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Big Booty Shakedown 2

Studio: Live Gonzo » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/30/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

click for trailer, individual scene trailers attached to screen captures below

Big Booty Shakedown 2

Jules Jordan Video/Live Gonzo

Genre: Gonzo, web-to-DVD

Director: Chris Streams

Cast: Jenna Presley, Manuel Ferrara, Krissy Lynn, Erik Everhard, Brooklyn Lee, Julie Cash, Sophie Dee

Length: 166:30 minutes

The Extras

Date of Production: 5/9/2012 (the DVD); 4/4/2012, 4/17/2012, 4/7/2012, 3/28/2012, 4/28/2012 (the scenes themselves, in the order of the movie)

Extras: The best extra was the 29:28 minute long Behind the Scenes feature, some extra sex and the cast interacting with fans via the internet spicing things up this time. There was also a photogallery, some trailers, and websites.

Condoms: None

Jenna Presley

Audio/Video Quality: Big Booty Shakedown 2 was presented in an anamorphically enhanced 1.78:1 widescreen color the movie was shot in by director Chris Streams for distribution by Jules Jordan Video in the MPEG-2 codec used for standard definition releases (including 480i resolution). The editing was stronger this time, my appreciation of tease footage not quite satisfied in all the scenes but definitely more present in each on a consistent basis. The bitrate was on the low side (probably due to the single disc nature of the production) yet there were few obvious compression artifacts, the haloing minimal and given the sheer amount of quality footage on display, most fans will be quite happy. The bitrate hovered all over the place this time, higher than usual with most of the movie in the 3.9Mbps range, but varying across the board depending on the scene. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English (at 192 Kbps with a 48 kHz sampling rate) offering that really didn't use any separation in terms of the vocals (there was some potential to do so here too).

Krissy Lynn

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Body of Review: Chris Streams makes some great porn these days for Jules Jordan Video but his claim to fame of late has been the tremendous upgrade he has assisted Live Gonzo by shooting their web scenes. His next movie will be out next month, called Big Booty Shakedown 2, the theme of big asses on attractive women always popular with this writer. The cast of ladies included Brooklyn Lee, Julie Cash, Krissy Lynn, Sophie Dee, and Jenna Presley. The scenes appeared to come from more of the company’s web-casts where the ladies interacted with their fans from time to time, my appreciation for the personal touches added in by all involved making this another fun ride with a lot of replay value and strokability. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Brooklyn Lee

Scene One: Jenna Presley, the curvy brunette seen featured on the left side of the cover, was up first with studly Manuel Ferrara in a scene shot on 4/4/2012. She was dressed up in the cover lingerie outfit that revealed her womanly body, the pretty gal crawling around the floor and using the designer chairs to enhance her ass shape as she provided a glimpse into how her fleshy body was built for comfort over speed. I like her current physique a lot better than how scrawny she used to be, her sexual self assuredness much hotter now than it used to be as a result. The emphasis on shooting her ass from different angles was fun, Manuel waiting for her on the black couch as she came over to greet him. They embraced and she spent some time kissing him, his gash gobbling leading to her blowing him which then translated into her riding his pecker most actively. They did taste testing and she put on a squirting demonstration, a titty fuck causing him to launch his wealth of spunk into her mouth for swallowing as she nibbled his balls (and then provided some post coital head). Their eye contact with one another and overall chemistry enhanced this one to make it a very good opening scene.

Julie Cash

Scene Two: Krissy Lynn, the sexy blond with a great ass seen on the upper middle of the front cover, was up next with powerhouse stud Erik Everhard in a scene originally airing on 4/17/2012. Krissy shook her body like a seasoned stripper on the staircase and around the home, her lack of panties allowing the home viewer a wealth of spank bank material to appreciate. She is another one that is built for comfort over speed but still leaner than Jenna, her flexible body as ball draining as ever. She greeted Erik on the black leather couch and he kissed her before going down on her, his fingers opening her up before she so aggressively slobbed his knob so actively. Throating Erik is no easy task but she wanted to do it, pushing herself to go all out as she readied him for the ensuing vaginal pounding penetration positions after her brief titty fuck. She rode him like she wanted every inch, sucking him clean at regular intervals as they moved about the location. Her hand assisted hummer led to him unleashing his nut of splooge all over her face and tonsils, the gal swallowing what she could as she smiled at him.

