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Jada Stevens Is Buttwoman (Blu-ray)

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/13/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Note: The trend in porn for high definition releases has been for the standard definiton title to come out first, the Blu-ray second, and then various streaming versions on company websites. In my experience, Blu-ray tends to be the best way to view such movies, even with my great internet connection, but it is not always that big a jump in quality to justify giving it additional praise. This is one such title that provides a solid upgrade in terms of the visuals, the audio is just fine, and the rest mirrors the SD version I reviewed earlier this year. I made some comments regarding the upgrade in the previously released review below, some of my fellow reviewers will have their chance to provide their own comments in subsequent reviews coming soon.

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Jada Stevens Is Buttwoman (Blu-ray)

Elegant Angel

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Mason

Cast: Jada Stevens, Anikka Albrite, Erik Everhard, Jon Jon, Julius Ceazher, Mischa Brooks, Michael Stefano, Jessie Rogers, Lexington Steele, Kelly Divine

Length: 147:04 minutes

Date of Production: 8/18/2012

Extras: There was also an 10:03 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that included some deleted footage (mostly Jada Stevens and the others goofing around), trailers, a pop shot recap, spam, and some website information.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Jada Stevens Is Buttwoman Blu-ray was presented in a crisp 1.78:1 ratio  widescreen color as shot by director Mason for Elegant Angel. Team Royson took care of editing here, Mason herself taking care of the camera work. The composition of the angles was familiar, the simple approach of clear shots framing Jada’s wonderful ass (as well as the asses of the other ladies mind you) and her body using plenty of lighting and a variety of footage helping keep the eye candy factor high here. Mason pans and scans the bodies of the ladies a lot in these scenes which gives the appearance of her eyeing the ladies much like any fan would do, my curiosity as to how well this would look in high definition popping up a few times. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English track again used music by Kloud Nine Music and Freek Van Workum, the tease montages dropping the vocals in favor of the upbeat score while the vocals were easily heard in the rest of the sexual portions here, some whispering heard best if the volume was turned up but little to complain about all the same. In short, the technical values were very nicely handled here. If you have not already picked up a copy of this in standard DVD, by all means avail yourself of this high definition Blu-ray because it is stunning in terms of the visuals more often than not, the kind of production that truly makes Blu-ray a contender for keeping such flicks.

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Body of Review: Mason and Elegant Angel have a lot going for their works these days, the utter simplicity of approach considered superior to what else is out there in many cases. One of their big works of the year came out last month, the latest in a most popular series, called Jada Stevens Is Buttwoman Blu-ray. Over the years, the Buttwoman series has really impressed the masses, the company vetting their choices for who would assume the role very carefully to insure the quality of the trademark. Jada Stevens has proven such a strong performer of late that she was a natural choice to pick up where others left off, her willingness to do women, men, interracial, and anything thrown at her anally enough to seal the deal with a squeal. Joined by hotties like Kelly Divine, Jessie Rogers, Anikka Albrite, and Mischa Brooks, Jada engaged the likes of Erik Everhard, Michael Stefano, and Lexington Steele to name a few of the players here. The company website described the movie like this: “Following in the footsteps of industry legends Alexis Texas, Kelly Divine, Brianna Love, Tianna, Tiffany Mynx, and Belladonna, Jada Stevens is announced as the new Buttwoman. She and her mighty posterior star in Jada Stevens Is Buttwoman alongside Jessie Rogers, Anikka Albrite, Kelly Divine, and Mischa Brooks. Directed by the award winning Mason.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Jada Stevens, the hotty featured on the front cover, was up first with blond bombshell Anikka Albrite, the two of them teasing out by the pool in the skimpiest of outfits before getting naked on the sunny day. They were given the oil & water treatment to glisten and enhance their looks, the sheer magnitude of their wonderfully full asses making them perfect choices for the openers of the show. The sexy tease showed them apart before rubbing ass cheeks together, the ladies dried off before jumping on the white couch to meet Erik Everhard for the meated portion of the endeavor. They were all over him with kisses and blowjobs, savoring his pecker and exciting him no end as he played with their boobs and pussies (Erik tearing off his pants to get naked with them). Jada sat on his face as Anikka blew him (Jada already having started slobbing his knob), his gash gobbling efforts yielding him some loud moans of pleasure in the large living room. Jada then sat on his cock, some very active vaginal plowing followed by Anikka getting in on the action, the ladies taste testing him clean with some wonderful oral before going back for more. Jada then put his pecker into her ass and slowly accommodated his girth, the eye contact enhancing the chemistry as she began impaling herself ever faster on his throbbing boner. Anikka could have participated more instead of just rubbing herself and kissing Jada a little but getting a three way scene just right is not always easy, Jada getting the lion’s share of the cock in the penetration portions; a cool position including both gals rubbing his turgid member between their slickened assed, Jada always the more sexually aggressive woman of the scene (Anikka has come a long way in that regard, her star also rising as far as I am concerned). This drew out his wealth of population pudding, the ladies licking up the seed from each other’s asses before some lesbian kisses faded away.

