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Official Hangover Parody, The

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/13/12

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The Official Hangover Parody

Zero Tolerance & Adam & Eve

Genre: Parody, Feature

Writers/Directors: Brian Bangs & Spock Buckton

Cast: Tori Black, Kimberly Kane, Marco Banderas, Dana DeArmond, James Deen, Lexi Belle, Dane Cross, Mika Tan, Brooklyn Lee, Misty Stone, Skin Diamond, Alex Gonz
Non-sex roles: Ron Jeremy, Spock Buckton, Tommy Pistol, Jordan Epstein, Nate Liquor, Old Man Frady, Big Chief Quarterblack

Length: 153:38 minutes

Date of Production: 2012

Extras: The second disc was full of extras, starting with a 91:23 minute long set of previously released bonus scenes. Bobbi Starr/Toni Ribas from Teagan Presley: The S!x, followed by Tori Black/Mark Wood in Wet Dreams Cum True 7, then Tori Black/Eric Masterson in Killer Bodies: The Awakening, and Lexi Belle/John Strong in Downtown Girls 3 (all four scenes described below; two from Adam and Eve with the others from Zero Tolerance). There was then 51:27 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage that took the form of a wonderfully amusing documentary (credited to Dork Snuglin). There were interviews, clips from the movie, the cast & crew having a lot of fun, and various moments showing additional sex; Mike Quasar’s role proven again to be especially important. There was then a photogallery, some Adam & Eve trailers, and some Zero Tolerance trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Official Hangover Parody was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen as shot by directors Brian Bangs & Spock Buckton for Zero Tolerance & Adam & Eve. Given that the Director of Photography and editor was Mike Quasar, the Production Manager was Nate Liquor (with Winston Burbank as his assistant), Lighting was by Old Man Frady and Makeup was handled by Lori Elle, I knew the technical aspects would be great; the multi-day shoot one of the few big budget releases by the two companies for the year. In terms of the technical values overall, the crew was great at capturing the feel of the original movie but not being bogged down by the specifics, many of the sequences funnier here than the original. The lighting and editing were among the best I’ve seen this year from the companies involved (especially for a parody) and there were no obvious compression artifacts to speak of, the flesh tones and pacing also well done. The aural aspects of the show were not as finely tuned but still provided in 2.0 Dolby Digital, the vocals easily heard and the music used supporting the scenes most of the time. If there were one area of the movie that could have been upgraded, the music and ambient sounds would be it yet they were not bad for a porno.

Body of Review: Brian Bangs & Spock Buckton are best known as the creative team behind the Pop Porn website, their directing efforts over the last few years always considered top tier stroke flicks that combine humor and great casting. Well, their big extravaganza for the year is now out, a production sponsored by both Zero Tolerance & Adam & Eve, a happening movie called The Official Hangover Parody. If you’ve seen the original mainstream movie this was derived from, you’ll know it was a zany buddy flick, the team pornifying it in all the right places to make it a serious contender for various awards later this year. The casting included a surprise appearance by recently retired performer Tori Black, the lady doing a sensual solo masturbation scene, moving to a splendid slutty bitch scene by Kimberly Kane, again proving that Dana DeArmond has the kind of comic chops surpassed only by her skilled sexual performances, cutie Lexi Belle in the Heather Graham role (again, better than the original), before a crazy orgy showcasing not only Starlet of the Year Brooklyn Lee, but long time fan favorite Mika Tan (looking sexier than ever with lots of curves), lean Skin Diamond, and total babe Misty Stone. Not that the sex wasn’t great too, but the acting and comedy of the show was also top notch here, pretty much what I’ve come to expect from the creative team, and Spock playing the dufus brother role at least as well as James handled the smarmy player or Dane portrayed the cuckolded moper dentist.


