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Big Butts Like It Big 10

Studio: Brazzers » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 6/10/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Big Butts Like it Big #10
Running Time: 3:13: 19
Type: Big Butts/Web Series


Angel Dark
Rachel Roxxx
Sophie Dee
Bobbi Starr
Sandra Romain
Honey Demon
Lou Charmelle
Kristina Rose
Scott Nails
Keiran Lee
Johnny Sins
Toni Ribas
Mark Woods
Danny D

Special Features:

Bonus Scene with Angelica Heart and Choky Ice (43:24 scene, another workout that turns into a little extra fun)
Photo Gallery
Cumshot Recap: 9:18 reel

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Well before I even start to watch this movie, it has a few highlights for me, including Angel Dark and Rachel Roxxx (in a DP, added bonus). I would say that is a good start before I even start the movie. And remember what the great Bell Biv Devoe once said, “never trust a big butt and a smile”.

Well I can say that Rachel was great as always, showing why she is one of my personal favorites, and even Angel scene was decent. But I have to say that the real winner of this movie, was the rather surprisingly awesome scene from Honey, Sandra and Danny. It started off great, and kept up that energy until the very end. And for those that like some booty loving, you get plenty of that, including a few ass only. And even though I was gushing over just a few of the ladies, you can’t forget about people like Bobbi Starr and Kristina Rose, who both know a few things about booty love.

We get about an hour of special features, which is highlighted by a bonus scene, which runs at a whopping 43+ minutes, but you do have to factor in the story aspect. Still like we are given an added scene to enjoy, still more than we get from most studios.

With a great mix of ladies and some of the crazy and funny stories that only the minds at Brazzers could bring you. Plus you can factor in the audio and video numbers, which were both good, with no real issues in either area. And when you add all the numbers and factor in the other aspects, it’s easy to see that this is well worth a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating. I challenge you to not be impressed with the Rachel and Sandra/Honey scenes, and then top it off with the others, this is one that should be in your collection, and one I look forward to watching a few more times in the future.

Scene One: Bobbi, Sophie, Scott and Keiren “ The Anal Penetrators”

It looks like these groupies are ready to show off their assets to make sure they get back stage and get their chance to fuck the band. After the show, the band is chilling in the dressing room, and it’s not long before the girls storm the room. The guys are pissed at first but once the girls say they are cool with them, it seems the guys can’t keep their hands off the girls, and more importantly their big butts. They push them on the couch with their asses out, as they jiggle them for the camera, and of course they get out the oil to make them shine too. Keiren is not shy and has his cock out and ready for Sophie, while Bobbi slides Scott’s cock out of his pants. Plenty of gagging and spitting from both girls, showing off some great energy with each guy. And the girls switch back and forth between the guys, like a machine, and even get some nice double teaming from them. And it should be no surprise that a cock or two is going to be sliding and slipping in between Sophie’s giant boobs. Bobbi dives in and licks and finger Sophie’s ass in preparation for something a little bigger coming soon, like Scott’s cock. The girls end up bent over once again, as they are both getting anally drilled by the guys. The girls are given a slight break as the guys switch girls and get back to anal probing, and some gaping for the camera. They make sure we don’t forget that they have some oral skills too, before there are back to getting fucked in the ass, cowgirl style, with some kissing in between the girls. And we also get some ass to mouth action, which should really be no surprise either. The synchronized fucking continues as the girls lay on their side, and this really showcases their butts nicely for the camera. We get some great action as they lay on top of each other and get some nice ass to mouth whenever the guys pull out for a bit. They end up on their knees and after some more sucking and jerking, they both get some nice money shots from both guys, and do a great job of sharing the seed, with some hot kissing.

