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TS Playground

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 5/20/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: She-Males 

Director: Jay Sin

Cast: Mandy Mitchell, Kimber James, Adrianna Nicole, Eva Lin, Tameka Milks, Cherry Torn, Danni Daniels, Foxxy, Morgan Bailey, Kitty Kaiti, Dustin Reeves, Christian XXX

Length: 161 minutes (disc 1), 104 minutes (disc 2)

Date of Production: ?

Extras: This section has behind the scenes and outtakes segments, nice looking photo galleries, cumshot recap, websites information, filmographies, an EvilAngel.com preview, and a cast list.  

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

Overview: TS Playground is a film by director Jay Sin and the studio Evil Angel. It features several of the hottest and top-notch transsexual performers in the industry. In this year's Tranny Awards, Mandy Mitchell won Best Solo Website and Best Non-Typical Model. Starlet Eva Lin won three times for Best Hardcore Performer, Best New Face, and Best Scene for her performance in TS Domination with Honey Foxxx and Sebastian Keys. Of course, Morgan Bailey has won previously a couple of times. We also have worthwhile performances by two female stars who enjoy being paired with transsexual performers. They are Cherry Torn and Adrianna Nicole.               

Scene One: Eva Lin is dressed in a sexy maid's outfit with her dick on a silver tray. The sight of her and it makes your mouth water. I wanted to reach out and feel it and her. She drools some saliva onto her meaty plaything and soon begins to smear it on the tray. Sudenly, the very pretty tranny plays with her delightful titties and cock. As she stroked her dick, it made me want it even more. Then, Danni Daniels arrives home and finds her. After some dominating activity by Danni, she sticks her thumb into her servant's butthole. Then, Eva sucks her thumb. Some cockstroking and playful action by Danni on Eva occurs before the maid places her attention on her master's dick. Eva sucks on it tenderly. Her motion heats up momentarily. Some balllsucking action occurs. Then, Eva drools on her own penis again. Afterwards, in the doggie position, the maid has her asshole spread open widely by Danni with her fingers. After widening it enough, Danni sticks her cock into it and fucks Eva doggie style. The screwing activity lingers on to the mish position before Danni fucks the maid's mouth. After some heated anal screwing, a cool moment occurs when Danni sticks several balls into Eva's butthole. Then, Eva shoves them out as some ass juice is shown coming out of the woman. This routine continues a few times. Later, Danni strokes off on Eva while Eva is jacking herself too.   

Scene Two: Mandy Mitchell has female hottie Cherry Torn beside her. This blonde cutie is going to provide some sexual play for Mandy and Kitty Kaiti. As soon as they see the woman's pretty pussy, the two trannies are pleased by it. Kitty's long tongue looks so appealing near it. She licks Cherry's passion fruit nicely while Mandy caresses the sucking woman. Later, the blonde hottie turns around and wiggles her hot ass for a moment before Kitty licks her snatch. Mandy is spreading Cherry's butt so that her friend can gain better access to it. Afterwards, Cherry sucks Kitty's cock first before Mandy joins in by sharing it. I especially loved seeing the blonde suck it gently as well as deepthroating it. Later, Cherry focuses on the pecker sucking activity while Mandy sucks the woman's snatch. Next, she places her attention on both of the their assholes. She licks them. I especially enjoyed seeing her suck Mandy's sexual package. A nice looking three-way occurs when Mandy fucks Kitty from behind while Kitty is sucking on Cherry's titties. Later, Cherry sucks both of their dicks gently for a while before adding some passion to it. The sight of the woman's ass becomes a turn-on again as she rides Kitty cowgirl style through her vagina while sucking on Mandy's dick. Then, another cool moment occurs when Mandy fucks Kitty as Cherry continues her riding ways. The energy level heats up well. More fucking activity follows as Mandy fucks both of her partners through the butt with a lot of passion doggy style. It's another very exciting moment in this scene. Then, the blonde orally pleasures both of their cocks nicely. Afterwards, Mandy sits on Kitty's face while Cherry is sucking Kitty's dick. Moments later, I loved hearing Mandy moan with much emotion as Cherry sucked her pecker. The cumshots are fine.       

