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Lily Carter is Irresistible

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 11/8/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Category: DP/Gonzo/All Sex


Starring: Lily Carter

Featuring: Anikka albrite/Lizz Tayler/Prince Yahsua/James Deen/Erik Everhard/Ramon Nomar/Mick Blue/JonJon

Extras: BTS/Photo Gallery/Interviews/Trailers/Web

Release Date: 9/21/2012

Runtime: 159 Minutes

Director: William H.


Click here to view the trailer for 'Lily Carter is Irresistable' at Elegant Angel's online Blog!




Scene 1:

Lily Carter/James Deen

Tease/Cowgirl/Blowjob/Spooning Anal/Doggie Anal/Choking/ATM/Pussy Smacking/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/69/Cunnilingus/Heavy DeepThroating/Light Squirting/Face & Mouth Spitting/Facial (High Volume)

The first scene in 'Lily Carter is Irresistible' begins with a tease segment as we see the title pop up in the opening credits. Lily looks wonderful  here making for a very nice introduction to the film. After the tease, the camera cuts to Lily approaching James Deen followed by the two groping each other as they share an intense makeout session. The fucking starts soon afterwards with Lily riding James Cowgirl style in an already very powerful encounter between the two. A short blowjob follows and the scene's intensity gets about 10 times stronger in the moments that follow. James takes Lily from the back now and completely manhandles her. He chokes Lily as the two stare into each others eyes, and before too long the anal sets in. The sex here is fucking awesome to say the very least, the chemistry that these two share is truly something to see. James drags her over to the wall mirror in the coming moments and continues the buttfucking as the couple stare at themselves while it goes on. Positions are changing rapidly here and before long Lily is down on her knees sucking and throating James' hog like the true professional that she is showing to be. The bj gets really sloppy here and Lily is taking everything that James dishes out as she plays with herself when doing so. Every time that James pulls his dick away from her mouth Lily emphatically says, "Give it back!" and I am loving this scene. There is literally not one downward moment as the sex forges on, the sex is hard and Lily & James both are magnificent. I am literally running out of adjectives to describe the greatness of this scene, but I will say that I am pleasantly surprised by Lily's overall passion here. The scene moves forward with a ton of anal, choking, spitting, and any other fantastic attribute one can mash into a scene to make it perfect. Lily's expressions as James reams every hole on her body are simply priceless. The scene caps off with a majestic cumshot that James releases onto Lily's face as she jerks him to completion. Scene's like this are few and far between, the passion and energy between these two really put me at a loss for words. If the rest of the scenes are this good, I may have to buy a new thesaurus to accurately describe them. Phew!


Scene 2:

Lily Carter/Anikka Albrite/Erik Everhard

Tease/Ass Eating/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Doggie/FaceFucking/Cowgirl/Missionary/Reverse Cowgirl/Facial (High Volume)

The second scene begins with Lily and Anikka Albrite looking incredible in daisy duke shorts as they tease the camera. Another epic William H. tease montage that includes ass oiling, kissing, titty shaking, and just about everything else you could cram into a 6 minute tease sesh. The action begins abruptly after the camera cuts from the tease with Erik Everhard and the girls groping one another. After Erik feasts on the girls asses for a short time the bj begins fantastically with both girls giving their all as Erik feeds them his pole. Next up is some doggie style sex as Anikka is the recipient. Anikka  takes a hard pounding as she munches Lily's pussy, and I am again loving the action in this scene. As it continues there is a great moment where Erik stands up and jams his dick down Lily's throat forcefully, and Lily takes it well while he jostles and thrusts his beefstick into her throat. The scene continues on and positions switch very rapidly as it does. The sex here is again very energetic and Anikka and Lily are simply amazing throughout every passing moment. After Erik has given the girls a thorough pounding he releases his jizzload atop both of their waiting faces which was a nice way to cap off another great scene in this film. I liked this scene alot. Anikka is a favorite of mine, and she was a great match for Lily here.


Scene 3:

Lily Carter/Mick Blue/Ramon Nomar

Tease/Female Masturbation/Ass Eating/Blowjob/Spooning/Doggie/Anal/Choking/Cowgirl Anal/DP/Squirting/Double Anal/Gaping/Standing Cowgirl/Standing DP/Double Facial (Massive Volume)