Scene Two: Sandra, Honey and Danny  in “ Have Fun Before Your Wedding”

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It’s almost wedding day, but before the big day, it’s time for the bachelor party, but he does his best to make sure she has nothing to worried about. His friends give him crap and it seems they have a plan. They tie him to a chair and put a bag over his head. They leave and soon enough he gets a nice surprise from two lovely ladies in some hot leather outfits. I have a feeling he is about to be dominated by these two. He tries to explain his situation, but they don’t seem to care. They throw him up against the couch and then gets a face full of ass, which seems to quiet him down a little. As he is getting smothered, he is also getting a nice rub down of his crotch, from the other girl. Let’s factor in the foreign accents to make this scene even better for me. They give him a second to catch his breath and then both take a seat on his face, and then tell him to dive into their butts. This guy is not giving up, but these girls are out to punish him even more. They give him a titty twist, and then make him suck on their boots and shove their heels down his throat. If I die because I am being suffocated by a nice ass, at least I can say I died with a smile on my face. They continue to “punish” him by shoving his face in her ass, and then decide it’s time to show his cock some love, and it seems that he is starting play along, as he tells them to suck it. But they need to tease it a little before they really go to town on it and his balls. At this moment I am going to say that I am going to be watching this scene a few times, these ladies are just amazing and it’s a miracle that he hasn’t exploded already from their work. I may have been looking forward to the Rachel and Angel scenes, but I can say that this is going to stay with me for awhile. He continues to get a face full of Sandra, while Honey makes sure he cock gets nice and wet, ready for some action inside them. He gets a few more slaps across the face as he is given a choice who he wants to fuck first. But in the end there is really no wrong answer to that question. He pushes Sandra over and fucks her from behind, as she dives into Honey’s pussy. After some short pussy action he slides his manhood deep into Sandra’s ass. Honey finally gets her turn as he starts off with her pussy and then slowly slides into her tight ass. I am just going to say that for him being a skinny lanky guy, he really seems to be packing. He continues to go back and forth on the girls, and I am sure by this time, he has forgotten about his upcoming wedding. With some help from her hand, it seems Sandra is able to cum for him while he fucks her ass, and like a true naughty girl Honey is right there to clean off his cock. They set him back on the floor and they double team his cock, telling him he can’t cum, and just as he can’t take anymore, he shoots off a few loads. And so they are mad, so they tie him up again, and leave him for his girlfriend to see.

Scene Three: Lou, Kristina, and Johnny in “ Ass Cock-tail”

It’s another night at the club and we are greeted by the two ladies shaking their asses and they invite him in to get a closer look. She offers him a drink and then Lou takes him over to the couch and Kristina joins them as the girls rub and tease his cock, before finally letting it loose from his pants. Kristina starts off with Lou and her pierced tongue coming in to double team his cock. They do their best to share, but it seems neither wants to give up to the other, luckily there is plenty of him to go around. Lou lays down on the couch and sucks on his balls, while Kristina bobs her head on his cock, shoving him way down her throat. And for those interested, both of these ladies, have similar body types, although I would give Kristina the edge in the booty department. For the bush fans, both have a little something for you to enjoy. Lou and Johnny double team Kristina’s pussy, licking and poking with their fingers, and Johnny even slides a finger in her ass. Kristina is first, as she climbs on top and wastes no time sliding his cock into her ass. After the last scene, there seems to be a little energy missing from this one, maybe I am just too wore out from the previous scene. After Kristina cums on his cock, Lou comes in for cleanup duties and then gets on top and bypasses her pierced pussy and slides him right in her ass, for some reverse cowgirl action. Kristina shows off why she is included in this movie as she shakes her ass for him, before he goes back to fucking her ass. After penetrating Lou’s ass, Kristina goes in and continues the anal love with a nice lick fest. He lays down on the couch and gets a face full of Lou while Kristina hops on his cock, and then Lou sits back on for her turn. The girls fight over his cock some more and then start begging for a drink of their own. They jerk him off till he spurts out some love for the girls.

