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Jada Stevens Is Buttwoman

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 12/10/12

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Jada Stevens is Buttwoman
Elegant Angel
Directed by Mason
Running Time: 2:27:12
Date of Production: 8/18/2012


Jada Stevens
Anikka Albrite
Mischa Brooks
Jessie Rogers
Lexington Steele
Kelly Divine
Erik Everhard
Jon Jon
Michael Stefano
Julius Ceazher

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes: 10:03 interviews the cast, an emotional passing of the Buttwoman torch, and plenty of ass for you to enjoy
Cumshot Recap: 4:15
Photo Gallery
Website Info

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 11-15 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Prepare for some bumpin beats and some bouncing butts, it’s time to bring in the next generation of Buttwoman with Jada Stevens and her bootylicious friends. And with Mason behind the camera, we know it’s going to be a good one.

I can say that I had little experience with Jada before this movie, only seeing a scene or two previous to this. And she definitely fit’s the Buttwoman name. There is a point for me, when it’s a little too big for my personal taste, but she’s just right in my books.

And if you are like me, I would say that this is a great jumping on point for Jada, you get to see her in a variety of scenes and scenarios. Once again Elegant Angel and Mason, really know how to spotlight a lady, and that is always why I enjoy the Superstar September series so much.

And with the previous movies I reviewed for this year’s batch, there were some surprises, but actually looking back at other reviews, I guess sometimes when it’s on Bluray, doesn’t always mean a bump in the technical aspects. There is nothing wrong with either in this movie, I guess I just expect a little more when it comes to Blu-ray releases.

And with adding up all the numbers and figuring out the totals, I am going to give this a RECOMMENDED rating. And with this movie, and the other releases in the series, I hope you appreciate the work they put in their movies.

Jada/Anikka/Erik (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

As they break out the oil and lotion this ladies up, as they strip and show off the butts, before coming together to rub and grind their butts together. If you have seen the trailer, you know what we are in for in this scene. They end up inside the house, all dried up and he is waiting for them. They come together and kiss, while he makes sure and gets a few handful of their asses, while Jada opens his pants and gets a mouthful of his cock. Jada sits her ass on his face, as he licks her pierced pussy, while Anikka gets her crack at his cock. Off his face and right on his cock, as Jada is on for some cowgirl, as she bounces that ass for the camera. Some very nice three way action, as Anikka sits on his face and Jada gives her ass a few licks. Anikka goes for a ride, and then they both suck and lick the taste off his cock. I will say they have some interesting ways to keep everyone involved, which is what you want, not always having someone off on their own. After plenty of pussy play, Jada climbs on for some anal cowgirl, as pretty much everyone involved is grabbing her ass. Anikka is back on for a ride, and it’s really getting squishy as she hops on him, no anal. Trying to remember if she did in the Lily movie? But have no fear anal fans, Erik is back inside Jada’s ass pretty quick. And it seems that much like the other Superstar September movies I had reviewed, we are going to start off this movie with a high note. And then we come to perhaps the greatest money shot, as they have his cock surrounded by their butts and bounce up and down until he squirts and they each lick the cum off each other’s ass. Bingo Bango.


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Perhaps the greatest use of a backing camera, as she shakes and bounces for the camera, and she fills up the whole camera. Someone needs to but that in a car commercial. She makes her way to some graffiti of her name and begins to strip and show that ass off even more. And lets throw in some lollipop action just get you even more excited for what we are going to see. She walks in and the guys are waiting for her, they grab her ass and she ends up bouncing her ass, as they get their cocks out for her. She gives them both a wet BJ with some gagging. Plenty of dick slapping on her ass and face, as they shove their cocks deep in her mouth. Julius gets first crack, as she bounces and teases a little before she slides on his cock. It’s either cold in there or she has goose bumps on her ass. She continues to suck off Jon and then positions herself and waits for Jon to slide it in her ass, and folks we have her first interracial DP. That didn’t take long at all, no messing around here. Some nice hair pulling as they fill both of her holes. The guys switch positions and holes, and the DP continues. This has to be the most on camera time I have seen for Jon Jon recently, compared to the other movies. She ends up bent over the side of the couch, as Julius gets some more pussy and ass play. She’s back to Jon, as she takes his cock in her ass for some reverse cowgirl, while she rubs her pussy. But she wants a cock in there, some back to the ole DP it is. She cums for them as her ass continues to get stuffed. The guys continue to take their turn with her, keeping her ass and pussy plenty satisfied. Some choking and more hair pulling as they continue. And back to some more DP and then she begs for their cum and they give her some in her mouth.


