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Lily Carter is Irresistible

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 12/6/12

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Lily Carter is Irresistible
Elegant Angel
Directed by William H
Running Time: 2:39:05
Date of Production: 9/02/12 or 8/20/12 (states during movie)


Lily Carter
Anikka Albrite
Lizz Tayler
Prince Yahshua
Jon Jon
James Deen
Erik Everhard
Ramon Namor
Mick Blue

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes: 5:39 includes footage of the cover shoot, riding some sort of electric moving chair, post sex interviews, some talk of the history between Lily and Lizz, and more.
Lily Carter Interview: 5:12 talks about her scene with James, the DP and how it became a DAP, her fantasies, and some chatting about the scenes.
Lily Carter and Lizz Tayler Extended Interview: 9:56 talking about their past together
Cumshot Recap: 2:03
Photo Gallery
Website Info

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 9-10 Mbps

Lily Carter defies convention. She combines supermodel beauty with an insatiable sexual appetite. She is the definition of a superstar and simply irresistible. Featuring five unforgettable hardcore scenes that will leave your jaw firmly fixed to the floor. Including Lily’s 1st DP (due to delays, Wasteland was first released DP) and 1st DAP, and also starring Anikka Albrite and Lizz Tayler.

Overall Thoughts:

With my personal love of Lily Carter, and after really enjoying her work in Wasteland, you can say that I was more than just a little excited, in more than one way, about seeing this movie, with her being the center of attention. And even though I am a little late to the party on this movie, it seems that a few other of my fellow reviewers have already given their thoughts on this movie. And luckily for me, I get to enjoy this one on glorious Blu-ray on my TV.

When it comes to these big releases, my process of doing the reviews, changes slightly. With the smaller releases, they start off as a skip it, and must prove to me, why they deserve better than that. With the big movies like this, it starts at our best rating, and I look for reasons against that rating. And you can bring up fan boy love for this movie, on various levels, both Lily and Elegant Angel. But I tell you that I do my best, to not let the fan boy in me, influence my reviews.

I was sort of surprised by the audio quality on this one, and by quality I mean the fact that it was only 2 Channel Dolby Digital, pretty much assume that Blu-rays will bump up the audio. Other than that, audio was fine, everything sound great, just could have been a little better in my book.

I was glad to see that we got a decent amount of special features in this one, with about 45 minutes of special features, something that was lacking in Dare, one of the other Superstar September movies.

Lily brings some intensity and energy to her work, and we start off with seeing what it’s like when she hasn’t had sex in awhile, in the opening scene, as she attacks James, poor guy. And that energy continues with her threesome in the garage, and Erik is there to keep the girls going and pleased. We follow up that with a b/g/b three-way which gives us a DP, with a surprise of a DAP, which is one of the reason you love the Elegant Angel stuff, sometimes stuff happens and makes it seem more natural, and not just a checklist of positions. If I had to point out the weaker scene of the bunch, it would be the scene with Lizz. If only this scene would have been filmed when they were still a couple, there were times when it seemed a little awkward between the two. It’s not horrible, just the weaker of the scenes included. And for our finale, her interacial with Jon Jon and Prince, as stated in the review, the stuff with her and Prince was intense, raw, and hot, but the way they dominate her, just made it a great finale to this movie.

And to wrap up this review, I need to state the obvious, yes Lily Carter IS irresistible, and if you are a fan (and you should be), you are going to love and enjoy this movie. And if for some reason, you haven’t seen any of her work, this is a great introduction, and I would follow it up with a viewing a Wasteland. I give this one a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating and just leaves me loving her even more. She has been at the top of my list of favorites for awhile and I think with year’s batch of releases, she has made it to the very top of that list at number one. And I can’t wait to see her in Vegas in a month.

And one last thing, Elegant Angel just finished up a great trilogy of movies with Asa, how about you start a new one with Lily, signed, all Lily Carter fans everywhere.