Scene Four: Angel and Scott in “Pound That Ass Into Shape”

Scott is ready to work Angel into shape, a lady has to keep that nice body in shape. But it seems that Scott is using this as a great way to touch her ass. Angel needs some motivation to keep going and is getting pissed at him for touching her. Tempers begin to flare between the two, so there is going to be some bent up frustration, so you know how they can resolve that. He pulls down her shorts and dives into her ass and thinks that maybe this is an ass workout she will enjoy. I know I am enjoying it. After some ass licking, he slides a few fingers in her pussy and gives both holes a nice workout. But Scott has one piece of equipment that needs some oral workout attention, and she bobs and swallows his cock in a nice rhythmic motion, working off those calories. She lays on the workout ball, as he shoves his cock deep in her mouth. He laps her pussy with his tongue, before sliding his equipment inside her pussy. She squeezes her boobs together as he slides his cock in between them and ends up right back in her mouth. She bends over the ball as he attacks her from behind, with some deep and hard thrusts. She shows off her ass and legs for the camera, during some more oral work and then takes a seat on his cock and we get some nice booty bouncing as the camera moves in close. He reaches around and shoves a finger in her ass, and then she spins around as he shoves something a little bigger in her ass. She takes a seat on his face and leans forward to deep throat his cock before climbing back on for some more reverse cowgirl action. He gives her ass a few slaps as she is bent over once again for some doggy action in her ass, while she rubs her pussy. He pulls out for the camera to show how wide open her ass is, and then goes right back inside. Watching this lovely lady in action, will make most of you just work up a sweat on your own. There are some lulls in the scene, but she still makes it well worth your time when it’s good. She ends up on her back, as he goes back to her pussy workout before he spreads his final workout all over her face and mouth.

Scene Five: Rachel, Mark and Toni in “Customer Is Always Fucked”

And we are going to end on a high note, I hope, with the very sexy Rachel in some hot DP action. And we start off with a nice look at her great body in that sexy dress, which is really doing a nice job of showcasing her ass and boobs, which are wonderful. She is out to eat with her man, who is a food critic, but she wants to go out dancing and then get fucked, and she gives him a few hints that she is horny, but he is too wrapped up in his work. Mark and Toni are out to prove they are worthy of a great review. But Rachel is not impressed with any of the food they bring. She heads to the bathroom to clean up, but Mark confronts her and bends her over and slaps her ass a few times, and then she quickly seems to enjoy it and lets him feel and grab all over. Toni walks in and wastes no time joining in the fun, sucking on her tits, while she grabs and rubs their cocks. Toni slides off her dress and panties and dives right into her ass, while she shoves Mark’s cock in her mouth, and goes to work. And for those that are paying attention, we have some pierced boob action going on for those that like that sort of things. She takes a seat and tells the guys to come closer as she bobs back and forth on their cocks, and she is a machine on them. Some nice gagging and deep throating from Rachel, so I am sure she will get a good score on that from the judges. She bends over for some more oral work on Toni, while Mark is back in her ass, licking away , before sliding his meat into her pussy. Talk about service with a smile, if you aren’t enjoying this, you may want to check your pulse to see if you are alive. She hops on Toni and goes right into booty bouncing mode for the camera, and she is not going to leave Mark out, as she leans over and gets face fucked by him. They take a few seconds to catch their breath, and then she ends up on her back, with a cock in her pussy and one in her mouth once again. It’s amazing how much energy she brings to a scene, as she just always seem to want more and more. And speaking of more, how about a nice cock in her ass. And Toni seems to get her to squirt a little with some finger banging, and then they play spin the bottle as they flip her around so they both get some pussy and ass action. She takes a seat on Mark and then leans forward as she begs for a cock in her ass, and with that folks, let the DP action begin. And even with two cocks inside her, she still keeps up the energy while she’s been stuffed. She seems to be really dick drunk and gasping for her breath as she sucks on Tony’s cock before sliding on his cock for some anal love, and then guides Mark into her pussy, as the stuffing continue. And just when you thought it couldn’t get better, how about some standing DP action, as she squeezes in between them. You can see by the look on their faces, the guys are doing their best not to enjoy it too much, don’t want to bust early. She falls to her knees and sucks the taste of her ass and pussy off their cocks. Toni covers her ass in a nice glaze, and then Mark follows suit. And as the scene ends, she wiggles and  shows off her ass, just dripping with cum.

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