Scene Two: Jada Stevens, next up a revealing black bikini, shook her ass in the parking lot with some footage shown on the car’s rear view camera. It was an interesting sight as she shook her mounds of fun, the fleshy ass cheeks bouncing all over until Jada started dancing by a wall with her name spray painted graffiti style to continue the tease. It was a most strokable moment and she sucked a lollipop as she pranced about naked, then shown walking into the living room to blow Jon Jon and Julius Ceazher. While not a major fan of interracial action since I consider us all part of the human race (like white meat puppets, black men can be great partners in scenes but not simply because they are black), they represent a tier of action a number of performers do not get into for all the usual reasons, Jada no stranger to black men at this writing. In any case, Jada stuffed her mouth full of black cock and went at the two men wholeheartedly, the joyful look in her eye speaking volumes as to her appreciation, the enthusiasm that followed making it even better as they took turns pounding her mouth and pussy. This led to a double dicked DP, the men continually slapping her meaty ass as they worked ever deeper into her. Jada became increasingly active as she warmed up, verbally coaxing the guys to push her harder. The men swapped roles from time to time in terms of who did what to Jada, her taste testing and passion for large cock making the scene a really strong one, some choking exciting her and the final loads of genetic juice delivered to her open mouth though the camera faded out before she could swallow.

Scene Three: Jada Stevens, next up in slutty bikini and fishnet stockings as she overlooked the pool, shook her ass and teased to some music before hooking up with redheaded Mischa Brooks down below by the pool. They kissed and walked around naked, the montage providing the usual strokable fun even as they showered outside. They could have been genetic sisters given the similarities between their bodies but as they moved to a shaded patio area, they met Michael Stefano, the man soon stuffing his face in their asses to savor the oral experience. The ladies were all over each other and then his cock too, the eroticism of the lesbian action meeting the classic vaginal penetration positions; the ladies always active in their riding. The gals also assisted each other in all positions, from caresses to more oral to pawing for pleasure, the thrusting cock drove them further, the lack of anal not weakening their modest chemistry in the slightest as they took his splooge freely on Jada’s ass for Mischa to lick up and share with the starlet.

Scene Four: Jada Stevens and Jessie Rogers, both wearing yellow string bikinis, were up next as they followed the formula of walking and sashaying to the music around the large house. They ended up at the pool (not surprising) where they mugged for the camera as they caressed one another lightly. Jessie is leaner than Jada but still has a smoking hot body, her ample sample very shapely and desirable with Jada seemingly into her. They bounced on exercise balls and oiled up, rubbing ass before ending up on the black living room couch to face the mighty Lexington Steele. The previous lads were well hung by any standard but Lex is a virtual legend for a reason, not the thickest cock in porn (some credit Mandingo with that title) but as large as any lady could hope for, the gals bent over the couch to service him orally. They took a few inches of his wonder wand into their mouths and used hands and boobs to tease him, soon taking turns sliding down that big black pole as rapidly as they could stand. Jada was quickly taking him in quickly and deeply, Jessie licking his shaft of their mutual juices. Jessie did nearly as well during the anal portion of the pounding too, her pale white skin contrasting well with his black rod and Jada’s nice tan. Jada encouraged her friend to continue, both of their hands all over each other as Lex took turns going at them, Jada’s ass gobbling up the rod very well as she played with Jessie’s snatch too. Both ladies gave good eye contact and knelt to take the ending load of spunk to their faces, kissing the liquid lunch off each other with some licking to appreciate every last drop as the camera faded out.

Scene Five: Jada Stevens and the last Buttwoman, Kelly Divine, were up last in the movie wearing the usual skimpy string bikinis out by the pool. Kelly sported much larger boobs here, her ass a bit less toned by the theme of the changing of the guard suitable for such an endeavor in my mind. They had fun with taking turns teasing and pleasing each other, the oiling up process as good to fill the spank banks as ever. They then sat in clear plastic chairs to outline their respective sizes, Kelly’s wildly bright red hair looking much different than previous scenes but the emphasis on ass play surely enough to drive fans of either crazy. One such fan was Michael Stefano, the tease ending and the ladies going into the house to meet him. They were playful and catered to his desires, sitting on his face and pushing each other to a dynamic of almost trying to outdo each other. The foreplay had all three of them breathing heavily, the blowjobs as aggressive as anywhere else in the movie. Jada took him in her pussy first, Kelly climbing on top of her to give Michael a double dose of choices where to stick his modest member. The anal portion of the movie came after that, additional oral by the trio elevating the quality of the scene as much as the eye contact had been doing, the gals giving each other pleasure along the way. He tossed out the ball batter to Jada’s ass in doggy but Kelly slurped it up readily for spitting back out, the two rubbing their asses together to mix things up.

Summary: Jada Stevens Is Buttwoman (Blu-ray) by director Mason for Elegant Angel followed the similar formula of past efforts and Jada handled herself very well as the latest incarnation of the titular fantasy girl. There was interracial, lesbian play, and a great deal of anal showing the ladies to be active riders, the sheer amount of oral likely to please fans as well. The technical qualities were well done and the extras providing the usual material, the strokability, replay value, and enthusiasm meriting this one as well worth a rating of Highly Recommended for gonzo lovers and an absolute “must have” status for the legion of fans wanting to see more new material of Jada Stevens. In short then, Jada Stevens Is Buttwoman is a major achievement for the newest lady tackling the Buttwoman role, her tease and passionate approach to the role earning her much praise as worthy of the role. Jada looked good enough in Blu-ray to merit some consideration for upgrading if you already have the previous version, the sharp picture, clarity of detail, and upgraded resolution in 1080p just make it look awesome on a properly calibrated television measuring 50" or more in size.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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