Sophie Dee

Scene Three: Brooklyn Lee, the hotty starlet of the year redhead seen on the other side of the upper middle on the cover, was then up with Manuel Ferrara; the scene airing live on 4/7/2012. I admit to having a degree of affection for Brooklyn, her underdog status during the awards season last year combining with her sex positive nature and skilled performances to continue making her someone to continue watching. She had on the cover outfit that I found so strokable, the fishnet stockings and camisole with the thong buried as deep in her ass as I’d like my face to be not hurting the replay and strokability of the scene. She moved about the home in a seductively slow manner, the camera even going underneath her to reveal a very appealing view of her indeed. Brooklyn had a knowing look the entire time too, her ass perhaps not as generously proportioned as some of her peers in the movie but more toned to say the least. She joined Manuel on the second story landing as the two made out on the white couch, her eyes lighting up upon seeing him and the resulting heat enhanced over the type of mopes she tends to work with so often. Manuel worked on her orally and manually to warm her up, succeeding to the point where she sucked him off and apparently tossed his salad. They actively fucked (vaginally) and he got rough with her at times (even leaving his hand print on her ass), the choking and other acts culminating in an active anal ride. She did more oral and knelt to receive his round of genetic juice, teasing the last few drops of population pudding out of his shaft as she licked him clean.

Scene Four: Julie Cash, the chunky fine blond seen on the upper right hand corner of the cover, was then up with Erik Everhard; the scene airing on 3/28/2012. Julie might be a plus sized gal to many but her sex positive attitude is always welcomed in anything I review. She teased with her ample breasts and thick body, her ass displayed in all sorts of ways as the director encouraged her to have fun with the scene. She wore a colorful thong and Erik joined her to dive right into her ass crack to service her, Julie shaking her money maker to entice him to continue playing. This included using her ass crack to masturbate with, the vaginal fucking that followed tied to a lot of oral taste testing as they simply enjoyed each other to the fully. Erik was giving her his all and it showed how much she adored his work (maybe even him), some active riding by both of them including just as active amounts of oral. The tryst ended with a realistic vaginal hammering, her carefully shaven snatch shown in extreme close up as she masturbated one last time, Julie sticking her finger in her ass and some in her pussy as Erik offered her his pecker to suck (for a technical air tight situation). She then blew him to completion, using some hand to gland combat to do him in one last time. She was so good at her blowjob that Erik repeatedly sang her praises, as did Chris from behind the camera.

Scene Five: Sophie Dee, the fetching Welch brunette with gorgeous blue eyes seen on the lower right hand corner of the cover, was then up last with Manuel Ferrara in a scene that aired on 4/28/2012. Sophie was as playful as ever as the scene came into focus, her healthy ass shaking though adorned in a patchwork kind of lingerie outfit as seen on the cover. Her tease did not seem as long as some of the others but it got the job done, the gal joining Manuel on the white living room couch for him to go down on her front and back. This was the thickest I’ve seen her and she looked good, real good, a titty fuck and blowjob resulting in her losing the shoes so she could savor him orally some more. She sucked his cock, balls, and ass before they actively fucked vaginally, their superior eye contact enhancing the moment as it had for some of the previous scenes. He pulled her hair, choked her a bit, and slapped her ass, additional blowjobs and titty fucking adding to the strokability as they continued to pleasure one another. She jerked him off with hands and feet too, a final titty fuck making her “one eyed Sophie” as some of his ball batter hit her in the eye and she took the rest in her mouth.

Summary: Big Booty Shakedown 2 by director Raul Cristian for Jules Jordan Video was another excellent culmination of scenes starring some of the best booty gals available in the jizz biz, including Brooklyn Lee, Julie Cash, Krissy Lynn, Sophie Dee, and Jenna Presley. There was again some serious replay value and strokability going on in all the scenes even if I would have preferred to watch the scenes unfold as they were aired live on the company website too, the title picking up a solid rating of Highly Recommended. In short, Big Booty Shakedown 2 had some good technical values, solid extras, and a cast of very attractive women built for comfort so check it out if you want some prime stroking material, every scene offering up a well known booty queen having fun and going all out to show her appreciation at great length.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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