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Day With A Pornstar Vol. 2

Studio: Brazzers » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 5/29/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Day With A Pornstar: Volume 2
Running Time: 3:12:53


Nikki Benz
Kagney Linn Karter
Krissy Lynn
Madison Ivy
Jessica Jaymes
Lexi Belle
Levi Cash
Scott Nails
Charles Dera

Special Features:

Bonus Scene: with Sadie and Keiran: 47:53 scene as they find a way to make the road trip more exciting before continuing inside her new house.
Scene Selection
Photo Gallery
Cumshot Recap: 8:15 reel
Web Access

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 160 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-5 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

It’s not all sex in the average day of porn star, as they also like to get out and have some fun, and then comes the sex. And we are going to see just a few ladies and spend a day with them, and of course some hot sex too. You can kind of consider this to be the BTS you would normally see, just included in the movie. And going into this film, we have the lovely Jessica Jaymes, who made my list, and Madison Ivy, who for some reason I forgot about putting on that said list. And you also can’t go wrong with the cute and adorable Lexi Belle.

And this is just another example of how life as a porn star is way more than exciting than most of our lives are. You get to do fun things like sky dive and then look forward to some amazing sex afterwords. Well I guess we could do that too, but most of us wouldn’t have Kagney or Krissy to look forward to.

I can say that my highlighted girls, Madison and Jessica both had some amazing scenes, and of course the two blonde tag team of Kagney and Krissy had some moments of greatness too. It seemed at some times that a few of the ladies were trying a little too hard at times, and it sort of pulls you out of the scene. And I did like the addition of Sadie as the bonus scene, it’s rare to see her in action, but she was able to show off her skills with Mr Brazzers himself, Keiran. And it felt that her scene was better than a few of the scenes included in the main feature. And with her scene and some other special features, which add up to about an hour of extra goodies. And like I stated in the review, no BTS is needed, cause you get that mixed into the movie.

And with a few personal favorite ladies in this movie, and a few that I seem to enjoy when I get to see them in action, plus add in some great special features, highlighted by the lovely and talented Sadie, I can say that this is easily a RECOMMENDED title. For those who can’t afford paying for all those subscriptions to those various websites, this is a nice introduction to what they have to offer. I am also glad that we are getting some better audio and video quality numbers, as we are finally getting into the HD stuff they have filmed.

Scene One: Nikki and Levi

She is not Gina Lynn, like the opening credits say.

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It’s time to hit Miami with Nikki, as she shows us around South Beach and turn a few heads in that bikini. And she loves her fans so much that she is going to shoot a scene even though she is on vacation. And it appears that her boob make a great drink holder too. After the beach, it’s time to head back to the hotel room, and she shows off her porn magic skills. Her cock pops up and he wastes no time going for her boobs, which we have been admiring for the last 15 minutes or so. He shoves his hand down her bikini and rubs her pussy, as she spreads her legs wide for him. She slides off her bottoms and bends over for him, as he dives into her ass and pussy, but she tells him to stick to her pussy. But she wants his cock in her mouth, and just like that she is bobbing her mouth on it. And it should be no surprise that he is going to slide his cock in between those huge tits, and they are big enough to almost lose sight of his cock for a little bit. But she would rather get back to the oral love of his cock. Starting to think there is a little too much commentary from these two in the scene. He props himself on the side of the couch, as she slides on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action, and watch those titties bounce. She flips around and shoves her tits in his face, and then seems to turn it up a little as the camera focuses on her ass as she rides him. She climbs off and goes back to sucking his cock and even showing his balls a little attention, before she slides up beside him for some spoon action. Perhaps “eating this shit up” isn’t a great phrase to be yelling out at this point in time, or maybe it’s just me. And she lets us know she likes doggy style, so guess what’s next. She lays down and after some oral love for her pussy, she begs and scream for his cock back inside her. And as he is about to burst, he pulls out and shoots his load in her mouth, as a few drips fall on her tits.

Scene Two: Kagney, Krissy and Scott

And this time we are going to get a little extra on this adventure, as they are going to skydiving and of course they aren’t afraid to do it naked. But before that, it seems that it’s Scott’s birthday, and before they head out, we get to see the girls work the pole, naked of course. But you know after all that adrenaline, it’s time to celebrate his birthday with some nice sex. Best birthday ever, right. They do their best to try and share, but they seem to fighting over his cock, and balls. Either way they are working him over like a champ. After a long oral session, Kagney lets him know that she wants to get fucked, so lays down and Scott dives into her  pierced pussy, while Krissy sits on her face. And Kagney seems to be filling the hangar with echoes of her moaning, which I think are going to get louder, as he slides his cock into her pussy. But Krissy leans in and gives her pussy a little more attention with her tongue and fingers. Scott pulls out and lets Kagney lick the pussy off his cock, and then he bends over Krissy for some doggy action, as she licks Kagney tits and then heads south to her pussy. They end up tag teaming his cock some more and as Kagney bends over for some more doggy action. They do a nice job of double teaming Krissy as he fucks her pussy and Kagney licks her ass. And before he blows his load, he goes back and forth between the two, and as they sing him a happy birthday he shows his gratitude by cumming on their faces.

