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Evil Head

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/16/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Evil Head

Burning Angel

Genre: Parody, Comedy

Director: Doug Sakmann

Cast: Joanna Angel, Tommy Pistol, Danny Wylde, Kleio, Veruca James, Dana DeArmond
Non sex role: Lloyd Kaufman (voice over)

Length: 146:31 minutes

Date of Production: 2012

Extras: There were trailers and a photogallery as well as a link to a website but the main extra of value was the 14:24 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. While it was short, it did provide a look at how much fun the cast had during the making of the movie.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Evil Head was shot in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen as directed by Doug Sakmann for Burning Angel. The production was shot by world renowned Mike Quasar and edited by Sonny Malone, the camp appeal alone such that it had tremendous crossover appeal. If you are familiar with the low budget the original mainstream movie had, you will feel right at home when the movie moves outside at night, the picture quality purposely looking even worse than usual (but capturing the feel of the original that subsequent copycats have rarely approached as closely). The 2.0 Dolby Digital English soundtrack was enhanced by the music credited to Mr. 19, the eerie style unmistakably in line with previous Burning Angel titles, the vocals easily heard in all cases too.

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Body of Review: Doug Sakmann is the latest director at Burning Angel willing to turn porn conventions upside down in an attempt to have fun, entertain the world, and not bother with what is “supposed to happen”. His first release is called Evil Head, the flick a parody of one of my favorite campy horror series ever. As a guy that has quadruple dipped the various mainstream titles of the Bruce Campbell classics, I went into this one acknowledging that there was almost no budget, the point was to pay homage to a cult classic, and the cast were all perfect for their roles. While I am only passingly familiar with some of Burning Angels previous horror works, a situation I hope to someday correct, just watching the trailer allowed me to appreciate how creativity trumps big budgets often enough to make a difference. As the production was “seven years in the making”, I expected a lot of it, the production certainly delivering. The back cover described the movie like this: “Four friends travel to an abandoned cabin in the woods for an exciting and romantic getaway. They discover the book of Necrocumicon and unknowingly turn everyone into flesh possessing demons! Watch Ash, Linda, Shelly, and Scotty unleash the unspeakable evil from the "Book Of The Head". Evil Head brings you talking taxidermy, chainsaws demons and gangbang with possessed trees. It's the pornographic remake you've been waiting for!”

The company press release put it this way: “Alt-porn princess Joanna Angel and cult director Doug Sakmann are slashing the competition to shreds with the big-budget horror parody Evil Head. A manic, lust-fueled spoof of the iconic 1980’s creature feature, this all-new extravaganza is the most expensive production in Burning Angel Entertainment’s history. And Sakmann’s ambitious DVD has arrived in stores across the country just in time for November 1st "Day of the Dead" festivities thanks to the studio’s long-standing distribution arrangement with Vouyer Media. As Sakmann’s DVD unfolds, four friends travel to an abandoned cabin in the woods to enjoy a weekend of romance and excitement. Happening upon a copy of the dreaded “Necrocumicon,” curiosity gets the best of them and they begin to explore the cursed contents. As the forbidden words are heard, each member of the group becomes demonically possessed. From there, viewers are invited to watch in shock and awe as Ash (Tommy Pistol), Linda (Joanna Angel), Shelly (Kleio) and Scotty (Danny Wylde) unleash decadent evil from the diabolical “Book of the Head.” Joanna and Kleio deliver career-best performances throughout the film’s generous, 147-minute running time, punctuating their sex scenes with the kind of dark humor and hilarious dialogue that Burning Angel aficionados have come to expect and demand. Co-stars Dana DeArmond and Veruca James are similarly spectacular In short, from “talking taxidermy” to a gangbang with possessed trees, Evil Head is this year’s definitive horror parody. Sakmann keeps the sexy action breezy and light-hearted while throwing in enough over-the-top supernatural mayhem to keep fans of the original satisfied. He also creates genuine moments of atmospheric suspense that pay clever homage to the original, an approach that has left Ms. Angel deservedly thrilled with the project. “Evil Head is by far the most expensive movie we have ever made,” she candidly reveals. “I love how it turned out and I’m excited for people to see it!” So kiss your nerves goodbye and prepare yourself for Evil Head…the ultimate experience In Triple-X Terror.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Joanna Angel, playing horny Linda, was up first in the bedroom as she encouraged Tommy “Ash” Pistol to join her. They ended up kissing since he knew the way to a girl’s heart was threw her vagina, leaving the door ajar as a way of inviting Danny Wylde to participate. Joanna was slobbing Tommy’s knob when Danny intruded, Joanna kneeling between them to alternate slobbing their knobs though Tommy gobbled her gash too. The guys took turns pounding her pussy and ass from there, Joanna taste testing them at times and the emphasis being on anal sex (some DP pounding too) with all the chemistry one would expect of these long time friends. The scene ended when Joanna knelt back down to take a double dose of genetic juice to her mug, savoring their juices until some plotted points came up.