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After some great tease footage, she is wearing that same black swimsuit, deep in some kissing with James. She leads his hand to her pussy and he goes to work on it, getting her nice and wet before her clothes come off. If you have seen any of her scenes, you know she is going to come about 10 times more than most girls. As she takes a seat on his crotch, his cock is out and inside her pussy, and she rides him like she is making up for the lost time. He reaches back and fingers her ass, and just attacks that cock with her pussy. And then attacks it with her mouth, going deep and gagging on it, then spreads her legs, just waiting for him to slide back inside her. Some choking during the spoon, which she is begging for. And as he turns up the pace, she gets the shakes as she climaxes for him. He slides in her ass, and she gives a look that she is a little surprised or it’s been awhile and her ass maybe a little tight. Either way he is speeding up the anal pretty quick and she is handling it just fine. He pulls out and shows off the gape and then asks where she wants it, guess it’s back to pussy time for a bit. He grabs her by the hair, pushes her up against the mirror as he attacks her from behind. 2 Lilys on my TV and I am a happy camper. They watch themselves in the mirror as the doggy continues, so she can get a good look at her ass being penetrated. He grabs her by the hair again and gets her on her knees as she is back to gagging and deep throating his cock. These two are literally moving furniture during this session. She likes to be dominated and so this is a great pairing for her, he’s not the soft and gentle type. She rides him and after a few seconds, she tells him to put it in her ass. As she is back to trying to reach the back of her throat with his cock, she takes a seat on his face, as he gets her to cum again. And then its right back to the pussy pounding, as she rides him. He mounts her for more doggy, as he whispers to her, and makes her beg for it in her ass. She jerks him off until he plasters her face with cum, from the behind the scenes, it’s going to happen a lot.


It’s getting really sexy in this work shop, and Lily is quick to show off Anikka’s ass for the camera. And before you know it, they are both naked, showing off each other for the camera. But then it’s dirty, as the oil comes out and it flows down their bodies. That reminds me, I need an oil change. If only these girls were going to be there when it’s done. And the girls are surrounding Erik, grabbing and teasing all over, as some very intense threeway kissing begins. Erik is also interested in their asses, as he slides off their shorts and dives in, face first. He almost gets lost in Anikka’s ass. The girls end up on their knees and give his cock and balls plenty of attention, covering every inch. Anikka bends over and he is face first back in her ass, before he slides in and gives her a pounding while slapping her ass. She leans over and is licking Lily’s pussy. He face fucks Lily a bit, but then is right back inside Anikka, as it seems her pussy is already wet, as the camera moves in. Lily goes for a ride, as he adds some finger work, getting her to cum pretty quick, shaking and shivering on the floor. But like a champ, she is right back on top. Now this is the type of energy I wish was in all scenes. He finger bangs her as the liquid begins to squirt out. He mounts Lily for more doggy action, before moving back to Anikka. And it’s getting very hot, as the sweat begins to glisten, and it’s not just from the temperature. He really seems to be working his magic with the cock and finger combo on their pussies. As she rides him, she begs for Anikka to choke her, and then returns the favor when she rides him. After some doggy with Anikka he pulls out and cums on her face, and Lily goes crazy licking it off her and then they share it during some intense kissing.


