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Swimsuit Calendar Girls 2012

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/21/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Swimsuit Calendar Girls 2012

Elegant Angel

Genre: Vignettes

The Extras (click for podcast)

Director: William H. Nutsack

Cast: Lexi Belle, Mr. Pete, Brooklyn Lee, Steve Holmes, Krissy Lynn, Manuel Ferrara, Jada Stevens, James Deen, Tasha Reign

Length: 149:28 minutes

Holly Michaels (in the bonus scene)

Date of Production: 3/30/2012 (box & credits); 4/10/2012 (trailer)

Extras: For most people, the 32:19 minute long bonus scene between Holly Michaels and Manuel Ferrara from Swimsuit Calendar Girls 2011 will be the best extra. I described it below for those that care, the impressive casting a very nice extra. The other extras included some spam, four trailers, a cumshot recap, and a photogallery.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Swimsuit Calendar Girls 2012 was presented in a crisp 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as released by director William H. Nutsack for Elegant Angel. The camera work was solid with plentiful lighting to eliminate grain, video noise and shadows and the picture appeared to be crisp this time. Nutsack has proven himself time and again as to being able to provide the best looking porn regardless of format, his technical expertise lying in keeping it simple rather than using fancy camera systems only to use gels and filters to fuck up the results as others do. The editing by Ryan Santiago was pretty solid too, no major errors noticed in an industry cutting corners in this area with increasing frequency of late. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English track was pretty basic with little separation or dynamic range yet I could hear the cast well enough in most cases. For those keeping track, the audio was offered in a 256 Kbps offering with a 48 kHz sampling rate, the musical interludes provided by Productiontrax.

Lexi Belle with Pete

Body of Review: Elegant Angel has been on the forefront of providing straightforward porn thanks to directors like William H. Nutsack. His latest work sent to me was called Swimsuit Calendar Girls 2012, the popular series that takes attractive young ladies in bathing suits to offer great tease and then the usual company formulas apply. With scenes starring Brooklyn Lee, Lexi Belle, Krissy Lynn, Jada Stevens, and Tasha Reign, I thought it had great potential as a stroke flick. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Brooklyn Lee

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Scene One: Lexi Belle, the attractive young lass featured on the front cover, was up first as she romped around a beach in her cover bikini. She ran around in the water and played with the sand, eventually oiling up and providing some glimpses of public nudity in a most sensual manner. Once the tease montage was over, she was embracing Mr. Pete in a familiar house, his mouth on her boob and hand in her suit feeling her pussy. Lexi dropped down to blow him, using her hand to gland abilities to enhance the moment and giving lots of eye contact as she worked him over orally, Pete going down on her ass in lovely fashion as she shook her ass to get the best from him. From there, the two enthusiastically and energetically fucked vaginally; Lexi vocal in her appreciation. She pushed back to meet his thrusting member and her all natural tits bouncing accordingly. There was some taste testing but the bulk of the rest of the footage was the pair of them moving around the room fucking, their chemistry not subsiding to make this well worth the opening spot on the disc. It ended when he pulled out and beat off to her face, Lexi giving some post coital head and spitting out the spunk that landed in her mouth.

Krissy Lynn with Manuel

Scene Two: Brooklyn Lee, the redheaded “Starlet of the Year”, was up next in a bright blue bikini as she enjoyed the surf. There was sand all over her body and the perfect sunny day was much better lighting than the usual you get inside a house, her playfulness in the water almost as inspiring as the oil she poured all over her sexy body. I particularly liked the way she pulled her bikini bottom up through her labia and ass crack or how she pulled her top to give a public display; these are the moments most porn is missing these days. Once the montage was over, she was on the couch with Steve Holmes, Brooklyn in a crocheted bikini (brown and white in color) as Steve nestled between her legs. He pulled her suit to the side to see what he was working with, gobbling her gash as they continued to make eye contact with some kissing establishing the physical connection a bit deeper. He then started banging her pussy as though he could not control himself, the look of intensity on her face speaking volumes for how much fun she was having. She then orally attacked his pecker in a messy fashion, gagging on his bone before bending over with her ass in the air and head into the white couch, her flexibility tested in several positions but her passion never diminishing, the gal masturbating as he squeezed her boobs. From there, the couple turned to anal penetration to up their game, Brooklyn not as actively riding but the acts clearly having an effect with Steve also choking her. She inhaled his pecker from there, both of them getting rougher with each other, Steve tossing out his facial of population pudding and then kissing her before a little more head took place.