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The back cover said this of the movie: “When three horned up friends lose their soon-to-be-wed buddy at his Las Vegas bachelor party, the results are truly unforgettable. As they retrace their steps to find him, the guys come across misadventure, danger and more pussy than anyone could have expected. Directors Brian Bangs and Spock BUCKTON deliver a no-holds barred porn parody-palooza filled with hot sex that honors the now classic 2009 comedy. Starring Tori Black, Lexi Belle, Kimberly Kane, Brooklyn Lee, Dana Dearmond, Misty Stone, Skin Diamond, Mika Tan and featuring an outrageous cameo-appearance from legendary porn performer Ron Jeremy, The Official The Hangover Parody is destined to be an instant classic.” The company press release described the movie like this: “When three horned up friends lose their soon-to-be-wed buddy at his Las Vegas bachelor party, the results are truly unforgettable. As they retrace their steps to find him, the guys come across misadventure, danger and more pussy than anyone could have expected. Directors Brian Bangs and Spock Buckton deliver a no-holds barred porn parody-palooza filled with hot sex that honors the now classic 2009 comedy. "There is nothing funnier than a bunch of guys who can't handle Vegas, which is why the original is so irresistible," says Marcus West, Marketing Director at Zero Tolerance Entertainment. "But this parody sends the concept to a whole new level of comedy, where the outrageous antics are allowed to get even more down and dirty. They really nailed it. I couldn't stop laughing." The film stars Tori Black, who came out of hiatus to appear in the film, and a cameo by legendary porn performer Ron Jeremy is positively spit-take funny. "We couldn't have made this movie without the amazing, sexy and now legendary Tori Black because frankly, there was no money in the already inflated budget to shoot a new promotional trailer that she already appeared in," says Brian Bangs, co-director along with Spock Buckton. "So, she saved the day with a stunning performance and incredibly full, post pregnancy juggs that would not quit!" James Deen and Dane Cross lead the pack of lovable losers scrambling to find their friend at the bachelor weekend gone wrong, and other performers include Lexi Belle, Kimberly Kane, Brooklyn Lee, Misty Stone, Skin Diamond and Mika Tan. "We're extremely proud of this movie. It was a long time in the works and started off as a dense, 231 page script that featured a TON of dangerous stunts and an actual lethal injection," says Bangs. "After several re-writes and many production arguments, to finally see it released to porn fans everywhere is such a relief. And you know what? It's goddamn funny and sexy as hell. Now we can finally return to our 343 page script for our Official Schindler's List Parody." James Deen has become wildly popular with his cross-over into mainstream, playing a lead role in Paul Schrader's upcoming The Canyons, also starring Lindsay Lohan and Nolan Gerard Funk, which explores the dangers of sexual obsession and ambition. His performance in The Official The Hangover Parody is hilarious and outstanding.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Tori Black, a very sexy young lady that has currently left porn for greener pastures, was up first in a bedroom solo scene teasing Jordan Epstein. She wore a blue top and sexy blue jean shorts, her fit body nicely filling out the attire for as long as it was on her body. She verbally coaxed his desires by telling him how great sex was going to be once they were married, peeling off her shorts to reveal a neon green thong separating her sweet ass cheeks apart. The sequence was handled in POV fashion too, her fingers penetrating her wet, juicy pussy as they slid in so easily as she talked a good game. She then used a clear toy on her snatch, the ending leaving the wads of genetic juice to the imagination of the fans at home making all sorts of messes.

Scene Two: Kimberly Kane, portraying the bitchy girlfriend from the original movie, was even more uptight in regards to her dentist boyfriend’s possible escapades (Dane Cross in this version), but also far more slutty as she slobbed the knob of pool cleaner Marco Banderas right in front of him. She inhaled his pecker and he gobbled her hairy gash as though it were prime rib, Kimberly’s black silk stockings, red patterned camisole, and matching accessories all enhancing her look. Once Marco had juiced her up, she went right back to blowing him too, her need for seed pushing her to use her hand and some dirty talk to lead into the very active vaginal riding she did. Her meaty rump was bouncing and Marco was grabbing it like he owned it, Kimberly as smoking hot here as anywhere else. She threw herself into the sex and the scene ended when she knelt in front of him, Marco’s load of population pudding gracing her face and mouth as she maintained her great eye contact while smiling at him.

Scene Three: Dana DeArmond, portraying an unsympathetic (but funny as hell!) doctor at the hospital, was up next in bed with James Deen as the couple attempted to relive their exploits from the night before. While her original scrubs did nothing for her, the sexy lingerie underneath certainly looked good, even better on the floor, and their mutual chemistry gave this tryst some serious replay value. Their hands were all over one another and they kissed like they were on fire, Dana’s squealing sex noises providing some needed aural boost to the engaging scene. James diddled her snatch under her panties, removing them to eat her box as he readied his member for some aggressive vaginal fucking and oral. Dana acted like she was trying to suck his nuts through his cock here, swinging her leg over his head so they could mutually please each other in a 69. The messy hummer led to more powerful fucking, her tan line looking especially good as they continued. She did more taste testing and fingered her ass as he plowed her pussy, James rubbing out a mouthful of spunk for her to swallow handily.

Scene Four: Lexi Belle, a gorgeous blond with sexy curves, was up next in the Heather Graham hooker/stripper role, slightly modified to become a porn chick. She was at the altar with Dane Cross, power sucking his pecker while kneeling before him after his buddies left him in this flashback sequence. Given his cuckold status in both versions of the movie, this was probably more than he ever could have asked for, the devoted Lexi sporting a neatly trimmed pussy that he could not resist pounding rather than go down on her for an extended period of time. The vocals echoed a lot in the mock chapel but she took every inch he had with ease, her perfect ass looking fantastic in doggy but also when rippling in the cowgirl variations displayed. Lexi sucked him clean a few times during the tryst, becoming extremely active at riding his rod when she was on top of him. Dane then finally gobbled her gash before she blew him one last time, the wad of splooge glazing her face when she knelt before him.