Scene Three: Attractive Kimber James teases the camera with her shy and innocent facial expressions. As we get a full shot of this beauty, it is remarkable that this woman is not as big of a star as she deserves to be. Her gorgeous body can rival any female adult performer. She provides a lot of stimulative hotness as she caresses her breasts and shows off her amazing bod. Her performance gives off the sense that Kimber is a super on-stage performer. In the meantime, I enjoyed the background music. It set the right tone and mood. She fingers her asshole and strokes her cock nicely. This tranny pulls the viewer in. I loved seeing the full shots of her. Her body with huge boobs and a hot looking dick is yummy. All of a sudden, Kimber is seen sucking on Christian XXX's lucky cock. While watching her suck dick well, I kept wanting to see her cock. Nevertheless, the following titty fuck and 69 session looked cool. Because it focused only on Christian's cocksucking activity and not on Kimber's, it was disappointing. An active cock ride follows with the tranny humping him quite well. I also enjoyed seeing her hard-on during it. Later, Kimber rubs both of their meaty playthings together while sitting on top of him. I wished that it would had lasted longer. Then, the man sucks her cock again. The energy level increases when he doggies her. The missionary fuck looks very appealing with Kimber's sexy legs up in the air. Later, Christian's good pumping skills and stamina are shown during the reverse cowgirl moments. Also, the tranny's gorgeous body is showcased well. Finally, Christian cums on Kimber's penis and soon, sucks on it. I especially like seeing their dicks touch. It a big turn-on.

Scene Four: Tameka Milks is dressed in a long black sexy gown. She removes it and we see her body. The tranny strokes her long cock for a while. I was impressed by it's length for a transsexual. Later, she shows off her butt. Overall, this solo performance was okay especially for those who like Tameka. The most entertaining portions of this scene are her ass and the sight of her penis. Later on, she does a nice job cumming.          

Scene Five: Mandy Mitchell talks at the camera briefly before Adrianna Nicole walks towards her. They kiss immediately once the blonde sits beside her. She sucks her breasts for a short amount of time and kisses her body. When they resume their kissing activity, they giggle and the personal chemistry between them appears quite nicely. Adrianna playfully shoves her fist into the woman's mouth. Afterwards, the dark-haired tranny lays on top of the tall cutie as they continue to make out. Suddenly, she sucks on Adrianna's pillowy tits. As the scene progresses, Mandy acts very fond of the woman's body. When the pussy eating action by Mandy begins, the atmosphere in the room becomes stuffy. The sight of Adrianna's pussy through her fishnet panties is very appealing. The chemistry between the two ladies continue to be sweet. As a matter of fact, their kissing activity heats up as they intensify the passion of their kisses. Even the blonde's pussy rub and asshole licking behavior feel and look personal. Suddenly, Adrianna uses a glass butt plug on Mandy's gaping butthole. I especially loved seeing the blonde suck on it with much heart-felt passion. The lengthy anal play is a huge turn-on as Adrianna continues to widen that hole. Meanwhile, Mandy gets to suck on her friend's snatch during their 69 session. I enjoyed watching Adrianna's sucking technique and demeanor as she sucked the tranny's appealing cock. I wanted a part of it. Later, Mandy kisses her friend's foot and adores it for a while. During the penile-vaginal screwing moments, the tone becomes very romantic and sensual as they kiss. Even Mandy's humping motion provides a playful and adoring tone. Afterwards, a playful cock suck follows by the blonde with Mandy putting on Adrianna's eye glasses on her pecker. Once again, the blonde's blow job moments are cute and a turn-on. Mandy cums on the woman's pretty face. Next, the tranny licks Adrianna's attractive pussy and then, places her attention on her asshole during the 69 and cool looking anal fuck moments. Afterwards, Mandy sticks most of her fingers into her asshole. Then, more cool anal screwing activity occurs by Mandy. A very memorable portion of their performance occurs when Adrianna sticks part of her right foot inside the tranny's butthole as Mandy strokes her own dick with solid motion. I got so turned on by it that I wanted to do it just like Adrianna did. Eventually, Mandy jacks herself off while she continues to sit on her foot. It also looks very cool as we see the blonde's foot slowly come out of her. Afterwards, Adrianna spanks her pal's ass as we see Mandy's cool looking gaping butthole. This performance is a winner.            

Scene Six: The setting is at the pool. It's a pool party with lots of trannies and hot female performer Cherry Torn. We see Mandy Mitchell who introduces us to most of her friends. They are the aforementioned cocksucking cutie Cherry Torn, Morgan Bailey, Eva Lin, Foxxy, Dustin Reeves, Tameka Milks, and Danni Daniels. Even though the scene showed good moments of Cherry's blow job and anal sucking action as well as blow job activity by other performers, the sounds of the pool water was annoying. I also did not prefer that a good amount of the scene were shot underwater. Meanwhile, Foxxy's jiggling butt was very appealing. However, Tameka's moans sounded like a baby crying. The screwing action looked good, but being underwater, it lessened the passion factor. Overall, it was an interesting scene.

Final Thoughts: This film is a well-rounded production of different types of tranny sex. We get a solo, tranny on tranny, tranny on girl, guy on tranny, lesbian threesomes, and an orgy scene. Several of these very lengthy trysts provide very memorable moments. Eva Lin received a very cool anal workout. The three-way with Cherry Torn, Mandy Mitchell, and Kitty Kaiti will be seen many times too. However, it's the amazing Mandy Mitchell-Adrianna Nicole scene that could be nominated for Best Scene. Along with Kimber James providing very good eye candy stimuli, this film deserves it's recommended rating.     

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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