In the third scene we again begin with an outstanding tease segment set to some signature William H. beats. Lily is extra teasy here, if there is such a word, and I'm pretty speechless during this entire opening segment. This is definitely my favorite intro to any of the scenes; Lily wears a tiny black skirt, black gloves, and black heels to finalize the look, she really looks stunning. The playfulness of Lily here is priceless as she jiggles here tush, dances around, and mixes in plenty of "come hither" looks to the camera. The introduction ends and we see Lily sitting with her legs crossed in between Mick Blue and Ramon Nomar. The trio share a couple words and before you can blink an eye the groping begins. Lily plays with her pussy a bit as she makes out with each of the guys and after she sheds some clothing we continue on with some spanking, and ass eating to get things going. As Mick sits behind Lily and munches ass, Ramon sits in front of her and unsheaths his meat sword for her to feast on. Before long Lily is on her knees in the midst of giving a breathtaking double blowjob that includes some facefucking and decent sloppiness in the early goings. Positions switch from a spoon style fucking to a doggie position, and whichever cock isn't fucking Lily goes in her mouth. The anal sets in soon after with Lily moaning to the anal gods as Mick begins nice and easy for her. Mick gets a nice rhythm going and starts to really ream Lily's ass in the coming moments, and while he does Lily's facial expressions are utterly magnificent. Once Ramon goes in for the anal the scene gains even more steam and the intensity level seems to have risen from high to "off the charts". Lily is handling everything that these guys throw at her like a champ, and this scene has already impressed me more than I initially thought this entire movie would. The DP follows with Lily almost seemingly on the brink of passing out from cock overdose, but she forges on strong, never losing intensity. Wow. The DP lasts for quite awhile and even has a short stint of double anal in the middle of it. To say this scene is fantastic would be a drastic understatement, Lily's overall sexual hunger here is something that I never imagined seeing in this film, but I was horribly mistaken in that thought. More double anal follows and Lily even mixes in some stellar gapes throughout. The scene carries on strong, and just when you think Lily has taken all that she can handle, the guys continue hammering any open orifice they see. The scene comes to a close with Ramon and Mick shooting simultaneous cumshots over Lily's beautiful face as Lily receives the loads wantingly. By the end of it all Lily is a filthy beautiful mess, and I am in dire need of a spank rag. Wow. This scene is something I never thought I'd see from Lily, fucking EPIC.


Scene 4:

Lily Carter/Lizz Tayler

Interview/Cunnilingus/Female Masturbation/FingerBanging/Squirting/FaceSitting/Asshole Fingering

In the next scene we begin in an interview format with Lily and Lizz Tayler talking about their personal relationship and real life sexcapades they've had with each other. The girls talk to William H. candidly here, breaking away from the commonality of the film, and without a tease, or any sort of introduction they begin making out and frisking each other playfully. Lizz really takes charge through much of the early stages of this girl/girl munch fest and Lily seems to play the submissive role throughout. The action is pretty intense and I would have to concur that the chemistry these two share is amongst the best in the film, and I am not a girl/girl fan in the least. There's a lot of making out, fingerbanging, and cunnilingus here, (as with any girl/girl scene) but one can't really deny the passion that these two share in this scene. Lily gives a squirt midway through and Lizz seems to be having a ball jamming her fingers and hands into every hole Lily provides to her. The scene carries on strong with much of the same type of action. I'm guessing that William H. wanted to capture something very natural with this scene, and that's exactly what this is. I could imagine this being a huge Lily Carter fan's favorite scene but again, it's definitely a different type of scene than the first four.


Scene 5:

Lily Carter/Prince Yahshua/JonJon

Tease/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Cowgirl/Missionary/FootPlay/Standing 69/Doggie/Reverse Cowgirl/Squirting/Choking/Facial (Medium Volume)

In the final scene we begin with a slower and softer introduction as Lily stands at the top of a staircase wearing an open button-down shirt and black panties. Lily plays with herself for awhile and teases the camera in a much more sensual pretense than what we saw in the first three scenes. There are also some scenic moments throughout this tease as well, where Lily poses outdoors in front of a beautiful backdrop near a wooded area. The scene then cuts to Lily sitting in between Prince Yahshua and JonJon as they frisk her parts. I'm guessing that this scene will be much different from it's sensual introduction as the action quickly picks up a hardcore vibe. Prince gives Lily some oral favors as we continue forward and Lily is moaning and yelping in satisfaction. The bj follows and Prince really manhandles Lily while he facefucks her as we view in an upshot. The sex starts in a cowgirl position with Lily straddling Prince while JonJon shoves his dong in her mouth. The scene progresses nicely in a pretty hardcore format with a lot of hair pulling, facefucking, and some squirting as well. It nears its end when Prince blows a jizzshot over Lily's face, afterwards JonJon continues to fuck her for a short time to follow before busting a nut over Lily's face as well. This was a pretty good scene, but the best M/M/F scene would have to go to the third one in my opinion. Still pretty well done though.



 I'm going to be honest here, when I initially received this film to review I was a little unsure about how good it would be, I wondered if Lily had the energy and passion to take on entire film dedicated to her, and make it great. Well, I'm no longer wondering, she's done exactly that and more. This film is beyond well done, I think the way the film was captured was amazing. There are a wide array of different sex scenes in this film, and I feel like any Lily Carter fan will be overjoyed about every single one of them. I also loved the way that William H. filmed the scenes; William is probably just about my all-time favorite director, I've been watching his porn for years, and I truly think that the way this film was captured was a large reason that it has been received so well. If you already love Lily Carter then you probably already own this film, but if you don't already love her there are about a billion reasons why you should wrapped into this film. Check it out.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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Lily Carter is Irresistible

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