Scene Three: Madison and Levi

Good morning Madison, and her new tits, which are lovely. Looks like we get to see her workout, a girl has to stay in shape and keep that body looking amazing. It shouldn’t take too long to realize why I feel bad for not putting her on my list. It’s off to the gym, and I feel that she isn’t going to be the only one working up a sweat. Levi comes in and seems to enjoy her workout and even offers a helping hand to her new boobs, giving them a nice squeeze. He picks her up and carries her off to her room , where we get some hot foreplay as she reaches back and rubs his cock, while he squeezes her tits again. He shoves his hand down her shorts and panties, teasing and playing with her pussy, while she lets out a few moans of delight. He flips her around and bends her over the counter, as he dives in and licks her ass and pussy, while also getting a few handfuls of her booty too. She falls to her knees and begins her mouth workout, in which she shows how energetic she gets during her oral sessions. And when she stares you down with those eyes, it’s enough to keep any guy at attention. She leans up against the sink and guides him to her pussy, as he tries to shove it in her ass. And she continues to show us how flexible she is, as he spreads her legs while fucking her pussy. And she even reaches back and teases her ass a little with her fingers. Another oh my god moment, as she crawls on all fours, until he finds his cock and puts it back in her mouth. I’m guess that pretty much every guy that lives in the building across from her, has invested in a high powered telescope so they can hope to see more of this. She hops on for some reverse cowgirl action, and she shows off that this dirty whore, likes it a little rough too. She slides around and shows off her ass to the camera as she continues to hop on his cock. He lays her down and continues to rock her pussy, while she continues to scream out some sexy dirty talk. And that continues as she begs for his cum and mentions sliding his cock in between her tits, which happens after a little spit is lathered on them. He goes back to her pussy, as she wraps her legs around her head, see she is pretty flexible. He overshoots her face with his first money shot, but ends making sure a little lands on her face eventually. She gives a few more glances before the scene ends.

Scene Four: Jessica and Scott

It’s off to the firing range, but on the way there we get an interview with Jessica. There is just something so sexy about a girl firing a gun, well that goes up a notch as she gets naked. And let’s not forget that this lady did make my list, and hopefully by the end of this scene, you can agree with me. And perhaps the boobs and even the road head she gives him will help you join the party. And when it comes to strip shooting, luckily she is a bad shot, and is naked pretty quick. We join them later as she goes back to finishing the BJ she started in the car. And it’s a wet BJ with lots of face fucking and gagging from her. She slides off her shorts and he is quickly inside her pierced pussy, as she gives out a few moans and shrieks at first, it’s been awhile for apparently. If this were a horror movie I would be worried that the farm equipment would be used to kill these two having sex. She gets some more oral time with his cock and then Scott feels it’s time for some appreciation of her tits, before he slides back in from behind. Remember folks, it’s all about safety when you are having sex near farm equipment. Luckily they move to a wooden bench, as she sits on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action. It really seems that no matter the position, we always have some thing amazing to look at. Let’s hope these two don’t break that bench, otherwise the farmer is really going to be pissed. And during some doggy he grabs on tight to her hair, as she starts to give him some ideas where he can “shoot” his load, which is coming soon. He leaves a decent money shot in her mouth, which drips on her tits. But she smiles and gives him a few sucks and licks before this day is done.

Scene Five:  Lexi and Charles

It’s time to visit the aquarium with Lexi and Charles, and as Lexi seems to be infatuated with the fish, Charles seems to be enjoying the view as Lexi flashes her tits every once in awhile. They make it to the dolphin tank and she is excited. After a long day looking at the fish, they make their way back to the room, and it seems that this is her first time working with her. And after some teasing of his cock, she reaches her hand down his pants and jerks him off. She pulls it out and begins to slowly lick and swallow it. She shows off her bush, as she is a member of the no panties club, and then goes back to work on his cock. This is where the sweet and innocent goes away and the dirty side of Lexi comes out. And with the double fisting of his cock and the spit, I give you exhibit A. She slides on top of his cock and he grabs her ass, as she hops up and down, shaking that booty for the camera. And from the number of times he slaps it, it’s going to be very red by the end of the shoot. He picks her up and lays her on the side of the couch, and is right back to working over her pussy, while grabbing onto those tits that she was flashing all day. She kind of eggs him on to be a little rougher, cause she can take it. And he even gets her to cum for him, so job well done sir. And that keeps up when she bends over for some doggy action, as he tries to shove his cock deeper and deeper inside her. There are a few attempts to stick it in her ass, but she does a good job of leading him to the right hole. She loses her breathe for a second, but does her best to catch it while also working over his cock even more with her mouth. She bends over again for him, and tells him not to stop until she cums for him, and I am sure he is about to burst all over her. And for you feet people, there is some jerking of his cock with her feet, so enjoy. She ends up on top once again for some reverse cowgirl action and then goes back to sucking and jerking him off, until he cums in her mouth.

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