex while Phil films them. The blonde hottie sucks her man's dick for a moment before he fucks her missionary style. The sight of her sexy legs in those yellow heels look scrumptious. Moreover, Jessika's continuous and loud vocal moans and urgings to her man make him fuck her even harder and faster. It's a very exciting performance and a true winner. It's pretty awesome. He eventually soaks her belly with his cum all over her beautiful body. However, Kevin is not finished yet as he inserts his manhood inside of her pleasure spot and fucks her harder. Jessika's facial expressions are so emotionally cool. Then, the still horny woman sucks Phil's cock much passion and inner desire. I was biting the inside of my lip while watching her perform it. Then, Phil fucks her sensitive pussy with hot rhythm. The viewer can tell that she is really feeling it from her breathing pattern and groaning sounds. Finally, he pulls out and cums on the pretty woman's belly.
Scene Five: Maia receives one of those special cards and must select one of the men to give a blow job to and make him cum to receive a bonus. She selects Kevin. Soon, the woman is sucking on his penis. Maia applies a slow and smooth rhythm which builds up the man's ability to eventually cum. In the meantime, Jerome is sucking on Jessika's boobs momentarily. This two minute bj moment looks good on account of Maia's steady and comfortable technique.
Scene Six: Maia and Sherri must sucks Phil's cock in order to obtain more of those special cards. Maia places her attention on his balls while the blonde cutie sucks his manhood. The women take turns nicely between his balls and dick. This timed double team session becomes stuffy has the sight of the two womens' joint effort becomes more steamy and stimulative. I love how they use their lips to pleasure the sides of his meaty shaft.
Scene Seven: We see Maia giving Phil a blow job and there is a good amount of saliva dripping down onto the floor. Once again, this woman's steady cocksuck looks pretty cool. Finally, their brief moment ends with him cumming at her slightly open mouth and stuck out tongue.
Scene Eight: Kristal selects Sherri to fingerfuck. She licks her pussy nicely too. Both ladies look quite hot together and I really enjoy Kristal's tender oral pussy pleasuring activity. Later, Phil sticks out his dick at Jessika who seconds later, sucks on it. However, the highlight is Kristal's pussysucking technique on her partner's vaginal mound. I wanted to feel what Sherri must have been feeling. Afterwards, the two women kiss and then, they place their sensual mouths on Jerome's hardened dick. Sherri and Kristal perform well together. Meanwhile, Jessika and Maia are sucking Kevin's dick for a while before the blonde beauty sets her focus on sucking the cameraman's dick. I really love the shots of her orally pleasuring him. Later, Sherri is riding Phil's dick on the sofa. In the background, there is more fucking action among the poker party participants. However, the most heated fucking action occurs between Phil and Sherri. All of the others heated moments are in their cocksucking sessions for the most part. At least, that is what is showcased. However, we do receive some moments of hot fucking between Kristal and Jerome. We also see Phil doggying Maia with good solid rhythm. Then, we see the beautiful Kristal orally working on the host's cock with her hot and sensual looking sexual package massage. Next, the woman's butt looks cute as she straddles Phil's groin. A three-way follows with Kristal sucking on Jerome's cock while Phil doggies her. This scene is a true winner. 
Scene Nine: Maia sucks Phil's dick and tries to make him cum while the rest of the poker participants watch on. There is some titty feel by Kevin and Jerome on Kristal briefly. Then, Jessika moves in to join Phil and Maia. The man sucks her breast for a moment and then, they kiss. Maia is sucking his dick quite nicely and she has definitely increased the pace. In the meantime, Kristal is giving Kevin a blow job. The intensity occurs when Phil fucks the blonde beauty against the table. I totally loved it. She also has the opportunity to suck Jerome's dick. Later, Jerome is having his penis orally massaged by Sherri as Phil continues his amazing workout on Kristal.
Scene Ten: Phil asks Sherri to crawl under the table to suck his dick. She definitely earns her worth due to her very exciting cocksuck. Then, we see Kristal sucking on Kevin's cock for a good amount of time. It is always a very stimulating time as one watches this lovely lady suck dick. Then, he really goes to town on her pussy when he eats it and fingerfucks it with much gusto. I love seeing her squirm on the chair as her stomach muscles tighten. A missionary screw follows and the sounds of the womens' harrowing moans sound awesome. Afterwards, we see Sherri getting fucked and eaten by Phil on the table. I love this lady's emotional cumming behavior. At the end, he cums all over receptive mouth. Their awesome workout made Phil go down to his knees. Later, Kristal is sucking the lucky cameraman's cock once again. Moments later, she is getting doggied by Jerome in a three-way session. In the end, Kristal sucks off Jerome's long dick.          

Final Thoughts: I loved this film. There is plenty of cocksucking and fucking action throughout this production. Just when you think this movie is over, there is still more hot sexual action left. Phil Varone is a sex machine and his female friends are super hot especially Kristal Summers, Payton Leigh, and Ava West. I want to see more of them in this series. Even though the amazing screwing activity occurs around the mid to latter portions of the film, but it is well worth the wait since the cocksucking moments are hot too. I have always been fascinated by the swinging lifestyle and having seen this flick, I really must experience it. Thank you Phil for a view of this lifestyle. I highly recommend this Vivid production.   

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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