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I Know That Girl 8

Studio: Brazzers » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 11/24/12

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I Know That Girl #8
Running Time: 2hrs and 54min
Date of Production: 8/14/12


Britney Beth (Bibi Jones)
Riley Reid
Gabriella Paltrova
Madison Chandler
Maryjane Johnson
Tweety Valentine

Special Features:

Cumshot Recap (5:27)
Photo Gallery
Web Access

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-5 Mbps

Hot Young Girlfriends Getting Kinky On Camera..Exclusive Leaked Home Video..Every Slut’s First Step!

Overall Thoughts:

I can admit that I wasn’t sure what to expect with this movie, wasn’t that familiar with this series, and wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy the whole thing being in POV mode. And when I looked at the cast of ladies, Riley was the only one that stood out in my mind. But as the review points out, I was pleasantly surprised by the final scene, as it was able to beat Riley’s scene for spotlight scene. This sort of has an amateurish feel, although some scenes seem a little more crisper, but they are camera issues, but I am guessing it’s hard to concentrate on the camera and fucking at the same time.

But with only two scenes worth watching, and lackluster special features and technical scores, this is going to get a RENT IT rating. Worst case scenario you can at least enjoy those two scenes and skip the other ones.


It’s time for a checkup, and when his friend is knocked out, the guy behind the camera is having some fun. Britney comes in and tries to do her job, while he works his charm on her. He is set on having sex with her, and she starts to come around a little. Seems she is not wearing much under uniform, as she strips down to her bra and panties. She comes over and helps him slide off his pants, and wraps her mouth around his cock. From the little montage in the beginning of the film, I am guessing this is going to be a POV movie for the most part. She slides his cock in between her tits, but seems to prefer it in her mouth. She gives his balls some love as she continues to stroke him. She asks if they can fuck, but he wants some more oral love first. She slides off her panties and then bends over his passed out friend, as he slides in her pussy. Does a decent job of guiding the camera around while he fucks her. Just remember this scene the next time you go to the dentist and they have to knock you out. I think there was a Seinfeld episode about this too. He gives her the camera as he dives into her pussy, with his tongue and nose. He slides back in for some missionary as she sits on the counter. I was never a huge fan of hers when she was with Digital Playground, and this scene is not changing my thoughts at all. He lays on the ground, as she guides his cock in her pussy, and goes for a ride. Ok it’s not much of a ride, more like a slow crawl. She flips around, and it seems to get things going a little faster, and he gets to watch her booty grind on his cock, so getting a little better. She climbs off and he wants to be back in her mouth, as she sucks and jerks him off, until he lets out a few drips of cum.


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It’s time to get some home improvement stuff done around the house. She is trying to paint the walls and he seems set on painting her clothes, getting her to take off her clothes. Well she’s naked, so now what? She takes a seat on the step stool, and she spreads her pussy for the camera. She fingers her pussy as he gets the camera up and personal. She lets out a few moans as she speeds up the finger banging. She bends over in front of him as the fingering continues, and after she is all hot and ready, she can’t wait to get her mouth around his cock. She pulls it out and begins to swallow it. If you have heard or read any of her interviews, you know she loves giving oral, and it shows in her work. After a long oral session, she bends over for him, as he slides inside her for some doggy action, sending waves down her booty. And when she starts to purr and moan, just adds a little more heat to the scene. She sits on his cock and goes for a ride, way more energetic than the previous scene. She takes a short breather as she turns around, so we can get a nice look at that ass, as she is back to riding his cock. She may be tiny, but she is not lacking at all when it comes to the booty. She lays on the floor and instructs him to fuck her good, as he slides in for some missionary fun, until he pulls out and plasters her face with cum, as she smiles and licks the cum off her face.


She’s chatting on the phone, and he wants to her to get off the phone, but she’s trying to have a conversation.  He walks over and he tries to play with her tits, but she is doing a good job of blocking him. He pulls out his cock and tries to use it as a way to get her off the phone. She gives it a few licks and swallows as she tries to keep the conversation going. She lays back on the couch and he squeezes her boobs before shoving his cock back in her mouth. He slaps his cock against her tits, and then back inside her mouth, and she finally gets off the phone and she is pissed. But he teases her with his cock and she seems to be getting over it a little. She bends over and slides off her pants and panties, teasing him a little, then lays back down on the couch, as he fingers her pussy. He slowly slides into her pussy, as he is back to grabbing onto her tits and neck. He speeds things up and we get a little jiggling of her tits, before they finally free them from behind her bra. She flips over, with her ass out, as  he slides in for some doggy action. He pulls out and lets her suck the taste off his cock, and then slides that big butt on his cock. She licks and swallows his cock some more, really using her tongue, then climbs back on for some cowgirl fun. Some decent energy as he takes control. He face fucks her but it seems he may be a little too big for her to swallow whole. She jerks him off with her mouth wide as she waits for him cum, as he lays a few drips on her face.


She’s outside getting her tan on, as he walks out and shows off her body for the camera. He begs her to show off some skin for the camera, and she gives him a little tease of her boobs. He convinces her to take off her top and we get a look at her perky boobs, as she is back to tanning. He warns her about tan lines again, telling her to take off her bottoms too. It works and she is naked in the sun, and flips over to show off her ass for him. After some time in the pool, continuing to show off her body, she joins him in the shade. He reaches over and grabs and teases her boobs. He begs and pleads for her to play with her pussy, and after a little hesitation, she has her hand down by her pussy. She climbs on top of him and pulls out his cock and begins to suck on it, getting it nice and hard for her pussy. Some very nice tongue work on his cock. And when she is ready, she climbs forward and takes a seat on his cock for some cowgirl action. She flips around and we are given a nice look at her butt, as she slowly grinds on his cock. She speeds things up a little as she gains some momentum. She ends up on her back for some missionary, followed by some doggy. He pulls out and drops a nice load on her ass.


Time to play dress up for the camera. But her boyfriend comes in and takes over the camera. He says they should do something, and she wastes no time getting some hot kisses in. She slides off her top and gives her boobs and little love. These girls are getting into it pretty fast, no messing around here. She busts out the camera, as her friend is face first in her pussy, using her pierced tongue. He helps out as he slides off her shorts, and then they switch places as the photo time continues. He moves in close enough for her to play with his crotch, and then let’s her have the honors of getting first crack at it. But they are BFF, so they do a great job of sharing. They are going to have plenty of pics and videos to remember this occasion. She takes control of the camera, as she lets her friend and her pierced tongue, please her man. He lays down on the bed, as they are back to double teaming his cock. She asks permission to sit on his cock, and they both seem ok with it. She leans back for some reverse cowgirl action as he takes control. To make sure the girlfriend doesn’t get jealous she climbs off and they both lick the taste off his cock, and then it’s finally her turn as she slowly slides his cock in her pussy for some cowgirl fun. These two really have some chemistry and seem to have some heat and intensity going. Not to be left out, she takes a seat on his face, then leans over and gives his cock some love. He lubes up a little and gets going with some doggy, sending waves down her big butt with every thrust.  I have to say I am rather impressed with this scene, girls I am not familiar with, but just something about it that makes this my choice for spotlight scene, over a very solid scene from Riley. The girls continue to share time with his cock, she ends up on her back, as she enjoys her boyfriend’s cock. He reaches over and finger bangs her friend’s pussy, then grabs on tight as he speeds up the pussy pounding. He pulls out and shares his load between the two girls.

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