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American She-Male X

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 7/17/12

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: She-Males, Transsexual 

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Director: Joey Silvera

Cast: Eva Lin, Francesca Le, Honey Foxxx, Jessica Fox, Aly Sinclair, Juliette Stray, Leslie Sierra, Annalise Rose, Gabriel D'Alessandro, Joey Silvera (non-sex role)    

Length: 198 minutes

Date of Production: ?

Extras: This section has nice looking photo galleries, cumshot recaps, websites information, filmographies, an EvilAngel.com preview, and a cast list.  

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

Overview: American She-Male X is a film by Hall of Fame director Joey Silvera and the studio Evil Angel. There is no doubt that he is the main reason why tranny porn became more acceptable to the general porn viewing public. On account of his performing career since the 1970's that really exploded in the '80's, Joey has developed a loyal fan base along with solid connections in the industry for him to finally get the go-ahead to delve into the then taboo area of tranny sex. Mr. Silvera's films made it more available and acceptable for regular porn fans to watch these lovely ladies with penises. Back then, tranny sex was still considered a spectacle even though Joey Silvera never looked at it that way. He always gave much respect to the performers. In a way, he can be considered the father of mainstream tranny porn. Nowadays, it has become a legitimate business with it's own annual awards show called The Tranny Awards. Moreover, even the AVN Awards has seen the light and will be giving more respect to transsexual performers in the future. When you think of it, all of these breakthrough moments could not had been accomplished without Joey Silvera's true love for transsexuals. Now, the next step to gain an even larger viewing audience is to have more she-male on girl scenes. Let's face it! Guys still want to see a hot woman get fucked and what would be better than seeing a hot looking tranny fuck a gorgeous babe. It's for that reason why American She-Male X is one dandy of a film.

Scene One: Navajo babe Jessica Fox is applying some make-up on her lips. Suddenly, the lovely tranny plays with her crotch briefly before beautiful Francesca Le enters the room and joins her. Soon, they are kissing. Right after she pays some very brief attention to Jessica's hot breast, Francesca shows us how much she loves to play with trannies by sucking her cock with a lot of desire and heated enthusiasm. Later, her joyous laugh shows us that Francesca is loving this time together with Jessica. Their infatuation for each other really shows. When the cocksucking action resumes, the director grabs the woman's ass momentarily. Then, the camera shots of the blow job moment is pretty hot as Jessica's dick gets so wet and sticky. My mouth was getting so juicy inside. I also enjoyed how Francesca kept orally working on the tranny's balls, snatch, and asshole. She fingers it well and really sucks on it with much effort. Francesca's oral work is totally hot. Afterwards, the heat level only gets hotter with the screwing moments. Jessica applies a hard spooning rhythm to her partner. Then, both of them are providing hot humping action during Francesca's cowgirl ride. The kissing moments between them are passionate. Afterwards, Francesca is on her back while her partner mishes her with solid energy. More cocksucking action by the sexy woman reappears, but this time she uses a dildo to fuck the tranny's butthole. The sight of Francesca sucking and fucking Jessica looks cool. The wet area of Jessica's snatch looks appealing. I also enjoyed seeing Francesca stick a glass dildo up her ass and leave it there so that she can really suck that dick. A very creative humping session follows on Francesca when she gets double-vaged with the tranny's penis and a pink dildo. Then, a heated and active screw follows with only the penis being the only stimulant. Later, Jessica strokes off with much effort momentarily before she cums so that her partner can taste her inner treat. 