It’s back outside as she is being followed closely by the camera, as the booty tease continues, it’s almost like there is a butt lens that just seems to make it even bigger, sort of like a fish eye lens. But enough talk about lens, let’s get back to the butts. And in the distance, we can Mischa and her big butt. Jada meets her at the pool and slides off her bottoms and gets a few handfuls of her ass. Then it’s some kissing between the girls as the bounce up and in down in unison. It’s off to the showers as the teasing continues. They find Michael and he is deep in their asses. As Mischa lays Jada down and dives in her pussy, Michael slides his cock in her pussy. Jada cleans off his cock, gagging and deep throating, and then picks her up for some standing action in her pussy. They end up on the chair and that really let’s Jada loose as she turns up the booty clapping. Mischa climbs on, as Jada sits in his face, giving him an up close and personal reason why she is Buttwoman. They give his cock plenty of spit as they suck and jerk him off, and then it’s back inside Jada’s pussy. Mischa adds a little play in her ass, while he is fucking her pussy, getting her to cum for him. It’s back to some doggy with Jada and she begs for his cum all over her ass, and he drops a nice load on her cheek, and Mischa is there to lick it up and then share it with Jada.


It’s all about the little yellow bikinis and believe me, it’s a glorious sight as they walk about and show off their goods. Haven’t seen enough of Jessie lately, although I think she is the process of leaving the biz too, if so, she will be greatly missed. They slide of their bottoms and shake and bounce for the camera. Then it’s time to bounce on some very big beach balls, as the oil comes out and makes their asses glisten and shine in the sun. They follow up with some butt grinding, much like in the scene with Anikka, as the oil continues to flow. And then it’s back inside and the booties are clapping, as Lexington enjoys the view. And then the girls enjoy his cock, spitting on it, while both doing a great job of covering every inch of it. Plenty of gagging as they try and see how far they can swallow him. Slides in for some titty fucking and then Jada sits on his cock and rides him as she looks back and enjoys the view. Jessie goes in and licks his balls. And with something that big in her pussy, it’s no wonder she has already cum. Jessie sucks the cum off his cock and then prepares her ass for his big cock, and she seems to be opening up just fine for him. That’s impressive. But it’s Jada’s turn as the oh my god screams begin as he slides his cock deep in her ass. Now that her ass is ready, she climbs on, and he gets a handfull of ass, while going deep inside her. Those great three way positions from the previous scenes is definitely missing in this one, leaving the odd person out, left playing with themselves as they watch the action in front of them.  Well there is some decent train going on, as Jessie’s ass is getting penetrated by his cock and she is licking Jada’s ass and pussy, but that is short lived. May not be an great three way action, but you can overlook that when you see them take his cock deep inside them. And apparently Jessie likes the choking, either be by her or someone else. They take turns riding his cock. It’s back to some doggy for Jada, as the girls can’t wait for his cum, which he shares nicely between the girls, and after a few more licks, they kiss and share his cum.


It’s time to officially pass the torch with Kelly and Jada. And my god, Kelly has a huge ass and gives Jada a lot to live up to. And for those fans of the big ole butts, this tease is going to blow your mind. They bust out the hose and sprays the girls as the shake and bounce for the camera. And how about their butts being pressed up against the clear seats, that is pretty magical. That’s a splash zone most of us would love to be in. And it seems that Michael gets to enjoy these two big asses all for himself. They grab on tight to Jada’s ass, while Kelly dives in and has to come up for air as she is engulfed in ass. Jada sits on his face, followed by Kelly, and we also lose sight of him when she’s on top. He catches his breath as they open his pants and work over his cock, gagging while they try to swallow him whole, plenty of spit from both girls. Jada bends over for him, as he slides in her pussy, while Kelly licks her ass. Kelly lays on top of Jada as he slides in her pussy, then back to Jada. The girls sandwich his face in Kelly’s ass, letting him come up for air every once in awhile. Then it’s time for some anal as he slides in, getting her to open up before speeding things up. They spread Kelly’s ass, as he makes his way inside her ass, and she dives into Jada’s ass. He leans over and gets some time in her ass too. Jada ends up bent over, for some doggy in her ass, as she licks and fingers Kelly’s ass and pussy. Some energetic and intense anal pounding causes her to cum, as Kelly watches and plays with herself. It’s funny that there is all this ATM when I recently re-watched Clerks II, and the big discussion about it. They spread Kelly’s ass again, as she hops on his cock for some cowgirl in her ass, causing her to cum. The girls both show some energy as they ride him. Jada cleans off his cock with her mouth and then climbs back on, while his face is being covered by Kelly’s ass.  Back to some anal doggy until he pulls out and jerks off on Jada’s ass, and Kelly is there to lick off his cock and suck the cum off her ass, then they give us one last booty clash as the scene ends and the credits roll.


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