Scene Five: Mika Tan, Brooklyn Lee, Misty Stone, Skin Diamond, Alex Gonz, Dane Cross, and James Deen, were up last in an extended orgy scene. Mika as hairy as I have ever seen her (thick too, but in a good way), beating up the men before some exposition led them all back together for another beating and into a deal of the kind most men only dream of. Mika sucked off Dane and James “big time” as Brooklyn and Skin engaged in some lesbian antics, Misty joining in with Alec as things progressed. There was a lot going on here and if you think typing with one hand is easy, you try it motherfuckers (joking!). Mika showed she had not lost her oral skills, stoking their rods while alternating between them. Skin pawed Brooklyn as the couple kissed, janitor Alec getting to assist Misty on the nearby couch. Mika’s cock hungry status led to some titty fucking and Misty soon slobbed Alec’s knob, Skin and Diamond joining Mika to tame their newfound sex slaves. Mika kissed and ate her female friends while they were getting vaginally pounded, Misty just as active a vaginal rider as ever on the nearby love seat. Dane even got to tap sweet Mika from there, James joining in to DP her with Brooklyn and Skin on oral cleanup. Misty took an early pop of ball batter to her crotch, James sharing his semen with his three female friends after Brooklyn milked Dane dry of spew.

Bonus Scene: Teagan Presley: The S!x: Bobbi Starr, the attractive brunette kneeling on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, was up next in her cover attire, the fishnet stockings enhancing her legs and pubes just as the abundance of makeup did her face. She teased in a barren living room by the fireplace before settling in to work with Toni Ribas, the man fully clothed as he embraced her in the middle of the room. Their tryst was also on the romantic side, the couple kissing mechanically as he grabbed her by the hair and throat, going down on her for her to reciprocate until they engaged in a few positions of vaginal and anal penetrative sex. She was an active rider and seemed to appreciate his rougher edge, screwing on the floor until he jerked out a nut of genetic juice to her labia for her to taste.

Bonus Scene: Wet Dreams Cum True 7: Tori Black, a major hotty before she prematurely retired, was up next as a bonus in a scene with Mark Wood. She had a plaid top and tight blue jean shorts on, the tease sequence done in slow motion to allow her to provide a sultry experience, the lady savoring Mark’s pecker orally with some hand to gland action tossed in as well. He gobbled her gash briefly as well as rimmed her, Tori providing one of her rare active vaginal rides as the couple bumped uglies. She shook her money maker as she impaled herself on his cock, some minor taste testing leading to the ending nut of splooge tossed off into her mouth.

Bonus Scene: Killer Bodies: The Awakening: Tori Black, dressed in slutty street clothing appearing to be painted onto her body, was up next as she approached creepy Eric Masterson in a pawn store to get something she wanted. Not wanting to wait the obligatory week for her choices, she bartered the old fashioned way by disrobing and spreading her legs. Tori’s all natural tits looked good in the darkened room and Eric serviced her pussy orally like a guy who hasn’t been laid in forever, Tori going over the top vocally but showing yet again her oral abilities have progressed substantially in recent years. She kept eye contact and used some hand to gland stroking as part of her programmed response, hopping up on the counter to get Eric tapping that dripping wet pussy of hers. Sure, there was no chemistry but there wasn’t supposed to be, the tryst well in keeping with their respective characters, Eric jerking out a round of semen on her lean ass cheek as the better part of him ran down her leg.

Bonus Scene: Downtown Girls 3: Lexi Belle, last up in the extras as a sexy gal with reddish brown hair on a rooftop, had a skimpy orange bra on and some torn, faded blue jean shorts (sexier than Tori’s act in scene #2 here). She took off the shorts to masturbate under her striped panties, some clubbing clips leading to her hooking up with John Strong on the sidewalk for some “pulp free orange juice”. Complying with her wishes, she than had him undress her, the sexy young lady as desirable as ever as John gobbled her trimmed gash. This led to a wonderfully sexy blowjob, Lexi slobbing his knob delightfully well with some handjob friction applied to increase the friction. He then bent her over the kitchen table and they vaginally fucked actively, moving around the modest apartment as sexy Lexi provided a bunch of smoking hot dirty talk. The scene finished up when he beat his meat dry of spunk, the population pudding running down her face as he complimented her dancing skills. “Lexi Belle knows your new loft isn't done being designed yet. She sees the bare walls and the unfinished floors. However, she's also smart enough to know how much the space is worth and what it will look like in a year when it's all done. So she'll suck your cock better than ever hoping you'll keep her around!”

Ron Jeremy and Spock Buckton

Summary: The Official Hangover Parody by directors Brian Bangs & Spock Buckton for Zero Tolerance & Adam & Eve was a wonderfully amusing comedy parody sure to make waves if the various award shows have any sense. The sex was hot courtesy the all star cast of babes, the comedy was well times and shot with the established skill of Mike Quasar, and the extras package included plenty of fuck for the buck so I rated this one as a well deserved Xcritic Pick. In short, The Official Hangover Parody was exactly what a porn parody should be, not relying so heavily on the source material that it is handcuffed unnecessarily or comes across as a poor copy, tweaking all the right elements to stand out from an admittedly crowded field though this is what I’ve come to expect from Spock and Brian. My hat is off to the entire cast and crew for “getting it right”, this “must have” movie a pleasure to review.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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