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Alexis Texas Fleshlight

Studio: Other » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/6/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


Alexis Texas (images courtesy of Fleshlight)

Alexis Texas is nothing short of a porn phenomenon these days, her wonderfully rounded rump a big part of the reason for my initial interest in her work. Unlike the hordes of yearly newcomers to the industry that look like they could use a few hamburgers (skinny to the point where they look like boys often enough), Alexis has proven proud of her curves to the delight of her legions of fans. Recently awarded contract status at Adam & Eve, the healthy looking Texan native is now spotlighted for her inclusion in a select group of industry leaders, this status a result of her becoming the latest lady to have her pussy molded into a Fleshlight. As one of those perverts that has shown some appreciation for the quality of workmanship given the sex toys, I was sent one of the first such toys for review, hence this review of the Alexis Texas Fleshlight.


Before I get too far into this review, a Fleshlight is a sex stroker for men that allows them to get off without a partner, though my own experience shows a partner can be a welcome addition to the use as well. I know guys that get so horned up that they’d fuck a wood pile if they thought a snake was in it, my current status somewhat less desperate given my long term girlfriend being willing to explore so many things with me that supplemental toys such as a toy to stick my dick in seems almost moot. Still, given the nature of the beast (women have a few “off days a month in case you haven’t noticed, not to mention they travel or carry on with schedules not always in tune with our own) having another sexual outlet that won’t get pregnant, give you a sexually transmitted disease, or even require you to buy dinner & flowers is always a plus.

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The shape of a Fleshlight is much like a large flashlight, hence the term, but instead of illuminating a dark area, it illuminates your physical needs as a cock socket of choice. Each of these toys is molded from the labia of a woman, some of them much more famous than others, with a number of choices for the fleshy phthalate free silicone inserts. Forget for a moment that there is a certain “WTF are you doing?” factor involved in any such toy use and relax to enjoy the pleasurable sensations involved. Contrary to popular opinion, I’ve had a decent run of partners over the years and I’m puppy dog loyal to my current GF, my ability to appreciate my physical senses with a Fleshlight in no way detracting from all that. The toys are easy to clean and in the case of the Alexis Texas Fleshlight, the sleeve is uniquely designed to provide a different sensation than the others on the market, the name of the insert currently available being the “Texas Tornado”.


While I expect an anal version to be released someday, Alexis participated in a contest called The Searchlight Contest where several notable babes such as Xcritic blogger Kayden Kross and others all vied for their own Fleshlight. I’ll let those interested go watch the nine episodes, the work friendly version is on YouTube while the complete version is on the Fleshlight company website, Alexis did well enough to merit inclusion in the program. Given the likelihood that the closest almost everyone reading this review has little chance of getting some of the real thing, Alexis Texas being selective as to who gets to fuck her, this Fleshlight should allow fans to fantasize that they are boning her endlessly, just follow the provided instructions to keep it clean so it will last you a long time. A bonus to using one of these toys is that it helps build sexual stamina as well, that being a huge benefit to guys wanting to transition to the real deal over time. 

My experiences with the Alexis Texas Fleshlight were spread over two sessions, a cold keeping my GF from wanting a lot of contact with me. A few days without getting any makes that proverbial wood pile start looking good but the Fleshlight arrived and off I went to test it out. I found it was just as tight as the last few I played with, loosening the bottom of the canister the “Super Skin” sleeve comes in allowing for deeper penetration. Since I am not as lengthy as Mandingo, I did not see my cock coming out the other end but it was a snug fit all the same. A little lube helped seal me in and the level of suction got me off in short order, my second session having me compare this one to the Tanya Tate model and the Succu Dry. This version was just as strokable, my belief that nothing the company makes is anything less than well above average secured yet again.


Unlike some of my reviewing peers around the world, I make no bones about not having the ability to directly compare the experience of fucking the Alexis Texas Fleshlight with the real thing, the company is selling the fantasy of fucking Alexis rather than the real thing so take this for what it is worth but the Alexis Texas Fleshlight is a premium sex toy that is well worth a rating of Highly Recommended if you are looking for a high quality sex stroker. I have included links to the company website that will give you more insight into the product and how to best use it but supporting such a wonderfully sexy young lady as Alexis Texas by choosing her version over others is certainly understandable. If you’re smart, you’ll pick up some of her work on DVD to fantasize with at the same time and get the most of your experience, the resulting loads of genetic juice, population pudding, and spunk certain to be easier to clean up this way that if you paint the ceilings.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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