Ah, there is that outfit that caught my attention when I watch the trailer, that sexy black dress and the gloves. This is the definition of breath taking folks. Those eyes and the way they get grab your heart strings, I am putty in her hands, well not really putty, but you know what I mean. She may be tiny, but she is not lacking in the booty, as she shakes it for the camera. They are all sitting on the couch admiring her, as Ramon teases her pussy just slightly, as they both help her out of her dress. Even she can’t keep her hands off her pussy. She shoves her hand down her panties, while the guys lick and suck on her tits. They stand her up and admire her ass, while they slide off her dress. The panties come off and Mick is right in her ass and pussy, while Lily can’t wait for Ramon’s cock to be out and in her mouth. They make a Lily sandwich as she is surround by two cocks, just waiting for their time with her mouth and hands. And they both get plenty of her time. Ramon slides in her pussy, while she fills her mouth with Mick’s cock. They switch positions, but she has both and her pussy and mouth filled once again. She leans back and tells Mick she wants it in her ass, and spreads her cheeks as he slides in. And if it’s this tight now, I am going to be very impressed when she gets two of them in there later. She seems dick drunk already, but wakes up a little as Ramon slides in her ass, and completely makes her short of breath. Back on Mick, for some more anal, followed by her licking the taste off his cock. She stands above Ramon and slowly makes her way on his cock, let’s out a few squirts and then it’s time for the DP, as Mick slides in and gives her a new and intense feeling she won’t forget. But let’s not stop there, as Ramon gets her to squirt, and then as she is on top of Ramon, they somehow both fit in her ass, and there is the DAP, and then back to a DP. Then it’s back to dick drunk Lily, as she sucks the taste off his cock, then ends up squirting on Ramon, before climbing back on, and Mick soon follows into her ass, for more intense DP action. But we are not done with the DAP, as they slide in her ass, and it seems to opening up just right for their cocks. It’s plenty wet inside, so that must help. Ramon picks her up and she begs for two cocks inside her, and Mick walks up and slides in, and you can just see the liquid drip from her pussy. I remember really enjoying the standing DP in Wasteland, and this was just as great. Even after all of that, she still wants more, some more standing DP follows, as she cums for about the 50th time. They continue to fill her ass and pussy and she just keeps going. And with a huge smile on her face she takes both loads all over her face.


We get an interview with both girls, as they talk about their past, you get an extended version of this on the special features. But enough stories, as they start kissing and she gets Lily on her back, and begins to kiss and rub all over her body. The clothes start to come off, as they get to their underwear, and some dry humping follows. Lizz teases her pussy through her panties and then slides them off and goes to town with her pierced tongue. After her tongue, she slides a few fingers inside her, and finger bangs her, as Lily starts to lose control of her body. She is determined to get her to squirt for her, and she’s going to work up a sweat doing it. Lily gets on top and slides off her panties, and after some more intense kissing, grinds her pussy on her leg. Lily spreads her pussy, and then slides a few fingers into Lizz’s pussy. And she is back to finger banging Lily and finally gets her to squirt for her. Lily bends over with her ass out, as Lizz is back to fingering her pussy and ass, as Lily begs for her not to stop. Some rough choking as Lily is back to grinding on her leg, then ends up sitting on Lizz’s face. This seems to be fairly one sided as Lily gets most of the attention in this scene. And then a finger bang DP commences as they have Lily filled in both holes.


The music is soft and elegant, and once again, she looks amazing. But I have a feeling the soft tone is going to be replaced by some hot, hard, and rough sex, once things get going. But before that, just sit back, relax and enjoy the tease. Your workout will come soon. Lily joins the guys on the couch, and Prince wastes no time sucking on her tits, while playing with her pussy. He slides off her panties and dives his tongue inside, as Lily looks over at Jon and begs for his cock, but he’s not ready just yet. But she is enjoying Prince’s tongue work on her pussy. It’s Jon turn, as he dives into her pussy, but she begs for some cocks, and Prince comes to the rescue, with a big black cock ready for her mouth and the back of her throat. She climbs on and takes Prince in her pussy, while Jon comes over and gives her a cock for her mouth, along with some choking. Some very good energy as she rides him, and then Jon slips in from behind, as she is back to swallowing Prince. They ask her is she wants them to get rough with her, apparently someone hasn’t read her scouting report. Prince mounts her and goes to town on her pussy, shoving every inch of his cock inside her pussy. For you foot fans, Prince offers her feet some love. I will say that the action between Lily and Prince seems very intense and hot, compared to Jon. Just watch as he picks her up and flips her over so she can suck their cocks. But there are some signs of greatness, as she rides Jon and has to stop, as she squirts a bit before sliding back on. And she will squirt a few more times before this scene is done. And when she is dick drink once again, she is on her knees, mouth wide open and takes a shot from Prince in her mouth. But Jon is not ready just yet, he bends her over for some doggy and then shoots a few drops in her mouth. And then she gazes into the camera one last time, as the movie comes to a close.

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Lily Carter is Irresistible

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