Scene Two: Eva Lin is staring at the camera while Aly Sinclair is in the background watching her. Moments later, the camera focuses on Eva's penis as she begins to run her hands along her body. Aly continues to admire the pretty woman while rubbing her own crotch. I like the white flower in their hair. It makes the women even more lovely. Another turn-on is their stockinged legs. later, Aly walks beside Eva and they kiss. She also holds onto her dick pretty firmly and strokes it. I like the hard-on that Eva ends up with. Some titty caressing and sucking by Aly follows before her partner gets to suck on her tits. The back and forth titty play is a turn-on. In the meantime, Eva strokes her own dick. Afterwards, we get a good glimpse of Aly's pecker right before she sucks on Eva's. The bj is a stimulating one. Aly sucks on it with good passion and Eva provides some good humping motion. I like the dick on dick play. It's too bad that it was way too brief. Next, the Filipina tranny sucks cock with a good rhythm. Aly also applies a nice fucking motion too. The action becomes more exciting when Eva deep throats the meaty plaything and much saliva pours out. I totally love the long stream of stickiness on Eva's mouth. I wanted to see Eva cum so bad on Aly's boots. I also like hearing Aly's compliments of Eva with the director. Afterwards, Aly works over her pretty partner's asshole with her fingers and mouth. She sticks three fingers into it. Later, the scene shifts to where Aly is fucking Eva with a glass butt plug. I also enjoyed seeing Eva rub the bottom of her penis gently with her finger. Also, the bottom of her sexual regions is soaked. Then, a real penis is used to ass fuck the pretty Eva. The screwing rhythm is steady. I love the camera shots and angles. The sight of Aly's dick in Eva's butthole is hot. A nice looking doggie fuck follows especially while Aly is holding the strap of Eva's panties up like riding reigns. The humping motion increases in energy as the viewer can see that Aly is using much force. Then, she mouthfucks the tranny. Many tranny lovers are going to love this scene and would want to change places with Aly. The doggie screw resumes next as Aly fucks her deeply. Then, more mouthfucking action continues. When you think that this scene might be coming to an end, it continues to get better. Eva's ass gets so widely gaped by the constant usage of a plastic hand that I wanted the entire hand inside of her. I was getting so turned on that I wanted to be the one using the item on Eva. Later, a pink vibrator replaces the plastic hand. At this point, Joey is the one who is using the item on her. Then, Aly jacks off at the tranny's open mouth and suddenly, mouth fucks her. Next, Eva strokes off on herself.             

Scene Three: Leslie Sierra, who appeared in Face Fucking Inc. 11, arrives at Joey Silvera's place dressed in a girl scout uniform. She is holding an umbrella to keep the rain off of her. She meets Juliette Stray inside and ends up sucking the lady's cock very deep. I would like to state that I was pretty fascinated by how attracted both of them were towards each other. One could imagine all of the potential sizzle and heat that they could create. The great chemistry between them continues to be so adorable. The camera shots of Leslie's solid oral cock work are quite good. Juliette does a fine job mouthfucking her partner. Some playful action follows as Leslie uses a wand to spank the tranny's nice looking butt. Meanwhile, Juliette has a butt plug in her ass while the Filipina cutie continues to work over the woman's rump with her mouth and fetish item. Leslie is enjoying herself much. Her dirty talk is pretty cool. Soon, Leslie shows us that her hunger for cock translates very well when it comes to eating ass. But, this display is only a brief passing moment as her amazing cock hungry demeanor is once again applied to Juliette's meaty plaything. Then, we see a very hot shot of Leslie's sexual mound when the tranny goes to town on her clit with her mouth. Her constant and rapid tongue stimulant makes her partner's inner thighs quiver. Next, a cool cock ride by the woman follows while Leslie sticks her own finger up her own butthole. The straddling motion by Leslie and humping motion by Juliette are a turn-on. As the viewer watches on, he is going to want to be in Juliette's position and fuck the cute lady. Afterwards, Leslie is wearing a strap-on with a very long dick so that the blonde tranny can suck it deeply. She shoves it all the way down her throat. Her mouth becomes a soaking mess. Then, Leslie mouthfucks her with solid effort. Fans are going to want to trade places with her. Juliette sucks the plastic balls too before she shoves her face into the woman's snatch with much passion. Leslie's snatch becomes a soaking mess too. More hot cocksucking action by Juliette follows before Leslie fucks her mish style solidly. Of course, by now, the mascara on the tranny's eyes has smeared. The smile on Leslie's face during the cool looking screw is priceless. Moments later, she fucks her even harder. In the meantime, Juliette is stroking her own dick. I was so mesmerized by their scene. A very heated mouth fuck follows. When Juliette deep throats the plastic dick again, the viewer notices that her head shakes from her intense effort. I have to give much credit to these two hot ladies for an amazing performance. The cocksucking activity by Juliette does not end. It's so hot. Then, Leslie gets to suck dick again with her very enthusiastic attitude. I must say that these two women are cock crazy. Moments later, the tranny cums on her partner's face.               

