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Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/13/12

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Note: the following movie was reviewed earlier this year in the standard definition version, the following an updated review focusing largely on the high definition Blu-ray rversion that just came out.  The quick version for me is that this was visually a marked upgrade well worth checking out regardless of whether you bought the previous version. I do not always claim this like some reviewers out in cyberspace, many such titles a modest improvement even if you are watching on large screen televisions, but the clarity, the detail, and the resolution were such that I suggest folks sell their previous version and pick up the HD given the strength of the material.

click for trailer, individual scene trailers attached to screen captures below

Lexi (Blu-ray)

Elegant Angel

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Mason

Cast: Lexi Belle, Riley Reid, Michael Stefano, James Deen, Jon Jon, Dani Daniels, Mick Blue, Ramon Nomar

Length: 181:18 minutes

Date of Production: 8/20/2012

Extras: There was also an 14:37 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that included some deleted footage and actress comments (starting off with how much she was into James Deen in their anal scene), a pop shot recap, a photogallery, spam, and some website information.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Lexi (Blu-ray) was presented in a decent 1.78:1 ratio widescreen color as released by director Mason for Elegant Angel. The camera work was again solid with plentiful lighting to eliminate grain, video noise and shadows so the picture appeared to be in line with her other work to date. Mason has made or assisted on a number of titles over the years, the technical matters taking back seat to the raw energy of the sex, but her skill levels have definitely been improving with the camera too, showing she pays attention for those that care (in fact, most of her current works look almost identical to those of Nutsack). The compositions of the shots helped maximize the potential of the ladies too, rarely relying on extreme close ups all the time as some seem destined to do and the editing by Bossman Hall showing a lot of care to the details. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English track was pretty basic with little separation or dynamic range yet I could hear the cast well enough in most cases. For those keeping track, the audio was offered in a 256 Kbps offering with a 48 kHz sampling rate, the grunts and groans heard well enough but the music was decent once again (this time by Productiontrax, Kloudninemusic and Freek Van Workum).  The high definition version of the movie was a lot better, an amusing fact since the first was already so sweet in terms of how strong the visuals were for me.

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Body of Review: Mason is a very popular director for Elegant Angel these days, her works admired as some of the most strokable by a wide array of folks. Her latest title is a showcase effort for Lexi Belle called simply Lexi (Blu-ray), the show a set of five all new scenes starring the stunning young lass in various trysts. Lexi has been a popular go to lady in features of late but despite her splendid acting range, when it all comes down to it, she is a great piece of ass to watch. Crude though that may sound, the combination of physical beauty, heated passion in her scenes, and zeal to convey her pleasure during her scenes makes her stand well above many of her peers noted strictly for their devotion to circus act sex. Of interest to some will be the inclusion of Lexi’s first anal, some heated interracial, lesbian, and three way sex; all of the scenes worthy of your time, money, and seed. Each scene is introduced by Lexi Belle giving some background during an interview on a black couch, the comments relevant to the scenes shot here. The company website described the movie like this: “Finally, one of the most anticipated scenes in all of porn is here. Lexi Belle, the adorably cute girl next door, and fan favorite, performs in her 1st ANAL scene. "LEXI" is directed by the award winning Mason and features five hardcore scenes with high end tease sequences. The movie is shot in 1080p HD. Lexi stars in her 1st anal scene alongside James Deen. The movie also features Dani Daniels, and Riley Reid. Do not miss the epic event that is Lexi Belle's 1st anal scene in "LEXI," a celebration of one of the most extraordinary stars ever to perform in the adult industry.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Lexi Belle, the wonderfully sexy blond featured on the front cover, was up first in a roller rink, her sexy friend Riley Reid joining her after some solo tease in slutty attire. The bikini tops and sparkling booty shorts were great, their all natural bodies explored during the up tempo beat of the music with both gobbling gash until Michael Stefano stepped in to provide the meat. The ladies were enthusiastic with each other but cock crazy to be sure, double teaming his rod before Lexi had him planking her perfect pussy as Riley gave some oral pleasure in a 69 position. There was some choking but lots more taste testing and other antics showing them all into each other, the eye contact and energy making this a great opening scene to establish Lexi’s sexual credentials for those unaware. Both ladies got off and continued to give each other pleasure on the highly polished wooden floor of the roller rink, the guy tossing off his wad of genetic juice all over Lexi’s face for sharing with Riley as the ladies kissed. The company website described the scene like this: “Lexi Belle and Riley Reid are two of the ladies that every porn actor hopes to work with at least once. Michael Stefano is well past that first occasion, but today he's in for double trouble. Riley and Lexi are together at his place, ready to smother him in their silly, sexy, and skilled affections. The ladies warm up with oral sex on the floor, before hitting Michael with their bright and inviting smiles, and their pussies...”

