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Studio: Other » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/9/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Bondaids (pictures courtesy of the company, rights reserved)

In my recent (and only) book review, I found How To Be Kinkier full of surprises about spicing up my sex life. In the book, there was a decided leaning towards trying out new things and experimenting with everyday objects though a lot of high end gear was presented too. The key idea was to jump in and have fun rather than dwell on specifics, a concept some of my former partners stuck on using “status” gear (expensive, exclusive, and often unwieldy devices) seemed to forget. Luckily, I came across a couple of toys that were high quality, easy to use, and provided the type of “fun factor” a beginner would want while allowing a creative expert enough room to appreciate the simplicity too, the devices coming from a company called Bondaids.

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The Packaging

Bondaids was formed when the company owner devised a unique restraint and wanted to share it with the world, the toy soft enough to be comfortable but strong enough to work for even the burliest of men. The bonus is that the restraints can be used anywhere and in all sorts of imaginative ways. The two versions of the system were the handcuffs and the double cuff restraints, each having their own benefits. The handcuff version allows a person to easily, quickly, and securely be restrained in front, behind, or over their head in seconds, allowing for some spontaneous bondage action. It comes in black, brown, pink, or red in a black & red satin bag with drawstring (my girlfriend really liked the packaging), the faux fur material a lot stronger than it looks.

The Handcuffs

To use it, you simply loop the material through the eye hole, pulling it back on the wrists or ankles which make it self tightening. What was particularly appreciated was that the material does not cut off circulation like leather or cords, this being one of the biggest things holding back several of my lady friends over the years from wanting to try “something new” in the bedroom. For comparison purposes, I’ve broken play cuffs in the past and my wrists are too large for standard issue metal cuffs, the likelihood of breaking a wrist using those far, far greater than Bondaids cuffs. I’d still advise using some common sense during any form of BDSM play but these were much more people friendly in all ways.

The Double Cuffs (one shown)

The double cuff system was beneficial for securing either of us to something else, be it a bed post, other furniture, or what have you, just remember that with such restraints, you have to have a lot of trust in your partner. That said, both devices were snug on me, a bit less so initially with my partner (she has more feminine wrists and ankles than I do apparently), though you can adjust them as needed. I wouldn’t rely on their weight bearing capabilities given my size (for the record, they are not rated in terms of how much weight they support) but your mileage may well vary in that sense, a quick display of dexterity and flexibility showed me that these would work for smaller ladies.

How They Work

So, if you want a restraint system that is easy to use, affordable, would chafe or leave marks, and is quick to deploy for those moments of serendipity, I have to give the nod to Bondaids as one of the most innovative products of the past year crossing my desk. They were easy to clean and appear to have some staying power too, something lacking in many of the cheaper leather products I’ve been able to play with over the years. I’ll admit that I’m not an expert in BDSM or spend much of my time running in those circles but as a regular guy with a healthy appetite for sexual experimentation to keep things fresh, these were definitely worth a rating of Highly Recommended for the average user. Perhaps as the company grows, it will provide further instructional videos to give customers tips but as a couple, we found them easy to try new things with and will be using them more often in the future. I also wanted to emphasize the packaging since so many toys are either put in cheesy plastic or stuffed in packages screaming “porn” all over them, the satin pouch helping to sell it to my gal pal right from the beginning (for her, packaging is important, especially if giving something as a gift, hence her appreciation for toys like the Evolved Novelties line or this one).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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