Scene Two: Kleio, a fetching gal barely dressed as she ran away from the house, was up next in the woods as the trees all gathered around to give her a demonic fuck of their own, the special effects working overtime to make it seem like they were alive. This included some vaginal and anal penetration, even a technical DP though no population pudding came forth by the time she came back into the cabin (to describe her tree gang bang).

Scene Three: Kleio, up next wearing heavy makeup as the first victim of the curse, was looking all nasty from the head up as she fought her former friends, Danny Wylde making an exception for her once she established what she wanted. The skanked out slut dropped to her knees to tear into some blowjob action on his waiting pecker, throating him with relative ease before he engaged in a ghoul fuck all around the room with her. She was an active rider and he gobbled her ghoulish gash, feeding her some of her own juices before doing her in the ass. This eventually ended when he let loose his spunk juice all over her open mouth, reaping her reward when she was finished with him.

Scene Four: Joanna Angel, now infected with the demonic darkness that Kleio was suffering from, jumped her bones for a morbid lesbian scene. They made out and pawed each other at length, some dry humping and oral on each other putting Joanna’s awesome ass up in the air where it looked as delectable as ever. Tommy tried to get in on the action but paid for his mistake, I won’t ruin it for you like some assholes would, but the majority of the rest of this scene was the ladies going down on each other with some fingering, face sitting, and dildo use.

Scene Five: Joanna Angel, still enraged with her horned up state of mind, was up next with Tommy Pistol on the couch, the naked babe pouncing on him before he went down on her once her thong was removed. He licked her slit and fingered her a bit, the bloody duo trading oral for her to inhale his cock aggressively. From there, Joanna bounced on his cock like she was on fire, the mix of horrific elements with their sheer passion making it stand out as especially strokable. She took his splooge to her mouth and appeared to swallow it, Tommy getting a little “head” from her in a different sense of the word too.

Scene Six: Veruca James, Dana DeArmond, Joanna Angel, and Tommy Pistol were up last in the reverse gang bang on the ground at night. The zombie women all attacked him and he really did not fight too hard against them, the gals pulling off his pants and blowing him as well as going down on each other. The makeup was very heavy here too so the squeamish need not apply, Tommy lining them all up beside one another to bang them one at a time. The ladies assisted each other when they were doing Tommy, the oral and penetrative positions leading to his ball batter being drained from his nuts until it was tossed all over their faces.

Summary: Evil Head by director Joanna Angel for Burning Angel is not going to be for everyone, something to be said for all the company’s productions, but if you are a fan of the Evil Dead series, are looking for a horror porno in line with campy mainstream productions, or just want to have some strokable good times, you are likely to agree with me that this should be Highly Recommended. The sex was enthusiastic, energetic, and displayed a lot of chemistry between the performers, making the replay value and strokability levels very high indeed. The cast and crew all seemed to be having a wonderful time making the movie and it worked on many levels to titillate the senses while exercising the funny bone with all kinds of belly laughs. Look for homages to a variety of other movies as well, my hopes being that a sequel is made to further the sexual exploits of Ash and crew. In short, Evil Head was remarkably entertaining as a porno horror hybrid fuck flick, the sexual portions such that you’ll be beating your meat until it looks like a zombie, the movie just the kind to watch with friends as the right kind of parody to show the possibilities outside the sugarcoated fluff so prevalent in the industry these days.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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