Scene Two: Lexi Belle, this time teasing out by the pool on a sunny day in the skimpiest of black bikinis, then showed off her perfect ass as she paraded around with an anal plug preparing her for the advertised backdoor pleasuring by James Deen. Her ass was oiled up and bent over a lot, the handsome couple ending up on a large white couch in a living room to engage sexually once the tease session was finished. They embraced and kissed, James rubbing her asshole as she purred delightfully in anticipation of what was to happen, Lexi fingering herself as he lost his own clothing. He plowed her pussy initially and they were both active riders, some toy use continuing her towards the goal of doing full fledged anal even a technical DP between him and a toy. Lexi did not yell out needlessly either, her moans and groans coming across as real, their established chemistry from numerous previous scenes culminating in her ass being pounded by her chosen partner. I’m not into “firsts” in the slightest but she did a decent job of maintaining her level of passion for James while he tapped that sweet ass so long in waiting, whispered comments encouraging both to enjoy it to the fullest. Once she was fully warmed up, she was riding him pecker in her ass as well as she ever has in her pussy, some minor amounts of hand assisted taste testing and choking resulting in draining his balls dry of population pudding, James tossing it off all along her torso (though they went back for more anal too). The tint of the camera was a bit saturated on the close up portion of the scene but this was one anal first that showed the lady getting off.

Scene Three: Lexi Belle, next walking around a house at night in an oversized sheer white shirt, her bikini undies nearly transparent too. The camera looked different at night, the glare of the lighting less natural than it usually is but certainly a nice change of pace too. The tease was emotive in nature, Lexi not trying to dance or emphasize her ass as she played in and around the pool; the water jets helping give her some pleasure. Jon Jon was her partner this time, the heavily tattooed black man aggressive in smacking her ass a bit and going down on her as she giggled in appreciation. She blew him in return but focused her brief bout of mouth boning on the top inch of his rod, Jon hammering away at her pussy as he choked her and drew her in towards himself. It was a passionate porking, Lexi’s modest mound of pubic hair neatly trimmed. While she did not keep as much eye contact with Jon as she had with the others, she arched her back during the penetration and verbally coaxed him on all the same. She rode him at least as well as the other men though, sticking with vaginal but going balls deep as she impaled herself on his far larger bone (the bruise on her leg standing out just as her demand that he not stop). It ended when he rubbed out the traditional nut of spunk to her face, Lexi giving some post coital head as his jizz slid down her chest.

Scene Four: Dani Daniels, a major newcomer hotty with brilliant eyes and a fine lean body, was up next in the show’s only full blown lesbian tryst. I know a lot of guys that hate this type of thing but for me it comes down to how much the ladies are into one another. The selection here was superior, Lexi Belle perky and into Dani just as much as the reverse. The tease included Lexi by the pool in her stripper shoes and skimpy bikini undies, posing by the modern fireplace and giving Dani only a brief moment in the sun before they ended up on some black furniture that contrasted starkly with their pale skin. They kissed a lot and rubbed crotches together, the eye contact among the best in the movie as they caressed and otherwise playfully toyed with one another. The boob play and gash gobbling were sexy as was the chemistry between them, some rimming included before a wand vibrator was deployed to enhance their experience. Other toys came into play as well, Lexi getting the majority of action even if she gave good head too (the lack of ball batter not harming the production as a whole considering how this scene complimented the others).

Scene Five: Lexi Belle, last up in white bikini undies and matching boots, teased briefly before the focused switched to her in a polar opposite black get up (during what appeared to be a strobe infested photo session). This cut away abruptly to show her in the well lit living room with the expansive white couch, Mick Blue and Ramon Nomar all over the young lady. The guys took turns vaginally fucking her and having her blow them, some rough stuff and tricky positions proving her flexibility as well as how she could get into some straight out fucking without the need for personal chemistry. I had little doubt her degree of passion for what was happening was any less, this was just a lustful equivalent to the second and third scene in particular, the enthusiasm and energy very impressive all the same. Lexi rocked it of course, bouncing on cock as her tasty ass drove her pussy all the way it could go on cock, the rippling effect most strokable from my point of view. Lexi cried out a lot more and applied more hand to gland combat as she sucked them clean at times, the guys occasionally backing off so one could focus on her though both had plenty of chances to drill her mouth and pussy at the same time. The scene closed up after she knelt in front of them, the men dropping their splooge all over her face to mess up her makeup, Lexi sucking them clean and Ramon drilling her again as the camera faded to black.

Summary: Lexi (Blu-ray) by director Mason for Elegant Angel was another “must have” title for fans of Lexi Belle, earning a rating of Xcritic Pick in the Blu-ray version of the movie thanks to the enthusiasm, energy, and sheer chemistry she displayed time and again. As I have noted a great many times in the past, Mason is one of the top directors in porn to promote a single performer to their fullest in a showcase DVD, fans of the targeted performer should always pick them up. The replay value, strokability, and solid technical aspects of the gonzo release will impress those new to the company, their “elegance in simplicity” formula such that many stay to look at what else they offer. In short then, Lexi had ample tease, serious fucking, and all the fun factor heat you would expect of a show starring Lexi Belle, the young lady still seeing her star rising in the porn pantheon in these dark times.  The visuals were enhanced substantially and while it might not be the definitive showcase title of a porno to show off a good home theater set up, it was certainly right up there in terms of the picture quality combined with a delicious young performer that gave an excellent set of performances. If you have the previous release, give it to a loved one and get this one, the Blu-ray adding some stroke value and replayability you do not always find in a porno.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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