Scene Four: Cambodian-Chinese-French Annalise Rose is applying makeup on her pretty face right before her male partner arrives. She tells us how excited she is to perform for the legendary director. I like hearing her say "my lady stick." It's a turn-on. Later, she is teasing the camera with her sexy moves. Her body is smoking hot. Annalise plays with her asshole for a moment. I enjoy looking at her pretty face. Suddenly, the tranny is caressing her breast. The camera is in close-up mode. Then, we see her big nice dick too. It's a pretty cute one. It is so tempting that I wanted to reach out and touch it. Soon, Gabriel D'Alessandro appears and he sucks her breasts and fingers her butthole while Annalise strokes her dick. Next, the guy is sucking her lady stick while continuing to finger that butthole. A more cocksuck occurs once the tranny applies her own oral massage. It becomes quite wet very quickly. There are a lot of streams of saliva that are connected between the man's dick and her lips. A cool camera angle occurs when Gabriel eats the dark-haired beauty's ass. Then, he fucks her with a pretty solid rhythm. I also like Annalise's humping motion as she gets fucked from behind. A cockride follows. During this reverse cowgirl moment, I could not keep my eyes off of Annalise's cock. Even during the spoonful of pleasure session, her wet cock was still a piece of eye candy. As the spooning progressed, the man fucked her harder. Afterwards, a glass butt plug is used on the tranny's asshole before the guy fucks her with four fingers. A nice solid doggie fuck follows where he pumps her pretty hard and deep. Next, the Asian beauty sucks dick momentarily before she gets to fuck her male partner. Annalise fucks the guy pretty well. There are moments when she fucks him hard. During a spooning session, the tranny makes herself cum on herself. Then, Annalise jacks off Gabriel with a very heated hand job.         

Scene Five: Francesca Le is a counselor who is trying to make Honey Foxxx a proper lady instead of a tom boy. As she helps to undress the tranny, it is quite appealing to hear both Francesca's nurturing comments as well as see her body language with Honey. As soon as she is near the lady's groin, the woman sucks the tranny's dick with much passion. Afterwards, she puts on pink leggings on Honey and then, sucks her titties. But, it does not take long until the woman is back at sucking cock again. Francesca's bj demeanor is pretty cool. I love seeing her orally pleasure her balls too. Suddenly, the cock suck becomes very wet. Some hot kissing action occurs while Honey is caressing the woman's fine ass. Then, Francesca resumes her hot cocksucking activity. Next, the woman rides Honey cowgirl style with much effort. It's a pretty exciting cockride as they kiss well. More intense cocksucking action by Francesca follows. Afterwards, the tranny fucks her with good consistency. The viewer can tell that Francesca is receiving a good workout especially during the very hard and constant doggie screw. I loved seeing Francesca's facial expressions and seeing her breathe heavily. I was impressed by the size of Honey's dick. Later, Honey rubs the woman's pussy with good pressure. Then, Francesca sucks cock again briefly before she rides it. The action continues to remain exciting as the very bouncy dick ride is shown. I also like their kissing activity too. Later, Francesca tastes and fingers Honey's asshole as the tranny continues to stroke her dick. A pink plastic toy is inserted into the tranny's butthole. Then, while fucking her with the item, Francesca also sucks her cock. It's a cool looking moment. More impressive passionate kissing action follows. It really makes you want to join them. Eventually, all of the cockstroking by Honey makes her cum. This performance is another impressive one.    

Final Thoughts: It's July and award nominating season is only a few months away. This film is definitely the front-runner for Best Transsexual Release. Four of the five scenes are outstanding with Francesca Le being in two of them. Her performance with Jessica Fox is an amazing one that deserves to be nominated for Best Transsexual Scene. As a matter of fact, the Eva Lin-Aly Sinclair, Leslie Sierra-Juliette Stray, and Francesca Le-Honey Foxxx ones also need to be considered too. Not only is there hot fucking action in these three scenes, but the cocksucking and mouthfucking activities are intense and super hot. The only tranny-guy performance is a very good one too. I know that since we will be seeing more tranny on tranny and tranny on girl performances in the future, the transsexual genre will grow to new heights. As a matter of fact, a new award category should be created to place performances between a female performer and a transsexual performer. In the end, Joey Silvera and his ladies did a superb job on this over three hour film and deserves the XCritic Pick. It's one of the best transsexual productions that I have ever seen. Tranny and mainstream porn lovers are going to enjoy this one immensely.    

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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