Jada Stevens

Scene Three: Krissy Lynn, a curvy blond that I admit is one of the current unsung babes of the industry in terms of her performances, was up next following the formula on the beach in a purple bikini half the size it would need to be to cover her sexy form. Her ass was hanging out and there was ample cleavage on hand, the frolicking in the waves and on the surf in the sand making her look ever more desirable. She oiled up, gave a few rare glimpses of nudity and then the montage ended to show her on the white couch with studly Manuel Ferrara. The pair kissed and he used his hand to diddle her pussy underneath her bikini bottom, eating her out until she forcibly started working his pecker into her mouth. This resulted in a heated 69, their chemistry and passion enhancing the replay value and strokability, Krissy even tossing his salad when asked. They fucked hard and fast, kissing while Manuel rubbed her clitoris in some active vaginal penetration positions. This led to a slower anal but she grew more active as she warmed up to his cock in her ass, especially in the cowgirl position. Both did more oral on each other from there, Krissy eventually jerking him off all over her face and into her mouth to savor the taste of his spunk during the glazing moment.

Tasha Reign with Manuel

Scene Four: Jada Stevens, a curvy lass wearing brunette hair and a colorful bikini that showed off her fantastic ass, was up next by the pool. I admit to being a bit disappointed that she was not shown on the beach but her tease was polished, strokable, and contained far more nudity to make up for it, the hot tub antics showcasing that gorgeous ass and oiled up titties well enough to merit a nod no matter what. The montage ended to show her in a large modern kitchen where the color scheme of green must have been picked by a blind, straight man, James Deen zeroing in on her as the two kissed and he put on his tough guy act. He choked her in the adjoining hallway and she masturbated while he did so, his face soon stuffed between her ass cheeks to warm her up some more. This led to him fingering her and making her taste test liquid results, Jada taking his pecker out of his pants to aggressively slob his knob like a seasoned professional. There was great eye contact and he throated her to try and stay hard, the guy having some difficulties in that area until she worked him in unison with her hands and mouth. James skipped right to fucking her in the ass and she rubbed her clitoris while he did so, her verbal commentary reduced to moans and the word “yes” in assorted forms even when he pulled out to rim her. They continued to fuck and suck from there, Jada kneeling before him to beat him off as she looked up at him, his splooge swallowed (or at least whatever did not land on her face).

Scene Five: Tasha Reign, a pretty lean blond with attractive face, was up last and of the entire cast of ladies, I am least familiar with her. She wore a green snakeskin bikini on the beach, giving a slightly knowing smile as she licked her lips and showed off a boob, her ass given just enough air to breathe near the rocky pier. She oiled up but it seemed like an afterthought, the montage ending so soon after the oil application that I wanted more. Once the montage was over, she was on the white bed with Manuel Ferrara, the guy getting rough with her but also eating her out most handily. Her shaven snatch looked inviting and he then fingered her to a very liquid state, her juices flying all over the place as she got off at least once. She then proceeded to give him as good a blowjob as she could handle, taking his head into her mouth and applying her hand to the shaft though it did not last long at all. She provided some over the top vocals but I had the impression that she was actually getting off to his touch, his rod going balls deep in her pussy and her own hand diddling herself while he tapped her. There was some foot fetish too but Tasha was pushed past her limits more than once by his ministrations, some choking causing her to settle down momentarily. Tasha was not the most active rider of the day but she loved going down on him as much as he savored eating her pussy and ass, their levels of energy certainly among the best of her work that I’ve seen. This continued until he went back to diddling her to yet another orgasm, her juices soaking his hand and providing all the lubricant needed to power fuck a little more, Tasha purring like a kitten by the time he pulled out to to glaze her face with ball batter (and yes, she kept great eye contact).

Bonus Scene: Swimsuit Calendar Girls 2011: Holly Michaels, a playful brunette with an equally appealing body, was up next on the beach in a bikini, her public displays of nudity enhancing her appeal to me as the sand covered her willing body. She also went for the wet look but lucked out by scoring Manuel Ferrara as a partner, the two ending up on a white bed as he enthusiastically ate her out. This pleased her no end and she rewarded him with an arousing blowjob, Manuel titty fucking her before they aggressively bumped uglies with some occasional taste testing to boot. She liked it when he choked her and she progressed to doing anal though at a much slower rate than the hammering vaginal penetration positions that began the scene. She begged him for more and showed that she was indeed dripping wet, the slightly rough sex leading to him rubbing out a nut of population pudding onto her face. Her eye contact and passion for Manuel was very nicely played.

Summary: Swimsuit Calendar Girls 2012 by director William H. Nutsack for Elegant Angel was a polished set of five scenes starring some of the most popular ladies working in the industry today, the strokability, replay value, and quality of their outings meriting a rating of Highly Recommended or better. The cast included such notables as Brooklyn Lee, Lexi Belle, Krissy Lynn, Jada Stevens, and Tasha Reign; all of them physically attractive and ready to give their all in a heated manner. Some had polished moves down pat while relative newcomers such as Tasha seemed to be in over her head yet maintained by the way Manuel did her so well, Brooklyn’s scene standing out for me but all of the ladies really providing some fine chemistry and sexual antics to appreciate (not a bad scene in the entire bunch!). In short, Swimsuit Calendar Girls 2012 showed how a talented director, fine cast, and supportive company can make some really heated gonzo porn; the kind fans always appreciate.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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