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Ballers Halo Stroker

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 11/9/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

My experiences with the Ballers Halo Stroker from NS Novelties is a two pronged journey, and one that I won't soon forget. Being a single male, masturbation has become a sort of personal experience for someone like me who has desires that can only be whetted with sick and sleazy fantasies about assorted college girls and stars of hit TV shows. While sex with a partner is great, soloe satisfaction can have its benefits.

Unfortunately knowing my limitations means knowing I can't really stretch out the benefits of the halo stroker. If you catch my drift. For a long time masturbation meant just mummifying my penis in tissue and stroking it until boom went the dynamite.

This allowed for the semen to be encased in the tissue cast, and I could easily just wipe, turn over, and sleep it off.

Using the Ballers Halo stroker is something of a new sensation because it has ridges! And because it has two separate sensations. With hand stimulation there's only tight, tighter, and mystery stranger. I never tried the latter.

With the Ballers Halo Stroker there are two holes for the respective masturbator. There's the wide open and fancy free hole that allows you to have the ridges stroke your shaft and stimulate certain glandes, and there's the smaller hole.

The smaller hole will have your dick feeling like it's being encased in vice grip as I found stroking off to the smaller hole akin to trying to fuck a key hole. Going faster and slower had zero effect on the feel. But once you get the groove on for wider hole, it's pleasant, it's new, and it's rich.

The smaller hole was a series of:


Often times I found myself trying out this stroker and I had two door experience with it.

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More than not, all it takes is a sexy fantasy in my head and I'm stroking and choking on my bed and bursting like a jack in the box. But for some reason the stroker didn't quite work for the type of stimuli. I lay on my bed for forty five minutes trying to build some sort of sensation to no avail.

At one point I fondly recall getting hot and bothered and feeling the rush and then nothing. And I'm damn good at building fantasies out of assorted sexy women and trannsexuals.

After forty five minutes I finally gave up and decided to write off this stroker. I then decided to give it the old fashioned last try and found the wider hole much easier on the shaft and fore skin. It was pleasant and sweet.

I then found a nice clip of Shay Fox seducing a young model in to slow and erotic Lesbian sex on the internet and I was off and running before I could realize it. The good thing about the stroker is that once you find the groove you spend more time trying to procrastinate the orgasm than achieve it. It hits all the right areas of the shaft, and you can feel it in the back of your throat at times.

After fifteen minutes in to the Shay Fox seduction scene and the stroker on my Johnson, I found myself off and cumming before I knew what hit me. It was definitely the sharpest and longest orgasm I've ever had and I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning loudly. Shay Fox? I owe you a muffin basket. That is one damn fine woman.

The wider hole is better for wider members, while the smaller hole is better for men who want their dick choked to death to where it'll eventually sputter out like an over inflated balloon. I think the creator thought the hole was that of a nun or something. But hey, I don't judge.

I don't know what the stimuli preference is, but I found watching good porn while stroking was much more pleasing than trying to build my next epic sexual fantasy. It worked and the orgasm was excellent and didn't leave me feeling winded afterward. And feeling the ridges and suction kind of helped to build the orgasm up.

As for the handling of the device itself, imagine trying to masturbate with a long ridged hole fitted inside a jelly jar. imagine trying to jerk off with the jelly jar in one hand. It's awkward, it's bulky, and I can assure you if someone catches you, you won't be able to pass off the stroker as anything other than a stress tool for your grip. And then you'll have to be David Mamet to explain why it's so large and wobbly.

As for the general experience, the sound is most off putting. Once you get it strapped in and running, the sound is less than discreet. Remember what the Wonka mobile sounded like when it was passing through the car wash? The sound and squish are very similar in that regard. So if you want do accomplish this stroker, you'll have to wait until you're alone.

The orgasm was kept within the confines of the stroker, tucked in to the hole and ridges until I was ready to wash it out. After many minutes of strenuously washing out the man beads, I tucked it away and considered possibly returning to it. Only if I was really anxious for a good release.

The Ballers Halo Stroker from NS Novelties is a flawed device, but if you're willing to put up with the bulky design, it provides a swift and long orgasm that builds and then releases like a dam.

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